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Seeing that Kunpeng had finally realized what was going on, the Heaven and Earth Taoist smiled. If he had wanted to kill Kunpeng, he didn't even have to spare much effort with Kunpeng trapped by the Law of Heaven and Earth and the Law of Space. Besides self-explosion, there was little Kunpeng could do.

Taking note of Kunpeng's strong desire for survival, the Heaven and Earth Taoist said, "That's precisely Minghe's intention. But if you want us to trust you, hand over a streak of your Natal Original Spirit. If you perform your task this time well, we may consider returning your freedom."

Kunpeng hesitated for a while before making his choice. He chose to his life instead of his freedom. He split one streak of his Natal Original Spirit and presented it to the Heaven and Earth Taoist. That was equivalent to giving up the control of his life.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist took the Original Spirit and lifted the restrictions on Kunpeng. He flicked his sleeves and took out two primordial spiritual treasures. "These are two primordial spiritual treasures from Minghe. They can protect you on this dangerous mission."

One was a Sixth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire and the another was a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, the Hammer of Origin that Minghe had recently obtained. Tongtian had exchanged the position of the Mentor of Human Sovereign with this hammer, whose attack force was top-level among primordial spiritual treasures.

Kunpeng was far from happy even though he was given two primordial spiritual treasures. His life was subject to others now. Worse still, he was worried about the dangerous task the Heaven and Earth Taoist had mentioned. He asked in a low voice, "What does Minghe want me to do?"

"I actualized the Realm of Origin in the Chaos not long ago, where I learned there were other creatures and worlds. But Minghe and I can't leave the Untainted Land now, so we'd like someone to explore the Chaos for us," the Heaven and Earth Taoist answered.

Kunpeng was aware that the person they chose was him. Upon hearing this breaking news, he was also quite surprised. It was only logical for there to be other creatures in the Chaos since 3000 Mazingers were mostly born there. Other worlds, however, were not a trivial matter.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist flicked his sleeves again, summoning one Crystal Ball and three talismans. "There are tens of thousands of Clones of Blood God in this Crystal Ball. Once you run across other worlds, just release them into the world. And for the three talismans, they are space transfer talismans refined by me. You can use them to escape at critical moments. We wish you a safe return and you may set out when you're ready. Goodbye."

He then left with the treasure, leaving Kunpeng helpless. This was something easier said than done. He was clear about the dangers involved but he had no other choice but to enter the Chaos.

When Minghe looked in the direction of the Northern Underworld, he noticed Kunpeng had left for the central region of the Chaos. Whether he could return safely depended on his own luck. To be fair, Kun Peng was pitifully unlucky! Had the Heaven and Earth Taoist not found out some secrets in the Chaos, Kun Peng's only loss would have been the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo.

There were not many with strong human bodies in the Untainted Land. Though Kunpeng's human body was inferior to the Ancestor of Sorcery's, his was definitely stronger than the Great Sorcerer's. Moreover, his speed was one of the best. These two congenital advantages explained why he was chosen to complete this tough task.

It was apparent that Kunpeng was the most suitable choice of the few who could explore the Chaos and protect himself. Realizing this, Minghe forced Kunpeng to do so. Kunpeng now lived in the desolate area of the Northern Underworld to seclude himself from the outside world. No one would notice his disappearance. Considering all the factors, he was the best choice for the task.

As for whether he would be able to bring back good news for Minghe, that would be up to the heaven. Minghe had given him two primordial spiritual treasures so he could better protect himself. This was also a method called the carrot and stick.

With Kunpeng in the central area of the Chaos, news from him wouldn't be sent back so quickly so Minghe paid little attention to this. Currently, Fuxi was about to fulfill his duties and the next Human Sovereign was about to succeed him. Minghe had decided the next Human Sovereign would be Ancestor Hongyun.

Recently, he had Zhenyuanzi bring Ancestor Hongyun's remaining spirit to him before sending it to the Six Path of Reincarnation. To make sure Ancestror Hongyun would be the next Human Sovereign, Minghe especially took a streak of the Dragon Aura of the Human Sovereign from the Kongtong Seal to inject into his remaining spirit.

Ever since Kongxuan left the Blood Sea, he had been traveling around the Human Tribe to observe their lives and seek for the next Sovereign, the Earthly Sovereign of the Three Sovereigns in the Human Tribe. Since Fuxi was about to fulfill his merits, the birth of the Earthly Sovereign was around the corner.

Alongside the Jiang River was the Jiang Tribe. One day, a woman called Rensi met a spiritual dragon while visiting Mount Hua. The dragon offered her an Immaculate Conception and she gave birth to a baby several years later. That day, five-color spiritual dragons hovered around auspicious clouds and prompted Rensi to name her baby Lieshan.

Like Fuxi, Lieshan started talking three days after his birth and walking in five days. Everyone in his tribe was startled and saw him as a monster. Luckily, some elders were still familiar with Fuxi's story. They explained Lieshan's birth and told stories about Fuxi. People were relieved and became jubilant since someone important had appeared in their tribe.

In his journey, Kongxuan didn't even find a shred of a clue of the Human Sovereign so he could only continue looking. When he came upon the riverside of the Weihe River, he noticed a boy sitting on a stone, lost in thought. He was surprised because a boy at that age was supposed to be his mother's arms rather than acting so oddly.

This boy was none other than Lieshan, who was now over three years. Despite his young age, he was astonishingly smart. Seeing that tribesmen were finding less and less wild fruits and animals, he started thinking about it. Therefore, he came to this place alone to see whether he could figure out a way to solve the sustenance problems.

Seeing this cute boy, Kongxuan stopped his pace and transformed into an elderly man. He moved forward and asked him, "Kid, can you help me scoop up a pot of fresh water?" Lieshan looked up and instantly obeyed the request.

Kongxuan received the pot and had a drink. Lieshan returned to the stone and stared the elderly man. "Sir, where did you come from?" Kongxuan answered, "There was a flood in my hometown that separated my family. I can only go to my relatives' place thousands of miles away for shelter."

Lieshan felt sympathy for him. He hesitated when he saw the bony elderly man before taking out a piece of jerky from his pocket and handing it to Kongxuan. "Sir, you must be very hungry after such a long journey. Please take it."

Kongxuan said doubtfully, "I have passed many tribes, but very few have extra food. Does your tribe have ample food?" Lieshan replied, "No, this is my food for today. I have been thinking, so I forget to eat it."

Kongxuan asked with curiosity, "How will you go through your day if you give it to me?"

Lieshan said, "Don't worry. I'm fine even if I don't eat for a day. After all, I can get one piece of jerky tomorrow. But you can't continue on your journey on an empty stomach."

Instead of taking the jerky, Kongxuan continued to ask, "I noticed you sitting on the stone, lost in thought. Can you tell me what you're thinking about? Perhaps I can give you some advice."

Lieshan said, "Our tribe is hunting fewer animals, so I'm considering how we can solve problems of our sustenance. Though I can't think of any solutions yet, I know I'll be able to solve it one day as long as I keep working on it."

At this moment, Kongxuan was astonished to find that numerous Ziwei Emperor Aura emitting from Lieshan's body that coagulated into clouds. It was similar to Fuxi when he was determined to be the Human Sovereign. He had unexpectedly run into the next Human Sovereign here after looking for such a long time! What a coincidence!

Kongxuan burst into laughter and returned to his real entity in a flash. He was trying to test the kid's virtue, but the kid was precisely who he had been looking for. "I'm Kongxuan, Ancestor Minghe's second apprentice. Kid, are you willing to acknowledge me as your master?"

Lieshan was amazed. He knew a lot about the Human Tribe even at a young age. The current Human Sovereign Fuxi was the disciple of the chief disciple of Ancestor Minghe, Taoist Liu Er. He was lucky to meet the junior apprentice, but to even be offered to be his disciple! Surprised and delighted, he knelt down and said, "Master."

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