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Guang Chengzi the three were going to turn back when a long black stick suddenly dropped from the sky, hitting the Grand Pure Holy Talisman of Origin directly. In Xuandu, the four's scary eyes, the Grand Pure Holy Talisman of Origin cracked, breaking into pieces and scattering between heaven and earth. Certainly, the Yin and Yang Dust Formation broke too. Then the Black Tortoise which had been trapped in it appeared.

Black Tortoise saw the broken formation and the familiar long black stick in the air. "Eldest brother," he couldn't help but call. At this time, Kong Xuan came by. They saw Liu Er and his two disciples, Yang Chan and Nezha, landing from the sky. Liu Er reached out and took the Rod of Origin back.

After landing on the ground, Liu Er smiled and said to Black Tortoise,"Good, you got more ambitious eventually. But you are still too careless." Black Tortoise scratched his head in embarrassment. Yang Chan and Nezha bowed to Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise and said,"Good day, our martial uncles." Nezha was a little curious and it was expected, for it was the first time he was meeting them.

Seeing that, Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise presented a primordial spiritual treasure to Nezha as the first meeting gift from martial uncles. Nezha accepted it gladly. Though he never lacked such treasures, primordial spiritual treasures with different functions were still newfangled toys for him. It was enough for him to play for a long time.

The disciples of three religions all fell silent while seeing the scene. Receiving a primordial spiritual treasure as a gift never happened to them. Even the four Sages would not do that. Some of them even felt jealous, especially Dipamkara, the 'poorest' Sage-to-be in the three religions. He could not keep calm while seeing a mere third-generation disciple of Blood Sea boasting so many primordial spiritual treasures.

After Liu Er come out, the facial expressions of Xuandu and Guang Chengzi changed. Needless to say, Guang Chengzi's achievement nowadays was a result of Liu Er's striking before. Whereas Guang Chengzi found that the gap between him and Liu Er was even greater now. Although they both were Sages-to-be, Liu Er's strength was out of his expectations.

As for Xuandu, he was frightened by the fragmentation of Grand Pure Holy Talisman of Origin. This Jade Talisman was made by Laozi. Though it was not a primordial spiritual treasure, it did have an amazingly strong defense strength. Even Laozi once said,"Among the Sages-to-be, nobody could break it." Now, Liu Er broke it, could it be...

"A half step to Origin," these words suddenly occurred to Xuandu. He took a deep breath. He never expected for Liu Er to go this far. A half step to Origin did exist in the living beings of Untainted Land, such as Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie, the incarnation of Hongyun. Now, Liu Er became one of them. Could he be the second-generation disciple of Blood Sea who arrived in the Realm of Origin?

In Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, Cangjie was eating a ginseng, which was totally the same as his preexistence, Hongyun. Zhenyuanzi was already used to it. Every time when the Ginseng Tree borne fruits, the majority would be eaten by Cangjie. Cangjie and Zhenyuanzi looked at the Golden Chicken Mountain far away and were also shocked. After all, Liu Er had only been cultivating for tens of thousands of years, while Zhenyuanzi been through countless years and Cangjie, two lives.

Cangjie swallowed the ginseng and said, "Haha... Fellow Taoist Minghe did well in training a disciple into achieving A half step to Origin. It was such a shame to us." His words were filled with self-mockery. But it was just a joke without other meanings. After practising for two two lives, Cangjie did not care that much anymore.

Zhenyuanzi laughed while hearing what Cangjie said,"There were three disciples of Fellow Taoist Minghe, each of which was excellent. And now that Liu Er has arrived, it would be even harder for disciples of three religions to win. The only thing that puzzled me was the reason that Liu Er joined the Battle of Gods Investiture. Since Liu Er had achieved A half step to Origin, will there be any profound theories for him to trigger the Karma?"

In Mount Shouyang, Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin looked at the Golden Chicken Mountain seriously. It never occurred to them that Liu Er could have such a breakthrough within such a short period. The last time Liu Er appeared in the East Sea, he was still at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. Whereas it did not take long for him to have the breakthrough. Could the vein of Blood Sea have such a powerful luck that not only Minghe, but also his disciples could have a fast progress?

This time they guessed right. It might be impossible in the past, but now the situation was different. Minghe's Luck increased rapidly after he had been to the Chaos. His Good Separation swallowed two sides of small chiliocosm. Since Liu Er and others were disciples with the vein of Blood Sea, they could enjoy the Luck so to make their practices more rapid and smooth.

Laozi stared at the cheerful Liu Er. He suddenly changed his expression and said, "My second brother, Liu Er, might have already comprehended obsession. If not, no matter how talented he is, he won't have progressed so quickly." 'Obsession' was the most difficult one among the Three Separations. Even Laozi could not comprehend that, so Liu Er's success was ironic to him.

Hearing what Laozi said, Honored Lord of the Origin's face fell. Even Liu Er could comprehend obsession while he could not. It was an invisible shame. Honored Lord of the Origin said coldly,"My big brother, now that Liu Er had comprehended obsession, we can't allow him to gain the Origin of the last one of Four Monkeys of Destruction. Otherwise, Liu Er would actualize in the Cultivation Tribulation."

Hearing that, Laozi was lost in thought. The reason he tried to get the last one of Four Monkeys of Destruction was to bargain with Minghe. So he could keep Minghe from interfering with this Cultivation Tribulation of the God Deification Ceremony. In his imagination, Liu Er could not comprehend obsession in such a short time, so that Liu Er would take a long time to actualize even, with the Origin of the last Four Monkeys of Destruction.

However, the situation was different now. Liu Er might have comprehended obsession, so he could transform into a True Body of Rakshasa once he gained the last Origin of the Four Monkeys of Destruction. This meant that even if Laozi found the Four Monkeys of Destruction first, he would be unable to decide whether to bargain with Minghe or not.

From what Honored Lord of the Origin just said, he apparently wanted to cancel the bargain. But Laozi still worried about Minghe. Once they found the Origin of the Four Monkeys of Destruction, Minghe was bound to take it away for Liu Er. Stopping the mad Minghe was too hard to them. He could not imagine what Minghe would do.

Looking at Honored Lord of the Origin coldly, Laozi said, "My second brother, I know what you are worried about. But it seems that we don't have a choice. You should know who Minghe is. Last time, Minghe risked universal condemnation to slaughter a Sage. Therefore, he never dreads the Way of Heaven or our master. You can imagine what he might do if we interfere with his disciple's Fated Chance of actualization."

Honored Lord of the Origin pulled a long face after hearing that. Since when, they the Sages had become so passive while confronting Minghe. Though for all living beings of Untainted Land, Minghe's Slaughtering Sage was only a shame of Zhunti himself, Honored Lord of the Origin, as a Sage, knew that Minghe's behavior touched the untouchable underscore of the Way of Heaven and their teacher Hongjun.

The Sages were the representatives picked by the Way of Heaven to manage Untainted Land. If the Sages suffered a loss, so would the Way of Heaven. However, the Way of Heaven and Hongjun did not react to Minghe's slaughtering of Zhunti's human body. That was extremely weird. Could Minghe be so powerful that both the Way of Heaven and Hongjun feared him?

With that in mind, Honored Lord of the Origin understood Laozi. Now that Liu Er, A half step to Origin, was going to actualize, as Liu Er's master, Minghe would try everything to help him. Anyone who obstructed Liu Er would be Minghe's enemy. In the present Battle of Gods Investiture, the three religions had been against the Sect Leader of Tongtian. Once Minghe became their enemy, the three religions will inevitably lose the battle.

Confronted with the failure of the three religions, and the actualization of Liu Er, which triggered the boom in Blood Sea's strength, Honored Lord of the Origin had to concede. Laozi could understand Honored Lord of the Origin, but he was a little anxious. Minghe was abnormally calm. Nothing happened except that his disciples gathered in the Golden Chicken Mountain. The more silent Minghe was, the more worried Laozi was. So what was Minghe planning?

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