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Chapter 166: Water Kylin

Chapter 34 Water Kylin

Although Liu Er could not save all starving humans, it was still impossible for him to watch them die without doing anything. So he delivered them some ferocious Wild Beasts. Killing a few ferocious wild beasts was completely easy for him, but for those starving Human Tribesmen, he had done them an enormous favor.

As Liu Er treated the Human Tribe benevolently, his understanding of the Human Tribe's sufferings deepened. These sufferings were nothing for Liu er. It could even be said that those sufferings would not disturb those immortals with even a bit of cultivation. However, for these ordinary Human Tribe's members, those sufferings might become crises that could cost them their lives.

Since he wanted to become the Mentor of Human Sovereign, Liu Er naturally had to make some preparations. The sufferings of the Human Tribe had to be overcome with the Human Tribe's strength, which was the reason why the Human Sovereigns would exist. Every time he found one kind of Human Tribe's suffering, Liu Er would memorize it in his heart. He would ponder over how that suffering could be overcome using the strength of an ordinary human.

Nowadays the numbers of the Human Tribesmen were too many. However, their innate talents were getting far worse than before. Whether it was their Martial Arts or their cultivations, the numbers of people who could genuinely enter the Primordial Martial Arts or attain the Great Way and become immortals were getting fewer and fewer. The most important thing was that the Human Tribe inside the Holy Land of the Human Tribe no longer interfered with the development of the Human Tribe outside, and thus it caused the deficiency of Human Tribe's transforming exercises. Even though the Sages' disciples were preaching, their preaching was limited only to several tribes of the Human Tribe.

Under the impossibility of attaining the Great Way and becoming immortals, the Human Tribe's Martial Arts started to show a slight sign of flourishing. The Human Tribe nowadays had widespread signs of strong Martial Arts bodies among them. Hunting those Bild Beasts, especially the strong ones, without any Martial Arts strength, would be the same as courting death.

The Human Tribe was so large that it was impossible for Liu Er to walk among all of them by himself. Fortunately, he found a way. Just by blowing one strand of his hair, countless Liu Er appeared in front of him. This time, quantity mattered. Although all the avatars converted from his hair had a low cultivation level, which was only the level of Veridical Immortal, it was already enough to visit the Human Tribe.

Within several months, Liu Er had walked through half of the Human Tribe. What he had heard and seen had overwhelmed him. When he withdrew his hair avatars, his mind was also no longer the same. Liu Er now had a kind of feeling that he was about to separate his Good Separation.

However, right now was not the right time to separate his Good Separation. Minghe had helped him to determine his Way of Three Separations, which was to use three Origins of Four Monkey of Destruction to separate his Three Separations. He had found neither the Long-Armed Ape Monkey nor the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey. Thus, he could only suppress the breakthrough of his cultivation and concentrate on achieving enlightenment from the Divine Law and strengthen his human body.

Liu Er was a bit anxious. A Human Tribe's female ought to be pregnant for ten months, perhaps the Human Sovereign would be born in about two or three months. It had been about seven or eight months since he immersed among the Human Tribe, but he had not found the slightest trace of the Human Sovereign. His heart was naturally anxious.

"En?" Liu Er suddenly frowned. As he withdrew his hair avatars, one memory unexpectedly made him feel suspicious. Unmarried yet pregnant, and a Kylin was providing food to her. It really was suspicious. Thus, Liu er promptly changed his course and went towards Yu River.

It was not really strange for a woman to be pregnant before marrying. On the contrary, it was the fact that a Forefather of Kylin was giving her food that made Liu Er feel suspicious. After the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, it was very rare for the Kylin Tribe to appear in front of any living beings. Every place a Forefather of Kylin appeared, definitely had auspicious signs. Presumably, the Forefather of Kylin was prompted to provide food because the baby that Huaxu conceived was extraordinary. Since Kylins were auspicious beasts, they could naturally sense the existence of the auspicious signs.

As soon as he arrived at the bank of Yu River, Liu Er saw an exotic beast delivering food to a pregnant woman. This beast's body was a combination of a lion's head, antlers, tiger's eyes, an elaphure's body, dragon's scales and an ox's tail. It was indeed a genuine Forefather of Kylin. Based on the fluctuation of its supernatural power, it was a Water Kylin.

However, its cultivation was not that good and only at Black Immortal level. Looking at its age, it was probably only born several hundred years ago. Moreover, based on its chaotic supernatural power, it was clear that it did not have a complete transforming exercise. Relying only on a very shallow transforming exercise to achieve this cultivation level was indeed not an easy thing to do. After delivering food, the Forefather of Kylin went following the Yu River into the forest on the mountain.

After the Forefather of Kylin left, Liu Er started to observe the pregnant woman living inside the straw cottage. There was a noble aura exuding from the woman's face, but it was not her own. The ancients used to say, "a mother's honor would increase, as the rise of her son's position". Although the fetus in her womb was not yet completely formed, he was already surrounded by a purple aura, which was noble beyond words.

This purple aura was not an ordinary purple aura. It was the Ziwei Emperor Aura of celestial Polaris. Since ancient times, Polaris was the symbol of a monarch status. It would already be noble beyond words if the monarch in the future could have nine Ziwei Emperor Auras. However, the fetus in Huaxu's womb already had the thick purple aura. It should be the Human Sovereign he was searching for.

As the Human Sovereign had not yet been born yet, guarding here was useless. There would be nothing wrong with coming again when the Human Sovereign was born. Following the direction the Water Kylin took when it left, Liu er went to chase after it as now he was even more interested in that Water Kylin. The Kylin Tribe had been hidden from the Untainted Land, how could there be a Kylin within the Human Tribe's region?

In the forest on the mountain, Water Kylin stepped onto the river's bank and laid on its stomach. It was about to rest when a Taoist appeared in front of it. The Water Kylin vigilantly got up at once and roared, "Who are you? Why are you here?"

The one who came was naturally Liu Er. Seeing that the Water Kylin seemed to be very nervous, Liu er could not help but laugh and say, "Little guy, don't be nervous. If I wanted to harm you, do you think that you could resist?" After traveling among the Human Tribe for several months, Liu er was a lot more mature now. At least, he no longer referred to himself with a dialectal 'I'.

Feeling the monstrous coercion Liu er emitted, the Water Kylin respectfully asked, "Younger generation meets the Great Immortal. What brought the Great Immortal to this place? If there is a task Xuan Qing needs to do, Xuanqing will definitely carry it out." Since Liu Er's coercion had left him without the slightest strength to resist, the Water Kylin, Xuanqing, naturally would not dare to slight him.

Liu Er smiled and asked, "Don't be nervous. I just saw you delivering food to a pregnant woman from the Human Tribe back then, which is why I came to take a look. As far as I know, ever since the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, the Kylin Tribe has lived in a hidden world. They rarely appeared in the Untainted Land. Since you're a Forefather of Kylin, why are you here?"

The Water Kylin answered, "The Great Immortal may not know, I was born in this Yu River about 400 years ago and don't know where the Kylin Tribe resides now. The memory of my Spiritual Inheritance is somewhat incomplete, and the transforming exercise is also flawed, which is why I'm only at Black Immortal level. The Untainted Land is vast, and perhaps I will get into an accident before finding my tribesmen with such poor cultivation, thus, I only stay in this Yu River."

Liu Er nodded. The Untainted Land was indeed vast. It was not a place that a Black Immortal could run wild in. If it was seen by those great demons or perhaps by those individual cultivators, it would either be killed or caught. Staying here was indeed the safest. After all, nowadays, none of the clans or individual cultivators in the Untainted Land dared to stir up trouble in the Human Tribe's territory. Several thousand years ago, the Dragon Tribe had been set as an example. Even now, the dragon Cutting Platform at the Coast of the East Sea was still causing fear to everyone in the Untainted Land.

Liu Er eyed the Water Kylin up for a moment. An idea appeared in his mind and he said, "Little guy, I'm lacking a mount to ride on, are you willing to be one?" Liu Er had long been envious that Minghe envious that Minghe had Chixuan as his mount. Although Minghe seldom rode Chixuan, Liu Er was still envious of Minghe. How impressive would it be if he could appear in front of others riding a Kylin?

Hearing Liu Er's words, the Water Kylin hesitated. He did not know anything about Liu Er but that Liu Er's cultivation was higher than his. If he was really to choose a Master, he would like to choose a very strong one or one that had an extremely strong background.

Liu Er could naturally guess the Water Kylin's thoughts. He said, "I'm the first disciple of Ancestor Minghe of the Blood Sea, Taoist Liu er. I'm also a Sage-to-be, becoming my mount won't dishonor you. Furthermore, I can pass you the way of cultivation. What do you think?"

Hearing that, the Water Kylin swiftly worshipped and said, "I'm willing to be the Great Immortal's mount." Ancestor Minghe's name was known, even to him that was born not too long ago. Becoming Liu Er's mount would guarantee him a lifetime's safety. Moreover, as Liu Er would pass him the way of cultivation, he naturally would not refuse.

After all, the Kylin Tribe now was no longer the previous one. He, a little Black Immortal, did not count for a thing in the Untainted Land and might be killed by others one day. Besides, following a powerful person was not an embarrassing thing, let alone the master was Liu Er, who had the powerful strength and also had an expert as his support.

Liu Er laughed and said joyfully, "Good! From now on, I will live on this mountain for a while. You will continue to deliver food to that pregnant woman in the future. After you come back, I'll explain the way of cultivation to you. Do you understand?" Liu Er's mood was extremely good after he got this Water Kylin as his mount.

Water Kylin nodded its big head. If it could see that the fetus in that woman's womb was not ordinary, how could Liu Er miss it? Furthermore, from Liu Er's reaction, it was obvious that he came for that fetus. Since it could make Liu Er, a Sage-to-be, regard it as important, the fetus would absolutely be extremely important.

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