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Musen headed straight for the Blood Sea immediately after leaving the Holy Land of Human Tribe. He soon arrived on the Sacred Island and met Minghe who asked, "Musen, I thought you're still in your Closed Door Meditation to enlighten the Origin of Martial Arts. Did you gain something already?"

Musen sighed. "I've been enlightening the Origin for a long time and I feel a breakthrough is close, yet there's always something lacking. I sense my Fated Chance isn't here yet, so I can only come out. I'm here to seek your help in the affairs of the Human Tribe."

Minghe said, "I'm aware of the flood, but that's a natural disaster meant to test the last of the Three Royals and Five Emperors. Though I can help the tribe solve their problem, I'm afraid the Three Royals and Five Emperors won't be able to achieve Fulfilment."

Musen shook his head. "That's not it. I'm here to ask for your help in refining a Magic Weapon. The last of the Five Emperors will solve the flood problem himself, but we can stop the rainstorms. That requires the weather control ability of the Dragon Tribe, but Haotian and the Dragon Tribe plan on reaping an advantage from this. I'll never let them succeed."

A smile instantly appeared on Minghe's face. "I see. Perhaps I'm the only one in Untainted Land who is capable of refining that weapon. Wait for a moment, I'll refine it right away." Minghe and Musen were telepathic, so he naturally understood Musen's plans.

Days after, Minghe handed over a Magic Weapon in the shape of a blood-red inkstone. Musen was overjoyed seeing this treasure and looked toward the Heavenly Court with a mocking smile. It seemed Haotian would be disappointed once again. The Human Tribe would never fall into his traps.

After leaving the Blood Sea, Musen went to the bank of the Yellow River instead of returning to the Holy Land of Human Tribe. He smiled as he watched the rushing torrents, he smiled. Koi were constantly jumping out of the water, making for a bright scene.

These koi could only depend on their inherent ability to take in the Spiritual Air and the Power of Stars. They also had low cultivation and couldn't even shapeshift. Even so, there was something special about them. They shared a certain amount of blood linkages with the Dragon Tribe, which was why Musen came here.

With a flick of his sleeves, he summoned numerous koi. There were probably thousands of them, but far from enough. He traveled down the Yellow River, taking in every koi he found into his sleeves. He was only satisfied when he collected nearly every koi in the river.

When Musen returned to the Holy Land of Human Tribe with the Magic Weapon from Minghe and countless koi in his sleeves, Suiren-Shi and the rest walked up to him. Noticing the smile on his face, Suiren-Shi asked, "How did it go?"

Musen smiled. "Of course it's going well. Please follow me, I'll show you something." He then led Suiren-Shi and the rest to an enormous lake in the Coast of the East Sea. With a flick of his sleeves, he released all the koi he caught from the Yellow River.

Suiren-Shi asked, "These are... koi? Are they useful? You actually gathered so many of them. Can they solve the rainstorm problem in the Human Tribe?" Though he was confused, he knew Musen had done this for a reason.

"You may be unaware of this, but dragons are licentious, so many tribes in the Water Tribe are linked to the Dragon Tribe by blood. These koi are one of them. Their bodies are full of pure Dragon Tribe blood. If they can get a Fated Chance, they're very likely to shapeshift into dragons," Musen replied.

Everyone was delighted. If they could cultivate their own Dragon Tribe, they would no longer need to subject themselves to the whims of the Dragon Tribe in the Four Sea. They could just leave the task of making clouds and bringing rain to the dragons converted from koi. When that time came, Haotian and his Dragon Tribe would truly regret refusing their request. It was a wicked move by Musen, who had completely to take drastic measures to deal with them.

It seemed Musen had already found the Fated Chance for these koi, otherwise, he wouldn't have collected so many of them. As per their predictions, they watched as Musen point at the sky and a huge stone gate materialized above the lake. The gate would later become known as the famous Dragon Gate Later, appearing every 15th day of each month on a full moon.

Musen extended his hand and the Magic Weapon refined by Minghe came out flying, landing atop the Dragon Gate. The Magic Weapon was none other than the Pool of Dragon Transformation, containing the blood of the Dragon Tribe and even some of their Blood of Essence. If these koi could cross the Dragon Gate and enter the Pool of Dragon Transformation, they could purify their blood links and shapeshift into dragons.

The pool was a bluestone pool inlaid on a colossal and flat rock, with an area of nearly 1000 square meters. It was engraved with quaint lines that resembled mysterious incantations. Four prominent dragon heads sat at its corners, looking alive with thin scales and long tentacles. Their open mouths contained a golden-light dragon ball. The bottom of the pool was engraved with a Nine Dragon Paddling Map, in which the dragons were either flying, curling up, making rain, or playing. The whole pool was full of vitality.

The koi became agitated when they saw the Dragon Gate and the Pool of Dragon Transformation. Though they hadn't shapeshifted, they had gained wisdom. The temptation of the pool was evident for they could feel it in their blood that their Fated Chance had come.

But the Dragon Gate was imbued with a forbidden formation and the koi couldn't exert their supernatural power at all. They could only jump over the Dragon Gate with their own power. The difficulty was increased by numerous times, but it wasn't enough to stop the koi from coveting the pool.

Countless koi rushed to the Dragon Gate in a mad dash, leaping to cross it. Unfortunately, they all failed as it wasn't that easy to succeed. The scene of leaping koi did form a bright scenery.

Out of the struggle of numerous koi, one finally crossed the Dragon Gate and entered the Pool of Dragon Transformation. A golden dragon soared from the pool with a roar and transformed into a blond-haired man. The man knelt before them, saying, "Many thanks for transforming my life."

Musen replied, "Good. From now on, you're Jin Sheng, the Dragon King of the Human tribe. You're responsible for converting the koi into the Dragon Tribe and making clouds and bringing rain in the lands of the Human Tribe. Do you understand?" Jin Sheng agreed without a second thought.

Though he was a golden dragon, his cultivation was merely at the Black Immortal level. He owed it to the Pool of Dragon Transformation. With his current cultivation, he would likely be captured as a ride or killed as an ingredient for weapon refinement as a dragon's body was rather valuable. Dragons who were converted from koi could only hope to survive by seeking the refuge of the Human Tribe.

This time, the Dragon Gate materialized for a whole month so enough of the Dragon Tribes could be created. In the future, it would only appear on a night of full moon. It would fade at dawn and reappear in the next full moon night.

Within that month, hundreds of koi managed to cross the Dragon Gate. Jin Sheng, as the Dragon King, finally had proper tribesmen. Musen asked for a Primordial Unity Golden Elixir from Minghe to secure Jin Sheng's power, making him a Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. The new Dragon Tribe converted from koi had truly taken shape.

For convenience's sake, Musen assigned Jin Sheng and his tribesmen to Zhenyuanzi's Earth Immortal's Residence. They held positions of Dragon King and God of the Yellow River in water areas of the Human Tribe. From then on, the Koi Dragon Tribe was in charge of making clouds and bringing rain in the Human Tribe. They would no longer be under the control of the Dragon Tribe in the Four Seas and neither did they have to worry about floods or droughts.

Haotian in the Heavenly Court and the Dragon Tribe in the Four Seas naturally found about this new development. Haotian was indignant. He hadn't expected the Human Tribe to be so cruel and take such a drastic measure. It seemed it would be impossible for them to interfere with the Human Tribe's affairs making clouds and bringing rain as an excuse.

The Dragon Tribe in the Four Seas fared even worse. Their once-unique skill of making clouds and bringing rain was why Haotian spared no effort in uniting the Dragon Tribe in the Four Seas. It was also their best method for accumulating Merits. Now that the transformation of koi enabled the Human Tribe to make clouds and bring rain according to will, they were now in abject misery.

With the increase of dragons converted from koi, the rainstorms in the nine provinces of the Human Tribe gradually eased. Moreover, as the Koi Dragon Tribe had settled in the water areas, the floods eased as well and were tamer than the ones in the past. That laid the primary foundation for Yu the Great in regulating the rivers and watercourses.

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