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Chapter 209: Failure of the Plan

Yaoji became angered with the mention of Yang Tianyou . She looked at the man spitting blood and said, "You still dare bring him up? As a cultivator, you actually injure an ordinary person until he's vomiting blood . How shameless!"

Liu Er looked at her speechlessly . An ordinary human? But he can't blame her . Yang Tianyou was wearing a spell to conceal his cultivation and power . If not for Liu Er's extraordinary wisdom and ability, he would really be tricked as well . It seemed like this was a trick from one of the Sages of the West .

Looking at Yaoji, he could understand why the West targeted her . She was so kind and innocent . He extended his hand, summoned a peach, and handed it to her with a smile . "Here, take it . "

Bewildered, she accepted the peach . After a careful inspection, she said, "Why does this look like a peach out of my sister-in-law's Garden of Peaches of Immortality? But it doesn't seem to be it either . Where did you get it from? And why are you giving it to me?"

"What nonsense . Of course, the peaches looked alike! This peach was borne by the same Peento tree from her sister-in-law's garden . As for the reason why he gave it to her . . . Liu Er smiled and replied, "I'm going to sell you off and this peach is my bargaining chip . "

Yaoji became furious and pointed the Haotian Mirror at him . She cried, "There's no enmity or grudge between us . Why are you selling me off? No, wait . Could you be one of those human traffickers in the human world? That's not right either! Isn't that something only humans do?"

Liu Er patted the back of his head speechlessly . He pointed at Yang Tianyou and said gloomily, "Couldn't you tell something is off with this guy? He only sustained minor injuries after being hit by the supernatural force in my voice . Do you think that's possible for mortals? And you're drawn here by his flute-playing . Do you think a mere mortal can create such a melodious sound, enough to lure an immortal like you?"

Yaoji pondered over his words and began to feel suspicious about it as well . Since Liu Er wasn't afraid of her brother, that could only mean his cultivation was in the realm of Sage-to-be as well . Though he didn't pack too much of his strength in his roar earlier, it wasn't something that a mere mortal could withstand . From the look of things, this so-called mortal couldn't possibly be ordinary .

Liu Er walked up to Yang Tianyou and squatted down in front of him . With a grin, he said, "What's your name? From the way you played the flute earlier, you must be a disciple of the Western Religious Sect . Your cultivation and supernatural power are both concealed by a forbidden formation . Looks like a trick of one of the two Sages of the West . For a grown man like you tricking a little girl, you must have bad intentions . "

Yang Tianyou didn't know how to respond to Liu Er, who had basically exposed his plan . He could only grit his teeth and deny everything . "I have no idea what you're saying . After injuring me for no reason, you're now questioning me . You're really unreasonable . "

Liu Er's grin became even wider . "Who told you I, Liu Er, am reasonable? My master has only taught me to do whatever I like . What do right and wrong have anything to do with me? It's fine if you won't talk . I'll just hand you to Haotian and see how the Western Religious Sect will react . "

His Black Golden Stick instantly appeared in his hand . Liu Er's face wore a wicked and vicious look, so terrifying that Yang Tianyou trembled and wondered if he was

was planning to kill him . Standing on the sidelines, Yaoji was stunned at how quickly Liu Er changed and demonstrated his vigor of the Late Stage of Sage-to-be . He seemed no less powerful than her own brother .

Liu Er lifted his stick but instead of aiming it at Yang Tianyou but at a stream of golden light charging at him . Within the light was the faint silhouette of an oddly-shaped twig . When Liu Er's stick hit the light, a booming sound reverberated through the atmosphere . The heaven and earth trembled following the deafening sound .

The blast stirred chaos in the world and seemed to have sliced the Yu River in half . The river overflowed, spilling its water all over it banks . It devastated everything in the forest, wilting all the plants, birds, as well as the peach orchard . The entire mountain was wiped out by the blast . What a pity for the peach orchard .

The stick in Liu Er's hand quivered . In an instant, he dashed next to Yaoji . His hand was trembling . Though he had met the power of the light as an equal, it was enough to numb the purlicue his hand . But there were no traces of fear in his eyes, only an endless will to fight .

The golden light didn't struggle with Liu Er, instead aiming for Yang Tianyou . As the light swiped past him, he instantly disappeared without a trace . The light disappeared as well . All that was left was the severely damaged bank of the Yu River that witnessed the terrible blow earlier .

When the golden light faded, Liu Er put away his stick . He stared at the disappearing light, his expression carrying the desire to wage war . If he guessed correctly, the light came from Zhunti, one of the Two Sages of the West . The twig was none other than Zhunti's Magical Tree of Seven Treasures . The seemingly understated strike was enough to let Liu Er experience a Sage's might . He vowed that he would one day confront Zhunti properly and give him a good fight .

Yaoji, who was enveloped by the protective Green Light of Haotian Mirror, saw everything unfolding before her . She couldn't help feeling stunned . She finally understood why her brother refused to let her leave the Heavenly Court . The Untainted Land was too dangerous . If not for the mirror's protection, she would long be dead .

Back in the Jasper Lake of the Heavenly Court, Haotian was still in Closed Door Meditation when he sensed that the mirror was attacked . He instantly woke up from his cultivation and, after an inspection, realized the mirror was not in the Heavenly Court . He became alarmed . Could it be that his sister took the mirror, descended to the Untainted Land, and was attacked by someone?

He carefully made some calculations and found Yaoji's whereabouts . He saw her surroundings through the mirror and became startled . It turned out that the mirror was only affected by the aftershock, and of a very limited impact as well . Otherwise, Yaoji would really be hurt .

When he saw Liu Er, he became puzzled . If the collision was due to Liu Er, then who was the one who fought him earlier? There weren't many in the Untainted Land who would dare to fight Liu Er and had the ability to do so . Whatever it was, it can all wait until he summoned Yaoji back to the Heavenly Court .

Yaoji looked at Liu Er and was about to speak when the mirror suddenly flew high and showed her brother's reflection . "Sister, who gave you permission to leave the Heavenly Court? Hurry up and come back!" Yaoji instantly nodded with fear .

Haotian then turned his attention to Liu Er and said, "What are you doing here, Liu Er? Who is it that you fought earlier, to be able to cause such great tremor? I fear there's not many who have the ability to do so in the Untainted Land . "

Liu Er replied indifferently, "Why don't you just watch over your sister more carefully? You can direct all your questions to her . This time, she got lucky and met me . I don't know if she'll be that lucky the next time . "

Haotian could tell things weren't as simple as they appeared and immediately urged Yaoji to return to Heavenly Court . She could only obey and flew to the clouds . When she was about to leave, she noticed the peach in her hand . She turned around and said, "Thank you for your peach! Goodbye!" She instantly left after .

Liu Er could only smile helplessly . Haotian's sister was truly an interesting character . After watching her disappear among the clouds, a dejected look crossed his face . A fine peach orchard had been ruined just like this . It was a good thing that he had already plucked all the peaches . He would die of a broken heart otherwise .

After Yaoji returned to the Heavenly Court, Haotian was naturally waiting to question her about everything and she could only answer honestly . Though she wasn't aware of Yang Tianyou's identity, Liu Er's words indicated that he was someone from the Western Religious Sect .

Haotian was naturally enraged to hear this . He didn't think the Two Sages of the West would dare scheme against him, even targeting his beloved sister . Infuriated, he said, "Jieyin, Zhunti! What kind of Sages are you to scheme against my sister? But it's fine . Oh, it's fine . I'll just fight you to my death . "

After hearing his words, Yaochi could only comfort Haotian and said, "Haotian, don't be mad . Since the Sages of the West had rescued the person who tried to hurt Yaoji, we don't have any proof at all . It's fortunate that Yaoji encountered Liu Er this time, otherwise, she'll really fall into the trap laid by theTwo Sages of the West . "

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