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After Goddess Nvywa called over the evil spirits, the Evil Spirit between Heaven and Earth became thicker. With killing intent floating between Heaven and Earth, all Cultivators clearly felt the Cultivation Tribulation was coming. They all chose to close the door and stay at home, hoping to avoid the Cultivation Tribulation. They forgot, however, that it could not be avoided.

In the Jadeite Palace, Sect Leader Tongtian could not help sighing when he saw Goddess Nvywa call over the evil spirits. He understood the reason why the Luck of the Shang Dynasty became weaker, but he was helpless. It seemed that Goddess Nvywa called over the evil spirits to destroy the Fate of Chen Tang. It was done by The Way of Heaven with the hand of Goddess Nvywa. Sage as he was, he could not go against the will of Heaven.

However, Sect Leader Tongtian was not the sort of person who gave up quickly. The Clan of Severity, established by Sect Leader Tongtian advocated making no social distinctions in teaching to understand the secrets of heaven thoroughly. Which he was trying to fight for, for his disciples. The Battle of Gods Investiture had not begun, but Sect Leader Tongtian had a presentiment about it.

As extreme prosperity foreboded the beginning of the decline, The Clan of Severity was the strongest clan in the Untainted Land. Of course, the Untainted Land did not include the Blood Sea. Minghe's Ashura tribe was composed of members of the Religion of Asura, which was even stronger than one hundred Clans of Severity. After all, the Ashura tribe had a large population, including one tribe and one religion, while the Clan of Severity had no such useful resources.

The Religion of Asura aside, disciples of the Clan of Severity were all over the Untainted Land, the Human Tribe, the Demon Tribe, and the Dragon Tribe, etc., which made the Luck of the Clan of Severity reach its peak. However, the God-killing Sword Formation could not serve to suppress the Luck of a clan. That was fine if its Luck did not decline, otherwise, it would drop to the bottom.

The Luck of the Clan of Severity was linked to that of the Shang Dynasty. Since the Luck of the Shang Dynasty had a declined tremendously, its only natural that it affected that of the Clan of Severity. Sect Leader Tongtian knew the results if the Luck dropped. He looked at the two Maps of Formation floating on his hands, which were the most reliable guarantee for the Clan of Severity and his disciples. Whether it worked or not depended on the will of Heaven.

Sect Leader Tongtian was a bit confused that Minghe had shattered Zhunti's Evil Separation and found his plot against the Human Sovereign. Minghe could use the Holy Land of Human Tribe to put pressure on the Western Religious Sect or directly take the opportunity to suppress the Western Religious Sect. However, Minghe did nothing and had no follow-up actions, which was somewhat suspicious. That was not his style.

In the Holy Square Mountain, Zhunti was depressed, his Evil Separation was destroyed, and his plan was ruined as well, but now his depression was swept away. Although he was exposed, his plan was successful. Goddess Nvywa called over the evil spirits to destroy the Fate of Chen Tang, leading Cheng Tang into chaos, of which the Western Religious Sect could take advantage. The process had some twists and turns, but Zhunti got what he wanted.

Looking at the excited Zhunti, Jieyin said bitterly, "Junior, it's too early to be happy. Since you plotted against the Human Sovereign, Minghe should have taken the opportunity to make a big issue, but he did nothing. Goddess Nvywa called over the Three Evil Spirits of the Xuanyuan Tomb, but only two of them were sent back. Both things are weird, so we have to take precautions."

Zhunti was not so pessimistic as Jieyin. He said with a smile, "Senior, You can rest assured. Though I plotted against King Zhou, I didn't leave any evidence, so Minghe can't do anything to me. As for the missing evil spirit, maybe Goddess Nvywa likes her and keeps her around to be the substitute of Ling Zhuzi. It's nothing to be surprised about."

After hearing what Zhunti said, Jieyin was relieved, but he was still a little worried. He told himself, "I wish what you said is true and I'm just overthinking." That being said, Jieyin still had his concerns. The best plan was to stay alert for everything in the Cultivation Tribulation.

In Zhaoge, King Zhou seemed to have transformed into a different person after he went to pray at the Goddess Nvywa Temple. He could not forget the beauty of Goddess Nvywa. Thus he neglected state affairs and lied in a drunken stupor in the imperial burial place all day long. Besides, he always talked about the beauty of Goddess Nvywa and ignored his concubines in the imperial harem. He was in dismay and sought solace in alcohol. The officials were worried.

At that moment, the Admonition Official, Fei Zhong suddenly had a thought. King Zhou was so obsessed with the beauty of Goddess Nvywa, which made Fei Zhong seem to have an excellent opportunity for promotion, he went to the palace and greeted King Zhou. Seeing King Zhou hold the glass in a drunken stupor, Fei Zhong asked, "Your Majesty, since you're obsessed with wine, I wonder what bothers you." Although Fei Zhong knew it, he still felt it was good to be careful.

King Zhou shook the jade bottle in his hand and said, "Fei Zhong, I'm the Sovereign of the World, but why can't I have a woman with the beauty of Goddess Nvywa? None of the women in my harem can match Goddess Nvywa by a tenth. Do you have some good strategies to solve my bitterness of Acacia?"

Fei Zhong suddenly got an idea upon hearing those words, and replied, "Your Majesty, you are a ruler with ten thousand chariots at your command, and the whole world belongs to you. Your moral characters can't be mentioned in the same breath with those of Three Royals and Five Emperors. The whole world is yours, thus what you want is within your reach. You can deliver an imperial order to the four vassals and ask them to select one hundred beauties in each town to come to serve in the imperial court. Then you'll be accompanied by beauties."

King Zhou was inspired when he heard those words. At the morning audience the next day, the imperial order was read out loud in public. However, Shang Rong led all ministers to advise against it. As a result, King Zhou had to give up. Although the matter was not completed, King Zhou appreciated Fei Zhong. Fei Zhong said, "Your Majesty is kind to give up selecting beauties under the advice of the prime minister. I'm willing to find beauties and give them to you secretly."

King Zhou was so pleased to hear what Fei Zhong had said that he immediately ordered Fei Zhong to take charge of the matter. At this moment, the four big vassals were leading other vassals to be presented in Zhaoge. They heard King Zhou trusted Fei Zhong deeply. Besides, the Grand Preceptor, Wen Zhong, was not in court. Thus they all gave gifts to Fei Zhong to approach him, except for the Marquis of the Province of Ji, Su Hu. He had a very violent, frank and straightforward temper, and did not send gifts to Fei Zhong.

Fei Zhong was quite angry when he got to know about it, so he sent someone to investigate Su Hu. Learning that Su Hu had a daughter named Daji, whose beauty could overthrow states and cities, he immediately rejoiced. He entered the palace and reported the matter to King Zhou. King Zhou was also delighted with the news. He called over Su Hu and asked him to send his daughter to court and be his concubine.

However, Su Hu was so straightforward that he refused King Zhou. King Zhou was furious and wanted to kill him. Fortunately, Shang Rong and the other ministers all appealed for King Zhou's mercy. Thus King Zhou spared Su Hu's life, but King Zhou also ordered Su Hu to leave Zhaoge for Feng as soon as possible. After hearing that, Su Hu thanked Shang Rong and the other ministers and left.

After returning to the post house, Su Hu told about the matter to others, and they all protested for Su Hu. The more Su Hu thought of it, the angrier he became. When he left Zhaoge, he wrote a poem on the town gate. The poem said, "King Zhou destroyed the way of the Monarch and his subjects and damaged the five constant virtues, so I, Su Hu from Province of Ji, will never have an audience with Shang." After finishing his poem, he led his family to his fiefdom in the Province of Ji, without stopping.

When Fei Zhong got to know about this matter, he immediately reported it to King Zhou. He said, "Your Majesty, Su Hu was dissatisfied with your order and wrote a 16-word ironic verse on the front gate. I made a copy of it to send it to you. You can give out punishment."

King Zhou was furious when seeing Su Hu's poem. "He is so rude. I'm kind enough to spare his life and order him to return home, but he even writes he will never have an audience with Shang, which is treason and heresy. I can't forgive him. Deliver an imperial order to Yin Pobai, Chao Tian, and Lu Xiong, etc. to lead the army and wipe out Su Hu."

The Shang army was approaching the Province of Ji, Su Hu hurried to arrange arms and array to meet them head-on. Both sides had capable people, so it was hard to decide a champion for the time being. However, Su Hu's daughter, Daji, could not bear to see the ordinary people in the Province of Ji suffer a war because of her. So she pleaded with her father, Su Hu, with tears in her eyes and asked him to send her to King Zhou, to relieve the danger of Province of Ji.

The Marquis of the West, Ji Chang, sent Su Hu a letter, in which Ji Chang explained the advantages and disadvantages to him. For the sake of the common people of the Province of Ji, Su Hu reluctantly opened the gate, surrendered, and send his daughter Daji to King Zhou. King Zhou was overjoyed to hear the news that he immediately ordered the army to withdraw. Meanwhile, he asked Su Hu to take his daughter to Zhaoge. That's how the turmoil of the Shang Dynasty began.

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