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Minghe naturally kept his eyes peeled for the Nether World and the Wu Tribe after going back to the Blood Sea. Though he had not totally turned against Houtu, he still needed to watch her. He needed to know her every move as well as that of the Wu Tribe. He did not want this to happen again.

Houtu was now a Sage, but the large Wu Tribe was behind her. She needed to think first of the Tribe's benefits, just like Goddess Nvywa. Though such Houtu was mighty, she was not suitable to be Minghe's ally. No one knew when she would stab him in the back again.

In the Nether World, the Ancestor of Sorcery Houtu stared at the Supreme Aura of Human Sovereign in her hand with a glare in her eyes. She naturally knew that she had caused offense to Minghe and Zhenyuanzi. But in light of the benefits, she did not care about it. With the Supreme Aura, one of her plans could be carried out.

As for displeasing Minghe and Zhenyuanzi, she did not take notice of it too much. Though Zhenyuanzi was the lord of the Earth Immortal's Residence, he was just a Sage-to-be. He posed no threat to her or the Wu Tribe. As for Minghe, though he had actualized earlier than her, and the Wu Tribe kind of owed him, Houtu's actual strength had already surpassed his.

When it came to the degree of the Origin, it was impossible to turn against each other casually. There were no permanent friends among the Sages, only permanent interests. Houtu believed that Minghe would not turn against her for such a trifle. Indeed, Minghe did not, he merely paid more attention to her and the Wu Tribe's movement. Houtu certainly knew it. What she did not know was that Minghe had given up on her as a potential ally.

In the Holy Land of the Human Tribe, Fuxi was already living in the Human Sovereign Palace. Even though Fuxi was now at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be, with the experience of preexistence, Fuxi naturally knew that one's cultivation was better when it was cultivated by oneself. Cultivation relying on merit would not produce his full strength.

However, Fuxi did not cultivate the transformation exercises from his preexistence. After all, he was now a member of the Human Tribe, and his previous transformation exercises were not suitable for him. For Fuxi, who was good at Prediction, it was a piece of cake to predict a set of transformation exercises suiting this life. But Fuxi chose not to do that. Instead, he was very interested in the transformation exercises of Martial Arts.

Having developed so far, Martial Arts could be called the most powerful in the Human Tribe. In addition to the Four Ancestors of Humanity, the Holy Land of the Human Tribe had cultivated many Martial Arts masters at the Realm of Da Luo Golden Immortality in just ten thousand years. This gave a glimpse of the extraordinary Martial Arts. Since Fuxi needed to cultivate again, he wanted to try a new way of cultivation. Maybe it could help him to get rid of the barrier he had had in his preexistence cultivation.

In Musen's cultivation place, after Fuxi and God Farmer had peacefully finished the transfer of the position as sovereign in the Human Tribe, Musen felt at ease. At least instead of being stuck in the Fire Cloud Cave as mythology said, Fuxi had come to the Human Tribe's Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance. Now there was one more master at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be in the Human Tribe. It could be said that the Human Tribe's strength was booming.

After the period of the Three Royals and Five Emperors, there would be eight Sage-to-be masters in the Human Tribe. At that time, not only would the Luck of the Human Tribe reach its peak, all clans in Untainted Land would be in awe of the inner strength of the Human Tribe. Except for the Four Ancestors of Humanity and the 12 Sage-to-be masters, it was likely that currently even in the Untainted Land, there were not many Sage-to-be masters.

With everything going so well, on the contrary, Musen felt somewhat uneasy. First, there was Lao Zi's reaction. Lao Zi had been unexpectedly compromised without much response when he had asked Fuxi to come to the Holy Land of Human Tribe. It left Musen slightly confused.

Musen meditated for a long time without coming up with any reasonable explanation. But there was nothing to be worried about. Since God Farmer had written The Classics of Herbal Medicine , the merit could be considered fulfilled. The emergence of the third Human Sovereign was coming. Presumably, there would not be any accident.

Wait… Musen counted his fingers, and suddenly his face changed. How could he forget! He quickly made some incantations on hand, and then some talisman light released sharply. At the same time, he immediately gathered the guardians and Elders in the Holy Land, sending them all out.

Musen had almost forgotten that God Farmer had a daughter called Jingbae. This Jingbae was quite famous in mythology. She would be the one to reclaim land in later days. Now Musen could remember it but still could not figure out where she was. Someone must have concealed the secrets of heaven.

Now the only ones who could stop him from predicting where Jingbae was must be Sages. As for exactly which one had done it, Musen was not clear. Every Sage was a possible suspect, but the possibility was different. Musen was not sure who had concealed the secrets of heaven.

Among the seven Sages, Goddess Nvywa was the least likely to have done it. Musen had just solved Fuxi's potential confinement problem. Plus, she was the Holy Mother of the Human Tribe. She had no reason to kidnap God Farmer's daughter. As for Houtu, she was also an unlikely suspect. Though she had just damaged Minghe's scheme, she would not continue to do bad things to Minghe. Otherwise, they would really turn against each other.

Among the remaining five Sages, Tong Tian was rather impossible. Characteristically, Tong Tian could not plot against such a little girl like Jingbae. In the case of the other four Sages, it was hard for Musen to say.

Nowadays everyone in Untainted Land knew that God Farmer had been sent as an assistant by Minghe's second disciple Kong Xuan. Plotting against Jingbae naturally did harm to Minghe. In the future, God Farmer would successfully actualize the Human Sovereign, and Kong Xuan would probably not gain a good reputation within the Human Tribe. After all, he was the Human Sovereign's assistant. How could he qualify to be called the Mentor of Human Sovereign if he could not stop someone plotting against the Human Sovereign's daughter to death?

If that were to happen, it would only be other Sages who benefited from it. The third Human Sovereign was about to take up the position. At that time, all Sages would intentionally or otherwise weaken Minghe's influence in the Human Tribe. Using this as an excuse would naturally do more with less.

In fact, Musen felt puzzled. According to mythology, Jingbae was drowned by the Dragon Tribe in the East Sea. It was indeed unreal. How could Jingbae, a little girl from Chen Du set out to a far distant East Sea? How could no one go along with her? It really sounded doubtful.

Now if Jingbae was drowned by the Dragon Tribe in the East Sea, then the Holy Land of the Human Tribe would start a war against the East Sea again for God Farmer to demand an answer. It would be a huge war. The Human Tribe was not afraid of war, neither was Musen. However, he hated to be caught in someone else's trap.

Today's Dragon Tribe was not the same one that under the pressure of the Human Tribe. After many years of recuperating and building up strength, relying on the merit saved by suppressing the Four Seas and making clouds and bringing rain in Untainted Land, all the Karma had finally been paid off.

Without Karma, the Dragon Tribe's strength had also increased. With the convenience of the Four Seas and natural advantages, many of their tribesmen had achieved breakthroughs one after another. That was not the main point. What was most surprising was that there was a Sage-to-be master in the Dragon Tribe.

After the last Feast of Peaches, the Four Seas had been in upheaval again. Many in the Water tribe had rebelled. But no one could have guessed that this time the Dragon Tribe, instead of relying on the Heavenly Court, would come out with a Sage-to-be Ancestor, and then suppress the upheaval in the Four Seas. Since then, the Dragon Tribe had won a great reputation in the Untainted Land.

Musen was not afraid of the Dragon Tribe, but he did not want to let himself be used in this game. Musen sent a message to Kong Xuan and Liu er, who were still outside Chen Du, as well as Minghe about Jingbae. He also sent many masters in the Holy Land to search for her on the way from Chen Du to the East Sea. Musen wanted to see who was playing tricks.

In a forest outside Chen Du, Kong Xuan and Liu er sat on the ground, discussing Tao. Liu er had become more mature after his recent journey. Though he was the hand of the Mentor of Human Sovereign, he was in no hurry to go back to the Blood Sea. Instead, he went deep into the forest to discuss Tao with Kong Xuan.

They were immersed in discussing Tao when suddenly two pieces of Talisman fell on their hands. Liu er and Kong Xuan scanned it with Spiritual Thoughts, and their expression changed greatly. Liu er was angry and said, "How dare someone to plot the Human Sovereign's daughter and my younger brother! It's so hateful. Don't let me catch him or I'll pick his skin."

Kong Xuan also looked unhappy. His Spiritual Thoughts scanned Chen Du and found that Jingbae was surely not in the town. Kong Xuan was Jingbae's Grandmaster, and Jingbae was so cute. He liked her very much. Now she was missing. How could he not be angry?

Kong Xuan suppressed his anger, and said, "Brother, you and I will set off immediately. We must find Jingbae." Liu er nodded. "I have your back, my brother. I'll definitely help you to find Jingbae." He plucked a handful of monkey hair and then blew. Lots of Liu ers left riding the cloud. Kong Xuan and Liu er then rode the cloud and followed them.

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