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On a grand mountain in the Treasures World, a plump middle-aged man was concentrating on refining a Spiritual Treasure. When it finally came out, an endless flow of Treasures Aura brightened the world with the light emitted by the treasure. The man held the treasure in his hand and sighed. "Another Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure again? I've spent so much time on this but the result is still the same! I wonder how long more do I need to wait before I can create that thing."

If a powerful figure of the Treasures World was there at the moment, he would definitely recognize this man. This man was none other than Lord of Numerous Treasures, the only one who had reached the Origin in this world. He always wanted a breakthrough in his refinery. With some time and effort, in addition to all kinds of valuable materials, he could produce Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures now.

However, that was not his ultimate goal. He wanted to create Primordial Supreme Treasures, whether or not they were top ones. This way, he would be able to own the most precious thing in this world, something that he had always coveted.

However, he knew the dream was still far away from him at the moment and this disappointed him. There was also the fact that there were no other Holy-Ranked masters in refining weapons except him. If only he found a peer, he would improve by learning from another master's experience.

Suddenly, he turned toward the south in surprise. His expression soon gave way to a smile. He muttered in excitement, "We'll finally have another Holy-ranked Weapon-refining Master. That comes from the Green Stone City. I hope the master there can offer me inspiration."

He set aside all his Primordial Spiritual Treasures before riding on the clouds and heading for the Green Stone City. Soon enough, he arrived right above the city and looked down at a cottage in it. Seeing as there was an unending pour of Treasures Aura into the cottage, he speculated that some Primordial Spiritual Treasure was about to materialize.

Inside his weapon-refining shop, Minghe was very much delighted to see that a Primordial Spiritual Treasure was about to be formed. However, the treasure was still taking in the Treasures Aura. This was the first time he had created a Primordial Spiritual Treasure without his cauldron. It was such a memorable breakthrough for him.

After a careful inspection, he sensed something different in this unborn Primordial spiritual treasure. The aura it absorbed was quite distinct. It seemed that the aura also had primordial and Postcelestial ranks, similar to the Spiritual Air in Untainted Land.

Out of the blue, Minghe turned and looked up. Peeping through the houses and City-protecting Formations, he saw a man hovering over the city and looking down at him. The man wore a robe and was surrounded by a halo of the Treasures Aura. More importantly, his cultivation had reached the Early Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin. Minghe's eyes gleamed. It was Lord of Numerous Treasures!

In the sky, Lord of Numerous Treasures noticed Minghe looking at him, perhaps having sensed him. He furrowed his brows and wondered how could a Golden Immortal feel his presence, let alone he who had reached the Early Stage of the Origin. Could it be that...

Lord of Numerous Treasures wore a solemn expression. He reached out and a bronze mirror appeared in his hand. Then, a simple touch of the mirror threw him into a deeper anger. Black snow soon permeated the sky as he looked at Minghe, overwhelmed with Killing Intent.

Sensing the killing intent, Minghe became aware that he might be in danger. He set aside the treasure that had just materialized and stepped out, where he found Lord of Numerous Treasures right in front of him. He realized what was going on when he saw the bronze mirror.

Though the mirror was plain-looking, Minghe could clearly sense its vital force of reincarnation. It seemed to be something similar to the Stone of Three Lifetimes in the Nether World of Untainted Land, used to look into the other life and reincarnations of living creatures. It seemed that Lord of Numerous Treasures had found out about him being an outsider in this world.

Lord of Numerous Treasures said coldly, "I thought a Weapon-refining Master in this world has reached the Holy Rank, but I find only an intruder here. How dare you sneak into my world and steal my way of refining weapons! I'll never let you leave!"

Minghe smiled. "Indeed, I came here out of curiosity. The way to refine weapons in this world is quite special. I was hoping to study it further but looks like it's impossible now. Do you really want to fight here right now? It won't do this world any good. A big fight will definitely lead to damages and suffering."

Lord of Numerous Treasures wore a graver and colder look now. Since he had sensed Minghe's vital force of the Origin, he gave up the plan to murder him on spot. The battle between two experts of Origin would force the Treasures World to the brink of destruction, which will do him no good. Naturally, he was reluctant to fight Minghe at this place.

He snorted. "So you're an Origin master. But you sneaking into this world and stealing the unique way of refining weapons really bring shame to the title. This isn't the place for a battle. Why don't you follow me to the Chaos?"

Minghe smiled. "Then let's fight inside the Chaos. I'm still curious about the Treasures Aura in this world. I don't feel like ruining it." When Minghe mentioned the aura, Lord of Numerous Treasures showed a very faint uneasiness but Minghe still caught it. It seemed that he was right about there being a secret to the unique aura.

In the Chaos outside of the Treasures World, Minghe and Lord of Numerous Treasures stood opposite each other in the sky. No air of Chaos could come close to them. Lord of Numerous Treasures said, "We're not away from the Treasures World. You can show your true self now."

Minghe glowed with light from head to toe and soon returned to his true form. Though he looked no different from an ordinary young man, he had a very distinctive manner and disposition. Once a young man, he was now touched by a kind of maturity and sophistication. That face of an innocent young man hid his true talent and power well.

Seeing Minghe's true form, Lord of Numerous Treasures asked, "From what mysterious land and for what reason did you come all the way here for?" He didn't rush into a fight. He wanted to know more about Minghe and his world. Maybe he could even go there and make some breakthrough in that world.

Knowing exactly what Lord of Numerous Treasures was plotting, Minghe smiled. "You want go to my world? Forget it. You're still at the Early Stage of the Origin. Those who outpower you are far from rare in my world. You'll only be seeking death. However, you won't even get the chance to go for today is your last day."

The instant Minghe finished his words, a sense of combativeness burst with strong Middle Stage of the Origin power. Lord of Numerous Treasures was startled. He never expected Minghe to have cultivation higher than his. He now knew he had been inviting trouble all along.

Lord of Numerous Treasures chose to fight far outside of the Treasures World to protect it from damage but that seemed to be a bad idea now. If they were still there, he could make use of the Way of Heaven to counter Minghe and bridge the gap in their powers. Right now, he was better off retreating now that he was being overpowered.

He said, "We're not enemies. It does us no good to fight against each other. Though you have a higher cultivation, I bet none of us can escape this battle unscathed." It was apparent that he wanted to retreat. It wasn't wise to fight with a stranger stronger than oneself. He, therefore, tried every way to escape.

Minghe looked even more serious now and said coldly, "Do you think I'm joking? I want you dead for one simple reason. I want the Treasures World. Since you're the only Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin in that world, I only have to kill you to dominate it."

His words infuriated Lord of Numerous Treasures. He never thought that Minghe would covet more than just the Law of Refining Tools. His ambition was so terrifying enough to include making the entire Treasures World his. However, Lord of Numerous Treasures was no coward. He would rather fight to the death than submit to Minghe's will.

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