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In the peach orchard, Minghe and Liu Er sat on the ground. Minghe waved his hand to cover the place with the Power of Infinity to keep others from snooping around. Even the Way of Heaven and Hongjun were unable to poke their noses inside. Then he'd better be cautious about what came next. At the moment, a figure was separated from Minghe, and that was Red Lotus Taoist. With Red Lotus Taoist staying here to guard them, Minghe felt more at ease.

Minghe reached out, and a Crystal Ball appeared in his hand. That was his most important Magic Weapon, Magical Tao Mirror. It was thanks to the Magical Tao Mirror that Minghe improved his cultivation so quickly. Although the Magical Tao Mirror consumed a large amount of gold, the return was equivalent the output. Now it was used to help Liu Er, and whether it would succeed or not depended on Liu Er's Fate.

Looking at the Crystal Ball in Minghe's hands, Liu Er was puzzled. The Crystal Ball didn't look special at all. But for the faint vital force of the primordial spiritual treasure on it, Liu Er would consider it a mortal thing. However, judging from the look of Minghe, the treasure must be extraordinary. Otherwise, Minghe would not conceal the secrets of Heaven and keep the Evil Separation guarding aside.

Minghe noticed that Liu Er was puzzled, so he said, "Liu Er, the treasure is called Magical Tao Mirror, a Primordial Spiritual Treasure I refined in my early years, but it has neither attack power nor Defense Strength. It has only one function, which is to help me achieve a rapid Enlightenment of the Way of Heaven. Now, you may understand why my cultivation improves so rapidly."

Liu Er was greatly shocked by the words. He never thought that his master could refine such a powerful Spiritual Treasure that could help him achieve the Enlightenment of the Way of Heaven. Only this function was unique. With such a Spiritual Treasure, it was no wonder why Minghe was so cautious. However, there was still one thing that Liu Er did not understand, that was, what did Minghe want to usethis treasure for? Could it be to help him comprehend obsession?

Minghe continued to say, "Liu Er, you haven't been aware of your Core of Thoughts, so it's difficult to comprehend your obsession. But time is running out, and this Cultivation Tribulation is a good chance for you to actualize. If you miss this chance, it'll be more dangerous for you to transform into Rakshasa in the future, so you must comprehend your obsession as soon as possible. Now, let me help you."

After saying that, without waiting for reply Liu Er's, Minghe pointed between Lie Er's eyebrows with one finger and shrank backwards, directly pulling the Original Spirit out of him. Minghe said, "Liu Er, now I'll send you into the Magical Tao Mirror, hoping that you can comprehend your obsession within the reincarnation of ten thousand generations."

Finishing the words, Minghe directly injected Liu Er's Original Spirit into the Magical Tao Mirror. After that, he took out a cloud of Golden Light of Merit and continuously injected it into the Magical Tao Mirror. The Magical Tao Mirror got the sacrifice of Merit, radiating soft white light and presenting a colorful scene of the Starry Sky. However, in this infinite Starry Sky, numerous virtual worlds were hidden there, including Liu Er's reincarnation of ten thousand generations.

In the reincarnation of the world, Liu Er's Original Spirit of memory was completely sealed off. In the reincarnation of ten thousand generations, he would constantly play a variety of roles - as a human being, a demon, an immortal, a devil, a God, or a Buddha. All these identities would bring different experiences to Liu Er, but Minghe did not know what Liu Er could actually comprehend.

Looking at the constant decreasing Golden Light of Merit, Minghe was not distressed. Now, the Merit was of no use to him. If it could help Liu Er comprehend obsession, it would be worth it. Besides, it would not consume too much Merit. In the virtual world of the Magical Tao Mirror, ten thousand generations was only a fleeting moment. As for the number of generations of reincarnation Liu Er would go through before he came out, Minghe was not sure either.

Every time Liu Er went through one reincarnation, the seal of his Original Spirit would be temporarily lifted and he could comprehend the achievements in this reincarnation. If he comprehended his obsession, he could jump out of the reincarnation and leave the Magical Tao Mirror. Otherwise, he would continue the next reincarnation until he comprehended the obsession. However, it was dangerous to do so. Even if Liu Er's cultivation had reached the Peak Level of Sage-to-be, so many memories of reincarnation at a draught were likely to change his temperament.

Therefore, Minghe set the time limit of the reincarnation at ten thousand generations for Liu Er. By the end of the reincarnation, even if Liu Er could not comprehend his obsession, Minghe would pull him out of the Magical Tao Mirror. These memories would not affect Liu Er, but make him feel like a misfit for a while, just like films.

In the virtual world of the Magical Tao Mirror, Liu Er was a human being in this generation. After suffering childbirth, old age, sickness, and funeral as a mortal, he began to expect immortality. However, this wish did not come true at his death. After leaving that virtual world, Liu Er evaluated his experience in this world and slightly changed his outlook.

In the next generation, Liu Er was a demon, struggling to survive among the encirclement and suppression of humans and immortals. He began to long for strong power to control his own destiny. He did not want to live a life of oppression like the fish between the fishmonger's knife and chopping board. Unfortunately, God was not cooperative. Liu Er finally died in a struggle with the humans and immortals. But at least, he died without regrets.

In the next generation, Liu Er was an immortal···

When the 6744th generation was over, Liu Er suddenly burst into laughter. Many scenes flashed across his mind. That was his experience before he was accepted as Minghe's disciple. A little monkey stole the skills of others everywhere in order to pursue the Great Way. To stay alive, he had to hide from place to place. At that time, he focused on the Great Way, defiant and daring to do anything to achieve that.

Liu Er's life did not change until he met Minghe. He had a famous master and learned supreme transforming exercises. His Spiritual Treasures were so precious that all living beings of Untainted Land admired him. Besides, he admired the power of Minghe so much that he considered Minghe as his role modelm and was bent on going on following Minghe's footsteps. However, he began to rely on Minghe unconsciously, even on his road towards actualization.

When Liu Er stopped laughing, an extremely firm look appeared in his eyes. His obsession turned out to be the Great Way he had pursued. Now the Great Way was in front of him, but he had lost his enterprise and relied on his master Minghe instead, which was somewhat ironic. However, it was reasonable as well.

Since Liu Er had become the Minghe's disciple, everything went well for him. His transforming exercises were given by Minghe, his Spiritual Treasures were given by Minghe, and even the way of actualizing was told to him by Minghe. However, Liu Er never thought whether it was what he wanted. Now he even needed help from Minghe on actualization. Also, what kind of the Great Way did he want to pursue?

Thinking of this, Liu Er felt that the Three Flowers in his Original Spirit were beginning to sway, which was the omen to separate his obsession. Then the sky and earth were spinning round before he could react, and his Original Spirit returned to his body before he recovered himself. Liu Er hastened to suppress the urge of separation because it was not the time. He needed the Origin of the last one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction.

After Liu Er recovered his senses, he looked at Minghe, suddenly getting up and bowing. "Master, thank you for everything you have done for me all these years. I've been relying on you for so many years and have even forgotten my original intention of being your disciple. I have failed to live up to your expectations." His words were full of guilt, which made Minghe very gratified.

Minghe looked at Liu Er and smiled. That was true. Liu Er was too bold to eavesdrop his teaching, and all he wanted was to pursue the Great Way. Now Minghe paved the way for him, but also made him lose his own Core of Thoughts. It was time for him to fly high. Otherwise, he would not make great achievements in the way of pursuing the Great Way.

Now that Liu Er had already comprehended his obsession, what he needed was the Origin of the last one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction. Although Minghe could not predict where it was, Minghe had an intuition that it should appear in the Battle of Gods Investiture, thus Minghe said, "Liu Er, since you've already comprehended your obsession, go help your younger brother!"

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