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The originally peaceful Mount Shouyang, Mount Kunlun and Holy Mountain of the West became a battlefield filled with killings. Numerous Ashurans crazily attacked the three places while the disciples of all three tribes could only strenuously withstand their attacks. The Ashura Tribe was born a killing tribe and large in number. Especially, since the three Ashura kings, including the Demon King of the Sixth Sky, Brahma, and Yu Setian led the Ashura Army, the disciples could only resist with tactical formations and supreme treasures.

The Wu Tribe's mountains were comparatively peaceful. Seeing the Bell of Chaos suspending in the air, the Ashura army led by Shiva decisively chose to retreat. Since Houtu's Bell of Chaos was here, they would be courting death if they kept moving forward. Besides, there were lots of skilled cultivators in the Wu Tribe. The battle was not intended to destroy the Wu Tribe but to make all Sages hesitate to take action.

All Sages were entangled with Minghe's Three Separations and were unable to leave. However, they still had a way out. Several of them hid with halo light covering their entire form and slipped away. The figures were the Three Separations of all Sages. Since they themselves could not leave, they could only send their Three Separations to save their disciples.

Heaven and Earth Taoist had expected all Sages would do that but he did not prevent them as he was unable to. However, it would take some time for the Sages' Three Separations to return to their Ashrams. As Minghe had planned, it was enough for the Ashura Tribe to retreat. When the Sages' Three Separations arrived, they would only see ruins smeared with blood.

All Sages were furious to see such a situation, but it had happened and they were helpless. Goddess Nvywa and Sect Leader Tongtian had no intention to intervene, while Houtu could not leave the Nether World. They were blocked by Minghe's Three Separations and Puppet of Origin. It seemed to be a stalemate, but in fact it was most favorable to Minghe.

As the last round of Holy Thunder of Destruction fell, Minghe still did not put up any resistance, as he needed it to complete the ultimate transformation of True Body of Rakshasa. It was a danger but a great opportunity as well, as the Holy Thunder of Destruction was not easy to meet. If he missed this opportunity, his True Body of Rakshasa could only be regarded as an incomplete one.

Basking in the Holy Thunder of Destruction, Minghe's vital force constantly weakened, which was what all Sages wanted to see the most. If it went on like this, Minghe would most likely die in the last round of Holy Thunder of Destruction. However, when all Sages saw the Three Separations of Minghe did not look worried they began to waver.

Honored Lord of the Origin looked at Red Lotus Taoist in front of him and said coldly, "It seems that Minghe can't pass the tribulation. But look at you, you're not worried. Did Minghe have a backup plan?"

Hearing his words, Red Lotus Taoist knew that Honoured Lord of the Origin was trying to draw the secret out of him. But he did not care and lightly said, "You should have heard that Minghe won't die until Blood Sea dries up, so it's not a big deal if he failed to pass the tribulation. If it comes to it, he'll give up his physical body and comprehend The Tao of Divine Law. It won't be that bad as well."

All Sages were depressed to hear Red Lotus Taoist's words. It meant that even though they had taken a lot of trouble and finally succeeded, they would only destroy Minghe's physical body. Minghe would not die unless Blood Sea was destroyed as well. But they knew it was impossible as the Blood Sea served a Divine duty. What's more, if the Blood Sea were destroyed, the Nether World would suffer along with it. Then another Divine Punishment would come.

Heaven and Earth Taoist could not help laughing in his heart to see the depressed look on all their faces. As Red Lotus Taoist said, Minghe would not die but get wounded at most. But in actual fact, Minghe had completely abandoned the way for retreat. As General Han Xin fought with his back to the river, faced with the Divine Punishment, Minghe did not plan for retreat. Only this way could his well of potential be fulfilled.

Heaven and Earth Taoist, Red Lotus Taoist and Musen could maintain a calm look because they had confidence in Minghe. Seeing Minghe bearing the last round of Tribulation Thunder, they could do nothing to help but stand aside. What they could do was to protect Minghe from external threats so they would not interfere with his tribulation.

Amidst the Holy Thunder of Destruction, Minghe's newly formed physical body had turned into a scorched body. The countless vital force of destruction scurried in Minghe's body and insanely destroyed everything in its way. Even though there were Primordial Purpleheaven Thunder absorbing the vital force of destruction and blood aura around Minghe resisting the Holy Thunder of Destruction, it still could not stop the destruction of Holy Thunder of Destruction. This time Minghe's life was really at stake.

All Sages and living beings of Untainted Land were intently staring at Minghe bearing the Holy Thunder of Destruction. Now the Sages were unable to intervene, and whether Minghe would successfully pass tribulation or not depended on if he could withstand the last round of Holy Thunder of Destruction, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

When the Holy Thunder of Destruction around Minghe gradually disappeared, a completely burned black body without any vital force turned up. All living beings of Untainted Land sighed that Minghe finally failed to create miracles. Faced with the Divine Punishment, even the strong Minghe could not survive it. Now that his physical body was destroyed, thus Minghe had to abandon his present body and be reborn in Blood Sea. He would have to cultivate by the Divine Laws from then on.

Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Two Sages of the West were all delighted. Their attacks did not work, but Minghe still did not come through the Divine Punishment. Even though Minghe might be reborn, his body had been greatly destroyed, which would not fully recover without tens of thousands of years of training. Minghe would become a much smaller threat to all Sages.

The only thing that made them feel troubled was Minghe's Three Separations. Since Minghe was greatly wounded, it was the best chance to kill him. However, with the existence of his Three Separations, they could hardly succeed. If Minghe was pushed too hard, who knew what crazy things Minghe would do. Without a full grasp, all Sages would not provoke Minghe any more.

Looking at the smiles of all Sages, Heaven and Earth Taoist, Red Lotus Taoist and Musen looked at each other and smiled. Now they were safe and sound, which represented that Minghe had passed tribulation successfully. In the case of abandoning the way for retreat, if Minghe failed to pass tribulation, they would die along with Minghe. Now that they were safe and sound standing here, had explained everything.

The scorched body of Minghe seemed to have felt the smiles of his Three Separations and responded in kind. "Bang!" A strong heartbeat suddenly sounded in the Heaven and Earth and shocked everyone. All Sages' smiles disappeared. How could it be possible that Minghe had passed tribulation? It couldn't be since there was no vital force in that scorched body.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" With a strong pumping sound emitting from his heart, Minghe's scorched body finally moved. Minghe opened his eyes and endless intention of destruction was seen within his eyes. All were afraid even with just one glance at him, including all Sages.

As Minghe opened his eyes, a strong vital force suddenly burst out from his scorched body. It was just the vital force of Rakshasa, the completely the vital force of Rakshasa. Minghe had successfully passed the Divine Punishment and transformed into Rakshasa. It was a great shock to all.

This time, the scorched body did not slough, instead it began to recover like a dry tree revived in spring. When his physical body fully recovered, Minghe made a fist and felt completely transformed into a True Body of Rakshasa. Minghe slightly curled his lips and was delighted. The perfect physical body and the powerful force were just the way of Rakshasa that he had always pursued.

Seeing Minghe safely come through the Divine Punishment, Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin and Houtu all felt bitter. Five Sages acted together, however, they could not interfere with Minghe but instead fell into Minghe's trap. It was a great joke. What's more, they had made an enemy out of Minghe. Now Minghe successfully passed tribulation, thus they had to face Minghe's revenge. According to Minghe's crazy personality, God knew what he would do to them.

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