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Chapter 149: Untainted Land Shocked

After listening, Haotian laughed and said, "Great! I'll wait for you in the Heavenly Court." He then took the Haotian Mirror back. Haotian naturally felt happy because they successfully subdued the Dragon Tribe in the Four Seas. As one of the dominators in the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, the Dragon Tribe now declared allegiance to the Heavenly Court, which certainly shocked Untainted Land. At that time, the prestige of the Heavenly Court would be sharply increased and no one dared to underestimate the Heavenly Court nor His Majesty Haotian.

In the Crystal Palace of the East Sea, the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas took action as soon as the Black Light Mirror had disappeared. They called the Elders of the tribe together and prepared for the trip to the Heavenly Court. Although there was some disagreement, it was indeed a matter of life and death for the Dragon Tribe and a small part of the tribesmen could not change the decision made by the entire Dragon Tribe. The Dragon Tribe now released their great ambition to dominate Untainted Land—all they were concerned about was how to survive and preserve the tribe.

Thousands of Dragons simultaneously left the Four Seas, which completely shocked Untainted Land. The Dragon Tribe had seldom appeared in Untainted Land ever since the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation had ended. They can only hide in the Four Seas and cure their injuries from the Cultivation Tribulation. Now so many Dragons appeared all of a sudden, what on earth did they want to do?

All living beings of Untainted Land were shocked when they saw the Dragon Tribe flying to the Heavenly Court. What the hell did the Dragon Tribe plan? Did they determine to attack the Heavenly Court? No, there was a stark contrast in strength between the Dragon Tribe and the Heavenly Court. Could it be that... All living beings of Untainted Land came up with possibilities which they could not heartfully believe.

At this time, Taibai Jinxing announced the decrees of the Heavenly Court with a voice that resounded through the sky. "By the grace of the Heavenly Emperor, His Holiness decreed that the Dragon Tribe managed the Four Seas well and should be rewarded. His Holiness bestowed on Ao Guang the title of Dragon King of the East Sea, while on Ao Ming the title of Dragon King of the South Sea, on Ao Run the title of Dragon King of the West Sea, and on Ao Shun the title of Dragon King of the North Sea. You four, the representatives of the Heavenly Court, were in charge of making clouds and bringing rain in the Four Seas and Untainted Land, thus widely spread the Blessings of Heaven in Untainted Land."

"Boom!" All living beings of Untainted Land seemed to be struck by lightning when they heard the decrees. What a shock that the Dragon Tribe really declared allegiance to the Heavenly Court! Although the power of the Dragon Tribe had heavily declined in recent years, it was unbelievable that they finally surrendered to the Heavenly Court.

In Wahuang Heaven, Goddess Nvywa was also shocked when she heard the news. When the Demon Tribe first entered and hosted the Heavenly Court, Emperor Jun had sent people to canvass the Dragon Tribe, however, the Dragon Tribe refused. With the Sorcerer Tribe fiercely watching aside, Emperor Jun gave up his plan in the end.

But now, it was a complete surprise that the Dragon Tribe swore allegiance to Haotian. Goddess Nvywa slightly smiled and concluded that Haotian was not a person easy to cope with. His unexpected actions would also startle the Three Pure Ones. As a Heavenly Emperor who was unwilling to be controlled by others, Haotian would inevitably conflict with the Three Pure Ones in the future, which was a good scenario for Goddess Nvywa.

In Mount Shouyang, no sooner had the decrees been announced than Laozi knew the news. Laozi slightly frowned because he originally looked down on Haotian, now it seemed that Haotian indeed had his own ambitions. Haotian actually was one of the most powerful masters in Untainted Land except for the Sages and Minghe, not to mention that Yaochi also assisted him all along.

Haotian, the Heavenly Emperor bestowed by the Ancestor Hongjun, initially had a reputation for being a very justicial emperor in Untainted Land. He had set out to cultivate his own strength all these years and now he finally tamed the Dragon Tribe in the Four Seas. His great ambitions were completely exposed to the people who had originally underestimated him before.


In Mount Kunlun, the Honoured Lord of the Origin uttered a snorting laugh. In his opinion, what Haotian did was nothing serious and could not become a threat to the Sages at all. Although Haotian was the Heavenly Emperor bestowed by Hongjun, the Sages had ample opportunities to handle him when it was needed. In the final analysis, it was a matter of strength. Haotian was so weak that he even could not match the Holy Land of the Human Tribe, and no doubt the Honoured Lord of the Origin looked down on him.

In the Jadeite Palace, Tongtian was busy with Closed Door Meditation and paid no attention to what Haotian had done. Besides, the Dragon Tribe was the most qualified for making clouds and bringing rain in Untainted Land. As some of his disciples also came from the Dragon Tribe, Tongtian naturally would say nothing about it. He knew pretty well about the Dragon Tribe and understood that serving the Heavenly Court was the best way to solve the pressing needs of the Dragon Tribe.

In the Holy Mountain of the West, Zhunti said to Jieyin, who was hunkered with eyes closed, "Brother, Haotian is indeed an ambitious person and unexpectedly made such a great shock that he tamed the Dragon Tribe, the Dominator of Untainted Land before, thus he seems to be quite diplomatic. However, the East is the Three Pure Ones' territory, once Haotian steps further, he will inevitably collide with the Three Pure Ones. At that time, we shall just wait and see."

Jieyin opened his eyes, which were blooming a ray of light, and then he blandly said, "The East isn't stable yet, and the West can seize the chance for prosperity. Although Haotian is unwilling to be controlled by others, he's no power to fight against the Three Pure Ones. Under such circumstances, Haotian might ask Minghe, Goddess Nvywa, Houtu, and even the West for help. We'll do nothing else but wait patiently."

Zhunti was instantly excited about what Jieyin said. If Haotian failed to resist the coercion of the Three Pure Ones and turned to the West for help, they then would have ample excuses to advance eastward. As a result, the West was

West was hopeful for prosperity. Of course, it was all based on the premise that Haotian abandoned Minghe, Goddess Nvywa, and Houtu, and instead chose the West for help.

In the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance of the Human Tribe, Musen was also shocked by the actions of the Heavenly Court. There were both advantages and disadvantages that the Dragon Tribe was affiliated to the Heavenly Court and was in charge of making clouds and bringing rain. Now, time in Untainted Land was completely controlled by the Heavenly Court, as the Human Tribe further developed, they would inescapably face something like droughts.

As the Dragon Tribe was now in charge of making clouds and bringing rain, the Human Tribe could certainly avoid droughts but it also meant that the Heavenly Court began to intervene in the affairs of the Human Tribe. Nowadays in the Human Tribe, there were many ordinary people who neither cultivated The Way of Celestial Immortality nor Martial Arts. The appearance of Dragons naturally gave them one more belief.

All living beings of Untainted Land had a common defect which was they were apt to attach themselves to the strong. To ordinary people, the Dragons were honorable and unreachable. As the numbers in the Human Tribe increased, humans who could cultivate The Way of Celestial Immortality or Martial Arts were fewer and fewer. If it continued this way, the majority of the Human Tribe would be cultivators that did not master The Way of Celestial Immortality, or Postcelestial Martial Artists that were not primordial, or even most of the ordinary people would be without any extraordinary skills.

Musen had foreseen this situation but was unable to change it. What he could only do was to try his best to help strengthen the Human Tribe in the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance. No matter how shaky and unstable the outside Human Tribe were, the strength of the Human Tribe would never weaken, but would increase instead. As long as the Holy Land of the Human Tribe existed, the Human Tribe would be the ruler of Heaven and Earth in Untainted World forever.

With this achieved, Musen was fully satisfied and content. As for Haotian, if he wanted to intervene in the affairs of the Human Tribe, let him go then. Anyway, he would definitely meet with the disciples of the Three Pure Ones, what would happen then? Musen wondered.

In terms of Minghe, he was scarcely influenced by the outside world and was busy making efforts to acquire Enlightenment of the Law of Spiritual Beings. Either in the eyes of Minghe or the Sages', Haotian's plan and thoughts were not worth mentioning. Even if he had subdued the Dragon Tribe in the Four Seas, nothing was different. The Heavenly Court could not even match the power of the Human Tribe, not to mention themselves.

Haotian naturally did not know about the scorn of the Sages and Minghe. After subduing the Dragon Tribe, Haotian was in higher and more vigorous spirits than before. He recruited the Individual Cultivators in Untainted Land with great fanfare. In fact, owing to his great movement, the Individual Cultivators that went to the Heavenly Court were not ineffective troops anymore, which absolutely made Haotian quite happy.

The Dragon Tribe in the Four Seas was bestowed by the Heavenly Court and began to act. On one hand, they arranged tribesmen to leave for the dry land in Untainted Land and keep making clouds and bringing rain. On the other hand, they began to conform the Water Tribe in the Four Seas. Although the Dragon Tribe was much weaker than before, not all the Water tribes in the Four Seas could be contended with.

Some weaker parts of the Water Tribe had surrendered at the mere rumor of the Dragon Tribe's coming. The strength of the Dragon Tribe was enhanced day by day. Under such conditions, there was certainly someone to counterbalance the power. Haotian sent out his long-trained Heavenly troops as soon as he heard the news. They collaborated with the Water troops of the Dragon Tribe and swept away the traitorous Water tribes in the Four Seas. In case unexpected strong opponents would appear, Haotian especially hid his Good Separation among the Heavenly troops.

After hundreds of years' killing, the Four Seas were unified again. The Luck of the Dragon Tribe recovered to some extent while the Luck of the Heavenly Court also sharply increased. There even was a sign of cutting the Evil Separation for Haotian and he was certainly overjoyed, which gave rise to a greater aspiration for ascendency and Luck in his heart. Now almost all the Luck of the Heavenly Court was concentrated on Haotian and Yaochi, thus they naturally had a high-speed progress in cultivation.

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