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In the Holy Square Mountain, Zhunti looked at Zhaoge with hatred and cursed saying, "Minghe, I'll not let it go. You unexpectedly attacked me and destroyed my Evil Separation." The person that exploded next to Minghe was the Evil Separation of Zhunti. Though the Evil Separation was not a Sage, he was The Sage's separation, and the Mysterious Sign would descend when the separation died.

Looking at the furious Zhunti, Jieyin sighed saying, "junior brother, I advise you not to go. It is not only your Evil Separation that is destroyed, but you also offended Goddess Nvywa and Tongtian. That's not worthwhile." It was all right to offend Sect Leader Tongtian, as he would face Tongtidan in the Battle of Gods Investiture sooner or later. However, it was a different situation to offend Goddess Nvywa, who remained neutral all the time.

Zhunti was extremely depressed. He had planned to plot against King Zhou and wanted to cause a panic in the Shang Dynasty so that the Western Religious Sect would have an opportunity. However, Minghe appeared halfway and exploded his Evil Separation, leading to the Mysterious Sign descending from the Heaven, which made all people know. It was not a big deal to lose his reputation, but it was severe that Sect Leader Tongtian bore his grudge. Then in the Battle of Gods Investiture, the Western Religious Sect must be the first to bear the brunt.

On the Golden Turtle Island, endless killing intent gathered and formed countless swords overrunning between Heaven and Earth, terrifying all the people at first sight like a dreary Formation. Seeing this, the disciples of the Tribe of Severity on the island were frightened. They all knew that their master, Sect Leader Tongtian, was angry. Otherwise, such a Mysterious sight would not emerge on the Golden Turtle Island.

In the Jadeite Palace, Sect Leader Tongtian looked at the Square Mountain with killing intent and coldly said, "Zhunti, I haven't gotten you into trouble, but you have schemed against me. You even plotted against the Human Sovereign. I'd like to see how you give a satisfying story to the Human Tribe. As for the Karma between you and me, I'll settle it with you in the Battle of Gods Investiture."

In the Wahuang Heaven, Goddess Nvywa angrily looked at the Nvywa Palace in Zhaoge and shouted, "Well, Zhunti, you dare to insult me in this way. I won't let it slip like that." Goddess Nvywa suddenly deduced by fingers, and then her anger turned into surprise. Finally, she sighed, saying, "Oh, that's the Luck of the Shang Dynasty, and the Way of Heaven tends to destroy the Luck of the Shang Dynasty through me."

Though the secrets of heaven were in chaos, the Luck of the Shang Dynasty already had a weakened tendency after this matter. That was the will of the heaven, which made Goddess Nvywa sad. As the Holy Mother of the Human Tribe, she had to destroy the Luck of a dynasty. How ridiculous! However, that was the general trend of heaven. How could she resist it? For the first time, Goddess Nvywa admired Minghe.

As the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin and Rakshasa, Minghe was in charge of the Way of Heaven in the Untainted Land, but he needn't obey it for everything. Otherwise, he would not refine the True Body of Rakshasa. But how about The Sages? They looked superior and immortal, but that was in the premise of obeying the Way of Heaven. Considering that, what was the difference between a Sage and a puppet?

Since that was the will of Heaven, Goddess Nvywa was also helpless. Though King Zhou fell prey to the plot and wrote down that poem, the evil results could only be borne by him. Goddess Nvywa reached out for the Demon Summoning Banner and shook it, then three streaks of golden light were projected and descended to the Untainted Land. Now that Goddess Nvywa had to destroy the Fate of Chen Tang Prehistoric, she needed some help. As for Zhunti's insulting her, Goddess Nvywa would not forget. Sage as she was, she was a woman as well. And the woman was always dreadfully narrow-minded.

A moment later, three streaks of golden light wrapping three evil spirits arrived at the Royal Nu Wa Temple. After the golden light faded, three evil spirits showed up, which were a millennium Nine-tailed Fox, a Nine-headed Pheasant Spirit, and a Jade Pipa Spirit. After the three evil spirits appeared, they immediately bowed to Goddess Nvywa at the sight of her sitting on the seat, and said, "Three Evil Spirits of the Xuanyuan Tomb greet Goddess, and wish you the best."

Goddess Nvywa looked at the Three Evil Spirits of the Xuanyuan Tomb and said, "Nowadays the Cultivation Tribulation of Heaven and Earth retakes place. The Honorable Ancestor asked the other Sages and me to take charge of the God Deification Ceremony for the Heavenly Court, while the Battle of Gods Investiture will begin among the human dynasties. Now the Fate of Chen Tang is weak; he shall lose the world. The calls of the Phoenix in Qishan mean that the Lord of the Western Zhou has been born, so it's the Way of Heaven that the Zhou Dynasty will replace the Shang Dynasty. I'm calling you over just for this matter."

The Three Evil Spirits of the Xuanyuan Tomb were terrified to hear those words. The Nine-tailed Fox, with the highest cultivation among them, had only cultivated for a thousand years. She had never experienced the Cultivation Tribulation of Heaven and Earth but heard its horrors. Now Goddess Nvywa called them for the Cultivation Tribulation of Heaven and Earth, which meant it was not a trivial thing. However, they were only evil spirits. How dare they refuse the order of The Sage of the Demon Tribe?

Since they could not refuse the order, they had to accept it obediently. In addition, they might get a reward from Goddess Nvywa if they did it well, which might not ruin their Fate. The Nine-tailed Fox carefully asked, "Goddess, our cultivations are low. I wonder what you want us to do? Please tell us."

Goddess Nvywa whispered, "Nine-tailed Fox and Pipa Spirit, I call you in to hide your demon forms and become members of the imperial harem of King Zhou. You shall charm King Zhou and make him neglect state affairs. When Xiqi succeeds in replacing the Shang Dynasty, you two will become immortals. Remember that you two must not slay mortals. Otherwise, you will end up dead."

The Nine-tailed Fox and the Pipa Spirit agreed after hearing what Goddess Nvywa had said. Then Goddess Nvywa waved her hand, putting two currents of the Pure Aura of Fate into their bodies to cover up their Demon Aura, and then sent them back to the Untainted Land. Finally, only the young Chicken Spirit was left, nervously kneeling down on the ground. She whispered, "Since Goddess keeps me, you must want me to do something. what's that?"

Looking at the young Chicken Spirit trembling with fear, Goddess Nvywa said, "I keep you because I need you to do another thing. Here it is." After Goddess Nvywa finished, the young Chicken Spirit was still puzzled, so Goddess Nvywa continued to say, "You do as I say and when it is done, I will reward you, but you can't tell anyone about it. Do you understand?"

Goddess Nvywa even showed the coercion of a Sage when saying the last words. It greatly frightened the young Chicken Spirit who immediately replied saying, "Goddess, you may take it easy. I'll keep everything to myself. I won't tell anyone, including my two sisters." Goddess Nvywa nodded in satisfaction and then waved her hand. As a result, a lot of Pure Aura of Fate entered Chicken Spirit's body. When the Green Light disappeared, the young Chicken Spirit transformed into a 16 year old girl.

Goddess Nvywa nodded in satisfaction. When seeing herself transform into the human body, the young Chicken Spirit immediately expressed her thanks, saying, "Goddess, thank you for the Fate that you give me." Goddess Nvywa said, "Now you have gotten rid of the Demon Aura and look the same as mortals. You only need to persist in practicing the transforming exercises I have taught you, and then you can make an achievement. Now you can go!" Goddess Nvywa waved her hand and sent the young Chicken Spirit back to the Untainted Land, but not to the Xuanyuan Tomb.

In the Nvywa Palace of Zhaoge City, Minghe was a little surprised looking at the Mysterious Sign between Heaven and Earth. He only detonated Zhunti's Evil Separation; however, he never thought the Heaven would descend the same Mysterious Sign as it would do when a Sage died. That was all right as Zhunti's actions were naturally well-known in this way. Though Zhunti's plan was a success, he succeeded in offending the two Sages as well, including Tongtian and Goddess Nvywa.

As the saying: the shot hits the bird that pokes its head out, goes, the Battle of Gods Investiture had not started yet, but Zhunti had offended Sect Leader Tongtian. Looking at the killing intent of the swords on the Golden Turtle Island, Minghe knew that Sect Leader Tongtian was furious. After the Battle of Gods Investiture broke out, the Tribe of Severity would first attack the Western Religious Sect, which not only Minghe would be pleased to see, but Laozi and Origin also would.

However, Minghe also knew that Zhunti raised this matter, but the Luck of the Shang Dynasty had shown a declined tendency. The decline was the general trend of heaven. Even if Goddess Nvywa hated Zhunti, she had to help with destroying the Luck of the Shang Dynasty. Seeing Goddess Nvywa calling the Three Evil Spirits of Xuanyuan Tomb, Minghe understood her plan.

To Minghe's surprise, the Three Evil Spirits of Xuanyuan Tomb were called in, but only two were sent back. It was unknown where the last one had gone. Minghe wondered whether Goddess Nvywa made other arrangements. After deducing by fingers, Minghe gained nothing and had to give up, only hoping Goddess Nvywa's plan would not upset his plan.

Goddess Nvywa's summoning the evil spirits could naturally not escape all Sages' attention, but they wondered why one of the three was missing while the others were sent back. Was she kept in the Wahuang Heaven by Goddess Nvywa? However, after Goddess Nvywa's actions, the decline of the Luck of the Shang Dynasty became more apparent, which the three religions were pleased to see. If the Shang Dynasty were not in chaos, when would the Battle of Gods Investiture begin?

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