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Sect Leader Tongtian was a little surprised to hear Minghe's words, but after thinking for a while, he understood. Sect Leader Tongtian refused to cope with the enemy by joining hands with Minghe, considering Minghe's disposition and strength, neither would he. What did Minghe come for? Sect Leader Tongtian was so curious that he asked, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, I'm curious about what the deal you mentioned is."

Hearing the question, Minghe wiped the smile off his face and said, "I want you to---, let us treat this as a transaction, I'll give you three rewards. How does that sound?" The serious look of Minghe meant that he was not kidding, but what he said was a shock.

Looking at Sect Leader Tongtian's expression, it was probably the first time he had been ill-mannered since he was born. Minghe's words had shocked him. Looking at Minghe's serious expression, Sect Leader Tongtian knew he was not joking. Instead, he treated this deal very seriously.

However, this matter involved so much that Sect Leader Tongtian had to be cautious. After thinking for a long time, Sect Leader Tongtian finally spoke up and said, "Your plan is shocking, but it does interest me. However, I wonder what the three rewards you mentioned are, and whether they match the things you want from me."

Everyone joined if there was a benefit, and the Sage was no exception. Hearing these words of Sect Leader Tongtian, Minghe had known the deal was already half done. As long as his rewards met the expectation of Sect Leader Tongtian, the deal would be successful. As long as the deal was made, Minghe was more likely to accomplish his plan.

It was the time for Minghe to offer a price, so he said, "Even though your God-killing Sword Formation is extremely powerful, it can't suppress the Luck and has fatal flaws. My first reward will be completing the God-killing Sword Formation for you. For the sake of my plan and showing my sincerity, I can complete your God-killing Sword Formation now. What do you think?"

Sect Leader Tongtian suddenly changed his expression upon hearing Minghe's first reward. The God-killing Sword Formation was an important treasure of him and the treasure of the Tribe of Severity as well. It could dominate the killing methods of the Way of Heaven. When a Sage created the tactical formation, it would take no fewer than four Sages to destroy it. There were mysterious changes, endless Menacing Intent and promised invincible dangers inside the Sword Formation. However, as the saying went, never a rose without a thorn, and this supreme treasure was no exception. The God-killing Sword Formation had excellent power but fatal flaws as well.

Now Minghe said that he could complete the God-killing Sword Formation for Sect Leader Tongtian, which made startled. However, when Sect Leader Tongtian thought that Minghe owned supreme treasures like the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, he believed Minghe could achieve what he said. When thinking of the perfect God-killing Sword Formation, Sect Leader Tongtian could not help feeling moved. The task Minghe asked him to do was within his powers, so if Minghe could complete the God-killing Sword Formation, Sect Leader Tongtian would not suffer losses.

Minghe saw Sect Leader Tongtian was impressed with his offer and continued to say, "Here is the second reward." Then, a mass of silver liquid appeared in Minghe's hands. This was the Origin of chaos Minghe had gotten in the Chaos. The mass of the Origin of chaos in his hands was made up of numerous Origins of chaos, which was very precious.

Sect Leader Tongtian changed his expression at the sight of the Origin of chaos in Minghe's hands. Although he did not know exactly what it was, he could clearly feel the vital force of the Chaos on it. What's more, Sect Leader Tongtian instinctively wanted to absorb it at first sight. A Sage even had such a response. Thus it must be extraordinary.

Looking at the eager Sect Leader Tongtian, Minghe said, "This is called the Origin of chaos. After I became the Rakshasa, my Origin has transformed into this Origin of chaos. Though it's not much, it's precious. If we make the deal, this is the second reward for you."

Sect Leader Tongtian was greatly shocked by Minghe's words. This was the Origin of chaos. He never thought that the Rakshasa had such a mystery. However, Sect Leader Tongtian could clearly perceive that the Origin of chaos in Minghe's hands was different from his own vital force, which showed that the Origin of chaos was not the Origin of Minghe. It made sense that Minghe would not do things that could damage his own Foundation. Then, how did Minghe get this Origin of chaos?

Sect Leader Tongtian made various deductions in his heart, and suddenly he had a thought. He remembered one thing, the Puppet that Minghe once used to resist Zhunti. The Puppet was refined with an Exotic Beast who had the human body of the Origin, but the Exotic Beast did not look like a creature of the Untainted Land. Did it have anything to do with the Origin of chaos? Did they both come from the Chaos?

Despite Sect Leader Tongtian's thought, Minghe continued to say what his third reward was, "You're probably guessing where I get the Origin of chaos, right? Don't bother. The Origin of chaos is from my third reward. Now I've told you all my rewards, and you can think about it. I'm waiting for your reply."

After hearing that, Sect Leader Tongtian was lost in thought. Minghe's plan was shocking, and his rewards were also shocking. Even though Sect Leader Tongtian had a good opinion of himself and was quite eager for the rewards, he must think it over as it was of great importance. After all, Sect Leader Tongtian was not the kind of person who was blinded with greed.

Sect Leader Tongtian was lost in thought while Minghe was waiting for his reply. The Jadeite Palace suddenly fell into silence. It was terrifying quiet. Minghe did not feel anxious in the silence at all. Sect Leader Tongtian was wise and ambitious, pursuing the supreme Great Way, just like Minghe, so Minghe believed he would make the right choice.

After a long time, Sect Leader Tongtian, who had closed his eyes and been lost in thought, finally opened his eyes and looked calm again. His eager expression vanished, and he said peacefully, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, I agree to make the deal with you, but the premise is that you can complete my God-killing Sword Formation." The deal was a win-win for both. Besides, Minghe's plan did not harm Sect Leader Tongtian, and the two had no conflicts.

Hearing the words, Minghe laughed and said, "Well, in that case, you can take out the God-killing Sword Formation and let me look at it first." Hearing what Minghe had said, Sect Leader Tongtian reached out, and the God-killing Sword Formation appeared in his hands. Then he handed it to Minghe. Sect Leader Tongtian did not worry Minghe would plot his supreme treasure, because although the God-killing Sword Formation was attractive, Minghe would disdain to do so.

After taking over the God-killing Sword Formation from Sect Leader Tongtian, Minghe began to predict it with the power of the Magical Tao Mirror in secret. To speed up, Minghe directly sacrificed his Merit to the Magical Tao Mirror. Now that the Battle of Gods Investiture had already started, Minghe must complete the God-killing Sword Formation quickly as he could not spend much time on it.

The God-killing Sword Formation deserved to be called one of the Four Mysterious Formations in the Untainted Land ( the Four Mysterious Formations include the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, the God-killing Sword Formation, the Cosmic Stars Formation, and the Veridical Martial Origin Formation), and a Highest Grade primordial supreme treasure. It was hard to imagine how complicated its limit was, which was much more complicated than the Mid Grade primordial supreme treasure he originally refined in the Treasures World. However, it was still within Minghe's power. Otherwise, if he could not fulfill what he had said, he was bringing shame on himself.

After the Prediction, Minghe finally began to move. He waved his hand, and the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth appeared in the hall. Then he reached out and put the God-killing Sword Formation into the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. Meanwhile, he put a small piece of Original Stone of Chaos from the remaining Original Stone of Chaos in it as well. To complete the God-killing Sword Formation, he had to use good materials.

The God-killing Sword Formations was composed of the Immortal-punishing Sword, the Immortal-killing Sword, the Immortal-trapping Sword, the Immortal-eliminating Sword, and the Map of Formation. Once formed, it would emit endless Evil Spirits and gather them between heaven and earth at the same time to strengthen its power. However, it was the strength and weakness of the God-killing Sword Formation. As things always reversed themselves after reaching an extreme, the God-killing Sword Formation was left with a defect after reaching the killing extreme.

Perfect primordial supreme treasure always had implicit power, like the Map of Taichi, the Pangu Banner, the Bell of Chaos, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, and the origin of Minghe's Evil Separation Grade 24 Red Lotus of Fire, all of which looked plain and powerless until they were activated. But the God-killing Sword Formation was not the same. As long as it appeared, the killing Evil Spirit would follow.

This was the problem Minghe was going to solve. However, to save time, a figure was separated from Minghe. That was the Minghe's Evil Separation Red Lotus Taoist. With the two joining hands in completing the God-killing Sword Formation, they must get twofold the results with half the effort. The God-killing Sword Formation was a tactical killing formation, so it was perfect to complete it with the Law of Killing. Besides, with the help of the small piece of the Original Stone of Chao, it was not too difficult to complete it.

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