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Chapter 203: Kunpeng's Returning

The Sacred Island visitor had hawk eyes and a hook nose; he was insidious . It seemed that he felt quite horrible at present . His grey robe was completely bloodstained, and his vital force fluctuated about precariously . Evidently, he was seriously injured . Now that his cultivation had reached the Late Stage of the Sage-to-be, who in the Untainted Land could have hurt him like this?

Minghe smiled and gave him

three drops of Three Light Holy Water, the most precious healing medicine . The

visitor had not only damaged his human body but also suffered great pain in the

Original Spirit . Without the help of the Three Light Holy Water, it would take

him a very long time to recover .

As soon as the Three Light

Holy Water began to work, he felt much better . He regulated his breathing for a

while and then stood up . Knowing that he had almost recovered, Minghe asked,

"Kunpeng, you've been traveling in the Chaos for hundreds of years . How

did you get so hurt? Did you encounter dangers in the Chaos?"

This man was Kunpeng . He had been ordered by Minghe to explore the mysteries of the Chaos and had stayed there for eight hundred years . Now he'd come back in such a state, it was obvious that he had met great troubles in the Chaos . Minghe was extremely anxious to know whether Kunpeng brought the news he had longed for .

Kunpeng paid great efforts to hold his temper and stared at Minghe emotionlessly . He tried to calm down before replying, "Minghe, why didn't you tell me that there was a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin in the Chaos? Luckily enough he was only at the Early Stage of the Origin and poor at speed . Otherwise, I would have been killed . "

Hearing this, Minghe showed

a satisfied look for he realized that Kunpeng had returned with significant

news . He smiled and said, "Kunpeng, I could only guess what was in the

Chaos . But I gave you three Space-transmitting Talismans, just in case . You've

used two of them, right?"

The Space-transmitting Talisman had been refined by the Heaven and Earth Taoist and Minghe together . The talisman provided one with a great chance to escape from any situation and could be transmitted to a far distance . It was quite hard to trace it by general means . Only when a person had a higher cultivation than Minghe or greater achievements in the Law of Space than the Heaven and Earth Taoist, could he successfully block it .

As Minghe spoke, Kunpeng's anger gradually subsided . Truly he would have been killed if it weren't for the Space-transmitting Talisman . Thinking of this, Kunpeng was still slightly fearful of the man who had been hunting him in the Chaos . He said, "The man had his own way of tracing the vital force . I used two talismans to escape from his chasing . However, all your Clone of Blood God has died . "

Minghe smiled at Kunpeng's words . He waved his hand and instantly several rays of silver light rose from Kunpeng's body . Kunpeng changed his expressions at once . All the rays were the remaining Spiritual Thoughts of Minghe's Clone of Blood God . Kunpeng had been completely unaware that they had adhered to his body soundless and stir less . What a dreadful thing!

Kunpeng had been eager to

escape the Chaos and had had no extra energy to notice anything else .

Otherwise, as a cultivator at the Late Stage of Sage-to-be, he would naturally have

perceived the existence of the Spiritual Thoughts . Although Minghe had removed the

Spiritual Thoughts, Kunpeng still felt worried . He looked it over thoroughly and

made sure that there were no remaining Spiritual Thoughts .

Seeing Kunpeng's actions, Minghe did not care at all . His real concern was the residual information of the Spiritual Thoughts . It was not really important whether the Clone of Blood God died or not . Anyway, he could easily reforge them .

Reading through the Spiritual Thoughts, Minghe was enchanted by the intriguing Chaos . He looked at Kunpeng, laughed and said, "Kunpeng, you've done a very good job . You were so clever to hinder the enemy's chase by using the Clones of Blood God to imitate your vital force . "

When Kunpeng met the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin in the Chaos, he had immediately intended to run away . However, he had been hurt by the Immortal's Spiritual Treasure . Kunpeng had had no other choice but to use the talisman given by the Heaven and Earth Taoist to run for safety . He had never thought that the Immortal could trace his position using the Spiritual Treasure's remaining vital force . As a result, Kunpeng had been caught by the Immortal and wounded again .

Kunpeng had helplessly decided to cause the Self-explosion of over ten thousand Clones of Blood God in order to gain himself a bit of time . He had then used one more Space-transmitting Talisman to escape . The Clone of Blood God were Minghe's Avatars . They knew precisely that Kunpeng had been sent here by Minghe and that the news, of course, should be brought back by Kunpeng . The Clone of Blood God, equal to Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals or Primordial Unity Golden Immortals, could not help Kunpeng traverse the Chaos with their low-grade cultivations . Therefore, they could only sacrifice themselves giving him a chance to escape .

When Kunpeng finally escaped again, he had drawn out several wisps of his Original Spirit and given them to the remaining Clone of Blood God . The Clones had carried the wisps of the Original Spirit fleeing in all directions, while Kunpeng ran straight toward the Untainted Land, thus getting away with a lucky escape .

Kunpeng felt nervous about Minghe's smiles and explained at once . He said, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, there was no alternative . I had to sacrifice the Clones . If I had been killed or captured by the enemy, you would certainly miss the information of the Chaos . Perhaps even the existence of the Untainted Land would also be revealed . "

Looking at Kunpeng's

nervous expressions, Minghe laughed and said, "All right, for the sake of

the most important information you've brought back to me, so that's it . Here is

your Natal Original Spirit . Now I return it to you and off you go . "

The Natal Original Spirit

was sent to Kunpeng, who was staring at Minghe in disbelief . Kunpeng wondered

why Minghe had become so nice and given the Natal Original Spirit back to him

even before he asked . It seemed too good to be true .

Having taken the Natal Original Spirit back, Kunpeng left the Sacred Island at a very slow pace . It was strange that Minghe had let him go so easily and did not seem to be worried about him revealing the secrets of how the Heaven and Earth Taoist had actualized the Realm of Origin . Was it possible that something had happened in the Untainted Land when he was absent?

On the way back to the

Northern Underworld, Kunpeng inquired about what had happened recently in

Untainted Land . He heard that the Human Tribe had set up the Three Royals and

Five Emperors . And Hongyun had gotten an incarnation and become the Ancestor of

Chinese Characters of the Human Tribe, Cangjie . This news came as a great surprise

to Kunpeng . Nine Sage-to-be masters had appeared in the Human Tribe . What was

more, one of them was his long-term enemy, Hongyun .

Hongyun had come back after the incarnation and obtained a cultivation of the Peak Level of Sage-to-be . Kunpeng was unsure what the outcome would be if Hongyun and Zhenyuanzi decided to take revenge on him . Then he heard that the Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe had actualized the Realm of Origin . This was totally unacceptable to him . It was well known to the Almighty in Untainted Land that the Martial Ancestor of the Human Tribe was Minghe's Self-centric Separation . Unexpectedly, he had actualized fair and square .

The most terrible thing was that Minghe himself had made an advancement and obtained cultivation of the Middle Stage of Origin . He was extremely well-matched when confronted with the Ancestor of Sorcery Houtu, which was extremely dreadful . The three people, Minghe, the Heaven and Earth Taoist, and the Ancestor of Martial Arts Musen equaled the Original Power of Three Lords . Besides, there was one more Evil Separation who had never appeared before . No one knew the cultivation of the Evil Separation . Maybe he had reached the Realm of Origin as well .

Kunpeng finally understood

why Minghe had let him go so easily and even given his Original Spirit back .

Because Minghe had never worried about Kunpeng revealing the secrets of the

actualization of the Heaven and Earth Taoist . Even if Kunpeng was 100 times

bolder, he dared not to let out the secrets . Otherwise, with Minghe's character

and strength, he would be killed very soon . He didn't want to die, of course .

While Kunpeng was making

blind and disorderly conjectures, he suddenly felt several Spiritual Thoughts

scanning over him . This was absolutely terrifying . Although they were only

Spiritual Thoughts, they still made his hair stand on end . Indeed they were the

Spiritual Thoughts of a Sage . Ironically, Kunpeng had forgotten to hide his

figure when he left the Blood Sea and gone straight to the Northern Underworld .

It seemed that he was asking for trouble . How foolish he was!

Minghe's Self-centric Separation had actualized the Realm of Origin . This was powerful enough to change the pattern of Untainted Land . It was such big news that all Sages had naturally fixed their eyes on the Blood Sea . Kunpeng looked around the Blood Sea in a fury of grief . He realized that he had been trapped by Minghe again .

Minghe had easily let Kunpeng go but had not told him the whole truth; it was obvious that Minghe had intended to entrap him . Now that all Sages had witnessed Kunpeng coming out from the Blood Sea, they would apparently think that he had traded something with Minghe . They would even think that he had already surrendered to him . Under such circumstances, Kunpeng would find it extremely difficult to clear himself .

Normally, a Sage-to-be master as powerful as Kunpeng should have been very welcomed to all tribes in Untainted Land, including the Sages . However, Kunpeng had rebelled against the Demon Tribe and then got in touch with Minghe . Even the Two Sages of the West who had been thirsty for talents dared not to extend the olive branch to him now . They were all afraid of falling into Minghe's traps .

Kunpeng was clever enough

that the whole thing became immediately clear . Looking at the Blood Sea,

Kunpeng had more fear than hatred . He not only dreaded Minghe's overwhelming

strength but also his astonishing wisdom . He had unconsciously fallen into

Minghe's trap and would not be able to escape .

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