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Soon after this incident, Yu the Great managed to regulate the rivers and watercourses, thus becoming the last emperor of the Three Royals and Five Emperors. He then built the Nine Tripod Cauldrons to protect the luck of the Human Tribe, pushing it to the peak. After Yu the Great achieved actualization, all the Three Royals and Five Emperors had achieved their Fulfilment. His son then ushered in the hereditary system of the Human Tribe.

Musen stood atop a tall mountain on the Holy Land of Human Tribe, quietly overlooking his tribe. The Human Tribe could be said as having truly reached its peak, comparable to the Sorcerer and Demon tribes in the past. There was no doubt that he had spared no effort in making sure the tribe flourished. It wasn't too much to say that without his contributions, the tribe wouldn't have been this prosperous.

Now there were as many as 10 Sages-to-be on the Holy Land of Human Tribe and over 100 Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, never mind the other cultivators. This place had truly become the Holy Land for cultivation for humans where the majority of the tribe elites and talents was gathered. As long as there wasn't any problem with this place, the day of demise for the Human Tribe would never arrive.

Human Tribe outside the Holy Land also lived and worked in peace, enjoying a rapid development after the era of the Three Royals and Five Emperors. As time lapsed, various talents would also spring now and then to lead the Human Tribe to even further progress.

This was exactly what Musen was hoping for. In the 20,000 years since the time Goddess Nvywa created the humans to the era of the Three Royals and Five Emperors, the tribe had evolved from a weak tribe to become the current ruler of Heaven and Earth, the strongest tribe in the Untainted Land. The whole experience seemed like a dream.

When Goddess Nvywa first created humans, Minghe formed Musen through his obsession with separation. He was just an ordinary human without any cultivation then, but he was now at the Fate Reading Peak Stage, equivalent to the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. He was currently enlightening the Origin. Though he had no idea when he would actualize the Realm of Origin, his current cultivation speed was impressive enough in the eyes of all living beings of Untainted Land. This sounded like a dream as well.

He sat on the top of the mountain, overlooking the prosperity of the tribe. Numerous images poured into his heart, showing how they had come this so far to achieve their success today and how they could now stand confidently on the peak of Untainted Land.

A woman made 129,600 special creatures out of the mud in a forest and called them humans. The newly-born Human Tribe knew nothing about their new world and became confused when the woman left. Only one human was different. He knew quite clearly what they should do.

In the beginning, the Human Tribe led a primitive life and were often afflicted by disasters and diseases, such as Wild Beast attacks. Then a man came and taught them how to start a fire, roast food with fire, and drive the beasts away with fire. From that point on, the tribe ended their primitive lives and entered a time with fire.

As the tribe learned to use fire, they began to expand but welcome fresh problems as well. A fire could withstand neither rain nor be taken to distant places. Consequently, humans could only live around fires. Therefore, a man invented houses, teaching people how to build a house and how to protect themselves from the severe cold and beasts by living in houses. The tribe then walked into a time of permanent houses.

With the introduction of fires and houses, tribes began to form. When the winter came, however, people could only huddle in their houses and warm themselves by the fire. They couldn't leave to seek food and they were often bitten by venomous insects. At that point in time, a woman introduced them to clothes. She instructed them on how to make clothes by using animal skin and feathers, as well as how to protect themselves against insects and the cold. The Human Tribe then bade goodbye to times of nudity.

With the existence of fires, houses, and clothes, the Human Tribe entered an era of high-speed development. Since humans were weak, they couldn't fight against the powerful Wild Beasts, never mind the monsters or even the Demon Tribesmen who had cultivations. Those were new challenges for them. At this point, a man taught them Martial Arts and they began cultivating Martial Arts to keep fit, greatly increasing their power.

When the Human Tribe began to cultivate and became stronger each day, disasters landed as well. The Demon Tribe killed their humans without mercy, leaving a field littered with corpses. The Human Tribe suffered heavy casualties and the entire tribe was pushed to the brink of extinction.

When the Human Tribe was left helpless, four tribesmen led countless Martial Artists to fight back against the Demon Tribe, nearly killing all the Demon Tribesmen who attacked them. Through this war, the tribe had established its prestige on Untainted Land. No one dared to look down on the Human Tribe ever since.

The Sorcerer and Demon tribes withdrew from the stage after their war, leaving the Human Tribe to step onto the historical stage. The Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land gave way to the Human Tribe. After the passing of 10,000 years, they walked out of the Coast of the East Sea and began to occupy the most abundant area in the Untainted Land.

When the progress of the Human Tribe came to a bottleneck, people instituted the Three Royals and Five Emperors to solve their problems one by one. Under their governance, the Human Tribe witnessed an era of rapid growth and embraced another development peak after about 1,000 years.

Now, the Human Tribe had established the Dragon Gate to transform the koi into dragons in charge of controlling the weather. They would now be free from the Heavenly Court and the Dragon Tribe in the Four Seas. They had become an independent and self-sufficient tribe, overseeing the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land.

Musen smiled when these scenes flashed before his eyes. It was a smile of pride for the strength of the tribe, of contentment for the achievements of the tribe, and of relief as he had spent many efforts to develop the tribe. Now that the tribe had reached its Peak, it was time for him to let them go.

Musen rose to his feet and dusted his clothes. He jumped on a piece of cloud, flying to the Sacred Palace of Human Ancestors where Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, Ziyi-Shi, Musen, and Cangjie lived. Beside the palace was the Human Sovereign Palace for the Three Royals and Five Emperors.

All of them were gathered for a discussion in the Sacred Palace of Human Ancestors. When Suiren-Shi saw Musen's arrival, he asked, "Where have you been? Are you aware of the accident in the Human Tribe?"

Musen smiled. "Do you mean Yu's son seizing the Sovereign of Human tribe and establishing the Xia Dynasty? I'm aware, but what's the big deal? In fact, it's quite normal." The establishment of a dynasty was certainly not something that could be stopped by human power.

Noticing the lack of concern from Musen, Suiren-Shi said anxiously, "Do you know how serious this is? The abdication system is a way of electing the next Sovereign of Human tribe. Since Qi has established the Xia Dynasty, the sovereign title will forever belong to his descendants." As the father of Qi, Yu the Great was embarrassed to hear this.

Suiren-Shi continued, "That's not all. With Qi's support, the tribe of Severity has currently surpassed all other tribes of the Sages. As time passes, it's likely they'll be the dominant tribe in the Human Tribe. When that happens, the Sage Supreme Pure will intervene in our affairs."

Musen's smile remained on his face as he patted Suiren-Shi on the shoulder. He said gently, "Brother, don't worry too much. The Human Tribe has developed over 20,000 years to be the strong tribe it is today. Can we care for them forever? It's time to let go of the Human Tribe."

Everyone was stunned. Let go? They had thought of letting the Human Tribe develop on its own, but it never occurred to them that Musen would mention it first. Suiren-Shi was momentarily uncertain and asked, "What did you say?"

Musen replied, "I said we should let go. It's not possible for the tribe to develop under our protection and guidance forever. Since they've entered a new era, we should let go of them. After all, a young eagle has to learn to fly by itself."

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