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Tongtian snapped and said, "So your disciples are important and mine isn't, second brother? Being their master, there's no way I can push them into hell. Basically, it's impossible for me to fill the vacancies with my disciples. If you want them, you must first break my God-killing Sword Formation."

Though his formation didn't appear, Tongtian's strong killing intent began spreading all over the Zixiao Palace. He comprehended the Dao of Sword, but his formation contained the Chaotic Sword Intent. Considering how long he had been comprehending the formation, his killing intent and sword intent were naturally stained with the powerful and impressive Chaotic Sword Intent.

Honored Lord of the Origin realized he had said too much after seeing Tongtian's anger. Being a proud person, it was impossible for him to apologize. Moreover, Tongtian's words earlier upset him. He was the older brother of the two, but he wasn't given any face at all.

From the sidelines, Zhunti and Jieyin watched silently. Though the former appeared expressionless, he was rejoicing inside. He had always hoped to revitalize the West but lacked the chance. It seemed that this tribulation was his opportunity. The tribulation had just begun but Tongtian and Honored Lord of the Origin's relationship seemed on the verge of souring.

On the Untainted Land, the East and the West were quite distinct from each other. If the West wanted to move eastward, they must face the Three Pure Ones. Minghe was the strongest in the East, but he had founded the Ashura tribe that would do the preaching for him. So the Western Religious Sect moving eastward wouldn't cause any conflict with him. Thus, that left the Three Pure Ones as the greatest obstacle in the West's move into the East. The West could only be revitalized if the Three Pure Ones were divided.

Naturally, Laozi wasn't happy to see the Sages quarrel, especially between Honored Lord of the Origin and Tongtian. They were, after all, one. What was worse was them arguing in front of outsiders. He interrupted them and said, "That's enough. Let's stop arguing over this. Master has given us 300 years. We can go back and think it over. There'll always be a way. We'll come back here and sign the Investiture in 300 years."

"Since big brother has said so, I'll take my leave first." Tongtian stood up and left angrily, not even biding Honored Lord of the Origin farewell. This naturally angered him and he sneered, taking his leave as well after saying goodbye to Laozi. The Two Sages of the West followed suit, leaving Laozi alone. Laozi gave the Investiture of the Gods another glance before leaving Zixiao Palace. The palace suddenly became empty again. Only the Investiture of the Gods was left suspended mid-air, gleaming with faint golden light.

On Sacred Island of Blood Sea, Minghe looked in the direction of the palace and knew the Sages had parted in discord. Though they were thought to be impartial, it didn't mean that they didn't care for their disciples. Living creatures all had feelings of love and desire. Even Laozi, who advocated non-action and being unmoved, wasn't able to distance himself completely. He could only hide his emotions, never revealing them.

Minghe was no exception. His cultivation might be higher now and his vision broader. He might not be concerned about things beyond the Great Way. But he couldn't distance himself from all emotions. Once he followed the rules of the Way of Heaven and became desireless, how would he differ from a machine?

If Minghe was unmoved, he would have left the Untainted Land long ago and removed himself from these things. The tribulation had arrived once again and the secrets of heaven were chaotic. He could only make his plans based on his foresight. The most thing in this tribulation wasn't taking revenge on Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, Jieyin, or Zhunti for their attacks last time. His ultimate goal was to help Liu'er achieve actualization.

He didn't have the mood to get even with Houtu for now. He might destroy the Nether World if he wanted to fight against her since she was trapped in it. He could take it easy now since he would had plenty of time to deal with her once the tribulation was over.

He needed to find the Long-Armed Ape Monkey if he wanted to help Liu'er actualize. However, the monkey had gone missing and he couldn't predict its whereabouts with the secrets of heaven being in a chaos. He had to play it by the ear. Since the Battle of Gods Investiture was a battle between Shang King Zhou and Western Zhou, the monkey would likely show up. Once it did, that would be meant the Fated Chance for Liu'er had arrived.

Emperor Xin was the last king of the Shang Dynasty, meaning King Zhou wasn't born yet. This marked a golden opportunity for schemes and Minghe naturally wouldn't miss it. He called his three disciples over using spiritual thoughts. Though the tribulation would be dangerous, there existed chances and challenges as well. Now that his disciples had arrived at their current cultivation, it wasn't enough to blindly practice anymore. Here was a good chance for them to get some experience and improve themselves.

Moments later, his disciples arrived and bowed to him. Minghe said, "Ancestor Hongjun called the Sages and me today to discuss the latest round of tribulation, in which the God Deification Ceremony of the Heavenly Court would happen. I called you over for that."

He could tell his disciples were confused and explained, "The four clans ― the Clan of Humanity, the Clan of Enlightenment, the Clan of Severity, and Western Religious Sect ― invited killing calamities when they assisted the Human Sovereigns and must now pass the tribulation in the mortal world. It doesn't concern us but the Way of Heaven is changeable during the tribulation. Dangerous as it is, chances and challenges coexist. Your cultivation is high now, but you still lack experience. This time, you must visit the mortal world and pass the tribulation."

Liu'er touched his head and smiled. "Master, my cultivation has already reached such Realm that no tribulation can help me even if I went to the mortal world. I'd better not go." He was right. WIth his cultivation at the Late Stage of Sage-to-be, perhaps only the Sages were capable of hurting him in the entire Untainted Land.

Minghe saw the reluctance in Liu'er's face and said, "You must go. The Long-Armed Ape Monkey, one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction, is likely to appear in this tribulation. It's the best chance for you to achieve the True Body of Rakshasa and actualize the Realm of Origin. If you miss such a good chance, it may never come again."

Liu Er's smile instantly vanished. Actualizing wasn't something to be trifled with. Since his master had made so many preparations for him, he naturally couldn't let him down. He nodded and said, "Then I'll comply with your wish. I'd like to see what tricks the monkey will play in this tribulation."

Minghe then turned to Kong Xuan and said, "You're the most steady among my three disciples. There's nothing for me to tell you in this tribulation. Since you've comprehended your own way, you should follow your heart and keep going. Just remember your master is always here to back you up."

Kong Xuan bowed to Minghe, who then addressed Black Tortoise. "You're born lazy. It's also due to your inherent nature in your preexistence. You've been stuck at the peak of Da Luo Golden Immortal Luo Jinxian peak for a long time. It's now time for you to make a breakthrough. When your cultivation reaches the Sage-to-be realm, you'll recall your past. You'll also need to visit the mortal world during this God Deification Ceremony but you shouldn't act the same way you did in the past."

Black Tortoise could only nod when he heard what Minghe said. After giving his guidance for his three disciples, Minghe continued, "There would be plenty of killing in the tribulation. Just follow your heart. If you met disciples from the other clans, just kill them if you don't like them. I'll back you up."

Liu'er burst out laughing. ​​He had always hated the pretentious disciples of the Sages who replied on their masters' mightiness. With Minghe's word, he would show those disciples no mercy. Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise also nodded. Since the three clans were now completely hostile against the Blood Sea, they naturally wouldn't show them any mercy.

The three parted on the island after leaving Minghe's place. Since they were trying to pass the tribulation, there wouldn't be any meaning if they stuck together. With their cultivations, no disciples of the Sages rival them. It would be better for them to separate and look for their respective Fated Chances. Since they pursued different Dao, their Fated Chances would naturally be different as well.

Liu'er went to meet Yaoji after leaving Blood Sea. He had been visiting the Peach Blossom Fairy after she escaped the trap with Yaoji but was suddenly summoned by Minghe. He could only return to the Blood Sea alone. Now that he was going to visit the mortal world and pass the tribulation, he must discuss it with Yaoji.

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