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Thinking of this, Honored Lord of the Origin's face became darker. Minghe! He hid really deep, If he didn't pass the tribulation today, this secret would be kept forever. Looking at his Evil Separation, Honored Lord of the Origin said coldly, "What a man he is, that Minghe! It's really out of my expectation that you have a hidden weapon. It's an Evil Separation at Middle Stage of Origin separated from the Highest Grade primordial supreme treasure, Red Lotus of Fire at twenty-four grade. Does he want to catch us at our least guarded moment?"

Upon hearing Honored Lord of the Origin's words, all living beings of Untainted Land were shocked. An Evil Separation, a cultivation at Middle Stage of Origin and the primordial supreme treasure Red Lotus of Fire at Highest Grade twenty-four grade, each one was amazing! But now these three were combined as one. The impact brought on all living beings of Untainted Land was unimaginable. Not only did the Self-centric Separation of Minghe actualized, but also his Evil Separation with an even higher cultivation than the Self-centric Separation, which shocked everyone.

Red Lotus Taoist laughed and said,"Hahaha! Honored Lord of the Origin, your thought is parochial to gentleman's heart. I once appeared in Untainted Land, but you were not aware of it. Do you still remember the Mysterious Sign of actualizing the Realm of Origin twice in Blood Sea? In the past, you kept thinking Your Veneration was the first Origin in Untainted Land. Actually, I actualized the Realm of Origin earlier than Your Veneration."

With that being said, all of them remembered all of a sudden. There were indeed mysterious signs of actualizing the Realm of Origin twice in Blood Sea which happened. But they did not give it much thought and assumed it was caused by Minghe. However, at that time Blood Sea was blocked by a big formation and no one knew exactly what happened there.

Now thinking about it, there were indeed two people that actualized the Realm of Origin. One was Minghe and the other was the Evil Separation of Minghe, Red Lotus Taoist. Thinking of this, no one knew what to say. The Evil Separation of Minghe even actualized earlier than himself, which was an astonishing move.

By giving it a count, people could say Minghe was extremely terrorizing. Excluding his force, just his own strength only would make him the first cultivator in Untainted Land. Minghe himself, Evil Separation Red Lotus Taoist, Self-centric Separation Musen, as well as Puppet of Origin, they were already four formidable force of Origin. Even Tongtian Sect Leader of who was in charge of God-killing Sword Formation might not be able to defeat Minghe.

When Red Lotus Taoist appeared, the strong intention to fight rose immediately in the Jadeite Palace. Everyone was shocked to find that even Tongtian had warring intention. Was he also going to intervene? When the warring intention dispersed and there was silence in the Jadeite Palace but Sect Leader Tongtian did not appear, which made the people admire him.

Even though Tongtian knew that Minghe had the ability to break his God-killing Sword Formation and defeat him, he did not move a single step. The only thing he showed was an endless warring intention to fight against Minghe. In comparison, Honored Lord of Origin seemed uncouth.

At this time, Honored Lord of the Origin was in a tight spot as Red Lotus Taoist blocked his way and he could not hurt Minghe even the slightest bit. Honored Lord of the Origin didn't know how long it would take to defeat Red Lotus Taoist even if he could, after all, Red Lotus Taoist had the cultivation at the middle stage of Origin and the original body of Red Lotus of Fire. But Honored Lord of the Origin knew that even if he defeated Red Lotus Taoist, by that time, Minghe might have already passed the Divine Punishment.

However, the strong warring intention arising from Tongtian made Honored Lord of Origin delightful - but only for a split moment - and his delight disappeared as Tongtian did not take any action at all, making Honored Lord of Origin extremely angry. His embarrassing situation could be relieved immediately if Tongtian took some action, but he did not.

Now it became embarrassing. Among the Three Pure Ones, only Honored Lord of the Origin laid his hand on Minghe, Anyhow, by taking advantage of Minghe's precarious situation. What was most ridiculous was that this risk-taking was not successful. Regardless of whether or not Minghe would be successful in passing tribulation, Honored Lord of the Origin would become a laughing stock in Untainted Land. Even if no one dared to speak out publicly, this stain would still exist.

Red Lotus Taoist naturally understood Honoured Lord of the Origin's thought, but he did not say anything. What he had to do was to stop Honoured Lord of the Origin and prevent him from disturbing Minghe. As for the others, it had nothing to do with him. Red Lotus of Fire's figured suddenly appeared under Red Lotus Taoist's feet. He slowly sat down cross-legged with Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword suspending at his sides; firmly locking Honored Lord of the Origin with all his aura.

Watching Red Lotus Taoist doing so, menace intent appeared distinctly on the face of Honored Lord of the Origin. The essential qi of Pangu Banner surged in his hand and it seemed to be ready for a battle. Red Lotus Taoist saw it, said smilingly, "Origin, we are equivalent in power. If we start a fight, I'm afraid it's difficult to determine who is the winner in a short time. I just have one question. If Untainted Land is destroyed, I'm wondering whether it will affect you Sages."

As Red Lotus Taoist said so, Honored Lord of the Origin stopped his action immediately, even Two Sages of the West stopped. It might seem like a statement of unimportance by Red Lotus Taoist, but it was a risk indeed. If the Untainted Land was destroyed, the Way of Heaven would be damaged which would naturally affect the Sages. By saying this at this moment was a huge blow to the sages by Red Lotus Taoist.

Looking at the mess around them, all Sages only came to realize that the battle between Two Sages of the West and Minghe had already caused nearby lands in Untainted Land to become broken. If the battle between Honoured Lord of the Origin and Red Lotus Taoist started, what would it become? It was known that the destructive power of the supreme treasure like Pangu Banner in Honoured Lord of the Origin's hand was absolutely extraordinary.

Red Lotus Taoist's words immediately made Honored Lord of the Origin and Two Sages of the West extinguish the intention to start fighting again. If Untainted Land became fragmented because of the battle, Ancestor Hongjun would come out for sure, no matter the cause they three would be inexcusable. Besides, when Untainted Land became fragmented, the Way of Heaven would be damaged as a result for sure. By then it would also cause an impact to their power.

But even if they could not fight again, they did not recede but instead stubbornly stared at those at Minghe's side, with the hope in their heart that some other Sages would come to fight. Among the remaining four Sages, as long as there was one to fight against Minghe, Minghe might still lose. But it was obvious that the Sect Leader Tongtian had no intention to fight, then they could only place their hopes on the remaining three.

These three Sages stared at both the Evil Separation and Self-centric Separation of Minghe, as well as his Puppet of Origin. Zhengyuanzi and Cangjie made them unable to pay attention to anything else. The three Sages were stopped by them just now but now the three Sages stopped them instead, aiming to create opportunities for the next Sage to start the battle.

What a pity for them. As time pass, Minghe had survived another round of Holy Thunder of Destruction, but there was not any Sage with warring intention. Honored Lord of the Origin and Two Sages of the West became anxious. Did they have to see Minghe safely pass the tribulation? If so, by that time, Minghe would have a True Body of Rakshasa and no one in Untainted Land could subdue him.

Under Divine Punishment, Minghe was focused to resist the Holy Thunder of Destruction, which was already the 80th round of tribulation thunder. After surviving this round, as long as Minghe resisted the last round, he would have succeeded in passing the Divine Punishment and getting recognition of the Way of Heaven. The transformation of his True Body of Rakshasa had almost finished. The last part was the only part missing from the transformation, and that was his heart.

Different from Primordial Mazinger, the heart was the core of Rakshasa. When Minghe made the transactions with Wu Tribe, he felt the strong vital force of Rakshasa in the depth of Hall of Pangu. According to Minghe's speculation, Pangu's heart might have been left behind, and now he was transforming into the True Body of Rakshasa. The last part of the transformation was the heart, which further affirms his theory that the heart was the strongest and the core of a Rakshasa.

Feeling his own True Body of Rakshasa about to transform successfully, Minghe did not feel excited. No surprise nor delight, as placid as a dead sea. He knew that the last round of Divine Punishment Tribulation Thunder was a crucial moment. Its power might be far stronger than that of all the tribulation thunder before. It would be not too late to celebrate after he survived the last round of tribulation thunder.

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