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Compared to all the Sages, Minghe was strong enough and also murderous enough. His own power was equivalent to the four Sages. In his teaching tree, there were only three disciples: Liu Er, Kong Xuan, and Black Tortoise, as well as other two descendants. They could be invincible under a Sage. While if a Sage wanted to get his hands on them, the Sages first had to get through Minghe. Moreover, Minghe had a Puppet of the Origin. As for whether or not Minghe held any other cards, the other Sages were not sure. After all, to them, Minghe was really a bit mysterious.

After hearing that, there was a bit of bitterness showing on Honored Lord of the Origin's face. The Sages, the supreme presences in Untainted Land, were worshiped and feared by all living beings of Untainted Land. But who knew the pain of a Sage? There was the Way of Heaven on their heads. To them, the so-called freedom was really limited. They completely could not be as fearless as Minghe. That was also precisely why they were so tied up when facing Minghe.

And it was also because of this that Minghe prevailed at every point, and now their expectations for the Battle of the Gods Investiture was pinned on the possibility that Minghe would not intervene. It was a great irony. Honored Lord of the Origin felt extremely unwilling in his heart. As a Pangu tribesman, as a Sage, and as the Lord of religion, he felt incomparable grief and lingering humiliation.

Laozi looked at the face of Honored Lord of the Origin and was, perhaps, able to also guess his current feelings. Looking at the endless horizon, the eyes of Laozi became extremely deep and profound. These kinds of eyes were really so fearful that even a fairy person would get deeply stuck with only one glance and would not be able to extricate himself. As for what Laozi was thinking, only he himself knew.

On Square Mountain, Jieyin's face was full of sorrow, looking at Zhunti with a face filled with anger. Zhunti's Original Body had been slaughtered by Minghe and his strength had been damaged. Then, his Good Separation and Evil Separation were slaughtered one after another. Although they could recover, this was probably not a small blow for Zhunti. The loss of strength and face were minor issues in Jieyin's eyes. What he feared was that Zhunti's mind of Taoism was affected as a result of that. That would be the most serious problem.

As Jieyin was worrying about that, there was endless killing intent in Zhunti's eyes. Anger and killing intent almost condensed into a substance. In the depths of Zhunti's heart, a black devil air absorbed all of Zhunti's negative emotions and started to grow very quickly. The evil voice could even be heard: "More, and more."

In Zhunti's mind, the eyes of Minghe's Good Separation as he left appeared time and time again. He could never forget those eyes. They were defiant, which was unacceptable to Zhunti. He had spared no effort to become a Sage. However, nowadays, he had become the weakest one among all the Sages, so that even Minghe's disciple, Liu Er, was not afraid of him. How sad it was to fall into such a state.

One point that Zhunti thought about was wrong. When Heaven and Earth Taoist, Minghe's Good Separation, left, he indeed looked at Zhunti, but he meant no defiance, but pity. Such a dignified person, a spokesman for the Way of Heaven, a Sect Leader, was played bad by Minghe and Liu Er. Inside of Zhunti, Heaven and Earth Taoist actually felt the vital force of the devil.

Then, when Lord of Devils Luohou wanted to enchant Untainted Land, he was finally defeated by Hongjun, and even his remnant soul was compelled by Minghe to explode itself. Since then, there were no devils among the living beings of Untainted Land. And Minghe got Luohou's supreme treasure, Black Lotus of Destructions of twelve grades, and the spiritual inheritance of the Way of the Demon. The Way of the Demon and the Way of Celestial Immortality were opposed to each other. Although the way that Minghe took could not be considered the Way of Celestial Immortality, it was also not the Way of the Demon. Thus, the spiritual inheritance of the Way of the Demon was useless to Minghe.

The World of Heaven and Earth in the body of Heaven and Earth Taoist had evolved 3,000 Great Ways, and among them, there was the Way of the Devil. Therefore, he could feel the vital force of the devil. But at the time of Lord of Devils Luohou in Untainted Land, the Way of the Devil had already disappeared. So until now, the 3,000 Divine Laws of Untainted Land were also not complete. When Heaven and Earth Taoist felt the vital force of the devil, he had a hunch in his heart that the rise of the devil probably would happen to Zhunti.

When Minghe got this news, there was a playful smile on his face and a black light appeared in his hands. This was the Way of the Demon Spiritual Inheritance that Minghe had always collected. Looking at the weird light emitted by the Way of the Demon Spiritual Inheritance, Minghe said with a laugh, "Buddha and devil, justice and evil, Yin and Yang should be as one. They are just the two sides of positive and negative. Buddha and devil becoming one, that's really interesting."

In the capital of the Shang Dynasty, Zhaoge, all the people in the Imperial Court were shocked when they heard about the fall of Golden Chicken Mountain. And about the prestige of Kong Xuan, they all heard about it. They were more joyous especially when they learned that Kong Xuan had killed more than 10 elites of the three religions. However, what was out of their exception was that Kong Xuan suddenly left and the army was retired without a fight. They even retreated to Zhaoge.

Everyone knew that King Zhou would be furious toward whoever was defeated. In the eyes of all the civilians and military in the Imperial Court, these tens of thousands of soldiers were looking for death. However, much to their surprise, King Zhou did not become angry immediately after he read the letter handed over by the leader of the army and even assigned the important mission of defending Zhaoge to them, which was a contrary to common sense.

All the ministers were puzzled, as well as Nine-Tailed Fox. She asked King Zhou repeatedly but received no answer. Somehow, Nine-Tailed Fox suddenly discovered that there was a little sense of mystery in King Zhou, but she could not tell what it was. Since that time, King Zhou returned to his usual life, as fatuous as before, and she could no longer have that subtle feeling anymore.

King Zhou still lived his exceedingly licentious life. The crusading army of Western Zhou went through Golden Chicken Mountain and again divided into two squads. But because of the interception of the Tribe of Severity, they were continuously defeated and the Tribe of Severity's disciples appeared in groups. This made the three religions' disciples suffer great losses, contributing to 20 to 30 people continuously being listed on the Investiture of the Gods. In contrast, the losses of the Tribe of Severity were much smaller.

Facing the change in the Tribe of Severity, the three religions had to join forces again, and the two squads merged into one again. The Tribe of Severity was called "thousands of immortals come to worship". As for the number of disciples, the Tribe of Severity far exceeded that of the Tribes of Humanity, Clan of Enlightenment, and Western Religious Sect. If they were dispersed again, they would only be defeated one by one. Only by concerted efforts could the Tribe of Humanity, Clan of Enlightenment, and Western Religious Sect snatch victory from defeat and win the Battle of the Gods Investiture.

Thanks to their concerted efforts, the Tribe of Humanity, Clan of Enlightenment, and Western Religious Sect gradually began to reverse the defeat. In particular, there were four Sages-to-be in the three religions, while there were only two in the Tribe of Severity. Aside from the elder disciple, Duo Bao, the other one was Zhao Gongming. Compared to Duo Bao, Zhao Gongming just had a breakthrough shortly before the Battle of the Gods Investiture and also benefited from the Luck of the Tribe of Severity.

To make the two Sages-to-be fight against the four Sages-to-be in the three religions, the Tribe of Severity did not have any advantages, not in cultivation or population. However, after seeing the strength of Liu Er, how could they put all their thoughts into consideration of the Battle of the Gods Investiture? None of the six people would take action unless it was absolutely necessary. After Liu Er had slaughtered the Separation of the Sage, their horizons became wider.

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