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On the other hand, Minghe was surprised at Kong Xuan. Kong Xuan's cultivation was only at the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be, however, his vital force appeared quite elegant as if he was a renowned scholar. Minghe smilingly thought, "Unlike Liu Er, Kong Xuan was strong-minded and full of perseverance." He dared to walk on a road that had never been walked before him, with his tenacity and courage he might be a master of his own way in the future.

As for Black Tortoise, it was the first meeting between them. Minghe didn't know what he should say. Black Tortoise's cultivation was at the peak level of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, he also attained the invulnerable Golden Body of Martial Arts from his turtle shell mixed with the Blood of Essence together. Based on Musen's teachings and his extraordinary aptitude, and considering that he was a Primordial Mazinger at the level of Sage-to-be in his past life, if he was willing to make some effort he would have been a Sage-to-be. However, he was just too lazy to do so.

Each disciple had their own characteristics and strengths in cultivation, which was not bad. Gazing at them, Minghe said, "I'm proud of you, my dear disciples. I gather you here today, firstly, to check up your cultivation during these days. Black Tortoise, although I'm seeing you for the first time, I've been keeping tabs on you for a long time. Your Golden Body of Martial Arts is very good indeed, but you're too lazy. Otherwise, you would have been in the Sage-to-be Realm."

Black Tortoise replied and said, "Master, you've misunderstood me. It seems that I'm just sleeping the day away, however, I'm cultivating at the same time. That's how I've reached my current cultivation." Black Tortoise hastened to explain for fear that Minghe asked him to do Closed Door Meditation. He would have no time to sleep if that happened.

Minghe laughed and said nothing. Black Tortoise had always cultivated in a particular way, he would make a breakthrough to the Sage-to-be sooner or later. At that time, he would remember his past life, which would help promote his cultivation at lightning speed. There was definitely nothing for him to worry about.

Minghe then looked to Liu Er and said, "Liu Er, you seem to have led a carefree life during the last thousands of years. You've traveled in Untainted Land together with Haotian's younger sister Yaoji, and have also taken in a disciple. Why haven't you brought her here today? She is the third generation of our sect, I should give some welcome gifts to her."

Listening to Minghe's words, Liu Er blushes furiously and said shyly, "She is still a little girl and always follows Yaoji around. Yaoji returned to the Heavenly Court last time and brought the little girl with her. I hurried back thus I had no time to bring her here."

Looking at Liu Er being bashful, Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise couldn't help and giggled. Minghe also laughed and said, "Liu Er, don't be shy. Since you've fallen in love with Yaoji, you should marry her then. As my eldest disciple, you are still well matched with Haotian's sister. I've prepared betrothal gifts for you. Now you three go to the Heavenly Court together and propose the marriage to Haotian, all right?"

Liu Er's face was burning like mad. He said excitedly, "Thanks a lot, master." Liu Er instantly received the red gift box given by Minghe and left for the Heavenly Court together with Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise.

Minghe percieved Liu Er's haste and laughed. From Minghe's previous world, traditionally as the elder, the marriage should have been proposed by Minghe but it was a critical moment for Minghe physical transformation. If the Sages had discovered something unusual and made preparations earlier, it would do great harm to Minghe.

Although Haotian was the Jade Emperor, he was simply Yaoji's older brother. Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise could express the sincerity on the behalf of Minghe. Besides, the betrothal gifts were quite precious, even the Sages would be envious, not to mention Haotian.

Arriving at the Heavenly Court, Liu Er, Kong Xuan, and Black Tortoise went straight to the Jasper Lake, led by the fairy maiden. The Jasper Lake was the place where Haotian and Yaochi lived, no one could enter without permission. As they were disciples of Minghe, and the relationship between Liu Er and Yaoji, Haotian naturally entertained them in the Jasper Lake.

As soon as they entered the Jasper Lake, Yaoji led a little girl to them. Yaoji and Liu Er greeted each other with a gentle smile, while the little girl rushed into Liu Er's arms and said happily, "Master, did you come here to see me? I miss you so much." She was Liu Er's disciple, the daughter of Peach Blossom Fairy and Yang Tianyou, Yang Chan.

Liu Er patted her little head and laughingly said, "I miss you too." At the very beginning when Yaoji found baby Yang Chan and asked Liu Er to save the girl, Liu Er took her in as a disciple and taught her cultivation. Therefore, Yang Chan depended greatly on Liu er.

Haotian and Yaochi came in together. Seeing Liu Er, Kong Xuan, and Black Tortoise, Haotian laughed and said, "My my. It's Fellow Taoist Minghe's disciples, what can I do for you?" Although Haotian had not reached the Origin yet, he had a good relation with Hongjun, so he had always called the Sages and Minghe as Fellow Taoist. Of course, all Sages had no comment about it.

The three of them bowed to Haotian and Liu Er said, "Your Majesty, an honest man do not hide his words. I come here today to seek Yaoji's hand in marriage. These are betrothal gifts my teacher prepared. I beseech your majesty to take the gifts and approve of our marriage."

Hearing Liu Er's bold words, Yaoji's face flushed furiously. She shyly ran away with Yang Chan who knew nothing about the situation. Haotian and Yaochi were also shocked. They had never thought that Liu Er came here today to make a proposal. Besides, the betrothal gifts were given by Minghe. Obviously, Minghe had agreed for Liu er to do so.

Haotian felt a little unhappy that Minghe was absent on such an important occasion. If he could not come in person, he should send one of his Three Separations on behalf of him. However, only Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise accompanied Liu Er. It seemed that Minghe showed no respect to the Jade Emperor.

Yaochi was aware of Haotian's sulkiness, she pulled at Haotian's sleeves and silently imploring him to calm down. As the Jade Emperor, Haotian was used to masking his temper and could control himself. After all, Yaoji had fallen in love with Liu er, so he would not lose his temper.

Haotian took the box and see within with his Spiritual Thoughts and was greatly shocked. Haotian's expression gave rise to Yaochi's curiosity. She also used her Spiritual Thoughts to see the box and showed a similar expression.

It seemed like an ordinary gift box, but there was something unusual in it. It was a small space containing 81 Spiritual Treasures which were all at the primordial level. No wonder Haotian and Yaochi were shocked. As betrothal gifts, 81 primordial spiritual treasures were overtly precious.

Although most of these 81 primordial spiritual treasures were Low Grade, the gifts were still too extravagant. Haotian's sulkiness disappeared at once. Even if Minghe had come in person, there was nothing to be gained from it. Instead, the betrothal gifts were more useful, with the primordial spiritual treasures the strength of the Heavenly Court would definitely proceed to the next level.

Haotian satisfactorily received the betrothal gifts and happily said, "Liu Er, I approve of your marriage with Yaoji. I only have one sister, so I hope you can protect her with everything you have. I am speaking to you as a brother instead of the Jade Emperor. Can you understand me?"

Liu Er patted his chest and said determinedly, "I understand. I may not be a perfect man but no one can hurt Yaoji, even the Sages, so long as I'm alive." Liu Er had fought against Honoured Lord of the Origin in the past, he did not fear the Sages at all.

Yaochi also smiled and said, "All right, come in and talk. Now that the marriage has been settled, we should choose an auspicious day to hold the wedding. It's related to the reputation of the Heavenly Court and the Blood Sea, so we must be careful."

They discussed in the Jasper Lake for a long time and finally fixed the marriage on an auspicious day 300 years later. At that time, the whole world would join in the jubilation. They would invite all sects and tribes to the Sacred Island of Blood Sea. After all the details had been finally decided, Liu Er, Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise went back to the Blood Sea and reported the news to Minghe.

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