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After the 80th round of Tribulation Thunder, the last one didn't fall for a long time. During this time, Minghe finally had the opportunity to completely recover his physical body. Seeing the Clouds of Tribulation of the Divine Punishment show new changes, Minghe wore an unusually grave expression. The last round of tribulation thunder might be no trivial matter.

The large Clouds of Tribulation, which originally covered an area of a few square kilometers and spreading all over the sky, began to shrink slowly. They became smaller but emanated more frightening vital force of destruction, and even the Sages standing by felt a strong sense of crisis. The last round of Holy Thunder of Destruction was absolutely unparalleled by the former ones.

As the Clouds of Tribulation became smaller, the world became more oppressive. Feeling the strong fluctuation of the vital force of the Clouds of Tribulation, Minghe looked up. His pupils contracted slightly. This was··· the power of the Way of Heaven. Minghe did not expect the last round tribulation thunder to integrate the power of the Way of Heaven, and now he was in trouble.

Minghe came up with the idea of resisting the tribulation thunder with Magic Weapons for the first time, as the Clouds of Tribulation became so formidable that he was not entirely sure if he could withstand it without Magic Weapons. But in a flash, he gave up the idea. His physical body had successfully transformed except for his heart, and now was the perfect time to make use of the thunder to give it a strong blow.

If Minghe resisted the tribulation thunder with Magic Weapon, he was sure to pass the tribulation. But this way, his heart would fail to fully transform and his transformation could only be considered as half done. If he missed this opportunity, he did not know how much time it would take to fully transform his heart and fulfill his True Body of Rakshasa.

In this case, Minghe had to bear it with his physical body. He looked up to the Clouds of Tribulation which were about to be complete, with his blood and vital breath surging in his body, he hurriedly devoured the Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth and keeping recovering from the consumption on his physical body, to make the final preparations to meet the last round of tribulation thunder. Life or death, it depended on whether he would survive the last round of tribulation thunder.

"Boom···" As a loud clap of thunder came from Heaven and Earth, the Clouds of Tribulation of Divine Punishment finally completed its change. Originally it had covered an area of a few square kilometers and spread all over the sky, but now it shrank to less than one square kilometer. All Holy Thunders of Destruction had integrated into one, like a long gray dragon rolling in the Clouds of Tribulation.

"Boom···" There came another loud sound. At last, the Holy Thunder of Destruction finally fell, which terrified all who saw it. Even though the Thunder did not fell on them, just a glimpse of its power was enough to scare them. Even the Sages were scared when faced with the final Holy Thunder of Destruction.

When the Holy Thunder of Destruction fell, someone struck out, and it was more than one person. One stroke of the Auras of Yin and Yang from the south which was the direction of Mount Shouyang crossed the sky, while another came from The Nether World. The huge Bell of Chaos carried the power of earth, wind, water, and fire, and directly struck at Minghe who was bearing the Divine Punishment at that moment.

Everyone was shocked. They had never thought that Laozi and Houtu would both attacked Minghe at the last moment. Meanwhile, Honored Lord of the Origin and Two Sages of the West immediately kept a close a watch on Red Lotus Taoist, Musen, Puppet of Origin, Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie, so that they could prevent them if they took action.

However, people were surprised to see that Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie wanted to move but was in vain, while Red Lotus Taoist, Musen, and Puppet of Origin did not move an inch and they even showed no sign of intercepting the attacks from Laozi and Houtu. But Red Lotus Taoist and Musen didn't express any worries. Could it be that Minghe had made other arrangements?

"Movement of space and deceive thine eyes." As a light shout sounded in the air, the two powerful attacks disappeared in a flash, and then, there came two tremendously loud crashed. People followed the sound and found that Mount Shouyang and millions of mountains where the Wu Tribe lived were attacked and suffered a huge damage. Could it be caused by the two attacks just now?

Looking at the Bell of Chaos left in Mount Shouyang and the remaining air of Yin and Yang surrounding the millions of mountains of the Wu Tribe, everyone was stunned. The seemingly deadly strikes from Laozi and Houtu were even transferred, with Houtu's Bell of Chaos striking to Mount Shouyang and Laozi's air of Yin and Yang being transferred to Wu Tribe's mountains. No one had thought of such a result, and even Laozi and Houtu could not respond immediately.

Laozi and Houtu hardly take any action, but they gave all their strength when they strike out. However, they had never thought of such a result. Outside the Divine Punishment, Laozi suddenly appeared. His peaceful look no longer existed, instead, he showed a look of anger, which was the first time that people had seen an angery Laozi.

It was no wonder Laozi got angry. He did not expect Houtu's Bell of Chaos would hit his Mount Shouyang. If not for his quick response, the entire Mount Shouyang would have been destroyed. Even though he responded quickly, almost a small half of Mount Shouyang was destroyed, and lots of disciples of the Tribe of Humanity were killed and wounded. It was a great shame for Laozi as the gate of Mount Shouyang was destroyed and some of his disciples were killed and others wounded. Even if Laozi was a saint, he could no longer keep calm.

As for Houtu, she was quite furious. Anyway, Laozi blocked her Bell of Chaos and protected Mount Shouyang. But Laozi's air of Yin and Yang completely fell on the mountains where the Wu Tribe lived. Millions of mountains were greatly destroyed and countless tribesmen of the Wu Tribe died and were wounded. If Ancestor of sorcerer Xuan Ming had not initiated the Hall of Pangu, the Wu Tribe would have suffered a greater casualty.

In Royal Nu Wa Temple, Goddess Nvywa had a lingering fear when she saw such a result. Laozi had sent her a message through Spiritual Thoughts just now asking her to attack Minghe together with him, but she did not agree. Now it seemed that she had made the right decision, or the miasma land of the Demon Tribe would be what the millions of mountains of the Wu Tribe looked like.

It was all because of one person. Looking at the person who just appeared outside the Divine Punishment, Laozi and Houtu bitterly uttered a few words, "Heaven - and - Earth - Taoist." Well, Minghe's Three Separations all finally showed up. All were stunned to see Heaven and Earth Taoist easily deflecting Laozi and Houtu's attacks.

Looking at the angry Laozi and feeling the anger from The Nether World, Heaven and Earth Taoist said with a smile, "Laozi and Houtu, if you want to blame someone, just blame yourselves. If you hadn't acted, you wouldn't need to bear such a destructive result. If you still want a fight, then I'll give you a fight."

Hearing that, Laozi's anger gradually disappeared. He looked at Heaven and Earth Taoist and said coldly, "What a wonderful person Minghe is! I didn't expect him to hide so well that all his Three Separations have actualized the Realm of Origin, but only the Self-centric Separation is known to us. Apparently, Minghe is waiting for us to take action. How cunning."

Heaven and Earth Taoist said with a smile, "Laozi, is the actualization of us your business? Why should we tell you? In addition, if you don't have evil thoughts, things wouldn't be the way it is now. We don't want to hurt you, but you do. We are just taking preventive measures. Since you have taken action, you have to bear the consequences."

The consequence? All Sages were in a daze to hear the words of Heaven and Earth Taoist. Did Minghe make other preparations? After thinking it over, Laozi, Origin, Two Sages of the West and Houtu turned pale. Seeing this, Heaven and Earth Taoist asked with a smile, "Are you satisfied with our preparations?"

All living beings of Untainted Land were puzzled to see all Sages changed their expressions. What was able to make all Sages react like that? All living beings of Untainted Land could not figure out what preparations Minghe had made, but from their expressions, one thing for certain is that Minghe had hit their weaknesses.

Zhunti angrily looked at Heaven and Earth Taoist and said, "Heaven and Earth Taoist, do you really want to fight against us to death?" You even sent people to attack our gates. It's really detestable. I'll remember what happened today and settle it with you someday." After saying that, Zhunti wanted to leave but Puppet of Origin stood in front of him and blocked his way.

At this moment, Red Lotus Taoist who closed his eyes for rest suddenly stood up. He looked at all those Sages who wanted to retreat and with killing intent said, "Fight to death? Since you have already taken action, we're already in such a state. Now that you have come, do you think it's possible to retreat so easily?"

After Red Lotus Taoist said these words, murderous spirit appeared around his body. Black lotuses fell from Heaven, showing endless Menace Intent, which shocked all living beings of Untainted Land. Now all Sages wanted to leave, but Minghe's Three Separations did not let them go. It was insanity that they blocked all Sages and let the army of Ashura attack the Ashrams of all Sages. It was really true a fight - against all Sages - to their death.

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