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Sitting in the Chaos, Minghe crazily absorbed the surrounding Air of Chaos. This place was close to Untainted Land and the Way of Heaven existed here, thus the Air of Chaos was quite peaceful, making it easy to be absorbed. Although Minghe had achieved the True Body of Rakshasa, his vitality was badly damaged. As a result, the Air of Chaos was instantly consumed after entering Minghe's body.

Minghe's body was like a bottomless pit, which could not be filled to its brim by the Air of Chaos. The Air of Chaos dissolved in Minghe's human body and transformed into the Origin, the same Origin of chaos when Minghe killed the Rare Beast of Chaos. It was also the source of power of Rakshasa.

Having endured the Divine Punishment, Minghe's Origin had transformed into the Origin of chaos. He gradually absorbed the Air of Chaos and recovered his strength. With each breath, Minghe became stronger as he recovered.

After 49 years, Minghe stopped and was satisfied with the power of his flesh. The amount of time used was well-spent in refining the True Body of Rakshasa, as he can now enjoy the harvest of what he had tirelessly sowed. Looking somewhere into the Chaos, Minghe returned to the Sacred Island in an instant.

Minghe had reached his penultimate in cultivation and became intoxicated by the wealth of power of a Mazinger's True Body. Although he had just became a Rakshasa, his cultivation equaled that of a Middle Stage of Origin. What's more, each True Body of Rakshasa had its own uniqueness.

The Rakshasa made the Body Tempering by Divine Law, so they naturally showed features of the Divine Law. Minghe was very proficient in a variety of laws, however, he had been refining his body only by the Law of Blood and the Law of Spiritual Beings ever since he had separated the Three Separations. Although the two laws were not the strongest, they had abstruse functions. One was for the physical body, the other was for the soul.

In Divine Punishment, the destructive vital force had merged the two laws together and helped Minghe pull through the Divine Punishment safe and sound. Back in the beginning, with the used of Magic Skills of Blood, Minghe would not die unless the Blood Sea ran dry, but now he needn't do so.

Now Minghe had become a Rakshasa, with names like Space Mazinger and Time Mazinger and the feature of his Mazinger, he could change his name to Immortal Mazinger. Minghe's human body could live forever and never die. Even if the Holy Thunder of Destruction befall again and struck Minghe into a scorched corpse, Minghe would recover right away.

Minghe had never thought that the amalgamation of the two laws could help him become an immortal Mazinger andthis was a constitution that existed for Minghe. No matter how fatally wounded Minghe was, he could instantly recover as long as the constitution existed.

Although Minghe's cultivation still remained at the level of Middle Stage of Origin, he now had the ability of self-defence under the Way of Heaven. In fact, Minghe did not fear the Way of Heaven at all but he felt anxious about Hongjun. Hongjun was originally the incarnation of the Rakshasa but he chose the Way of Heaven. It was really strange. Hongjun once said that he was going to complete the Way of Heaven, however, Minghe did not believe him at all. After all, Hongjun was not a selfless man.

When Minghe undergoes the tribulation this time, the Divine Punishment was under the command of the Way of Heaven and contained the power of the Way of Heaven. When the last Holy Thunder of Destruction fell, more power of the Way of Heaven was thrust into the thunder. If Minghe had not transformed his immortal body, he might have been killed by the thunder. Even if he had endured the Divine Punishment, he would have been fatally wounded and killing a Sage would be out of the question.

After Minghe survived the Divine Punishment safe and sound, he killed a Sage and built his prestige. Both the Way of Heaven and Hongjun were silent. It was well known that Zhunti was Hongjun's listed disciple. When Zhunti was killed by Minghe in the physical form and ran away with his Original Spirit, Hongjun still kept silent and did nothing. Why hadn't Hongjun intervened?

At first, Minghe intended to damage Zhunti's Original Spirit but the power of Heaven prevented him. Zhunti was the Sage and his Original Spirit relied on the Way of Heaven. Once Zhunti's Original Spirit was injured, the Way of Heaven would suffer damages. Although the power of Heaven was strong, protected by the True Body of Rakshasa and the cultivation of Middle Stage of Origin, Minghe was actually not afraid of the coercion of the power of Heaven.

But Minghe had not taken action because he found an oddity with the Way of Heaven. As the ruler of laws of Untainted Land, the Way of Heaven had no emotions. Using the Law of Spiritual Beings, Minghe did perceive some sort of emotions in the power of Heaven. So, where did this emotions come from?

Hongjun. It must be Hongjun. One's vital force could change, but his spiritual being could not. Even though Hongjun had transformed into the Original Spirit, the essence of his spiritual being would remain the same, as all creatures' emotions all came from the spiritual being. Minghe, who was proficient in the Law of Spiritual Beings, was sensitive to the tiniest change in the spiritual being. He naturally recognized Hongjun's expectation and delight hidden in his spiritual being.

Minghe had killed a Sage and even wanted to damage Zhunti's Original Spirit. Hongjun instead of preventing it, he felt gleeful instead, as if he were looking forward to Zhunti being killed by Minghe. This was too inexplicable. Hongjun was in name the handler of Untainted Land, his reputation would have been blemished when Zhunti was killed by Minghe. Why was Hongjun so happy? Minghe was puzzled.

Minghe then stopped and realized that Hongjun became angry after his action. Under such circumstances, Hongjun could do nothing but disappear. The power of Heaven also scattered and disappeared. Minghe thought it over and felt it strange and suspicious. If he could grasp the gist of it, he would understand Hongjun's plan.

"The Way of Heaven··· Hongjun···" Minghe murmured and suddenly came up with an idea. He remembered the words that Hongjun had once said. "Hongjun belongs to the Way of Heaven, but the Way of Heaven doesn't belong to Hongjun." As it was said, after Hongjun chose the Way of Heaven, he had to take orders from the Way of Heaven. In such case, what would Hongjun do?

Devouring the Way of Heaven and replacing it. Minghe was shocked by this idea, which was a very definite possibility. Although Hongjun was the Honourable Ancestor, he was also the incarnation of the Rakshasa, which was not a good and honest man. Minghe still remembered that Hongjun had the ability defeated the Lord of Devils Luohou.

It seemed that Hongjun had sacrificed himself and chose the Way of Heaven for the sake of Untainted Land, however, Hongjun must have his own plan. Minghe placed himself in Hongjun's shoes and realized that if he were Hongjun, he would find ways to damage the Way of Heaven and devour it. When Hongjun finally had kept the Way of Heaven for himself, he could easily make a breakthrough to the Realm above the Sage.

Untainted Land would then be under Hongjun's control. Minghe involuntarily admired Hongjun. If things happened as Hongjun had planned, Untainted Land would be damaged by the war of the God Deification Ceremony and the war of all Sages. As a result, the Way of Heaven would be severely damaged, which would be a good chance for Hongjun.

Unfortunately, Minghe's existence had changed the situation. Because of Minghe, the Way of Heaven became stronger. Now Hongjun had to depend on the resentment of hundreds of millions of humans absorbed gathered by the Wu-killing Sword if he wanted to get rid of the Way of Heaven. It was obvious that Hongjun was in a bad situation and wasn't able to put in his plan in motion.

Minghe carefully thought about what he had done before and found that he had really changed many things. Firstly, he had actualized and become the Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin. Although the Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin was untouchable from the Way of Heaven, the birth of a Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin could give the Untainted World a huge portion of Luck. As the Luck of Untainted Land strengthened, the Way of Heaven also became stronger.

Secondly, Houtu mastered the reincarnation and had actualized as a Sage and her Original Spirit relied on the Way of Heaven. Minghe on the spurred of a moment help her keep the body of the Ancestor of sorcerer and made her much stronger. Therefore, the Way of Heaven became more perfect. The Six Paths of Reincarnation, which was guarded by the Sages, would certainly do good to the Way of Heaven.

Thirdly, the Human Tribe had expanded. The Human Tribe was favored by Heaven and Earth. Minghe's Selfcentric Separation, Musen, had created the Martial Arts for the Human Tribe and founded the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance for the Human Tribe. Under the leadership of Musen, the Human Tribe became the strongest tribe in Untainted Land, and their growing strength benefitted the Way of Heaven.

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