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After Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, and Medicine Buddha teamed up to stop the attack, Black Tortoise looked serious. He was clear about the power of Primordial Flag of the Five Regions, especially his Xuanyuan Water Control Flag, which had an amazing defense. Even if his Golden Body of Martial Arts was given a full play, its power was far away from that of his Xuanyuan Water Control Flag. Similarly, it was not easy to break through the defense of Primordial Flag of the Five Regions.

Actually, Black Tortoise understood that it was virtually impossible to defeat these three by himself, and the biggest obstacle was those three Primordial Flags of the Five Regions. However, Black Tortoise did not withdraw. As Kong Xuan said, Black Tortoise had experienced a few battles in the preexistence and this life. Thus, there was a rare fighting intent in Black Tortoise's heart, since he now had an opportunity to fight those who had the same cultivation as him.

As Black Tortoise revealed his fighting intent, Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, Medicine Buddha, and Dipamkara, who came up after a while, looked at each other. Obviously, the four of them intended to deal with Black Tortoise together. Whether it was Black Tortoise's Golden Body of Martial Arts or Xuanyuan Water Control Flag's defense, no one could break through alone, especially since Black Tortoise had other spiritual treasures.

While fighting Black Tortoise, the four people also could thoroughly act with boldness. Kong Xuan's Divine Five Colored Light was too abnormal because it could take all magic weapons of the Five Elements. In the world, there were very few magic weapons within the Five Elements. Therefore, they could only make attacks with laws of martial arts to deal with Kong Xuan. While battling Black Tortoise, they did not care about this. They only needed to prevent Kong Xuan from interfering.

Guang Chengzi launched an attack first. He threw a huge seal to Black Tortoise. The seal was his most powerful magic weapon. It was Smashing Seal, the Highest Grade Postcelestial Merit Spiritual Treasure. Because it was blended with a small piece of the relic of Mount Buzhou, its power was well-matched to an ordinary primordial spiritual treasure. Its power was rare in primordial spiritual treasures.

And then, Xuandu, Dipamkara, and Medicine Buddha also started to take actions. In contrast with the previous fight against Kong Xuan, the four people became much more powerful. They completely consumed all kinds of spiritual treasures, and even Dipamkara also took out Eternal Spiritual Treasure, Coffin Lamp, his eternal spiritual treasure, to release endless netherworld ghost fire. At the sight of the gloomy and horrible scene, people were panic-stricken.

It was Dipamkara's fault. Although Dipamkara was a guest of Zixiao Palace, his spiritual treasures were few. As an apprentice to Honored Lord of the Origin, he was given only one Mid-Grade primordial spiritual treasure. Worse still, he consumed the treasure for separation. Thus, only the Coffin Lamp was presentable among his remaining primordial spiritual treasures.

Faced with Xuandu and three other people's attacks, Black Tortoise put away his Xuanyuan Water Control Flag. He shouted, "Golden Body of Martial Arts, show up!" All of a sudden, Black Tortoise became bigger and was glittering like a golden man. He directly met the four people head-on with a simple magic skill of martial arts. It looked a little crazy.

Black Tortoise was certainly aware of how crazy it looked. However, the defense of Xuanyuan Water Control Flag was really amazing. For Black Tortoise, it would be much easier to withstand their attack only with its defense. However, it went against his original intention. Thus, he intended to fight enemies only with Golden Body of Martial Arts and Magic Skill of Martial Arts. Meanwhile, he planned to practice and improve his martial arts skills.

Black Tortoise also knew that it was a little dangerous to do so. Golden Body of Martial Arts possessed strong defense, but it was not indestructible. Sooner or later, his Golden Body of Martial Arts would be broken by Xuandu and other three people with their cultivation and magical weapons. Black Tortoise proceeded without hesitation. He was lazy by nature, but he did not want to lag behind Liu Er and Kong Xuan too much.

Above the walls, Kong Xuan looked at the lunatic Black Tortoise below. A relieved smile appeared on his face. In terms of talent, Black Tortoise was not inferior to him. But all the time, Black Tortoise had not focused on cultivation. Now, his fighting will and conviction were stirred up, so Kong Xuan was very happy for him.

Beyond the clouds on the distant horizon, Minghe sensed that a strong fighting intent was rising from Golden Chicken Mountain. With a gratified smile, he said to himself, "Good boy. Your fighting spirit is finally aroused. Meanwhile, you're aware that you lag behind your two senior apprentice brothers, so good job on working hard to catch up. Please continue fighting with abandon!"

In front of Golden Chicken Mountain, Black Tortoise battled Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, Dipamkara, and Medicine Buddha alone. Confronted with attacks from the four people's spiritual treasures, he was not at a disadvantage. Black Tortoise resisted with Golden Body of Martial Arts and Magic Skill of Martial Arts, without conceding an inch. The three religious disciples were startled. Meanwhile, all living beings of Untainted Land witnessed the formidable Blood Sea.

After forcing Black Tortoise back, Xuandu looked more solemn. Not because Black Tortoise's Golden Body of Martial Arts was abnormal, but because he suddenly discovered that Black Tortoise's martial momentum became stronger and stronger, rather than weaker and weaker, after fighting for so long. Did Black Tortoise use their forces to practice his martial arts?

At thought of that, Xuandu was shocked. Since now, Black Tortoise had not used any defensive spiritual treasures. He just fought with them with Golden Body of Martial Arts and Magic Skill of Martial Arts. So, he must practice his martial arts. If he further improved his martial arts, it would be more difficult to deal with him.

Then, Xuandu decided to spare no effort. He presented a Jade Talisman on his hand. It was not a primordial spiritual treasure, but it was refined by Laozi himself and called as Grand Pure Holy Talisman of Origin. Xuandu threw the Jade Talisman in the air and shouted, "Yin and Yang Dust Formation, rise up!" All of a sudden, the formation had been arranged and Black Tortoise was covered up.

When Guang Chengzi and other two people saw that, they also joined in, but they were confused. Xuandu explained, "Have you found out that Black Tortoise has fought with us with Golden Body of Martial Arts and Magic Skill of Martial Arts? In doing so, he can practice his martial arts. If we keep fighting like this, he might have made a breakthrough before we broke through his Golden Body of Martial Arts."

The three people's expressions changed a little. Xuandu saw that and continued to say, "At ordinary times, that's ok. But now, we aim to suppress the Shang Dynasty, so it's not suitable to get excessively entangled in the fight. We must break through this as soon as possible, to avoid accidents." The three other people also nodded. Originally, they did not plan to determine the winner through the battle against Black Tortoise.

When the four of them were going to leave, Xuandu suddenly changed his look. Dipamkara asked, "Xuandu, my Taoist friend, what's wrong with you?" Xuandu heaved a sigh, saying, "It's too late. Black Tortoise has made a breakthrough. I'm afraid that he'll get rid of Yin and Yang Dust Formation soon. Ask the Western Zhou Dynasty's army to lay siege to the city rapidly. Make sure to break through the Pass before Black Tortoise got out of the formation. My three Taoist friends, will you take the trouble to deal with Kong Xuan? I'll be in charge of this formation, so I'm occupied."

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