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Chapter 201: Martial Arts of Origin

Suiren-Shi and the rest fell into a silence after hearing what Musen said . Neither Cangjie nor the Three Royals and Five Emperors could understand the persistence of Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, Ziyi-Shi, and Musen in regard to the Human Tribe . They had walked with the tribe since its birth and put in so much effort into them . Letting go was easier said than done .

Musen noticed the hesitant looks on Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi . "Brothers and sister, it's time to let go . The Human Tribe has become the ruler of Heaven and Earth after the era of the Three Royals and Five Emperors . We've accomplished our goal . It's time to let them develop on their own . "

Everyone inside the palace became silent again . Cangjie, as well as the Three Royals and Five Emperors, was not as obsessed with the Human Tribe compared to Suiren-Shi . From their perspective, they thought Musen was right . For Suiren-Shi and the other two, however, it was a big decision to make .

It seemed like a long time had passed before they looked at each other . Suiren-Shi took a deep breath and said, "Fine then! We'll listen to you . " They were aware that it was now time to let go of the Human Tribe . It might not a good thing for the tribe to continue under perpetual interference .

Musen smiled, nodding . "Okay . We'll formally summon all Martial Artists and immortals garrisoning at the borders of the tribe from today onward . We'll close the Holy Land of Human Tribe and people inside won't be allowed to leave or intervene in the development of the Human Tribe if there aren't any serious events . "

Presently, the Martial Artists and immortals from the Holy Land of Human Tribe were scattered across the territory of the Human Tribe . The Human Sovereign was

also under the protection of the immortals . An army of immortals and warriors were stationed at the borders of the nine provinces to prevent the invasion and interference of the Demon Tribe .

Now that Musen intended to withdraw everyone from the Holy Land beside the army of immortals and warriors, the tribe now had to rely on itself . What was more, the tribes outside the Coast of the East Sea would be classified as the territory of all Sages . This was such a thorough abandonment .

Suiren-Shi immediately asked, "Isn't this too fast? Without anyone guarding the tribe, what if there's a turmoil? What if the tribe declines like the Sorcerer and Demon tribes? What if . . . " From his expression, it was clear he hadn't truly let go of the Human Tribe .

Musen interrupted him, saying, "We should do it thoroughly if we're letting go of them . If there's an upheaval, the Human Sovereign will take care of it . What we should do is guard them silently . As long as the Holy Land of Human Tribe stands, the Human Tribe will never decline . Even if that day comes, we can still help them . Let it go, Brother . "

He then walked away, seemingly having completely let go of the Human Tribe . Fuxi and Cangjie were stunned to watch him leave . Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi had only lived for over 20,000 years . Besides Fuxi, the Three Royals and Five Emperors had lived for a mere several hundred years . They naturally couldn't detect any difference in Musen .

But in his preexistence, Fuxi was the Sovereign of the Demon tribe and Goddess Nvywa's brother . Cangjie, as well, was once Ancestor Hongyun who had experienced many things in his preexistence . They noticed a unique vital force in Musen which was found only in a few . It was that of the Eight Sages of Untainted Land as well as . . . Minghe .

This was the vital force of the Realm of Origin! Fuxi and Cangjie were astonished . Was Musen going to actualize the Realm of Origin? That was incredible . Musen was the Self-centric Separation of Minghe, that much was known to the entire Untainted Land . But who would believe that he would actually succeed in actualizing the Realm of Origin?

The method of Origin was every cultivator's dream, but only a few could pull it off . Though Eight Sages of the Untainted Land had succeeded, they still had to resort to the power of Hong Meng Immortal Qi . And what they actualized was the Realm of Sages rather than the Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin . It truly shocked Fuxi and Cangjie that Musen was going to actualize the Realm of Origin .

Could any of the Three Separations actualize the Realm of Origin? As they still considered this question, a grand aura came from the rear of the Sacred Palace of Human Ancestors and the entire Coast of East Sea was suddenly swept by a strong wind . The Heaven and Earth were filled with a strong Way of Martial Arts . The ferocious aura shocked all living beings of Untainted Land .

Fuxi and Cangjie looked in the direction of the rear palace in shock . Musen had actually done it! It had only been seconds since Musen left and since they noticed the vital force in him, yet he had succeeded in such a short time . Was it really so easy to actualize the Realm of Origin?

Suiren-Shi and the rest also sensed Musen's vital force and became delighted . Though they were Sages-to-be, the Origin was a faraway dream for them . Musen's success meant that there would be a master in the Human Tribe who could rival the Sages . Though Musen was the Self-centric Separation of Minghe and they knew nothing about the meaning of the actualization of the Three Separations, it didn't stop their excitement .

The whole Holy Land of Human Tribe was overjoyed with the good news . Numerous Martial Artists started cheering for him . "Ancestor of Martial arts! Ancestor of Martial

of Martial arts! Ancestor of Martial arts!" The Countless Way of Martial Arts skyrocketed, entwining Musen's Way of Martial Arts and prompting his vital force to spread within the Human Tribe .

When Cangjie created characters, the humans learned how to cultivate Martial Arts from the character Wu . However, most were simply ordinary humans and the Way of Celestial Immortality was too far a dream . Even if they could embark on the Way of Celestial Immortality, only a few would finally become Immortals . In comparison, the Martial Arts were more practical and useful for their physical fitness .

As the Way of Martial Arts continued to spread, the Martial Artists in the Human Tribe also felt it and followed up with their cheers . "Ancestor of Martial arts! Ancestor of Martial arts! Ancestor of Martial arts!" The entire Human Tribe could hear their voices now .

What excited them the most was that their own Martial Arts were being improved as well when they sensed the Way of Martial Arts . As their acclamation swept through Untainted Land, the other tribes were shocked speechless .

The Human Tribe, once again, had shown their great power to the Untainted Land, more than enough to surpass the other tribes . The current Human Tribe was on par with the Sorcerer and Demon tribes in the past, perhaps even surpassing them . Undeniably, they were no longer the weak tribe they once were . They had become the strongest tribe in the Untainted Land .

The Sages were more concerned about Musen's inconceivable actualization of the Realm of Origin rather than the power of the Human Tribe . It was such a difficult task that Minghe was the only one to actualize the Realm of Origin so far, but now his Self-centric Separation was the second one to actualize the Realm of Origin . It truly startled them .

They were silent as they looked in the direction of the Blood Sea . They really They really didn't know how to describe Minghe . He first actualized the Realm of Origin and made a breakthrough into the Middle Stage of Origin . Before long, his Self-centric Separation also actualized the Realm of Origin as well . That was incredibly odd .

The Sages now held a deep fear of Minghe . He had power, treasures, strategies, and influence, each of which wasn't weaker than that of the Sages . More importantly, they didn't know if this was everything to Minghe . Perhaps he had even more deeply buried secrets and this terrified them more than anything .

Over the Blood Sea, Minghe naturally felt Musen's vital force as well . Musen was converted from his obsession, thus having a unique affection for the Human Tribe . He had always put the interests of the tribe first, sometimes above that of Minghe .

But it was precisely because of this that the tribe had become Musen's burden, impeding him from actualizing the Realm of Origin . He was, in the first place, Minghe's obsession . With his obsession with the Human Tribe, he would never be able to actualize the Realm of Origin if he didn't let go of that obsession .

Therefore, when Musen understood he should let go of the Human Tribe, he had let go of his obsession as well . Once his State of Mind was emancipated, his Origin could be actualized as well . What Minghe didn't expect was how quickly Musen would make his Breakthrough, so quickly that he wasn't even prepared for it . Musen had actually actualized the Realm of Origin in front of all tribes in the Untainted Land .

But so be it . With his current strength, there wasn't anything for Minghe to hide anymore . Minghe and Three Separations had all actualized the Realm of Origin, so their combat power was far superior to all Sages . Power triumphed everything in the Untainted Land after all . Musen's actualization had merely opened the curtains to Minghe's legend .

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