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Fourthly, it was the actualization of Minghe's Three Separations, especially his Good Separation, Heaven and Earth Taoist. He not only embodied a small chiliocosm himself but also devoured two small chiliocosms in the Chaos. It was of great importance to undertake three small chiliocosm's luck by one person. Thus, the Untainted Land received additional Luck, and the Way of Heaven must be strengthened as a result.

As for Hongjun, although he made some obstruction to Minghe, it did not cause harm to him. Moreover, Minghe gave up this precious opportunity to harm the Way of Heaven, which greatly upset Hongjun.

While sitting in the Silence Room, Minghe could look across the whole Untainted Land. Cultivating for numerous years and getting rid of his preexistence's obsession, Minghe had eliminated all distractions and only possessed a heart of Tao Seeking, which pursued the supreme Great Way. No one mattered to Minghe in the Untainted Land except the Blood Sea tribe. Even his Self-centric Separation, Musen, could leave the Human Tribe behind now. As they had done everything they could, the Human Tribe's future depended on their own fate.

Hongjun's planning had nothing to do with Minghe. Even if Hongjun truly devoured the Way of Heaven, Minghe, a Rakshasa, could leave and find a place to go in the vast Chaos. Minghe was not afraid of Hongjun if it truly happened, he would have a trump card, so when a fight would commence, the worst that could happen was that both sides would suffer.

Powerful as it was, the Way of Heaven had suppressed Hongjun, so Hongjun was free of Minghe's care. However, what worried Minghe was the Battle of Gods Investiture. If the Untainted Land were to be devastated during the war, the Way of Heaven would also be harmed. Until then, Hongjun could seize the opportunity. Minghe was not sure about Hongjun's final goal.

Minghe was no longer the one full of compassion and pity. As a Rakshasa, Minghe was familiar with devastation. As long as the tribe in the Blood Sea did not get harmed, he did not care about whether the Untainted Land was strong or in ruin. With his vision opened fully, the secrets of the Chaos were more attractive to him than the Untainted land.

To be honest, nothing could arouse Minghe's attraction in the Untainted Land. Sooner or later, his cultivation would exceed Origin and reach the level of Way of Heaven with such huge Luck, even if all the Sages in the Untainted Land united together to attack him, he would not be afraid. This was the confidence Minghe possessed after becoming Rakshasa.

Of course, Minghe would not stay in the Untainted Land when his Karma was all cleared. He believed there must be much stronger worlds in the vast Chaos beside the two small chiliocosms, Treasures World and Beasts World. Now, he had realized that luck was necessary for quick cultivation. Only more luck could enable him to make more progress.

All in all, luck was the foundation for creatures' cultivation. All beings scrambled for luck, so did the Sages. For the same reason, the three thousand Mazingers in the Chaos contested for their luck, and Pangu created the Heaven, as well as the fact that the former wanted to kill the latter. luck was the basic reason for everything.

Now that Minghe intended to leave, he would plan something for his disciples. The Fated Chance of actualization for Liu Er lied in God Deification Ceremony Cultivation Tribulation. If Lie Er found the Long-Armed Ape Monkey, the last one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction, Liu Er could attain his Self-centric Separation with its Origin. When three Separations all reached the cultivation at Peak Level of Sage-to-be and united into one, he could be the second Rakshasa in the Untainted Land.

It was much more comfortable for Liu Er to become a Rakshasa than Minghe. Since the Demon Monkey of Destruction, one among the three thousand Rakshasa, his chaos origin was divided into four parts, each one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction's Origin were precisely one part of it. It equaled to the incarnation of the Demon Monkey of Destruction. Thus, only if one of the four collected the other three Origins, it would have the opportunity to become the Rakshasa.

Moreover, the Divine Punishment's power would be much weaker for Liu Er than for Minghe, since he would undertake it at Peak Level of Sage-to-be. Besides, when Liu Er's Three Separations united together and his Origin integrated with other three Origins, it could be transformed into the Origin of chaos. Though it could not be compared with the peak level of Rakshasa, it would be no problem to get through the Divine Punishment.

If Liu Er could become a Rakshasa, the Blood Sea Tribe would have an inheritor, and Minghe could leave without worry. Of course, Minghe would also leave some trump cards for Liu Er, not only for threatening the Sages, but also for threatening Hongjun. In case they would take actions when he left.

As for Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise, it was not difficult for Kong Xuan who had found his Tao to actualize the Realm of Origin, while Black Tortoise had the Merit of mending the Sky. More importantly, the four legs of Black Tortoise's preexistence transformed the four Pillars of Heaven. Even if they were concealed by the Way of Heaven, it could also be found. This was a means to save the life that Minghe left for Black Tortoise.

Then the only thing related to Minghe was the Ashura Tribe. This tribe was fond of killing in nature so Minghe would take some of them with him since killing was inevitable in the vast Untainted Land. With the Ashura tribe as fighters, Minghe did not need to do everything by himself.

Making up his mind, Minghe smiled. The thought of leaving the Untainted Land filled his heart with sadness. However, he had no choice. Since he chose the road of Rakshasa, the Untainted Land was not a place he could stay for a long time. One of the rules for cultivation was that you could only gain something when you lost something. If one always hesitated, he could never achieve the Great Way.

Calculating days with fingers, Minghe found it was not long before Liu Er married Yaoji. As Minghe's eldest disciple, Liu Er represented the Blood Sea Tribe, and the bride was the younger sister of Haotian, the governor of the Heavenly Court. Though Minghe did not think highly of Haotian, considering all of these elements and for the sake of Liu Er, Minghe should make some preparations considering both reason and his personal feelings.

Minghe could refine some treasures with the remaining time. As Liu Er's master, it was inevitable that he should send some presents to the wedding. When proposing the marriage, Minghe had sent eighty-one Primordial Spiritual Treasures to Haotian. Now Yaoji would marry Liu Er, which meant she would become a member of the Blood Sea Tribe. Minghe would definitely not treat her shabbily.

Liu Er and Kong Xuan stood outside the Silence Room. Liu Er paced back and forth anxiously. Kong Xuan comforted him, "Brother, don't worry. There are still a few days before the wedding. Perhaps master will finish the Closed Door Meditation. Please stand still, you're making me dizzy."

Hearing this, Liu Er said sullenly, "You're not the bridegroom. Of course, you're not worried. I have never felt relieved until now. Why did master choose this time of all time to do Closed Door Meditation? What should I do if the master misses my wedding? It'll be terrible if Yaoji misapprehends that the master doesn't like her."

With a sound of a clap, Liu Er's head was hit by someone. Walking from the Silence Room, Minghe smiled and blamed, "How dare your monkey to say bad words about your master. It seems that you became bolder without my education for a thousands of years."

Seeing Minghe, Liu Er and Kong Xuan bowed and said, "Welcome teacher finishing Closed Door Meditation." Touching his head being hit, Liu Er said aggrievedly, "Master, you've done me wrong. How dare I speak evil of you. I only worried that you may miss the wedding." Only in the presence of Minghe, Liu Er would behave cautiously rather than carelessly in daily life.

Seeing Liu Er's manners, Minghe smiled and scolded, "Stop pretending. I know you best, and I'm too lazy to blame you. In a few days, your wedding will be held. I refined something on my own. Get this and use it to go to the Heavenly Court to welcome the bride so it will not dishonor our Blood Sea Tribe." Then he threw something in front of Liu Er.

Seeing the thing before them, both Liu Er and Kong Xuan were confused. Minghe explained, "This boat is named the Universe Ark, refined by me several days before. It is a Primordial Spiritual Treasure with many formations, including forbidding, attacking and defending, which is extraordinarily powerful. You can take this boat to the Heavenly Court on your wedding."

Hearing this, Liu Er's eyes shined. Perhaps only Minghe was able to use Primordial Spiritual Treasure as a tool to welcome a bride. Besides, the boat was glorious in appearance. Its essence was compelling, too. Taking the Universe Ark to the Heavenly Court to welcome the bride was much more honorable than taking dragon or phoenix chariots.

Converting for some while, Liu Er realized the Universe Ark's true power, and he was immediately in a high spirit, laughing and saying, "Thank you very much, master. I'll make preparations right now." Then he left happily, making Kong Xuan confused.

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