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Nine-Tailed Fox and Jade Pipa Spirit were somewhat terrified to see the person who had to be the fatuous and tyrannical King Zhou. Out of their expectation, he seemed to become another person. To their horror, they could not move due to the coercion from him. What the hell was going on?

Immediately, they felt full of dread. The one before them had to be King Zhou, but he was no longer going gooey over them. He had such domineering power at the moment that they did not notice before when they met him initially. Nine-Tailed Fox said arduously, "King, you..."

Looking at them, King Zhou snorted and said, "What's up? Do you find it strange? The King Zhou you enchanted before is just an Incarnation of me, and I was... Hmph! Goddess Nvywa allowed you to enthrall me and you should have done that, but you didn't, so don't blame me for my cruelty."

Hearing what he said, they were almost frightened to death and cried for mercy. It was such a pity. How could King Zhou let them go at present? With a wave of his sleeves, they were collected inside. Looking at the Imperial Harem full of Demon Aura, he waved his sleeves again. Then all the Demon Aura vanished. Since the two demons had been caught, he needed to gather up disciples in the Imperial Court and prepare for the battle against Western Zhou.

King Zhou rarely held court, so all the ministers arrived one after another in the Imperial Court and the army from Western Zhou was approaching. Therefore, all of them had trepidation. And beyond their expectation, Grand Preceptor Wen Zhong, who had been imprisoned by King Zhou before, actually arrived as well. Fei Zhong and You Hun could not help laughing coldly when they saw him appear. Disregarding the order of the king, he had left there without authorization. When the time came, he would be heavily blamed.

When King Zhou sat on the throne, the ministers knelt down. At the time, Fei Zhong submitted documents to the throne and said, "King, you let Grand Preceptor Wen Zhong ponder over his mistakes in solitude before. Now that the Grand Preceptor has not followed your order by leaving his house and attending the court, my king, please declare him guilty of not respecting you." At such an urgent time, Fei Zhong was actually inciting internal strife and acting so recklessly.

King Zhou glanced at Fei Zhong, frightening Fei Zhong almost to death. Then looking at Wen Zhong, King Zhou said, "Grand Preceptor, you were entrusted to look after me by the deceased emperor in the past. He gave you a golden whip to whip the fatuous kings and crafty officials. So, how do you think this matter should be dealt with?" The tone of his words was so bland that none of the ministers could tell whether he was happy or angry.

Holding a golden whip, Wen Zhong said sternly, "Kill them." Brandishing the golden whip, Wen Zhong decapitated Fei Zhong and You Hun before they could believe it. Blood sprinkled over the court and the civil and military ministers were startled to see it. They never expected such an outcome, that Grand Preceptor Wen, whom they revered, would kill his minions in front of King Zhou in the main hall.

Even more surprisingly, King Zhou just said with a blank expression, "I know that I have let you down recently. Spoiling demons, putting crafty officials in important positions, and being fatuous as well as tyrannical causes great disorder in the world. But you don't know my troubles. Now that the army from Western Zhou has arrived, everything should be over. Wen Zhong, what about your preparations?"

After hearing that, Wen Zhong put away the golden whip and replied, "My king, everything is ready. 100,000 Emperor's Bodyguards, 50,000 of the Army of Five Elements from Kong Xuan Taoist, and 10,000 heavily-armored soldiers from Taoist Black Tortoise have gathered. So we can set out at any time." These 160,000 soldiers were the actual strength of the Shang Dynasty. Although the numbers were less than the millions of soldiers of the Western Zhou army, the result would still unknown once the battle began.

On the Sacred Island of the Blood Sea, Yang Chan played together with Nezha and they exchanged experiences with each other from time to time. Though Nezha's cultivation was superior to Yang Chan's, Yang Chan's Lotus Lamp was awesome. Look! Nezha was being caught by Yang Chan again. Seeing this, Nezha shouted, "Senior sister, I don't want to fight with you. You always use your Lotus Lamp. It's boring."

When she saw Nezha throwing a tantrum, Yang Chan put her Lotus Lamp away and smiled. Nezha had a relatively high cultivation, but had a bad temper. Looking toward the center of the island, Nezha asked Yang Chan, "Senior sister, do you know why master and senior sister have not come out after such a long time in Closed Door Meditation, as well as our two martial uncles? I don't know why they are so devoted to cultivation."

Upon hearing his complaints, Yang Chan touched his little head and said in a soft voice, "Nezha, you're too young to understand it. When you grow up, you will naturally know. Since they're in Closed Door Meditation, you must not interrupt them, alright?" Even though she did not have a high cultivation, she understood that this was a crucial time for master Liu Er.

At this time, Minghe's voice could be heard. "What's up, little Nezha? Do you miss your master?" Just as Yang Chan and Nezha looked over and saw Minghe, he walked toward them with Liu Er, Kong Xuan, and Black Tortoise following behind. Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise had increased their vital forces while the vital force of Liu Er became somewhat abstruse and was similar to the Origin.

Minghe looked at Untainted Land and said, "The real battle is imminent. Everything will come to an end. Liu Er, remember what I said to you before. If you miss the chance, you'll need to wait a long time." Hearing those words, Liu Er became somewhat grave, having some expectations for the realm of the Origin. Who could really understand it if he did not reach that realm?

Before Tongguan, millions of the Western Zhou army had already been ready to attack the Shang Dynasty. Whether or not it would be successful was determined by the attack. So long as Tongguan was attacked, the Shang Dynasty would lose its final shield. Afterward, the Western Zhou army would be able to defeat all their enemies and succeed in destroying Zhaoge. By that time, there would be changes to the dynasties in the Human Tribe, then a new era would be welcomed. However, the premise was that they could win in the end. But would they?

Under Tongguan, Grand Preceptor Wen Zhong had fully readied the main army. Compared to the millions of soldiers from Western Zhou, the number of soldiers from the Shang Dynasty was less but its momentum was never less than Western Zhou's. Its killing atmosphere was frightening, especially the 10,000 Emperor's Bodyguards with Evil Spirit surrounding them. But it was out of their expectation that they were not influenced by it at all.

At the moment, countless figures appeared in Heaven with Sect Leader Tongtian as the leader. This was the final fight in the Human Tribe, and was also the final battle between the Tribe of Severity and the Tribe of Humanity, the Clan of Enlightenment, as well as the Western Religious Sect. At this time, there were many elites in the Tribe of Severity and many of their immortals flew all over the sky. A super formation that astounded Untainted Land appeared in the sky of Tongguan.

As the Tribe of Severity set the Immortals Formation, disciples of the Tribe of Humanity, the Clan of Enlightenment, and the Western Religious Sect appeared one after another, as did Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, Jieyin, and Zhunti. This was a final battle, so it was not likely that the four Sages would be absent in the battle. Moreover, no religion was able to break the Immortals Formation set by disciples of the Tribe of Severity and Sect Leader Tongtian.

Noticing that the four Sages and their disciples had appeared, Sect leader Tongtian said, "You four, this formation is called the Immortals Formation. Since this is the final battle between my Tribe of Severity and your three religions, I won't hold back. Today, I want to see whether my Tribe of Severity will decline or your three religions will disappear from now on. Come on!"

Looking at Sect Leader Tongtian and the disciples of the Tribe of Severity who had high spirits for the battle, Laozi said, "Third... Junior Brother Tongtian, must we do so? Once it begins, both of us will suffer, so is it really necessary?" Laozi would not use the address "third brother" anymore. He would only call him "junior brother" Tongtian. Ironically, all he could do was accept all of these bad results that he had caused.

Sect Leader Tongtian said with a snort, "It's late. Our Tribe of Severity and your three religions have been enemies for many years, so this is a great opportunity for us to end it. There is no use discussing it. Please just begin it and you will see our strength." Hearing that, Laozi knew that it was impossible to resolve this amicably. After looking at the other Sages face to face, he was ready to fully prepare for the battle.

The battle had not yet begun, but the momentum of the two sides had made all the beings in Untainted Land terrified. Regardless of if it was the Tribe of Severity, the Tribe of Humanity, or the Tribe of Enlightenment, the strength of any side was able to conquer most of the forces in Untainted Land. Even the Heavenly Court of Haotian and Earth Immortal's Residence of Zhenyuanzi could only give in, perhaps making an exception for the Holy Land of the Human Tribe.

Some from the Holy Land of the Human Tribe also arrived there for the rare battle, and although their numbers were not huge, their lineup was able to awe everything. Among them were Four Ancestors of Humanity, Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, Ziyi-Shi, and Cangjie, as well as Three Royals and Five Emperors. Suddenly, there were 12 Sages-to-be that could only be seen in the Human Tribe.

Just when everyone thought that the battle was about to begin, a figure suddenly appeared on the wall of Tongguan and said, "All you Sages, could you wait for a while? I want to get even with a Sage who is among you." Get even with a Sage? Everyone present was startled to hear that. Who on earth was so brave to dare to get even with a Sage? That one must have powerful strength. After seeing his face, they were all amazed. No one had guessed it could be him, even the five Sages in Heaven were shocked. Zhunti's complexion changed greatly as well.

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