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"Wuchen and the Black Tortoise of the Human Tribe are here!" Taibai Jinxing's loud report made the Jasper Lake quiet down. The guests didn't expect the Human Tribe to send their people here. The smile on Haotian's face confused them even further. Was there a prior agreement? However, the hateful expressions on those from the Dragon Tribe proved this was impossible.

Wuchen and the Black Tortoise led several humans into the hall. Except for the Black Tortoise, who was still at the level of Golden Immortal, Wuchen and the other Martial Artists were all in the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. This was a powerful group, famous for their bravery and mighty cultivation during the Great Cultivation Tribulation of the Human Tribe. Most guests had heard of their fame, especially Wuchen's.

"Is that Wuchen? I heard he alone had killed dozens of the Sacred Demons back then. His Void Swordsmanship was enigmatic and whoever he wants to kill is destined to die. The other Martial Artists are all well-known for their valor of killing many Sacred Demons during the Cultivation Tribulation. Why were they sent here? To display their strength?"

One asked, "What's the background of the Black Tortoise? He must enjoy an extraordinary status to be ranked with the Martial Artists like Wuchen with mere Golden Immortal level of cultivation." Another replied, "I heard he's the only disciple of the Ancestor of Martial Arts, that's why his status is so high in the Human Tribe."

Wuchen saluted Haotian and said, "I'm Wuchen from the Human Tribe. I'm here to greet Your Majesty. Our Ancestor sent us here to congratulate you on the Feast of Peaches in the Heavenly Court. Here are the gifts from him. We hope Your Majesty will accept them." They presented a Low Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. This somewhat surprised the guests as they never thought the Human Tribe would be strong enough to send a primordial spiritual treasure of their own.

Haotian said, "Thank you for your kindness. Please take your seats!" He thought how extremely astute the Human Tribe was. They first sent Martial Artists at the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal like Wuchen to display their strength and then presented the primordial spiritual treasure as a gift to ease their tense relationship.

"Abundant Treasures Buddha, Sacred Lady Jin Ling, Sacred Lady Wu Dang, and Sacred Lady Gui Ling from the Tribe of Severity are here!" The Tribe of Severity sent over 10 people,and all of them were Tongtian's disciples widely known in the Investiture of the Gods. Besides these four great disciples in the Tribe of Severity, Zhao Gongming and Sanxiao were also here.

Haotian wasn't surprised the Tribe of Severity had sent over 10 people for their tribesmen were in the tens of thousands. To send only dozens of people was a relatively a small number. Compared to them, the Western Religious Sect had sent too many people. It seemed almost all of their disciples were here.

Abundant Treasures saluted Haotian and said, "On behalf of fellow disciples, I'm here to greet Your Majesty. Our Master sent us here to congratulate the opening of the Feast of Peaches in the Heavenly Court. Here's his gift. We hope the Jade Emperor will accept it." It was yet another Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure! The guests were greatly astonished for the number of primordial spiritual treasures they had seen today were more than what they had ever seen in their lives.

Accepting primordial spiritual treasure, Haotian smiled and said, "That's very kind of Brother Tongtian. Abundant Treasures, please extend my gratitude to your Master and take your seats!" It appeared to be a fruitful feast. Now the only ones who had not arrived yet were the Tribe of Humanity, the Tribe of Enlightenment, and the Blood Sea.

"Dipamkara Taoist and Twelve Golden Immortals from the Tribe of Enlightenment are here!" Leading the Twelve Golden Immortals, Dipamkara entered the Jasper Lake and saluted Haotian, "Dipamkara is here to congratulate Your Majesty. Our Master sent us here to congratulate you on the opening of the Feast of Peaches. Here's a Primordial Spiritual Treasure as his gift to you."

The guests were so stunned to see another Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure that they were almost numb. How rich must the Sages be that they possessed so many Primordial Spiritual Treasures, even more than what all the Individual Cultivators had. They were extremely envious and jealous.

After Dipamkara and Twelve Golden Immortals took their seats, Xuandu from the Tribe of Humanity, Liu Er from the Blood Sea and Taoist Kong Xuan arrived! It greatly excited the guests as the Tribe of Humanity and the Blood Sea happened to arrive together. Would they also send Primordial Spiritual Treasures?

The guests were stunned when they saw Liu Er, Kong Xuan, and Xuandu enter. Liu Er became famous throughout the Untainted Land after he daringly confronted Honoured Lord of the Origin with his Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be cultivation the last time. People were also familiar with Xuandu, the eldest disciple of the Tribe of Humanity and the eldest disciple of the third generation of Taoism established by Hongjun.

However, they could not say the same for Kong Xuan. Though Minghe was known to have two disciples, Kong Xuan had cultivated in the Blood Sea and never traveled in the Untainted Land. Thus people knew little about him. However, today they discovered he was at the Late Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. How well he had kept it hidden!

Minghe's disciples were awfully strong: one was at the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be and another was at the Late Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. They were far more powerful than the disciples of the Sages. It seemed that even if all disciples of the Three Religions and the Western Religious Sect united, they were no match for Liu Er and Kong Xuan due to the large gap in the Realm between them.

Xuandu told Haotian, "I'm here to deliver my master's greetings to Your Majesty. Our Master sent me here to congratulate the Feast of Peaches in the Heavenly Court. We present you a gourd of Seven Cycles Golden Elixir as our gift." The guests were startled to see the gourd full of Golden Elixir. Though it was not a Primordial Spiritual Treasure, it was as precious as one.

Among the Three Pure Ones, Tongtian was good at tactical formation, Honoured Lord of the Origin was good at refining weapons, while Laozi's strength was refining elixir. It was said that Laozi had refined a kind of magic elixir named the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir. When one consumed it, one could instantly become a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. However, it was a pity no one had truly seen it.

However, there were witnesses of the Seven Cycles Golden Elixir in the Untainted Land. It was said that a disciple of the Tribe of Humanity achieved the Stage of Golden Immortal Fruit at once after consuming one elixir. How awesome it was that it had such function of gaining the Fate of Heaven and Earth. It was generous of Laozi to send a gourd of Seven Cycles Golden Elixir, which contained at least 100 pills. It was equivalent to sending about 100 Golden Immortals to the Heavenly Court.

Haotian gladly received the gourd. Smiling, he said, "Many thanks for Brother Laozi's kindness. Xuandu, my martial nephew, please take your seat!" He was delighted when he saw how envious and jealous his guests looked. With this gourd of elixir, his Heavenly Court could cultivate another group of masters.

When Liu Er saw Xuandu was done, he waved his hand and a white porcelain bottle appeared. He grinned and said, "Liu Er greets Your Majesty. Here are three pills of Primordial Unity Golden Elixir from my master. One pill alone can instantly help one achieve the Fruit at Taiyi level. That's Primordial UnityGolden Immortal."

The guests showed no reaction when they heard the elixir could only achieve the Fruit at Taiyi level, It was only Primordial Unity Black Immortal, which was much less powerful than the Seven Cycles Golden Elixir from Xuandu. Besides, Ancestor Minghe was so petty that he gave only three pills. But when Liu Er brought up that the elixir could help one achieve the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, surprise was evident on their faces.

Haotian was also stunned and rejoiced with excitement. First, it was Laozi who gave him about 100 Golden Immortals. Next, it was Minghe who sent another three Primordial Unity Golden Immortals. There were actually very few Primordial Unity Golden Immortals in the Heavenly Court. Even among the Tribes of Human, Enlightenment, and Severity, only their eldest disciplines had cultivation above the level of the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. Minghe's generosity was out of his expectations.

During Zhenyuanzi's opening ceremony, Minghe had sent Liu Er with three yellow plum trees as presents. Though yellow plum tree could help one achieve the realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, such a method would prevent one from making further progress. That meant they would have no prospect.

However, the elixir was not the same. Its side effects were much smaller. This was also the reason why it was so popular in the Untainted Land. Three pills of Primordial Unity Golden Elixir and a gourd of Seven Cycles Golden Elixir were powerful enough to take the Heavenly Court to another level.

Quite a few Cultivators were tempted because many would not be able to achieve the level of Golden Immortal or Primordial Unity Golden Immortal in their lives. Now they saw signs of hopes as Haotian possessed these two amazingly powerful elixirs. If they joined the Heavenly Court, they would have the opportunity to get their hands on the elixirs. Thus, many guests decided to join the Heavenly Court.

With his high cultivation, Haotian saw clearly the changes in his guests. It seemed the Feast of Peaches was extremely worthwhile and many more people would be tempted when the Peaches of Immortality appeared. Many Individual Cultivators would choose to join them after this feast. This would not only greatly enhance the reputation of the Heavenly Court but also further improve its strength.

Haotian did not wait anymore as the ones he was expecting had arrived. It was time for the opening. The only one of the invited esteemed guests who didn't show up was Kunpeng, the Demon Master in the Northern Underworld. Haotian was so happy about the Feast of Peaches that he didn't mind his absence.

When he saw that all the guests were seated, Haotian waved his hands. Taibai Jinxing cried, "Time for the opening of the Feast of Peaches! Present the Peaches of Immortality!" Everyone became full of expectations. They had never seen such Spiritual Fruits and many Cultivators had come just for them.

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