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As days passed by, Huaxu's stomach was getting bigger and bigger. However, compared with an ordinary pregnant woman, Huaxu's stomach was getting bigger at a much slower speed. Although the Human Tribe's pregnancy usually lasted for 10 months, within the last 10 months, Huaxu's stomach only grew slightly bigger.

The head of the Feng Yan Tribe sent someone to Yu River's border to check. If Huaxu really gave birth to a monster, they would need to eliminate it as soon as possible so that it would not become a calamity to the tribe. As for Huaxu, they also did not know what they were going to do with her. They could only treat her according to the circumstance when the time came.

The Human Tribesman who came to check on Huaxu was instantly frightened when he found out that Huaxu's stomach was unexpectedly still big. Human Tribe's pregnancies ought to last for 10 months, but why did Huaxu still not give birth? Moreover, her stomach was clearly far smaller than an ordinary 10 months' pregnant one. Was it really a monster?

Just as that person wanted to leave, he found an exotic beast treading on Yu River, walking towards his direction. This beast had a lion's head, antlers, tiger's eyes, an elaphure's body, dragon's scales and an ox's tail. Wasn't this a Forefather of Kylin, the auspicious beast of legend!? That person was even more astonished to witness that the Forefather of Kylin was delivering food to Huaxu.

That person went back and reported everything to the head of Feng Yan Tribe. The head of Feng Yan Tribe was also very surprised and gathered the Tribe's elders to discuss the matter. An elder said, "I've long heard that a divine beast lives in Yu River. I never expected it to be a Forefather of Kylin. If a Kylin appears, this must definitely be an auspicious sign. Since the Forefather of Kylin delivers food to Huaxu, the fetus in Huaxu's womb definitely possesses an auspicious aura. It's definitely not a monster. The child Huaxu conceived must be the Great Sage of our Human Tribe."

Everyone was extremely shocked to hear 'the Great Sage of the Human Tribe'. It was not like there had never been a sage born among the Human Tribe. The birth of a sage would usually lead the tribes to become more prosperous. Now that there would be a Great Sage born among their Feng Yan Tribe, they were naturally happy.

Thus, the head of Feng Yan Tribe led the tribesmen to the banks of Yu River to welcome Huaxu back to the tribe. Huaxu also understood that the tribesmen were only panicking before and had not made any serious mistakes. Thus, she forgave them and moved back into the tribe. After all, it would be more comfortable for her if she could have the tribesmen looking after her.

Huaxu's pregnancy lasted for 12 years. Instead of panicking, her tribesmen became even happier. There was a rumor among the Human Tribe that the longer it took for a Great Sage to be born, the more virtuous the Great Sage would be. From what they knew, the longest a Sage was in a term for, was one year six months. Huaxu however, had been pregnant for 12 years. After this child was born, he would probably be incredibly extraordinary.

One day, Huaxu suddenly felt a pain coming from her stomach. The tribesmen hastily helped her deliver the child. A purple aura fell from the Heaven when that child was born and Huaxu's room was suddenly filled with a burst of sunlight. A spiritual dragon was coiling around the roof beam and a resonant cry spread around the world.

This cry shocked the entire Untainted Land. It was only a newborn Human Tribe's baby, yet his cry could spread around the entire Untainted Land. Everyone had long heard that the Human Tribe would crown the Three Royals and Five Emperors. Since this baby was so extraordinary, it would most likely become the first of the Three Royals.

The Sages were naturally the first to know this. However, they did not make any move. After all, the Mentor of Human Sovereigns of the Three Royals and Five Emperors had been assigned. Not only would they bear Karmas if they were to scramble for that position again, they would also have even greater Karmas if they could not let the Human Sovereigns return to their positions. Goddess Nvywa however, was extremely happy.

When Fuxi was born, everyone heard a beast was roaring outside. They went out to take a look and saw that the Forefather of Kylin which had been delivering food to Huaxu actually came with a Taoist sitting on its back. Since that Taoist was able to have a Forefather of Kylin as his mount, he was definitely not an ordinary Immortal. Thus, everyone of the Feng Yan Tribe kowtowed. The head of the tribe asked, "What brings the Immortal here?"

The person who came was naturally Liu Er. He sat on the Forefather of Kylin's back, smiled and said, "I am the eldest disciple of Ancestor Minghe, Taoist Liu Er. I have come for the baby inside this house. This child will be the Great Sage of the Human Tribe in the future. My Master has commanded me to come and accept him as my disciple."

Feng Yan Tribe's people were extremely shocked. They might not know about other almighty names in the Untainted Land, but they had heard about the Sages in the Untainted Land. Ancestor Minghe was one of those Sages. Although they did not know who Taoist Liu er was, since he was accepted by Ancestor Minghe as a disciple, he must have powerful strength. In the eyes of the Human Tribe, Minghe was the same as the Sages, thus the Sages were used as comparisons.

Huaxu was naturally exhilarated when she heard that Sage's disciple had come to recruit a disciple. However, she was also reluctant to part with the child. Liu Er said, "Lady, please rest assured, I am now living on the mountain at the bank of Yu River. After this child grows up, you may send him to the mountain to find me."

Hearing that, Huaxu naturally nodded her head and agreed. Soon after, Liu Er left riding the Forefather of Kylin again. That child meanwhile was raised as the future tribe head by Feng Yan Tribe. The head of the Feng Yan Tribe named him Fuxi, which might be the will of the heaven.

Fuxi showed that he was exceptionally intelligent right after he was born. He could speak three days after he was born and walk five days after born. When he grew slightly older, he already had his own opinion towards things and helped the head of the tribe in handling some matters in a very well-organized way. There was no one in the tribe who did not admire him. When Fuxi finally grew to adulthood, the head of the tribe used his age as a pretext to give his position to Fuxi.

At this moment, Huaxu also told him that when he was born, he was taken as a disciple by an Immortal who lived on the deep mountain at the bank of Yu River. Now that Fuxi was already an adult, it was the time to formally become his disciple.

According to his mother's words, Fuxi came into the depth of the mountain at the bank of Yu River. When he saw a Forefather of Kylin resting on the riverside, he straightaway knew that this beast was the Forefather of Kylin that had delivered food to his mother. Thus, he bowed three times to the Forefather of Kylin to pay his respect and show his gratitude.

The Water Kylin was frightened to see Fuxi bowed towards him. He swiftly moved away and thus accepted only half of Fuxi's ceremony. He had been following Liu Er for so many years, and Liu Er naturally told him the matter about Fuxi's identity, which was Goddess Nvywa's elder brother and the future Human Sovereign of the Human Tribe. Neither identity would allow him to accept Fuxi's bow. Accepting Fuxi's half ceremony was already its limit.

Seeing that Fuxi was about to bow again because he had avoided his first bow, The Water Kylin hastily said, "You must be Fuxi! Your Master has been waiting for a long time inside. You should quickly go inside!" He jumped straight into the river and vanished after he finished speaking.

Although Fuxi was bewildered, he stopped thinking over the matter and went directly inside after knowing that the Immortal had been waiting inside for a long time. After Fuxi walked away, the Water Kylin's head, covered with cold sweats, appeared from the river. He thought, "This Fuxi must have wanted to kill me with his bows! Since he is someone I couldn't afford to offend, then is he also someone I couldn't avoid!?"

When Fuxi arrived at the center of the mountain forest, he saw a huge peach orchard. Countless soft, watery peaches were hanging on the branches. The air was filled with the fragrance of peaches. Fuxi could not help but swallow his saliva. Although he was a Sage, he was, after all, a human. How could he resist the temptation of these peaches?

This peach orchard was not an ordinary one. Liu Er had planted the seeds of the Peaches of Immortality from the Peento Tree that Minghe cultivated. Even though now their level had dropped to a stage in which they could not even be categorized as Postcelestial Spiritual Roots, they still were not something an ordinary human could see. Besides, these fruits could be considered as Magic Fruits, they naturally had a strong temptation for an ordinary human.

But in the end, Fuxi was not an ordinary human. His mind became clear after just after a brief moment of being in a trance. When he saw that seated above a huge rock in the middle of the peach orchard there was a Taoist, he at once knew that the Taoist was the Master he had never met. Thus, he stepped forward and kowtowed, saying, "Disciple Fuxi meets Master."

Liu Er opened his eyes and stared at Fuxi. He said, "Fuxi… really is extraordinary, deserves to be called the human chosen by Heaven. Since today you've formally worshipped me as your Master, I will pass the method of cultivation to you. If in the future you come upon unsolvable matters amongst the Human Tribe, you may also come to ask me."

After passing the method of cultivation onto Fuxi, Liu er used Magic Fruits to quickly help Fuxi finish his Foundation Establishment. After a short three months, Fuxi had already stepped into the realm of Earthly Immortals. It was extremely fast. Fuxi possessed the fate of the Human Sovereign, so even though he had not yet become the Human Sovereign, the Luck of the Feng Yan Tribe already converged on his body. In addition, every day he also ate Magic Fruit. It was natural that his cultivation progressed rapidly.

After three months, Fuxi bade Liu Er farewell and returned to the Feng Yan Tribe. Fuxi's mind did not linger in cultivating and the matters of the tribe still filled his mind. Fuxi shouldered the mission of Human Sovereign, cultivation was indeed not the most important thing for him. Thus, Liu Er naturally would not stop him.

Once Fuxi became the head of the tribe, he often observed the situation inside the tribe. He saw that among the Human Tribe, a lot of the descendants born from the copulation of closely-related people were more stupid. Therefore, he drew up the human's moral relations. From now on, there would be no marriage between closely-related people, such as between siblings and paternal cousins, in the tribe.

One day when he came to the river bank, he saw that there were a lot of animals with scutes inside the river. Their bodies were like flowing lines and their scutes were glittering, extremely beautifully. The most important thing was that there were a lot of them. Nowadays, the Feng Yan Tribe lived by hunting wild animals and gathering wilds fruit. It could barely keep them from starving to death.

Fuxi thought, "If these animals can be eaten, then the tribe's shortage of food will be solved." Thus, Fuxi went into the mountain to consult Liu er. Liu Er thought about the matter and answered, "These things are Scute creatures under the control of the Dragon Tribe of the Four Seas. They are called Fish. Since the Human Tribe is under a shortage of food, you may eat these things."

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