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All Sages and living beings of Untainted Land were shocked. In just a span of a few breaths, a Sage was killed by Minghe with three movements, especially the last punch. Ninety Feet Golden Body's defense was not low, but just one strike showed how powerful his fist was. Except for Zhunti, no one else could really understand how formidable his punch was.

The Sage died and Untainted Land began to shake. A bright sunny day suddenly rained blood drops. Sadness lingered about Heaven and Earth, as if the world was weeping for the death of the Sage. Seeing this phenomenal sign, all living beings of Untainted Land jolted as if awakening from a dream.

Slaughtering a Sage. Minghe finally succeeded in Slaughtering a Sage! Although Zhunti was the weakest among all Sages, he was still a Sage. How ferocious Minghe was! All living beings of Untainted Land were shocked by Minghe, who stood erect in the Blood fog. A killing God.

This aroused people's memory of when Hongyun met with calamity and Minghe killed dozens of Sages-to-be which gained him peerless prestige in Untainted Land. After actualizing, Minghe had not started any massacre at all. Everyone originally thought that Minghe had been self-cultivating on his mind and body. Now it seemed that Minghe had never changed. This time he had killed a Sage.

Minghe turned around beaming. He looked at Laozi, Origin, Jieyin, and laughed loudly. He said, "Haha, now I see that the Sage is really immortal. In this case, I won't detain you any longer. You may leave as you please." He then looked at Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie, saying, "Thanks for your help. I'll remember it forever."

Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie kept the tactical formation and said smilingly, "Fellow Taoist, Minghe, you're originally our benefactor. This time we've just done what we could to pay you back. If it can't be considered as such, we'll take our leave." Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie then left for the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple together. Judging from their expressions, they had gained a lot from this battle.

Jieyin looked at Minghe coldly and said, "Minghe, I'll never forget what you've done today. I vow to exact revenge on you someday." He then left westwards. Although only Zhunti's physical body was destroyed, his strength had been greatly sapped. Jieyin and Zhunti were brothers since Minghe had destroyed Zhunti's human body, Jieyin would certainly be antagonized.

As soon as Jieyin left, Laozi and Origin decided to leave. They glanced at Minghe and then separated ways. Minghe making them stay just now was to show them the scene of the killing. Now that Zhunti's physical body had been destroyed, Minghe would have no need to detain them any longer. They returned to their Ashram with fear stuck deeply in them.

When all the Sages had left, Musen removed the Veridical Martial Origin Formation instantly. The vital force quickly disappeared and his body recovered. Among the Three Separations, this battle consumed Musen the most. The Veridical Martial Origin Formation caused a great burden on Musen, who had to recuperate so as not to affect his cultivation from any internal injuries.

Minghe glanced at his Three Separations, which transformed into a glittering light at once and merged into Minghe's Three Flowers. Ever since the separation began, Minghe had not gathered the Three Separations into the Three Flowers at the same time. Especially for Musen, who had been supervising the Human Tribe from the very beginning. Considering that Musen had suffered the most this time, Minghe would not let him out before he had completely recovered from his wounds.

Minghe waved his hands and took the Blood God Puppet back, and returned to the Blood Sea. All the bystanders withdrew their Spiritual Thoughts. After the earth-shaking battle, Minghe had gained complete victory. The most unfortunate was the West. They went for wool and came home shorn. With Zhunti being slaughtered, they helped Minghe build his prestige in a fierce and cruel way.

With this battle, Minghe became a sovereign presence in Untainted Land. Rakshasa, Middle Stage of Origin, Three Separations of the Origin level with an addition of one Puppet of Origin, regardless of which was unattainable by all living beings of Untainted Land. They all belonged to one person, Minghe, who truly deserved the name of the first cultivator second to the Way of Heaven.

On the Jasper Lake of the Heavenly Court, Haotian and Yaoji were stunned watching what had happened in Untainted Land before regaining their senses. The Sage, what a noble identity! In the beginning, when Ancestor Hongjun conferred the positions of the Sages and finally decided on the six Sages of the Heavenly Way, all living beings of Untainted Land envied them. Although Hongyun had also obtained the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, it turn out to be a disaster.

Because of the nobility of a Sage, many people planned to grab Hongyun's Hong Meng Immortal Qi but died in the process. Minghe obtained the Hong Meng Immortal Qi but dismissively traded it with the Wu Tribe. As a result, Houtu benefited from it. Many people had thought that Minghe was a fool, however in view of the present situation, Minghe was anything but a fool.

Minghe could easily kill a person as strong as the Sage. How powerful he was! After actualizing, Minghe kept advancing in his cultivation. His Three Separations actualized the True Body of Rakshasa. On the other hand, the Sages improved at a much slower pace ever since they had actualized, lacking behind Minghe.

When Minghe was accepting the Divine Punishment, Haotian and Yaochi originally didn't think highly of him. They had thought that Minghe would die without a doubt. But as Minghe gradually revealed his true strength, they were shocked. How many people had been dreaming of reaching the realm of the Origin, however, Minghe not only reached the realm by himself but also helped his Three Separations to actualize. This was an astonishment to all!

Thinking back on the marriage between Liu Er and Yaoji, Haotian and Yaochi felt that it's the most apt decision ever made. The Heavenly Court could form a close relationship with the Blood Sea through Liu er. Even if Minghe was unwilling to assist the Heavenly Court, he had to consider Liu Er's feelings. Supported by Minghe, the Heavenly Court would be strong enough to stand against the Sages.

On the Holy Mountain of the West, Zhunti's physical body was recovering in a golden pool, called the Merit Pool of Eight treasures, one of the most precious treasures in the Western Religious Sect. Usually, disciples of the Western Religious Sect who had done good and accumulated merit, their merit would be gathered in the pool. It was a rare treasure which could help the disciples to build the Dharma Laksana of Golden Body.

Zhunti's destroyed physical body would be recreated in the pool. When the golden water in the pool ran out, his body would then be considered complete. Looking at his new body, which was much weaker than before, Zhunti was full of hatred and had an itch to exact revenge on Minghe in the Blood Sea right now. Unfortunately, he was not able to do so.

On the Sacred Island, Liu Er, Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise congratulated Minghe as soon as he came back. "Congratulations, you've passed the tribulation successfully and built the True Body of Rakshasa." Minghe's fulfillment made them very happy. They witnessed Minghe's power for the first time. Slaughtering a Sage! What a magnificent feat!

Minghe laughed and said, "Well, go ahead and begin preparations for the wedding. I'll be in Closed Door Meditation and won't appear till then. Take care, do it well and don't dishonor the name of the Blood Sea. Everything you need can be found in the treasure vault." The treasure vault contained many treasures. Only top-level treasures would be placed with Minghe in case of necessity, all other treasures were kept in the treasure vault.

The moment he arrived in the quiet room, Minghe started to revive his Essential Qi. The fatal blow to Zhunti had thoroughly consumed him and the Divine Punishment had spent a lot of his Essential Qi. As a result, Minghe nearly had run out his supernatural power and Qi.

Minghe stretched out his hands and the Origin of chaos appeared which was obtained by killing the Origin-level Rare Beast of Chaos. It was cherished by Minghe and now it had finally came in handy. Minghe swallowed it to replenish his essential Qi.

As soon as the Origin of chaos was swallowed, Minghe's human body began to devour crazily, as if a man dying of thirst in the desert in the midst of an oasis. Minghe soon realized that the Origin was not enough, thus he had no choice but to go to the Chaos. Minghe was now a Rakshasa and could absorb the Air of Chaos to cultivate. Compared with the Air of Chaos, the primordial Spiritual Air could not meet Minghe's needs anymore.

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