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Looking at Ao Bing who was kicked by him, Nezha clapped his hands and laughed aloud. "Hhha, a good-for-nothing like you wants to think about stealing on seeing my treasures like others and kill the witness. This is a lack of self-knowledge. You know nothing about the fact that in Chentang Pass, only I can bully others, and not the other way around!"

After Ao Bing flew out in an about-turn, he stopped and recalled his long halberd, and then angrily said, "Little Nezha, I'm the Prince, how can I think of stealing upoin seeing your treasures? I caused you trouble just because you killed one of my East Sea Sepatroling Yakshas." Ao Bing naturally became angry from embarrassment when being exposed. Besides, he was teased by Nezha just now, which fueled his anger.

Nezha could not help saying with contempt, "You're too cowardly to admit to what you have done. The way you looked at my Magic Weapons is exactly the same as that of my father. You're both eager to possess them. Don't think I'm too young to notice!" Li Jing was desperately eager for the Nezha's Spiritual Treasure. Liu Er could not watch it, so he gave a Low Grade primordial spiritual treasure to Li Jing, which made him extremely happy.

Ao Bing was furious upon hearing Nezha's words. "I'm so mad. Little Nezha. How dare you slander me? Wait and see how I'll punish you." After saying that, Ao Bing gave his halberd prick a thrust with the infinite power of the sea, which turned into a big dark blue dragon, which in turn, went straight to attacking Nezha. Ao Bing seemed to be angry, as this attack was obviously several times stronger than the last one.

Nezha curled his lips upon seeing Ao Bing's attack. Although the attack was much stronger than the previous one, Nezha cared less about him. He cast the Universe Ring in his hand and shouted. "Hit!" Then the Universe Ring flew out and directly hit the head of the dragon, which made the dark blue Dragon of Flood split, turning into countless vapor and scattering all over the sea.

Even then, Nezha did not intend to stop. He stretched his hand and waved the Red Armillary Sash. The Red Armillary Sash of more than two meters long stretched in the sky, like thousands of fireballs, and then fell down with Ao Bing wrapped inside. Nezha leaped up and took back the Universe Ring, and then hit Ao Bing by his forehead. As a result, Ao Bing miserably screamed from the pain, swinging and transforming into his origin form.

Nezha had never seen the dragon, so he was suddenly in high spirits. Flying on the dragon's head and sitting on it, Nezha pointed at Ao Bing with the Universe Ring and said, "The Third Prince of Dragon King is too weak for a fight. Look, you transform into your origin form just at one blow. Tell me if you will surrender. If not, I'll teach you a lesson."

Ao Bing suddenly burst into a rage. As the Third Prince of Dragon King, he was always respected wherever he went. He never expected Nezha to ride on his head, which was a great insult. He shouted. "Nezha, let me go quickly. Otherwise, if my father knew it, he won't spare you. At that time, he will flood Chentang Pass and kill your family."

Nezha was furious upon hearing what Ao Bing had said. He did not get angry when Ao Bing wanted to grab his Magic Weapons but just wanted to teach him a lesson. However, he did not expect Ao Bing to threaten him with people of Chentang Pass and his family. How could he not be furious? He shouted, "Ao Bing, I have intended to give you a way out, but it seems that I have to kill you today. Then I'll pull out your dragon tendons so as to send them to my father as belts."

Ao Bing was scared to hear the words as he never thought that Nezha intended to kill him. Wouldn't Nezha worry about the consequences of killing him? However, Ao Bing did not know that when Liu Er taught Nezha, he once said that Nezha could kill anyone who posed a threat to him. The clan of Blood Sea feared nobody, including the disciples of the Sages. Apparently, Ao Bing's power was far away from that of the disciples of the Sages.

Nezha did intend to kill him. He punched Ao Bing's head heavily with Universe Ring. His head smashed even before Ao Bing could beg for mercy. This time Nezha drove the Universe Ring with his supernatural power, which was so powerful that it was hard for Ao Bingo's head to bear. After Ao Bing died, a Veridical Soul emerged from his corpse and then disappeared in the sky in the blink of an eye.

Ao Bing's death startled a lot of Almighties, not for his identity, but for the Third Prince of Dragon King had become the first one on The God Deification Ceremony before the Battle of Gods Investiture started, which was out of luck. However, although the Dragon Tribe had declined, a starved camel was still bigger than a horse. What's more, the Dragon Tribe had regained much strength in these years. Then it would have great fun.

Many people in Untainted Land wanted to have fun while the real Almighty knew that the Dragon Tribe would be in big trouble. It would be fine if they made concessions to avoid trouble. However, if they wanted to make trouble, then they would definitely be in trouble. It was Nezha, the incarnation of Goddess Nvywa's Child Attendant, the third-generation disciple of the clan of Blood Sea, the disciple of Minghe's disciple, that killed the Third Prince of Dragon King of the East Sea. Whether Nezha was reasonable or not, it could only be the Dragon Tribe that was in trouble.

In Wahuang Heaven, Goddess Nvywa was resigned to see Nezha being excited to pull out Ao Bing's dragon tendons and shook her head. She knew Ling Zhuzi would make trouble after going to the immortal world. It had not been long since the incarnation of Nezha before he killed the Third Prince of Dragon King. It meant that he offended the Dragon Tribe of the Four Seas, which would be hard to handle for most people.

However, Goddess Nvywa did not worry at all, because Nezha had a good master. Looking at the primordial spiritual treasures all over his body, Goddess Nvywa thought that even all Sages would not be so generous. After all, Nezha was only a third-generation disciple, but Minghe and Liu Er did. Now Nezha created big trouble, whether he was reasonable or not, his master Liu Er would not leave him alone. Moreover, Nezha was in the right.

On the top of a mountain in Untainted Land, Minghe looked to East Sea with a smile. He naturally had known the whole story through deduction. Nezha killed the Third Prince of Dragon King, but so what? It was only an insignificant tribesman of the Dragon Tribe that Minghe couldn't care less about. Nezha was reasonable. Even if he was unreasonable, Minghe still would not care, as Untainted Land was a world where people with prowess and ability were admired.

In fact, since Minghe learned that Nezha took Liu Er as his master, he had already anticipated that there would be such a day. The mythology he ever heard was indeed full of loopholes, and it was all nonsense that Nezha disturbed the entire East Sea with a Red Armillary Sash and shook the Crystal Palace. Did people believe that the East Sea was so small as a pool and so easy to stir?

In Untainted Land, only the Sages were powerful enough to stir up the whole East Sea. Nezha only killed a Sepatroling Yaksha, but the Third Prince of Dragon King came to avenge. Was the Sepatroling Yaksha a relative or someone of the Third Prince of Dragon King? The Sepatroling Yaksha had so high a position that even the Third Prince of Dragon King would avenge him. That was awesome.

Looking to the East Sea, Minghe was in no mood to worry about this matter as Liu Er naturally knew how to deal with it. Although the Dragon Tribe regained some strength over the years and there was an Ancestor in the Realm of Sage-to-be in the Dragon Tribe, Liu Er would not be afraid of them. Before Liu Er restored his nature, he had dared to beat the disciples of the Sages. Now Liu Er restored the nature of Four Monkeys of Destruction, nobody was sure what Liu Er would do.

In the peach orchard outside Chentang Pass, Liu Er opened his mouth and was about to eat a peach. With the peach sent to his mouth, he did not bite it but wore a dull look. A long time passed before he finally said, "You little conscienceless bastard. You pull out the dragon tendons and want to give them to your father. Why don't you give them to me and my wife? Though I won't care, it's an expression of your good will. Huh! I'll teach you a lesson when you come back."

Then Liu Er stood up, throwing the peach in his hand and sighing, "I shouldn't have let the little guy go out. He committed killing calamity with 1,700 people being killed when he was born. Now he just went out once and made trouble. Finally, I have to clean up the mess for him. I wonder what sins have I committed that I take someone like you as my disciple."

In Crystal Palace of the East Sea, Ao Guang, Dragon King of the East Sea was leisurely enjoying the song and dance. Suddenly, a wounded crab general broke in with panic. It looked that he was badly hurt. The crab general was shouting while running inside, "Your Majesty Dragon King, Your Majesty Dragon King, bad news. The Third Prince··· The Third Prince··· He had an accident!" After the crab general said these words, the song and dance suddenly stopped in the hall.

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