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Minghe still felt depressed as he thought about the battle against Lord of Numerous Treasures. It was the most frightening one he had ever experienced. Though his opponent had a lower cultivation, the many treasures he had presented a real headache for Minghe. Lord of Numerous Treasures truly deserved his name.

Their battle lasted several months. Minghe might be much stronger in terms of power, the Divine Law, Magic Skills, and Spiritual Treasures, but his opponent wasn't easy either. The latter would even destroy his treasures so he could injure Minghe. He destroyed more than 30 treasures throughout their fight.

That, however, wasn't the tensest aspect of the fight. Lord of Numerous Treasures had used his numerous treasures to form an Endless River of Treasures. Though the treasures were mostly of Postcelestial rank, there was a surprisingly large amount of them. The river was his last resort to severely injure or even kill Minghe.

This forced Minghe to use all the tricks up his sleeves to counter his opponent. Heaven and Earth Taoist who had been hiding inside the Void of the Chaos took the opportunity to suppress the river using his power from the World of Heaven and Earth. Minghe also found the chance to kill his opponent. But before Lord of Numerous Treasures died, he managed to use his last attack to deal serious injuries to both Minghe and Heaven and Earth Taoist.

With his opponent's death, Minghe not only gained the river but also managed to grab onto fragments of his Origin and memories. It was a great harvest indeed. Since Lord of Numerous Treasures cultivated the Law of Refining Tools, that would mean the Magic Weapons Minghe was to refine in the future would be rather extraordinary now that he had his opponent's Origin. After all, this was the Origin of a Sage. Minghe was lucky to manage to grab onto some of the fragments before Lord of Numerous Treasures died.

After collecting his opponent's fragmented memories, Minghe noticed something interesting in them. Lord of Numerous Treasures had been coveting the origin of the Treasures Aura while he was alive. But it wasn't easy to achieve. Unless one could produce Primordial Supreme Treasures, otherwise there was no way for one to gain its recognition.

Over the next century, Minghe stayed in the Treasures World to heal and study the Law of Refining Tools. He combined it with the Law of Refining Tools of Untainted Land and his Law of Blood Refining, merging all three into one. The result was a new Law of Refining Tools whose first creation was a primordial supreme treasure.

For the sake of perfection, Minghe made use of the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. After all, it wasn't easy to refine a primordial supreme treasure since it required all the necessary conditions to appear together. Of course, the use of certain precious materials was crucial. For this, Minghe used many precious materials that he had collected, including a rare Original Stone of Chaos. He had only ever encountered one in his many years of traveling across the Chaos. Including the small one he received at the Zixiao Palace, he only had two of them.

The stone truly deserved its name. Though the stone he used was the smaller one, it still took him a century to dissolve the stone even with the help of his cauldron. Never mind having to add the other materials and merging them together. Just the first step of the weapon refinery process had taken him 300 years.

In the following steps of the process, Minghe continued to strive for perfection and tried his best at every stage. He even used his own Blood of Essence to initiate the consciousness in the treasure. When the treasure finally took its shape, the Treasures Aura was like a long river pouring into it. Its birth carried with it a burst of light so bright and wonderful that it illuminated the heaven.

Seated on a stone chair, Minghe reached out his hand and something that burst with light appeared on his palm. The thing was enveloped by a golden airflow and, at the center of it, had a faint character 'Bao' (precious). Yes, it was the character 'Bao' and none other than the precious thing hidden inside the Treasures World that Lord of Numerous Treasures had been longing for.

The character had descended from the heaven and fell into Minghe's hand when the treasure was formed. He was more interested in it compared to the new treasure. He sent the treasure to Heaven and Earth Taoist as it was meant for him in the first place. He sent the treasure to Heaven and Earth Taoist as it was refined for him originally. Though it was already a primordial supreme treasure at Mid Grade, this was not its end.

Seeing the character 'Bao' in his hand, Minghe immediately thought of the character 'Wu' that his Selfcentric Separation, Musen, had gained. Though they were two different characters, he could clearly sense that they share a common ground: both contained a complete set of Divine Law.

When Musen first acquired the character 'Wu', Minghe had thought it was a gift from the Way of Heaven. However, Musen still couldn't completely understand the character even after actualizing the Realm of Origin. That made Minghe doubt. Now the character 'Bao' in the Treasures World further confirmed his suspicions that the two worlds possessed different Way of Heaven. They only had one common ground, but he really couldn't begin guessing what it was for.

In his travel across the Chaos this time, he developed many doubts. But he didn't have time to think about them deeply as he was rushing back to the Untainted Land. Besides, he wasn't strong enough to examine the mysteries of the Chaos. Now that there were other worlds in the Chaos, it was possible that a much stronger world and even more powerful opponents existed. In addition, his human body was going to make a breakthrough so he had to return.

In his trip this time, he only gained numerous Origin of Chaos, an Endless River of Treasures, and the character 'Bao'. However, he did help out Heaven and Earth Taoist twice, acting as his accomplice in destroying the Treasures World and another small chiliocosm called the Beasts World.

It was Kunpeng who discovered the two small chiliocosms while exploring the Chaos. Compared with to Treasures World, the Beasts World was more chaotic and housed numerous Beasts, including Demon Beasts, Ominous Beasts, Sacred Beasts, and even some Rare Beasts of Chaos. These two chiliocosms ended up becoming the supplement for the World of Heaven and Earth to be upgraded into a high-ranked small chiliocosm.

It wasn't difficult to destroy two small chiliocosms as they weren't as powerful as Untainted Land. In order to help the World of Heaven and Earth devour them as perfectly as possible, Minghe was responsible for attracting the Way of Heaven while Heaven and Earth Taoist seized the chance to devour the Origin of both worlds. When the Way of Heaven fell and the two worlds were devastated, the latter took the chance to devour everything.

Things like the Divine Laws of the Way of Heaven, the Spiritual Aura of Heaven and Earth, mountains, rivers, oceans, creatures as well as the Heaven and Earth were all the objects for Heaven and Earth Taoist to devour so he could nourish the World of Heaven and Earth. Meanwhile, it was Minghe who silently bore the Karma caused by destroying the worlds.

However, Karma was nothing for Minghe. The original body of his Evil Separation, Red Lotus Taoist, was the Red Lotus of Fire and all Karma was just nutrient to him. When they returned to Untainted Land, Minghe and Heaven and Earth Taoist had all their Karma devoured by the Red Lotus of Fire. They immediately felt refreshed as it was uncomfortable to be burdened with Karma.

After the two worlds were devoured, everything inside the World of Heaven and Earth became much stronger. The world then became a high-ranked small chiliocosm. At the same time, Heaven and Earth Taoist also made a Breakthrough and reached the Middle Stage of Origin. However, he had to retreat into a Closed Door Meditation immediately because his breakthrough was too rapid and his world needed time to be stabilized. It was unlikely he would come out in another several hundred of years.

After devouring the Karma of Minghe and Heaven and Earth Taoist, Red Lotus Taoist gained enlightenment of the two Laws of Karma and Killing. Thus, he also started his Closed Door Meditation. This left Minghe alone in the Blood Sea. His only companion was the Blood Jade Kylin, Chixuan, which he rarely mounted.

In his boredom, he began studying the character 'Bao'. This character was truly extraordinary as it could absorb the Spiritual Air in Heaven and Earth and transform them into primordial Treasures Aura. Diluted by the Spiritual Air in Heaven and Earth, the aura was further transformed into postcelestial Treasures Aura. That was the origin of all Treasures Aura in the Treasures World. For a person who liked refining weapons, this was a really wonderful treasure.

Minghe was skilled at refining weapons, but it was a pity that he had yet to comprehend the Divine Law of Tools. Though he could try to comprehend the Law with the help of the character 'Bao', he was already studying the Law of Blood and Law of Spiritual Beings simultaneously. It wasn't a good idea to study another. It might even encumber his cultivation and that wasn't worth it.

Yet if he just used it to provide an endless supply of Treasures Aura, he would be wasting its precious value. It wasn't practical to send it to others either as the Three Separations weren't skilled at refining weapons and he would just welcome fatal disaster if he gave such precious treasures to his disciples. An innocent man would always be harmed by his precious treasures.

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