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Chapter 211: Liu Er's Helplessness

Yaoji smiled . "Of course I used Haotian Mirror to find you . Oh, crap! My brother will definitely use the mirror to find me too! What should I do? He'll definitely bring me home . Liu Er, what do you think I should do?" She finally reacted midway through her speech . She was truly a silly and naive girl .

Liu Er couldn't help cursing internally . Nonsense! That was Haotian spying on him earlier . Considering how he hadn't made any move yet, he evidently wouldn't bring Yaoji home . When Liu Er pondered over this, he became speechless once again . What was Haotian playing at? Was he planning to make him his sister's bodyguard?

Naturally, Haotian watched Yaoji even more carefully after the last occurrence . Sure enough, his sister sneaked away to the human world the minute he retreated into his Closed Door Meditation . Thus he used his mirror to track his sister all the way to the bank of the Yu River .

He was puzzled when he saw Yaoji running off to see Liu Er and was rendered speechless when he heard her asking him why he liked peaches . But the minute Liu Er looked at the Heavenly Court, he knew Liu Er had discovered him spying on them . He then put away his mirror .

Beside him, Yaochi looked worried . "Haotian, Yaoji is meeting Liu Er after sneaking into the human world again . He's a disciple of Minghe . Aren't you worried that the other Sages would think we're trying to draw Liu Er to our side so we can befriend Minghe?"

Haotian sighed . "I naturally understand that . But my sister is interested in Liu Er now . Even if I try to stop her, I'm afraid it's pointless . Once she's done playing around, she'll come back . Besides, her safety is guaranteed if she sticks with him . We'll just let her play happily for a while!"

Yaochi suddenly laughed, "I'm not too worried that the Sages would misunderstand nor am I worried that Yaoji will be in danger . What I worry is that what if Yaoji returns with a brother-in-law for you . I'll see what you'll do then . "

Her words stunned Haotian and he immediately asked, "A brother-in-law? Are you saying my sister has fallen for Liu Er? That's impossible… Liu Er is a monkey and his body is covered with hair . There's no way my sister will like him, right?" Haotian suddenly found it strange to think that his brother-in-law might be a monkey .

Yaochi laughed, "You don't know your sister at all . Yaoji was born in the Heavenly Court and has always enjoyed an honorable status . Everyone here treats her with courtesy and she's naive . If she isn't, the Western Religious Sect' follower wouldn't have been able to lure her with just a flute song . Liu Er is fearless and reckless . If they spend time together, she might just really fall for him . "

Haotian was stunned to hear this . Yaochi's words seemed reasonable . After all, his sister didn't go anywhere when she visited the human world this time, only visiting Liu Er . She even gifted him with a plate of Peaches of Immortality . She was evidently developing feelings for him . If he didn't bring her home immediately, perhaps Yaoji would really sink deeper and deeper .

He was about to stand up when Yaochi said, "I know you want to bring Yaoji back immediately, but do you think it'll work? You don't allow her to go down to the human world, but she still went secretly . Even if you bring her home this time, can you watch over her each time? Or are you going to lock her up at the Jasper Lake?"

Her words dismayed Haotian because she was right . Yaoji had been yearning to visit the human world but he never allowed her to . In the end, she did so secretly and was nearly entrapped by the two Sages of the West . Now she was beginning to develop feelings for Liu Er . What should he do?

Yaochi could sense Haotian's conflicted feelings, so she said, "To be honest, there's nothing wrong with Liu Er besides him being a monkey . If you ask for cultivation, he has it . If you want a strong backer, he has that too . He lacks nothing, whether it's Spiritual Treasures or Spiritual Fruits . There's actually nothing wrong if he and Yaoji get together . We'll just let nature takes its course . "

That was right . Although Liu Er is a monkey, he could assume a human appearance . He simply wasn't willing to do so because of his wild temperament . Besides, his strength was extraordinary . There really isn't anything to criticize about if he and Yaoji became partners . At least he wouldn't have to worry about his sister ever again . When he considered this point, Liu Er truly seemed like a good choice for his brother-in-law .

On a deeper analysis, if Liu Er really became his brother-in-law, it would be tantamount to the Heavenly Court gaining another Sage-to-be expert . Moreover, Liu Er also had another expert backing him . With this kind of relationship, Minghe would more or less show some consideration towards the Heavenly Court, and thereupon he could be a bit more relaxed if he was to be pressured by the Sages .

Minghe could be considered a unique existence in the Untainted Land . His strength was one of the best among the Sages and his power was also comparable . But Haotian noticed something about Minghe's character . Minghe didn't quite like interfering in another person's matters .

Only the Nether World and the Blood Sea were under the total control of Minghe . The Earth Immortal's Residence and the Holy Land of Human Tribe were related to him, but they were under the respective control of Zhenyuanzi and the Human Tribe . Though Minghe's Selfcentric Separation was in the Holy Land of Human Tribe, he placed the well-being of the Human Tribe above all else .

From this aspect, gaining Minghe's support meant gaining the Earth Immortal's Residence . But this all depended on Yaoji and Liu Er . Though Haotian wanted Minghe's support, he refused to do so if it meant

it meant scheming against his sister . He would follow Yaochi's words and let nature take its course .

Liu Er was naturally clueless about Haotian and Yaochi's thoughts but he was now facing a severe headache . Yaoji had millions of questions about everything . A monkey was inherently energetic, and with her around, his heart began to feel restless again after calming it down with much difficulty .

But he couldn't really become mad when he saw how happily Yaoji giggled . "Yaoji, you've been out for some time now . I'm sure your brother has already found out that you're missing . You should hurry up and go home or you'll get scolded again . "

Yaoji laughed . "Really? I don't think so . If he knows, he'd already summoned me back with his Haotian Mirror . He's definitely still in his Closed Door Meditation, so I can continue to play for a bit longer . "

Liu Er was stumped for words . At this moment, he really wanted to fly to the Heavenly Court and demand that Haotian bring his sister home . He ruthlessly cursed Haotian out in his head . Haotian wanted to meditate; did he think Liu Er also want to so?

Yaoji's eyes brimmed with tears when she saw Liu Er's expression . She sobbed and said, "D-Do you hate me? Do you hate that I'm here? You jerk! And here I am, still bringing you peaches . Humph!" As the saying goes, women are all made of water . This was also applicable to immortals . Crying would always be the thing that women are good at .

Liu Er instantly panicked when he saw that she was about to cry . If anyone saw them, they would think he was bullying her! If this was to be spread, he would lose his face . He instantly explained, "It's not like that… this… well, oh right, it's because I'm going to leave soon . It's not convenient to take you with me . That's why I ask you to return to the Heavenly Court, lest any danger befall you . "

Yaoji's mood cleared up instantly and asked curiously, "Really? So that's how it is . Then I won't blame you . Are you leaving? Where are you going? Can you take me with you? The last time I came here, I only wandered around the Human Tribe and never ventured too far out in the Untainted Land . Can you bring me out to play?"

Liu Er's headache was getting more severe . He wanted to look for someone to fight . Why would he bring her along? So he said, "I'm going to find some experts to learn from each other . I think it'll be very inconvenient to take you along right? You… Fine, fine, fine! I'll take you, but you mustn't make any trouble . " Seeing that Yaoji was about to cry again, Liu Er had no choice but to comply .

Yaoji became very excited as soon as she heard Liu Er agreeing to take her . "Learn from each other? It must be very interesting . I definitely have to watch . Quick, quick, quick! Let's go quickly!" After she said those, she directly pulled Liu Er and flew to the Heaven . Liu Er was completely helpless . He could only wave his hand to seal the mountain so humans wouldn't stumble in by mistake . More importantly, he was worried they would secretly eat his peaches .

But after several years, he finally realized that he had made a very wrong decision . It would typically take him only several days to get to the Hall of Pangu of the Wu Tribe . But he would be lucky if he even made it there now . After several years, he had, in fact, strayed increasingly further away from his destination . His original plan had now transformed into accompanying Yaoji on a scenic tour . He was completely helpless .

With the passage of time, he found that he didn't dislike this kind of life . Yaoji was lively, naive, and kindhearted . He never felt bored when he was with her . As the days passed, he found that his natural instinct was slowly set free and even his state of mind was slowly changing . These were indeed unexpected happiness .

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