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Feeling Liu Er's forceful killing intent, Immortal Tai Yi showed fear on his face. Liu Er was a Sage-to-be, while he was just a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Although he knew that Honored Lord of the Origin was paying attention to the situation, he was still worried that he might possibly die. In that case, he would be the first to be on the Investiture of the Gods.

In Yuxu Palace, when Honored Lord of the Origin noticed Liu Er's killing intent, he threw out his Eight Treasures Jade Ruyi. Suddenly, two swords showed up and stopped the Jade Ruyi, with Minghe's laughter lingering in the sky, "Honored Lord of the Origin, you are really just what you used to be. If you want, I can play with you."

Honored Lord of the Origin's face turned cold hearing his words. He hadn't foreseen that Minghe was also following Chentang Pass closely. He said in a cold voice, "Minghe, if my disciple gets hurt, I will not let you off. I will send all of your disciples to the Investiture of the Gods and end your Blood Sea's Taoism lineage." It was Minghe's Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword that stopped his Jade Ruyi.

Minghe's waves of laughter came over again, "Hha... Honored Lord of the Origin, you think too much of yourself. Either my Good Separation or Evil Separation can stop you. Just show me how you can end my Taoism lineage. Speaking of it, I just remembered the last time you raided me. You are a Sage of immortality, so how can I end this Karma between you and me? How about destroying your Clan of Enlightenment?"

Minghe was laughing, but his words showed horrible killing intent. Hearing Minghe's words, Honored Lord of the Origin was rageful, screaming, "How dare you!" All of a sudden, Pangu Banner appeared in his hands, with horrible Sword Aura of Chaos shrouding the sky of Mount Kunlun, which seemed to be activated. Honored Lord of the Origin knew Minghe would definitely do what he said. In the Untainted Land, Minghe seemed to have no fear in doing anything.

Right at the moment, a Golden Bridge suddenly appeared between Yuantu and Abi Sword and Sword Aura of Chaos, followed by a figure walking down the Golden Bridge. It was Immortal Tai Yi who was just at Li Jing's mansion at Chentang Pass. He went back to Mount Kunlun and the Golden Bridge disappeared after him instantly. It was Laozi, the Grand Pure One, who just took action.

After the disappearance of the Golden Bridge, Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword flew away. Minghe's voice came again, "Honored Lord of the Origin, I will wait for you in the Battle of Gods Investiture. I will see whether you can protect your disciples all the time. By then, my disciples won't show any mercy." Immortal Tai Yi did return but he still got hurt.

When Minghe stopped Honored Lord of the Origin, and Liu Er started his attack towards Immortal Tai Yi. The Rod of Origin appeared in his hand and he waved it towards Immortal Tai Yi. Tai Yi took out a Magic Weapon to resist this attack immediately but was swept away for a long distance and got badly hurt indeed. Then, he was saved by Laozi and brought back to Mount Kunlun.

Honored Lord of the Origin was relieved after seeing Immortal Tai Yi's came back safely. Dispersing the Sword Aura of Chaos shrouding the whole Mount Kunlun, Honored Lord of the Origin put away his Pangu Banner and Eight Treasures Jade Ruyi. He treated Immortal Tai Yi's wound simply and went back to his Immortal's Cave. Actually, Immortal Tai Yi's injury was not a big deal. What he was really worried about was Minghe. In fact, Minghe was a great threat to him.

Although Minghe didn't have many disciples, each of them was extraordinary. His eldest disciple, Liu Er, was at the Late Stage of a Sage-to-be. His second disciple, Kong Xuan, was at the Secondary Stage of a Sage-to-be. While the third one, Black Tortoise, was only at the Peak Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, but his Golden Body of Merit cultivated with Martial Arts couldn't be broken by any Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal without powerful primordial spiritual treasures.

Even all the disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment couldn't be compared to the three disciples of Minghe. Although Minghe also third generation disciples, there were only two members including Nezha. If he killed Nezha, his Clan of Enlightenment would offend Goddess Nvywa as well, who had always been neutral. However, Honored Lord of the Origin would feel ashamed to fight against Yang Chan, who was just a little girl.

Yang Chan's cultivation was not strong enough, but she owned the Lotus Lamp which was given by Minghe as a gift. With this amazing treasure, Yang Chan could be equals with his second generation disciples. And none of his third generation disciples could be her opponent. However, if he sent a second generation disciple to beat her, her teacher Liu Er would not stand by. Then it would be hard to tell who would be on the Investiture of the Gods.

Thinking over and over again, Honored Lord of the Origin felt a headache and he couldn't even figure out any solution to defeat Minghe. Even if he gathered all the disciples of his clan to fight against Minghe, he was not sure if he could win. Right at that moment, Honored Lord of the Origin remembered Laozi. If Laozi could help him, he thought he would have some chance to win. He felt it was the right time to make contact with his big brother.

In Zhaoge City, Minghe put away his Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword, looking at Chentang Pass with a smile on his face. He was a little bit surprised about Nezha's issue, who was incarnated from Ling Zhuzi. He hadn't expected that Liu Er could unintentionally recruit Nezha as his disciple. Minghe stretched out his hand, looking at the primordial spiritual treasure in four balls of light. He thought, was it you who made Ling Zhuzi connect with my Blood Sea?

The four primordial spiritual treasures were those that Honored Lord of the Origin used to exchange the Mentor of Human Sovereign with Minghe, which were Universe Ring, Red Armillary Sash, Fire-tipped Spear, and Wind Fire Wheels. Minghe didn't think too much when Honored Lord of the Origin gave them to him. Was it the will of Heaven that Nezha became a disciple of his Blood Sea? Did these primordial spiritual treasures really have some connection with him? Or were these treasures bonded with Nezha?

Under these circumstances, the four primordial spiritual treasures should be given to him. Minghe waved his arm, and the four treasures transformed into a stream of light instantly and flew towards the direction of Chentang Pass. Minghe thought, as Nezha's grandmaster, he could send these as the first gifts for his grand disciple's entrance ceremony. These days, Nezha's cultivation hadn't got a breakthrough yet. With Liu Er's teachings, Nezha might create some shocking events in this life.

In the General military Office of Chentang Pass, Li Jing looked at Liu Er dumbfoundedly. He just saw a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal was waved away by Liu Er's stick. What made Li Jing shocked most was that Liu Er even didn't care about Honored Lord of the Origin who was a Sage. In Li Jing's cognition, Sage was the most powerful of all. Therefore, quite a lot of cultivators tried their best to become the disciples of Sage's clan, so they could have a strong support.

Li Jing used to learn Liu Er's stories from his teacher, Immortal Du'e, such as Liu Er's fiercely beating Guang Chengzi and facing squarely Honored Lord of the Origin with no fear. None of these things could be done by an ordinary guy, but Liu Er did. When this really happened in front of Li Jing, his common sense collapsed. He realized that sometimes it didn't work even as a disciple of Sage.

As for his third son, who observed Liu Er his teacher, Li Jing was both happy and worried. He was happy that Nezha had a big backing and Li Jing can also benefit from it. What worried him was how would Nezha's unscrupulous Master taught Nezha. What if he turned out to be as Liu Er. In Li Jing's teacher Immortal Du'e 's word, Nezha would be lawless which Li Jing could not withstand.

After settling with Immortal Tai Yi, Liu er had hardly got back to the inner room when four golden light fell in front of him, which were actually four primordial spiritual treasures. Li Jing looked at them and immediately beamed with delight. Although he didn't reach a high cultivation, he could recognize that they were primordial spiritual treasures. His teacher Immortal Du'e had a primordial spiritual treasure, Wind-stabilizing Bead, which was just a Low Grade primordial spiritual treasure.

Looking at the four primordial spiritual treasures, Liu er smiled and said, "It seems that my teacher has known I recruited a disciple. My little Nezha is a fortunate boy. The four treasures have different functions separately, which were really suitable for him. Since it is so, I don't need to prepare him another gift."

Looking at the four Mid Grade of Primordial Spiritual Treasures, Li Jing was totally shocked. Was Blood Sea that abundant? Liu Er's master Ancestor Minghe had sent four Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures before Nezha formally acknowledged Liu Er as his master. These might be the first gifts his master gave to him. Li Jing felt a little bit envious. Thinking of the time he acknowledged Immortal Du'e as his master, he just received a sword, a Mid Grade Postcelestial Spiritual Treasure, which was hanging to his waist. As an old saying went, it would make you hopping mad if you compare yourself with luckier people.

Three days later, Nezha consumed all of the cultivation from his preexistence successfully. In this life, he was born to be at the Secondary Stage of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal and had a Mid Grade of Primordial Spiritual Treasure, named Embroidered Ball. This treasure must be the Magic Weapon he had owned in his preexistence. Nezha looked like a 3 to 4 years old boy that could jump and speak even if he was just born.

After Nezha was born, he formally saluted Liu Er as his master. Liu Er sent him some gifts on this ceremony. Besides Universe Ring, Red Armillary Sash, Fire-tipped Spear and Wind Fire Wheels from Minghe, Liu Er also gave him Immortal-bundling Rope and Sword of Yin and Yang, which were the Low Grade of primordial spiritual treasures. Liu Er also taught him how to cultivate them. Since then, Nezha officially became a disciple of Blood Sea.

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