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What should he do with the character 'Bao'? Minghe was having second thoughts about it. Like him, Heaven and Earth Taoist, and Red Lotus Taoist had also enlightened two divine laws. If he passed this law to either of them, it would slow down their cultivation. But his Selfcentric Separation, Musen, was a great candidate as he had only enlightened the Law of Martial Arts.

Minghe contacted Musen using Spiritual Thoughts to ask about his opinion, but the latter evidently showed no interest in the character. Watching the character in his hand, he really didn't know how to deal with it.

Just then, an idea struck him. When the character fell from the heaven in the Treasures World, his Cauldron of Heaven and Earth had stirred a little. He didn't take notice of it then but it seemed that the cauldron had been yearning for the character.

With a wave of his hand, he summoned the cauldron. The cauldron was his Spiritual Treasure and he knew it like the back of his hand. Upon closer examination, he discovered the cauldron's great yearning for the character. This urge to take the character as its own was something it had never shown before.

When he put the Origin that Lord of Numerous Treasures had left and some Origin of Chaos into his cauldron while refining the primordial supreme treasure, the cauldron didn't react much. Yet it had such an extreme reaction to the character 'Bao'. It was indeed peculiar.

Looking at the cauldron and then looking at the character in his hands, Minghe suddenly laughed. Since the character wasn't useful to him, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to feed it to the cauldron to find out what it wanted. Perhaps a surprise would be waiting for him.

He released the limits on the character and sent it in front of the cauldron, looking hopeful about the outcome. The cauldron emitted a great force, sucking in the character in the blink of an eye. Minghe felt the cauldron absorbing the character directly into its core Origin.

That wasn't the most important part. What was surprising was the character merging with the Origin of the cauldron and changing the latter a great deal. With a smile on his face, Minghe gazed at the cauldron as it transformed. "Good. This is good. This way, the character won't be wasted. Since you like it, I'll give you a hand."

Minghe lifted his hand and drew Talisman Symbols in the air using his index finger and middle finger together as a brush. These were no ordinary symbols. Each was formed from the Law of Heaven and Earth. When one Divine Law Talisman Symbol was immersed in the cauldron, the light of the cauldron would become brighter. When all 129,600 symbols were immersed in the cauldron, Minghe stopped.

With the help of the Divine Law Talisman Symbol and the character 'Bao', the cauldron transformed into a glamorous new treasure that bathed in green light. Seeing this Mysterious Sign, Minghe waved his hands to block the Blood Sea with the Cosmic Stars Formation above this area. The formation would prevent the Mysterious Sign from being revealed. It was better to keep the transformation a secret. After all, the cauldron was a primordial supreme treasure. It wasn't a trivial matter to enhance it.

With a loud boom, the cauldron exploded with intense light and the primordial Treasures Aura scattered all around the Blood Sea. The Cosmic Stars Banner seemed to sense the benefits of the aura and began absorbing it. When the aura was entirely absorbed, the whole set of Cosmic Stars Banner leveled up.

The Cosmic Stars Banner that Minghe had refined was a Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. One banner didn't even count as a Primordial Spiritual Treasure and was ranked between primordial spiritual treasure and Postcelestial Spiritual Treasure. After taking a long time refining with the Origin of the Stars, the whole set of banners was finally upgraded into a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure.

After absorbing so much aura, the set of banners finally became a Primordial Spiritual Treasure and the individual banners became Low-Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures. This was an unexpected outcome. If it laid down Cosmic Stars Formation now, it would take even the Sages some trouble to break it.

However, the Cosmic Stars Banner wasn't all that important. It was nothing more than something that Minghe created to absorb the power of cosmic stars so that the Blood God Doppelganger and the Clone of Blood God could be created. What he really cared about was the cauldron that had become more powerful after its transformation. Minghe could feel it finally becoming complete.

With the upgrade, the cauldron was now a Highest Grade Primordial Supreme Treasure. When Minghe moved his fingers, the cauldron shrank instantly until it was only about three inches. He held it in his hand and took a closer look at it. He found the Talisman Symbol around the cauldron to be more mysterious in appearance. The 129,600 Divine Law Talisman Symbols he had drawn was taken by the cauldron as nutrition for its enhancement.

When he checked the inner side of the cauldron, the original chaotic space was now split into heaven and earth. There was a small world inside of the cauldron, full of the aura of the Heaven and Earth as well as the Primordial Aura. The two unique aura were produced from the Origin of the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. They continued to merge into the cauldron, constantly strengthening it. From the looks of it, the last stop of the cauldron's journey wouldn't just be a Primordial Supreme Treasure.

A chaotic level of the Spiritual Treasure? The thought alone was enough to excite Minghe, though he didn't know the ranks of the chaotic-level Spiritual Treasure ranks. The Pangu Axe, the Jade Butterfly of Fate, and the Green Lotus of Fate were all chaotic-level Supreme Treasures that a Primordial Supreme Treasure could never rival. If his cauldron transformed into something like that, how awesome would that be?

This trip to the Chaos had broadened Minghe's horizons. Though Untainted Land was a world full of powers, it might not be Minghe's stage for long. It wasn't a place that could compare to the size of the Chaos. The density of the Chaos was something worth pondering. Just wait for it! When he became strong enough, he would travel to all corners of the Chaos.

Holding the cauldron in his hand, Minghe couldn't help feeling warm inside. The cauldron had been quite handy and helpful but he couldn't wait to try it now that it was strengthened with the character 'Bao'. He wanted to refine weapons instantly to see if there would be any changes in his creations.

The minute Minghe held out his right hand, the cauldron left his palm and returned to its normal size. He shook his left hand and summoned a Spiritual Treasure, a Top Grade Ruler of Heaven and Earth. Of course, it wouldn't look as mighty as the cauldron by comparison now. Minghe planned to refine it now that the cauldron had leveled up.

Before this, he would need to break the structure of the ruler to refine it. But now that Minghe had learned the Tao of refining, he didn't have to do something so troublesome. However, without materials of Heaven and Earth properties, he could only upgrade it a little. If he had the materials, he could easily refine it into a Primordial Supreme Treasure.

The refinement of the ruler was simple. As it transformed, the limits of the ruler transcended. Minghe split the Divine Law Talisman Symbol in the cauldron so that its power could be improved. When the ruler came out of the cauldron, it was already a Highest Grade Spiritual Treasure.

It was just as he had expected. Once the cauldron was improved, the refinery process became much easier. He also found out that the ruler was well nourished with the Treasures Aura and became much powerful than before. More importantly, the character 'Bao' trembled with the Divine Law and the latter merged with the ruler. Thus, even if the ruler was still a primordial spiritual treasure, its real power had transcended that.

Minghe looked at the ruler of Heaven and Earth with satisfaction and waved his hands, sending it off to the Humanly Flower. Heaven and Earth Taoist was meditating there, while Red Lotus Taoist was meditating in the Earthly Flower. Minghe could clearly sense them getting stronger and stronger. This simple fact relieved him as they could be facing a severe battle shortly. He wasn't certain if they could make it.

After packing up the cauldron, Minghe's attention was suddenly drawn to the sky. He had left for his trip to Chaos this time for several thousands of years. The Sages surprisingly didn't even make a move. Evidently, they hadn't found out about this. But one person knew for sure and that was Hongjun. But he didn't make a move either and that was the strangest thing of all.

SInce Hongjun gave the Bell of Chaos to Houtu and exposed the identity of Minghe's Selfcentric Separation, they had been on bad terms. Hongjun didn't seem like the good kind. He might be the incarnation of the Rakshasa who knew the secrets of the Chaos. Nevertheless, he chose to be a subject of the Way of Heaven. Minghe wondered just why would he do that.

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