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In Untainted Land, Minghe only feared Hongjun. If Minghe had known that things would turn out this way, he would definitely not let Luohou's remaining soul go. Instead, he would have read Luohou's memories and gotten something useful out of it. Now he had to start exploring from the beginning.

After organizing his thoughts, Minghe stopped investigating. The most important thing at the moment was to make preparations for the interception. After the adventure in the Choas, Minghe's physical body had been in the perfect condition and would soon transfer into the Rakshasa's body. Of course, Minghe knew about the dangers it brought.

Pangu separated Heaven and Earth, thus created the Untainted Land, and caused the 3,000 Mazingers to die. The Rakshasas were undoubtedly powerful. Having the strongest bodies, their cultivations of the Divine Law nearly reached a level of the Great Way. They had ruled the Chaos for a very long time. Because of this, the Great Way would not allow them to appear in a new world. As a result, the great calamity fell. Pangu created the new world and killed all 3,000 Mazingers.

Now that Minghe decided to disobey the Heaven and transfer into the Rakshasa, which was not tolerated by the Way of the Heaven in Untainted Land. When the Divine Punishment would come, the power would be overwhelmingly strong and destroy both Heaven and Earth. Therefore, Minghe should be best prepared to avoid being killed by the Divine Punishment.

Besides the Divine Punishment, Minghe was more concerned about the human-made misfortunes. In Untainted Land, Minghe was one of the top masters. Only Laozi, Origin, Tongtian, Houtu, and Jieyin could match with him in strength. As for the influence, Minghe was also the strongest. When it came to the Nether World and Ashura tribe, all Sages felt ashamed of their inferiority. To speak of the Luck, Minghe probably had the best one in Untainted Land.

The wind would damage the flourishing trees in the forest. Minghe was becoming stronger which caused that more Sages wanted to kill him. However, there was no proper opportunity. Although Minghe was the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin and not wasn't immortality like a Sage, it was not easy to kill him. Only if they could kill him with one shot would they be able to, or it would spell endless trouble in the future.

By the time Minghe transferred into the Rakshasa, the Divine Punishment would fall. When he was hanging by a thread, all Sages in Untainted Land would take action. Being trapped by both the Divine Punishment and the Sages, Minghe would be reduced to a submissive position and would hardly be able to escape from death.

For this reason, Minghe had to be well prepared. With a flick of his hand, four talismans flew out. Shortly after a person came to the Sacred Island, it was precisely Musen, Minghe's Self-centric Separation. Musen's cultivation reached the level of the Early Stage of the Origin. The power of his Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts became stronger. The way he behaved all tallied with the Way of Martial Arts.

Musen saw Minghe and said laughingly, "Your Veneration, it seems that you've got many rewards from the adventure to the Choas. You've even obtained the character "Bao," which was equally valued with the character 'Wu.' What a gratifying news! What can I do for you now?"

Minghe showed a severe look and said, "After this tour to the Choas, my Body Tempering is completed, and soon it will be transferred into the body of Rakshasa. It'll be extremely dangerous. When the Divine Punishment falls, I have to focus on the transformation and pay no attention to anything else. You, the Good Separation and the Evil Separation should protect me well."

Listening to Minghe's words, Musen's smile disappeared. He slightly frowned and said, "Your Veneration, you're afraid that other Sages will take advantage of your difficulties, aren't you? This was indeed the case. Since we've got a lot of Luck in the Human Tribe, we've already made an enemy of most of the Sages. This time while you endure the Divine Punishment, some of them will certainly take action."

Minghe nodded and said, "You're right. But I'm not sure who will fight against me at that time, so we'd better make preparations for the worst situation. I need your help, and the Veridical Martial Origin Formation will also help me a lot."

Musen hesitated for a while and frowned. He said, "Your Veneration, I'm afraid there are some difficult matters. Although the Martial Arts of the Human Tribe is becoming stronger. They're humans and won't interfere between the Sages and us. Even if they have arranged the Veridical Martial Origin Formation, there probably will be no effect."

Minghe smiled and softly spoke a name, which made Musen excited instantly. Musen clapped his hands and shouted, "Great! I shouldn't have forgotten about him! He'll be a great surprise. Your Veneration, will you invite someone else?"

Minghe shook his head and said emotionlessly, "I'm not quite a good man. However, I'm absolutely clear about love and enmity. I'll treat others the way they treat me. A friend is never known till one is the need. All in all, God helps those who help themselves."

Musen nodded and laughed. He said, "Right. You've done a lot of things before, now let's see whether you'll be rewarded. In this case, I'll do as you've planed. Farewell." Musen then left the Sacred Island.

Minghe knew precisely what Musen would do. As for Musen, it would take some time to have the job finished. On the other hand, Minghe could have some more time to make arrangements. It was a matter of life and death; he could never be too careful to cope with.

Minghe flicked with his hand and a monster, which was doll-sized, had three heads and six arms, appeared in the center of the palm. It was the Rare Beast of Chaos which was killed by him in the Choas, and its body had reached the level of the Origin. Although it had died, his power remained. And now, it came in handy at last.

Minghe took his hands back, and the corpse of the Rare Beast of Chaos disappeared. Three figures came in and bowed to Minghe together, they said, "Liu Er, Kong Xuan, Black Tortoise come back now. We hope everything is going well." Liu er and Kong Xuan had traveled in Untainted Land for many years, and the Black Tortoise now met Minghe for the first time.

Looking at Liu Er and Kong Xuan, Minghe was satisfied. Thousands of years' tour helped them grow. Their cultivation and vital forces were more mature than before. As their teacher, Minghe was delighted. His efforts had been rewarded now.

Liu Er's cultivation was still in the Late Stage of Sage-to-be, but his cultivation of the Divine Law had significantly improved. Minghe felt delighted that Liu Er had liberated his nature. Liu Er was such a carefree man that he had even dared to eavesdrop Minghe's teaching when he was only a Veridical Immortal. If not for Minghe, Liu Er probably dared to wiretap Honourable Ancestor's teachings.

Since Liu Er became Minghe's direct disciple, he had begun to follow Minghe's behavior and repressed his nature. As the chief disciple, Liu Er should be solemn before Kong Xuan. Minghe perceived his constraint, but he said nothing. Liu Er should find out the fact all by himself. Now that Liu Er had been himself entirely, Minghe felt happy. When he finally comprehend the obsession, he could eliminate the fixation by the Origin of the last Four Monkeys of Destruction. Under such circumstances, Liu Er would soon reach the level of the Origin.

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