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High above the clouds, Minghe looked down at the beautiful rivers and mountains of Untainted Land, and many thoughts came to his mind. After tens of thousands of years, great changes had taken place. When he traveled to this world, he was excited, confused and cautious. Despite having tens of thousands of years' cultivation, he never forgot his preexistence. Everything about his preexistence affected him until he separated his Self-centric Separation, and then he really grew up.

Minghe now could keep calm in the face of danger and he encompassed the profundity and essence behind the Tao. He pursued the supreme Great Way instead of the original self-protection. Immortal life was good, but it made people feel empty. At first, he just wanted to leave behind a good reputation in Untainted Land. But now, his legends had spread everywhere across Untainted Land. His former wish had already come true, thus he was satisfied.

When the mysterious Chaos displayed in front of Minghe, he was moved. Where did the Chaos come from? How did it make 3,000 Rakshasas? How many worlds existed in the Chaos? Whether was there a same powerful world as Untainted Land? Minghe was curious about all of these. However, he was most curious about whether the Chaos was boundless or had a boundary. If it had a boundary, where was it? What did the world outside the boundary look like?

All of these were full of infinite temptation to Minghe. When the Cultivation Tribulation was over and Liu Er actualized the Way of Rakshasa, Minghe would travel to the Chaos. With Liu Er staying to guard the Blood Sea, he could leave without worries. As the young eagles could not always be sheltered, they must learn to soar. Otherwise, the vast sky would never belong to them.

In General Military Office of Chentang Pass, Liu Er was teaching Nezha, with the sleepy Li Jing sitting next to him. Liu Er taught the supreme Way of Celestial Immortality. He started from the Earthly Immortals, and now he talked to the Tao of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. Since Li Jing only had the cultivation of the Black Immortal, he could not understand the Great Ways higher than the Black Immortal. As a result, he looked listless.

Suddenly, Liu Er's ears moved. Looking at the sky, he was a bit surprised, and then he said, "Well, the lesson is over. Nezha, Li Jing, you'd better have a good understanding of what I've said!" After saying that, he stood up and continued to say, "Nezha, your Master Ancestor is coming, so get ready and don't be naughty!"

Master Ancestor? Nezha was very curious when he heard it. He took Liu Er as his master, but he had never seen his Master Ancestor, Minghe before. Nezha heard it from his father Li Jing that all his Magic Weapons were given by his Master Ancestor at his birth. Now he could meet his Master Ancestor, which made Nezha look forward to it. Meanwhile, he was wondering what his Master Ancestor would give him this time.

When Li Jing heard what Liu Er had said, he suddenly felt wide awake. Nezha's Master Ancestor was coming, that was, Ancestor Minghe was coming, which made Li Jing excited. During his early study, his master, Immortal Du'e told many stories of Ancestor Minghe to him. Minghe was the first to actualize the Realm of Origin and the only one who did not fear the Sages, thus Li Jing surely would be excited to see Ancestor Minghe in person.

Over Chentang Pass, Minghe just arrived when he saw Liu Er lead Nezha and Li Jing to greet him at the General Military Office. He could not help smiling as Liu Er's talent was getting more and more powerful. Although Minghe did not deliberately cloak himself in invisibility, Liu Er had been aware of his arrival before he arrived. It seemed that Liu Er's cultivation had improved a lot over the years.

Minghe stepped off the cloud and saw Liu Er kneel and said, "Master, your disciple greets you." When Nezha saw Liu Er kneel and greet Minghe, he followed suit. "Master Ancestor, Nezha greets you." Nezha knelt, but he was restless and secretly looked up to peek at Minghe several times. As for Li Jing, he quietly knelt on the sidelines and could not be as rude as Nezha was.

Minghe looked at the three kneeling in front of him. Li Jing had nothing to do with him, so Minghe did not care about him. Nezha was naughty, but it was his personality, thus Minghe did not care too. However, Minghe frowned when he saw Liu Er. Liu Er's cultivation had reached the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. Although he did not separate his Self-centric Separation, few people in Untainted Land had higher cultivation than him.

It was good that Liu Er greatly improved his strength, but Minghe was not happy. Liu Er had already returned to his nature, and it would have been possible for him to separate his obsession if he could comprehend the Core of Thoughts. However, Liu Er, who knelt in front of Minghe, now suppressed his nature. Was it because of being a master? And then Minghe said, "Liu Er, how is your Enlightenment of obsession?"

Upon hearing that, Liu Er answered, "Master, I'm so ignorant that I fail to comprehend my obsession with years of Enlightenment. I'm unworthy of your teaching." He was depressed to say that he once had brainwaves and was close to the Enlightenment of his obsession but eventually failed.

Hearing what Liu Er had said, Minghe sighed softly. Although Liu Er was smart, it seemed too difficult for him to comprehend his obsession. Without the obsession as a human being in his preexistence, even Minghe could not separate his Self-centric Separation. Maybe Minghe had to lend him a hand.

Minghe peacefully said, "Get up!" Then the three got up together. Liu Er looked ashamed while Nezha looked at Minghe eagerly, winking and thinking of something. Li Jing was trembling with fear, respectfully standing by and not saying anything. Although Minghe had completely concealed his vital force, his unique temperament was powerful enough to deeply shock Li Jing's State of Mind.

Minghe understood Liu Er's shame. As the eldest disciple of the Blood Sea, although Liu Er behaved in fun in his daily life, he understood the pressure that was on his shoulders. As a result, he always showed his strength, whether in front of Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise or in front of all living beings of Untainted Land. he must show his strength, as it was closely related to not only his dignity, but also the dignity of Minghe and the Blood Sea. No one else would experience such pressure.

Seeing Nezha looking at him eagerly, Minghe couldn't help but smile. He did not expect that the incarnation of Ling Zhuzi had the potential to be a miser. Looking at his eyes, Minghe naturally knew what Nezha was thinking. Nezha's temperament was still not fully mature, so the primordial spiritual treasures might just be fun toys to him.

Minghe reached out and then a huge seal appeared in his hand. Looking at the huge seal, Minghe was filled with feelings. The huge seal was named Zhenyue. Although it was only a Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, it was his first primordial spiritual treasure and had been by his side for many years. Minghe never used it, but it also borne his memories.

After Minghe separated the Self-centric Separation Musen, he handed the seal to Musen. Afterwards, Musen got the Kongtong Seal, and then the seal was no longer in use. Now it was good to give it to little Nezha. Looking at the eager look on Nezha's face, Minghe smiled and said, "Little Nezha, I give the Zhenyue Seal to you as a meeting gift!"

Upon hearing those words, Nezha excitedly accepted the Zhenyue Seal from Minghe said, "Thank you, Master Ancestor." Although Nezha thanked Minghe, his eyes never left the Zhenyue Seal. Li Jing looked at Nezha in admiration. Things given by Minghe surely would be good. He could not help thinking why he had no such a generous Master Ancestor.

Minghe looked at the elated Nezha and couldn't help smiling. He was as elated as Nezha was when finding all kinds of Spiritual Treasures. Minghe continued to say, "Nezha, the seal is so powerful that you can't play with it randomly. You'd better well Convert it." The Zhenyue Seal was used by Musen and was embedded by the Martial Arts of The Origin. What's more, being injected with a little Merit, it could kill people without causing Karma, which was suitable for the little devil incarnate like Nezha to use.

After ordering Nezha, Minghe looked at Liu Er and lightly said, "Liu Er, come with me." After saying that, he went to the peach orchard Liu Er planted outside the Chentang Pass. Minghe was very clear about Liu Er's characteristics. The abundant Spiritual Air in the mountain forest outside the city must be the result of what Liu Er had done, otherwise, there would not be such a Mysterious Sign in the ordinary mountain forest.

After hearing that, Liu Er ordered Nezha and then followed up. Minghe was silent all the way. He did not blame Liu Er, but thinking of helping Liu Er to comprehend his obsession. The method was just a sudden idea and Minghe never used it, so he was not entirely sure if he would succeed. It could work if he tried it now. If not, he would only lose some Merit, which he could afford to.

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