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Honored Lord of Origin headed straight for Mount Shouyang, Laozi's residence, immediately after leaving Golden Chicken Mountain. Fuming, he said, "Brother, Minghe is getting more and more arrogant. He allowed his disciples to kill our Tribe of Humanity and Clan of Enlightenment disciples. He's looking down on us both. At this rate, we'll end up becoming the laughingstock of the Untainted Land."

Laozi replied, "You should understand now isn't the time for us fight Minghe. Our priority should be the Battle of Gods Investiture. If we fight now, the one who reaps the most benefit will be someone else." He was evidently referring to Tongtian Sect Leader.

Though Honored Lord of the Origin understood this, he just couldn't let it go. "I get your point but Minghe is free of constraints. If he cooperates with Tongtian, what do we do then? Even if we team up with Jieyin and Zhunti, I'm afraid our victory isn't likely."

Laozi's expression changed and he thought for a moment. "Like Minghe, Tongtian is inherently haughty. I don't think they'll cooperate, but we still have to be well prepared for all possibilities. It's not impossible to stop Minghe from joining the Battle of Gods Investiture, we just have to start with Liu Er."

Honored Lord of the Origin asked doubtfully, "Liu Er? What can we do to him? Moreover, Minghe had taken precautions for his three disciples. If we set a trap for Liu Er, we'll irritate him and our efforts will just backfire." Whether it was the past or present, he couldn't read Laozi's mind.

"You should be aware of Liu Er's background. He's Liu Er Macaca Mula, one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction. He's a direct descendant disciple of Minghe and is on the same Way of Rakshasa. Except for his obsession, he had divided his Good and Evil Separation. He used the Origins of the other three of the Four Monkeys of Destruction for his separations."

Honored Lord of the Origin was startled to hear this. It was impossible for him to miss Laozi's point now that he had said as much. However, it was truly beyond belief. He cried, "Liu Er wants to divide his Three Separations with the Origins of the rest of the Four Monkeys of Destruction. He wants to merge his Three Separations into one and transform it into the True Body of Rakshasa to actualize the Realm of Origin."

He was nevertheless still shocked. Rakshasa? The Way of The Origin? How long had it been since Liu Er started cultivating? But he was already standing on the threshold of actualizing the Realm of Origin. In the Untainted Land, many Primordial Mazingers couldn't even reach that realm in their lifetimes. Currently, only Zhen Yuanzi and Hongyun held the most hope to do so. Now it seemed that Liu Er would be joining their ranks.

Even so, it wouldn't be an easy feat to divide Three Separations. In the Untainted Land, only Hongjun and Minghe had successfully divided their Self-centric Separations. Not even Laozi, the head of Three Pure Ones, could do so. Liu Er might be talented, but it wasn't certain that he could pull it off.

Honored Lord of the Origin began to envy Minghe's disciples for the first time. Guang Chengzi, the disciple he was most proud of, had just stepped into the Way of Sage-to-be. Minghe's chief disciple, on the other hand, had learned the Way of the Origin. Though Liu Er's hope of actualizing the Realm of Origin seemed minuscule, at least he had something that he could strive for.

Laozi looked at Honored Lord of the Origin somewhat absent-mindedly and said, "During the reign of the Three Royals and Five Emperors, God Farmer's daughter was kidnapped by one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction. It's the Red-Bottomed… Horse Monkey." Laozi's expression changed a little, but he continued, "The monkey ended up falling into Minghe's hands later. Liu Er might have used the monkey's Origin for his separation. But I don't know which monkey was divided for the other separation. But at this point, Liu Er only needed the Origin of the last of the Four Monkeys of Destruction."

When the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey was mentioned, Honored Lord of the Origin's expression also changed. There wasn't another reason for it. Though he knew it was the Demon Tribe that kidnapped God Farmer's daughter, he didn't know the specifics of the incident. The secrets of heaven were hidden back then and only Minghe, who saw the kidnapper, knew. The other person who knew was naturally the initiator.

Honored Lord of the Origin looked at Laozi, feeling a little fearful. He didn't think it would be Laozi who plotted such a sensational event. What was his purpose? He couldn't guess and neither did he have the need to. It was useless to discuss it now. It was likely the reason why Laozi's expression changed earlier.

But what did this had to do with him? Laozi definitely wouldn't tell him the full story. To him, however, what they needed to do now was restrict Minghe and prevent Liu Er from actualizing the Realm of the Origin. He asked, "Do you know where's the last of the Four Monkeys of Destruction? If we can catch the monkey, we'll be able to block Liu Er's path and thereby restrict Minghe."

Laozi shook his head. "I don't know. The secrets of heaven had been hidden since the beginning of Cultivation Tribulation. Perhaps Minghe is looking for the monkey's whereabouts. Moreover, even if we found the monkey before him, we can only make a deal with him. It's impossible to threaten him with it."

Honored Lord of the Origin's expression changed and he said urgently, "We can bargain with Minghe with the last monkey and make sure he doesn't interfere with the Battle of Gods Investiture. But in that case, Liu Er will actualize the Realm of the Origin and strengthen the Blood Sea. If that happens, we would be no match for Minghe even if we can suppress Tongtian."

With Minghe, his Three Separations, and the Puppet of Origin, Liu Er's success would mean the Blood Sea would have six Origins. There were only seven Sages in the Untainted Land. Goddess Nvywa had a neutral stance and Tongtian had fallen out with the rest. Even if Houtu escaped trouble after the Cultivation Tribulation, there would only be five Sages including Jieyin and Zhunti.

Laozi naturally knew what worried Honored Lord of the Origin, but this was the only way to prevent Minghe from teaming up with Tongtian. Laozi could only say, "I know your concerns but this is our only bargaining chip with Minghe. But even if Liu Er gets the Origin of the last monkey, he still has to divide his Self-centric Separation before he can actualize the Realm of the Origin."

Honored Lord of the Origin looked at Laozi, still feeling anxious. If everything could always go his way, then what did he have to worry about? What weirded him was Laozi's certain confidence, as if he had some unknown trump card in his hands. But Honored Lord of the Origin didn't know what it was.

Laozi naturally had his trump card. He was, after all, the head of Three Pure Ones. But he wouldn't use it unless he had no other choice. His trump card would shock the world once it was revealed and he wasn't willing to see such a scene. He didn't even think of using it when Minghe passed the tribulation the last time. Laozi glanced at Honored Lord of the Origin with an unnatural look in his eyes, but the moment passed quickly and unnoticed by the latter.

Having just walked out of the Jadeite Palace, Minghe had no idea of the scheme of Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin. He couldn't help smiling after learning that Kong Xuan had killed more than ten Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals of three religions. Honored Lord of the Origin didn't retaliate simply out of his fear of Minghe. They didn't know that both Minghe and his Evil Separation were cultivating in the Jadeite Palace and had no time to attend to something else. They had wasted a big chance indeed.

Since Tongtian had been settled, Minghe began to anticipate the end of the Battle of Gods Investiture. He was no philanthropist. The reason he wanted a deal with Tongtian was for a more profitable return and he never thought of taking part in the Battle of Gods Investiture himself either. It was Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin who thought too much. He wouldn't spare any effort for things that don't profit him.

Minghe headed straight for the Chentang Pass after leaving the Golden Turtle Island. The tribulation this time would be a great opportunity for Liu Er to actualize the Realm of the Origin. If Liu Er missed this chance, the danger of him actualizing would multiple. He only lacked the Origin of the last monkey of Four Monkeys of Destruction at the moment. Though Minghe had searched for the monkey time and time again, there was still no news about it. If it fell in the hands of some other Sage, things wouldn't look good for them.

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