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Winged Rain-dragon's Good Separation and Evil Separation both had good cultivations, reaching the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be Realm. Even with their assistance, Winged Rain-dragon did not feel relieved. He had Good Separation and Evil Separation, but so did Liu Er. Through the previous fighting, he had also known that he could not defeat Liu Er. If they kept fighting, he would probably be the one who would take a beating.

After being forced back, Liu Er was struck by a sudden idea and calmed down. Then, he sent his voice with Spiritual Thoughts to Winged Rain-dragon. "If you'd like to keep fighting, I'll accompany you. But, I'm afraid that you don't know one thing. Now, Cultivation Tribulation of Heaven and Earth will rise again and the Battle of Gods Investiture will start soon. Although I don't know which Sage incited you, I'm sure that he has ulterior motives."

Winged Rain-dragon was taken aback at first. And then, he replied, "Liu Er, what does Cultivation Tribulation of Heaven and Earth and the Battle of Gods Investiture have to do with our Dragon Tribe?" Having experienced Cultivation Tribulation of Heaven and Earth twice, Winged Rain-dragon sensed that another one would come. But, he did not know the Battle of Gods Investiture. Since Liu Er had mentioned it, he was instinctively full of curiosity.

Liu Er continued, "The Cultivation Tribulation is a God Deification Ceremony in Heavenly Court for 365 Gods and 2,000 Demigods as well as 84,000 celestial troops and generals, who will be driven by the Jade Emperor. Ao Bing, who was killed by Nezha, has been listed in Investiture of the Gods. If you keep fighting, only a few people of your Dragon Tribe will be listed. Instead, the people being involved with killing calamity, in the Tribe of Humanity, the Tribe of Severity, the Clan of Enlightenment, and the Western Religious Sect will benefit greatly. This God Deification Ceremony is focused on the four sects."

All of a sudden, Winged Rain-dragon looked pale and cursed Zhunti in his heart. "I wondered why he was so kind to help our Dragon Tribe. Now I understand. Even if Sect Leader Tongtian and Ancestor Minghe finally fight with each other, the Dragon Tribe will also suffer casualties. Until then, more of my tribesmen will be listed in the Investiture of the Gods, to replace people of the four sects for nothing in God Deification Ceremony."

Winged Rain-dragon looked at Liu Er uncertainly. After thinking about it for a while, he withdrew Good Separation and Evil Separation. He said indifferently, "Fellow Taoist, you're really unfathomable. I'll consult you another day. Considering that your apprentice killed the Third Prince of our East Sea, your account is paid. Now, I must be off." Unhesitatingly, he turned back and left.

Ao Guang was unwilling to agree with Winged Rain-dragon's words. Although Ao Guang was Leader of the Dragon Tribe of East Sea, he could not be against Winged Rain-dragon's decision, because Winged Rain-dragon was the Ancestor of the Dragon Tribe. Therefore, he had to order for a retreat, and the fierce struggle ended. Those spectators were puzzled over why Winged Rain-dragon suddenly gave up on seeking revenge.

Liu Er watched Winged Rain-dragon's departure and came back to Nezha. While seeing Nezha was excited, he could not help knocking Nezha's head. "You little troublemaker! You merely came out once but caused a lot of troubles. Go back with me, lest your parents will be worried about you."

In Holy Mountain of the West, Zhunti looked at Winged Rain-dragon's departure without a smile. He provoked the Dragon Tribe not only for intensifying the contradiction between Sect Leader Tongtian and Ancestor Minghe but also for filling up the vacancy of the Investiture of the Gods with the Dragon Tribe's people. A lot of people in the Dragon Tribe were above Golden Immortal level. If they filled up the vacancy of the Investiture of the Gods, it would be of great benefit to the four sects.

Zhunti was unhappy because his plan was spoiled by Winged Rain-dragon's retreat. At the sight of this, Jieyin told Zhunti, "My Junior Apprentice Brother, you plan to fill up the vacancy of the Investiture of the Gods with the Dragon Tribe's people, but you forget that if the Blood Sea really fought with the Dragon Tribe, the Ashura tribe's people would be probably listed. Don't you think Minghe would have considered this?"

Minghe really expected this. During the battle between Liu Er and Winged Rain-dragon, he sent voice to Liu Er to end it. However, he did not fear that Ashura tribe would be damaged, but that Liu Er's secret would be discovered by the Sages. In the Cultivation Tribulation, it was secondary to clean the slate with Sages of three religions, including the Tribe of Humanity, the Tribe of Severity, and the Western Religious Sect. The most important thing was to seek a Fated Chance for Liu Er to actualize.

At the sight of Liu Er Macaca Mula, Liu Er's Real Body, Minghe was struck by a sudden idea. When Winged Rain-dragon showed his Good Separation and Evil Separation, Liu Er would probably not fight alone. At that time, Liu Er's secrets would be revealed before all Sages, from Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey to the Good Separation, and Wise Monkey, the Evil Separation, as well as Liu Er Macaca Mula, the Original Body. They would easily figure out Liu Er's way to actualize the Realm of the Origin.

Between heaven and earth, there were Four Monkeys of Destruction, the incarnation of Demon Monkey of Destruction, one of 3,000 Rakshasas. If Minghe could figure out this point, so could other Sages. Since Liu Er had divided Good Separation and Evil Separation, he must have owned the Origins of Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey and Wise Monkey. If the Long-Armed Ape Monkey was found, Liu Er would probably become the second Rakshasa in Untainted Land. All the Sages who hated Minghe would not allow this to happen.

To avoid further complications, Minghe had to send voice to Liu Er. He asked Liu Er to tell Winged Rain-dragon the stakes. As the Ancestor of the Dragon Tribe, Winged Rain-dragon certainly knew the severity. Meanwhile, Liu Er's secrets would not be revealed. As long as the Long-Armed Ape Monkey was found, it would not be not far from Liu Er's actualization. Until then, if all Sages deliberately blocked Liu Er, Minghe would certainly sweep away all obstacles for him.

In Mount Shouyang, Laozi watched all that was happening in the East Sea. A slight frown appeared on his serene face as if he was contemplating. Abruptly, he was a little astonished and muttered. "Minghe, I never expected you to be so shrewd. Liu Er Macaca Mula, the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey, Wise Monkey, and the Long-Armed Ape Monkey. What a Four Monkeys of Destruction, indeed!"

Laozi watched Liu Er, who was going back to Chentang Pass and thought to himself. His eyes indicated that he might have found something. He counted on his fingers to calculate something. Soon, Laozi stopped his hand movements and frowned again. He said to himself, "It all depends on providence."

Liu Er and Nezha returned to Chentang Pass. When Nezha excitedly rushed into the home, Lady Yin said with anxiety. "Nezha, where have you been? Why are you so late?" However, when she saw Liu Er behind Nezha, she bowed and said, "Great Immortal, I'm embarrassed that I haven't welcomed you since you come so far to visit us."

At that moment, Li Jing walked in. Nezha immediately ran to Li Jing and took out Ao Bing's dragon tendons from behind. Like presenting a treasure, he handed over the tendons to Li Jing, saying, "Dad, Dad, see what I prepared for you." Li Jing carefully looked at this and guessed it was some animal's tendons, but he could not determine what kind of animal it was.

Nezha looked at the puzzled Li Jing and said with a smile. "Dad, I went to the sea today. Later, I met the Third Prince of the Dragon Bay in the East Sea. He cast greedy eyes on my Magic Weapons. So, I killed him and pulled out his tendons. I intend to make a belt for you with the tendons, and some bowstrings with the remaining parts."

Li Jing and Lady Yin were stunned as they heard of dragon tendons and the Third Prince of Dragon King. Unexpectedly, Nezha made such a big trouble during his absence. They never thought that Nezha would kill the Third Prince of Dragon King. In their opinions, the Dragon Tribe was very powerful, so it would not let him go. But they felt reassured when they saw Liu Er.

Liu Er discerned their anxiety and said, "Please be reassured. The matter has been settled and the Dragon Tribe won't call for an account again. Since I've sent Nezha back, you must watch over him to ensure that he stay home and practice, lest he goes out to create more trouble."

Nezha was unhappy and said in anger, "Master, I haven't created trouble. If Ao Bing hadn't robbed me of my Magic Weapon, I wouldn't have killed him. You also agreed with me and fought with Dragon King of the East Sea and some Ancestor of the Dragon Tribe. Now, you blame me for creating trouble. Your acts belie your words!"

Liu Er mocked and derated. He said, "You indeed created trouble. If you aren't convinced, you can settle the matter by yourself next time. Don't turn to me. If your cultivation is as same as mine, I won't discipline you, even if you exterminate the Dragon Tribe. My little Nezha, please remember that there's no right or wrong in Untainted Land, but that only the powerhouse is respected."

Hearing Liu Er's last sentence, Nezha was absorbed in thought. Li Jing and Lady Yin were startled by Liu Er's teaching methods. No wonder Nezha dared to kill the Third Prince of Dragon King. When Liu Er mentioned exterminating the Dragon Tribe, Li Jing and Lady Yin shook with fear. At that moment, they wondered if they should indeed send Nezha to be an apprentice to Liu Er.

After all, Li Jing had seen the world and he understood exactly what Liu Er meant. In Untainted Land, the powerhouse is respected. Take this matter as an example. Although Nezha killed the Third Prince of Dragon King, he was still safe and sound, because Liu Er was strong enough. If you are strong enough, you can do anything you want.

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