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Having survived the nine nine divine punishment, Minghe cultivated himself into the True Body of Rakshasa, which shocked the entire Untainted Land. Minghe was top-notch in Untainted Land and now, he has transformed himself into the Rakshasa and separated the Good Separation and Evil Separation of the Middle Stage of Origin plus the Puppet of Origin out from him, which meant that he alone had the power of the five of The Origin. The thought itself was terrifying!

Having survived the divine punishment, Minghe was now recognized by the Way of Heaven. After the Clouds of Tribulation dispersed, Minghe stood in the air valiantly, with his dark black robe fluttering in the wind. The chilling atmosphere was flowing between the heaven and earth, all the onlookers gulped in awe. The imminent vibe of death radiating from Minghe indicated that he was not going to let the four Sages go so easily.

Minghe looked over at Laozi, Origin, Jieyin and Zhunti one by one. When he saw Zhunti, he gave an eerie smile glancing at his fist then at Zhunti, he seemed to have made up his mind.

Frightened by Minghe's smile, Jieyin clasped his hands and said, "My fellow taoist, Minghe, now that you have survived the divine punishment, it's time for us to leave. You have attacked our Ashrams and left heavy casualties to our disciples. We need to go to their rescue. If you want to make an answer about what happened today, we will certainly comply at a later date."

After Jieyin finished his speech, he was about to leave with Zhunti, Laozi and Yuanshi. Today they fought together against Minghe, though they didn't use up their power for their concern about Untainted Land, they had still lost. This was humiliating. For them, to remain here would only made them the butt of a joke.

Though they were eager to leave, Minghe, however, did not want them to go. He said, "Since you're here, why do you leave in a hurry? If you leave, it must mean that you're not satisfied with my hospitality. Please stay a little longer, for I have a doubt that I want to prove today." Three Separations and the Puppet of Origin immediately blocked the four Sages' way.

Hearing that, all four of them had chills running down their spine. Why did Minghe ask them to stay after the divine punishment? Would he let them go only after a fight? Even though he had the True Body of Rakshasa now, he did not have a hundred percent certainty in defeating all of them in one goe if they did fight. There wasn't any reason for this.

Laozi calmed himself down and said unhurriedly, "My fellow Taoist, Minghe, you should know that if we do fight on this Untainted Land, it will be destructive. Untainted Land will be left in broken pieces and you will make yourself the sinner of ages. Then how can you face your teacher again? If you feel a fight is unavoidable, we give our word that we will do so in The Chaos at a later date."

Minghe understood Laozi's words. Laozi was using all living beings in Untainted Land and Hongjun to talk him out of the fight. If he still asked for a fight, all living beings of Untainted Land would blame him for not caring about their lives. Yet, in truth, what did their lives have to do with him? Minghe was the Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin and had the World of Heaven and Earth with him. Even if Untainted Land was destroyed, he could bring those close to him and leave.

Well, it hadn't come to that yet and Minghe was not on fighting with all Sages. He just had this doubt while he was enduring the tribulation. And now it was time for him to prove it. For Minghe, now there were only Hongjun and the Way of Heaven that could pose a threat to him. He wanted to know what it was like when Hongjun combined himself with the Way of Heaven.

So Minghe laughed after Laozi's words, saying, "My Fellow Taoist, the "Grand Pure One", I'm aware that the Untainted Land cannot withstand the aftermath of our fight and the base of my foundation is here. If this land is destroyed, it will only cause harm and no benefit to myself. I just want to make a simple vow, and this requires the help of my Fellow Taoist, Zhunti."

Zhunti had a bad feeling the minute he heard his name. He and Minghe had been enemies for the longest time. It bode ill for him when Minghe asked him for a favor. Right away he replied with wariness, "What can I do for you, my Fellow Taoist, Minghe? I won't shun away from so long as I can help."

The smile on Minghe's face slowly disappeared, with his killing intent taking over. He said, "I want to know if the Sage··· can really be··· immortal." With that said, Minghe moved suddenly with his God-killing Spear already in his right hand and the Cauldron of Heaven slowly revolving in his left, as if brewing for a fatal strike.

Jieyin was horrified by the sight. He shouted anxiously. "Watch out, junior brother." He wanted to run to rescue Zhunti, but he could not get close, as Musen was stayed right in his tracks, blocking him. Jieyin was extremely anxious. Among the present four Sages, Zhunti's cultivation was the weakest. By facing Minghe, the one with the True Body of Rakshasa of Middle Stage of Origin, and two primordial supreme treasures, he does not stand a chance.

Laozi and Origin were startled as well, not because Minghe picked Zhunti but because of his words. Could the Sage really be immortal? What did he mean? Was he planning on··· slaughtering the Sage? Minghe. What a person! Did he want to slaughter the Sage right after he had passed the tribulation to make a name for himself?

All living beings of Untainted Land were stunned. This was not to substantiate a doubt. This was undisguised Menace Intent. Slaughtering Sages, what a crazy move. The Original Spirit of the Sage was put in the Way of Heaven making it immortal, Minghe naturally knew that. Thus, to slaughter The Sage was merely to destroy the physical form. Yet this move was enough to leave all living beings of Untainted Land dumbfounded.

The Sage was superior and divine which all living beings of Untainted Land looked up to. It would be a great humiliation for them even if only their bodies were destroyed, and their personal prestige would be undermined. For this reason, many were sincerely expecting this fight between Minghe and Zhunti. Even though Zhunti was the weakest among the Sages, he was a Sage after all. If his body was destroyed, he would have to bear this blemish forever.

Zhunti turned pale as soon as Minghe moved. He never pictured Minghe to be so insane in his actions. To slaughter a Sage! How crazy! The Sage was not only a symbol of strength in Untainted Land but the rule of the Way of Heaven. Minghe's action to slaughter a Sage was not only to humiliate the Sage but also to despise the way of Heaven.

But now was not the time for Zhunti to think of that as Minghe came ferociously at him. In the blink of an eye, Zhunti used all his power to defend himself from Minghe's deadly blow. With Emerald Lotus Flag protecting him from above and beams of emerald light surrounding him, Zhunti was like in an impenetrable fortress. Obviously, he readied himself for the fight by utilizing everything he could, including the Magical Tree of Seven Treasures, the Ninety Feet Golden Body and all those on his 18 arms.

In an instant, Minghe came up to Zhunti, his Cauldron of Heaven and Earth spinning on his left hand, from which the great power of Heaven and Earth could be felt. Minghe shouted out, "Yin and Yang, Heaven and Earth, strike!" As he pushed his left hand forward, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth shot out, smashing against the defense of the Emerald Lotus Flag with the power of Heaven and Earth.

"Cr...Crack". At the sound of a crack, the emerald light of the Emerald Lotus Flag shattered immediately like a broken mirror under the bombardment of the Cauldron of Heaven. The Emerald Lotus Flag gave out a buzzing sound as well. Its green light dimmed noticeably, obviously, it was damaged. Turning into a small flag, it then went back into Zhunti's body. Zhunti was shocked at the rate of the destruction. The defense of the Emerald Lotus Flag was breached so quickly.

Minghe didn't give Zhunti any moment to think, his God-killing Spear already stabbed out. Zhunti brandished all his weapons, including his Magical Tree of Seven Treasures to take up the gauntlet. The result was as plain as day. The God-killing Spear was a primordial supreme treasure, while the best weapon that Zhunti had was the Magical Tree of Seven Treasures which was at most a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. How could these fight against Minghe's all-out blow?

With the same sound, cracks appeared on several of Zhunti's weapons, with some being utterly broken at the blow. Even the Magical Tree of Seven Treasures had a crack. Zhunti felt his heart was bleeding because of the lost, but it was worthwhile considering that the God-killing Spear was stopped. But was Minghe going to stop here?

"The Real Entity of Mazinger, the Seven Stars Killing Punch. Die!" A punch with an aura of destruction directly nit on Zhunti's Ninety Feet Golden Body. "Puff!!" As Zhunti watched with disbelief, his Ninety Feet Golden Body blasted into a blood-red fog, while his Original Spirit flew and submerged to the West within a beam of green light.

Minghe retrieved his God-killing Spear, still with the determination to kill. Just when he was about to launch another attack, he stopped abruptly, standing firm in the Blood fog, with his God-killing Spear and his Cauldron of Heaven and Earth back in his hand. His robe was clean in this dense blood fog which was swayed in the wind.

Slaughtering a was accomplished.

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