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After they went back to Blood Sea, they informed Minghe about it. Minghe didn't say anything except telling them to begin preparations. If Minghe was still alive after the three hundred years, this wedding would definitely be the most magnificent in Untainted Land.

Minghe originally thought that Liu Er's wedding would be held before his tribulation, however, it was arranged for three hundred years later. Now that the physical body of Minghe had achieved its full cultivation, if it hadn't been suppressed intentionally, Minghe would be facing Divine Punishment for his transition into Rakshasa. However, despite the fact that Minghe had suppressed it intentionally, the Divine Punishment would befall 240 years later. This was called the induction between Heaven and humans and the warnings from one's mind of Taoism.

For mankind 240 years seems to be a lifetime, but to Minghe it was just a snap of his fingers. Fortunately, he had started making preparations before he came back to Untainted Land. Besides, with the help of his three Separations, he might be able to get through this calamity safely.

And there was still an alternative for Minghe. It was a fact that as long as the Blood Sea was not totally arid, Minghe wouldn't be dead. But in that way, Minghe would have to abandon his physical body and the law of Rakshasa that he had always insisted, which was not an easy choice for Minghe.

Looking up towards Heaven, Minghe calmed down without the slightest sign of nervousness. It was the truth the great way asked for and he would never retreat. Now that Minghe was already on this path, he would not leave a way out for himself. Once he retreated, it would mean the destruction of his mind of Taoism, then he would be not destined for the Great Way. If he was going to do it, he would go all out with no hesitation.

While Minghe was making the final preparations, Liu Er was arranging his own wedding happily. Nevertheless, it was impossible for a monkey to prepare for a wedding, so Kong Xuan helped with most of it. As for Black Tortoise, he had already fallen asleep somewhere. There was no way that he would care for such stuff. To him, there was nothing more important than sleeping.

Kong Xuan was quite prudent and handled the wedding arrangements and ceremony details logically. In Untainted Land, an oath would suffice for two immortals to become Taoist partners. But this was different, in this wedding, one was the disciple of Lord of Blood Sea and the other was the younger sister of the Jade Emperor of Heavenly Court. So it couldn't be held perfunctorily, at least it should be as grand as the marriage of Emperor Jun and Xihe in accordance with their status.

The Sacred Island in Blood Sea was founded by Minghe, after Minghe's actualization he refined it again and laid out a large number of forbidden formations and tactical formations. The island was very rich in Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth, treasures and Exotic Beasts could be seen everywhere. It was quite easy to find Spiritual Roots of Heaven and Earth too. With a few decorations, it could be used as a wedding venue.

These arrangements were not the most complicated in comparison to delivering invitation cards. Kong Xuan was in charge of delivering the invitation cards to all Sages and Almighty in Untainted Land. As to the others, Water Kylin, the mount of Liu Er, had to complete the task. However it was not an easy feat, taking the massive area of Untainted Land into consideration, it would at least take hundreds of years to deliver all of them.

Blood Sea had started preparations and so had the Heavenly Court set about preparing for it too. Haotian announced to everyone in Untainted Land on a grand scale. So it didn't take long before the news that Liu Er, the first disciple of Ancestor Minghe, was going to marry Haotian's younger sister spread all over Untainted Land. Untainted Land was filled with astonishment.

For thousands of years, Liu Er and Yaoji had journeyed together through Untainted Land, which was no secret. Still, it was shocking that Liu Er married Yaoji in such a high profile. One of them represented Blood Sea, and the other was from Heavenly Court. Their becoming of Taoist partners meant the alliance of Blood Sea and Heavenly Court.

Heavenly Court was not that significant. Although Haotian was the owner of Heavenly Court authorized by Honourable Ancestor to be in charge of the management of Untainted Land, Heavenly Court couldn't completely take charge of Untainted Land. Ashram of the Sages, Blood Sea, The Nether World, Coast of the East Sea, the millions of mountains in Wu Tribe, the land of miasma in Demon Tribe, the sea in The Northern Underworld and so on. So many places were out of his jurisdiction, Haotian couldn't do anything about it either.

However, Blood Sea was quite different. After all, Haotian hadn't even actualized while Minghe had profound cultivation. He took charge of Blood Sea, The Nether World, Shura tribe, and numerous ghost soldiers. Musen, his Selfcentric Separation, was even Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe and a mighty of The Origin. The Holy Land of Human Tribe was basically in the charge of Musen. At the same time, it seemed that Zhenyuanzi in Earth Immortal's Residence followed his lead. With such power, he was completely qualified to be called the first in Untainted Land.

Therefore, once Liu Er and Yaoji became Taoist partners, Heavenly Court's status would definitely go up. If Minghe supported him, Haotian would certainly be more confident when confronted with the Sages. On the other hand, their marriage meant that Minghe had already interfered with the affairs of Heavenly Court. No matter what Minghe had in mind, that was the thought of others.

Under such circumstances, all were shocked by the fact that somehow Minghe had connections with the three strongest forces in Untainted Land, which were Heavenly Court, Earth Immortal's Residence and the Holy Land of Human Tribe. What's more, the Nether World was under his control. Compared with Minghe, the other Sages were obviously much weaker.

Having heard about the marriage between Liu Er and Yaoji, all Sages in Untainted Land had different reactions. There were Laozi, Tongtian, Goddess Nvywa and Houtu who seemed calm and composed towards it. To do nothing was Laozi's actions while hiding everything in his mind so that no one would know his real intention. Tongtian had originated the Clan of Severity, so his focus was on Shang Dynasty then. Even if Minghe interfered with affairs of Heavenly Court, it would do no harm to him. As for Goddess Nvywa and Houtu, this marriage had nothing to do with them, since it would not implicate both Sorcerer and Demon tribes.

On the other hand, there was someone who was not composed like the Honored Lord of the Origin who was quite resentful. As one of the Three Pure Ones and a direct descendant of Pangu, he had already lost to Tongtian when fighting for Taoism lineage in Human Tribe. Now he had to watch Minghe interfering with Heavenly Court while he could do nothing about it, it's a given that he was not happy. Thinking about Minghe and comparing his Clan of Enlightenment against him, there was a vast difference.

As for the Two Sages of the West, Jieyin was filled with bitterness. It had been the Three Pure Ones that they had been worried about previously. If they make a move, the Three Pure Ones would be their biggest opponent. But now, it turned out that Minghe was the one they had to be cautious about. Without making any commotion, Minghe had his power all over Untainted Land. If things continue being the way it is, the prosperity of Western Religious Sect would be unforeseeable.

Zhunti, however, was very jealous and envious. After much plotting, someone else got the benefits instead. He had schemed to get Yaoji in the first place but Liu Er got in the way and eventually married Yaoji. Even though he did succeed in scheming Yaochi's adopted sister, but Peach Blossom Fairy could not be compared to Yaoji.

With so many invitations sent out, it became more and more bustling in Untainted Land. All those who had received the invitations started preparing for it. This was a marriage between Blood Sea and Heavenly Court, which they couldn't handle casually. If they offended the two because of a lack of courtesy, it would mean the end of their peaceful life.

In the hall of the Royal Nu Wa Temple stood Kong Xuan, who handed over the invitation card reverently. Goddess Nvywa extended her hand and took it. With a slight glimpse, she said calmly, "I have known about it. If I have time, I will surely attend the ceremony in person."

The words from Goddess Nvywa was quite ambiguous, and it was all up to her whether to come or not. By the time of the big day, if none of the Sages came, she definitely wouldn't go either. Then she would ask Ling Zhuzi to attend on behalf of her. However, if all the other Sages went, she would attend for sure. If not, she would thwart Minghe's expectation. As a result, she didn't give a definite answer.

Kong Xuan knew what Goddess Nvywa meant, but this time he had other work to do other than inviting Goddess Nvywa to the wedding. So he said, "Goddess, my master told me that you are in control of the Red Woven Ball, so you're able to certify the marriages among Heaven, Earth, and humans. Years ago, Emperor Jun married Xihe through a Heavenly Marriage. Today my elder brother and Yaoji are going to be Taoist partners through an earth marriage, and I hope that you can help them."

Having heard Kong Xuan's words, Goddess Nvywa's eyes suddenly brightened. Minghe was right, the red woven ball could certify the marriages of Heaven, Earth, and humans. However, after the Heavenly Marriage, Goddess Nvywa never had the chance to confirm the other two marriages. It was not because of the lack of candidates so much as her status. As a Sage, she wouldn't condescend herself to casually choose humans to certify the two marriages, which would be too disgraceful for her. So after the Heavenly Marriage, Earthly Marriage and Humanly Marriage hadn't been confirmed until now.

Now Liu Er and Yaoji's marriage could fulfill the Earthly Marriage and they held high status. So it was quite a good choice to confirm their marriage as Earthly Marriage. Moreover, it was obviously the idea of Minghe and Goddess Nvywa could also obtain Merit through confirming an Earthly Marriage. If she missed this chance, it would be really difficult to find other appropriate candidates.

This would kill two birds with one stone for Goddess Nvywa. Red Woven Ball was in control of Heavenly Marriage, Earthly Marriage, and Human Marriage. When the three were not confirmed, consequently, it couldn't get its Merit fulfilled. After confirming the Heavenly Marriage, Goddess Nvywa found the power of the Red Woven Ball became stronger. So this time, if Earthly Marriage was confirmed too, the power would be even stronger than it is now. By the time when all of the three marriages were confirmed, Red Woven Ball would fulfill its Merit, and its power would reach its extreme.

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