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Unfortunately, the Magical Tao Mirror had consumed plenty of his treasures, and Minghe also felt confused about what Great Way had done to this mirror. As time went by, the more times that he used this mirror, the better this mirror's prediction ability would be, while the amount of consumption became less and less. Minghe also felt weird about these changes.

"Could it have the ability to evolve?" This thought suddenly occurred to his mind. But it was just a thought. Minghe did not have enough capacity to figure out what the Great Way had done to his mirror. He could just move on. After all, this was a good thing for him, so he did not have to think too much.

Minghe arrived at the place of Closed Door Meditation, while Red Lotus Taoist was comprehending the Law of Karma in silence. Minghe used his piece of Spiritual Thought to wake him up, and they started to comprehend the Divine Laws by the Magical Tao Mirror. Minghe comprehended the Law of Spiritual Beings, while Red Lotus Taoist comprehended the Law of Karma. Since the mirror always needed sacrifice, Minghe hoped that it could play its most important role, so it was economical for the two of them to comprehend the Laws at the same time.

The way of cultivation had no limit and the time in Untainted Land was endless. After theSorcerer and Demon Tribes' Cultivation Tribulation, Untainted Land became peaceful. Although conflicts and fights had never stopped, it became much better. All the creatures could have a rare period to have a rest.

In fact, the Human Tribe had always been in conflicts and fights. Since Musen laid down the development strategies of the Human Tribe, it started to nibble away at the Demon Tribe step by step and enhanced its force at the same time. Gradually, the Human Tribe's force greatly improved and its territory had expanded to the center of Untainted Land.

The Demon Tribe tried to resist the Human Tribe's slaughter, but since they did not have a leader, under the suppression of the Human Tribe, they could only be butchered, retreat to the south, or even leave Untainted Land to find a new living place on the sea.

Without a Sages' preaching, the Human Tribe's development would not be that fast. In order to snatch the Human Tribe's Luck, the Three Pure Ones' disciples had made many efforts. Unfortunately, the Human Tribe was so large that these disciples could not pass down much preaching to them.

However, this could not reduce these disciples' enthusiasm to preach in the Human Tribe because they had deeply felt the benefits of Luck that they had obtained during their preaching. With the development of the Human Tribe, its Luck was also greatly improved, and even if the Sage's Religion could receive only one percent of the Human Tribe's Luck, it could be very beneficial for the disciples to cultivate.

Musen had naturally expected this situation. He still hoped his Human Tribe could be self-reliant, however, he was well-meaning but ineffectual. The Human Tribe was too large to take it under control. He had tried his best but only stopped the other Sages to get involved in the Coast of the East Sea, protecting the only Holy Land for the Human Tribe.

Since the Human Tribe's development had reached a steady stage, Musen could finally feel at ease and started his Closed Door Meditation. The most important principle for cultivation was persistence. These days, Musen had reached the Late Stage of Fate Reading, only one step to the Peak Stage. When he reached that level, he could start to comprehend the Origin of Martial Arts.

While the Human Tribe was increasing its force, the other Tribes had also never stopped their improvement. With his Book of Nether World, Zhenyuanzi started to crown the Gods of Lands, Gods of Mountains, and Gods of the Rivers everywhere in Untainted Land. With the steady development of Earth Immortal's Residence, Earthly Immortals' Luck naturally increased at a very fast speed.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Court's force also improved a lot. Although Haotian had a lack of dignity and reputation in Untainted Land, he had received the Heavenly Court's Luck in the name of Mighty Principles, which helped him to separate his Good Separation. However, in order to enforce the laws on behalf of the Heaven, he could naturally not avoid killing.

As it was known to all, since the transforming exercises of cultivation were inclusive, some cultivators might choose the evil parts to cultivate, which violated the Laws of Heaven set by Haotian and Yaochi. The latter two would punish these cultivators in order to establish the prestige of the Heavenly Court.

Haotian would choose to kill the evil cultivators at the level of Daluo Golden Immortal, leaving those lower ones to the immortals who rendered their services to the Heavenly Court. At the stage of Sage-to-be and with the help of the Haotian Mirror, Haotian could easily defeat those evil cultivators.

Since it was so, Haotian had shown his force out and won a good reputation in Untainted Land. Besides, the Heavenly Court had a great attraction to those Individual Cultivators, more cultivators chose to render their services to the Heavenly Court. Although most of them were at a relatively lower stage, Haotian and Yaochi were still happy to see the Heavenly Court growing step by step.

In fact, the Heavenly Court's Spiritual Air from Heaven and Earth was more abundant than the other places in Untainted Land. Besides, since the Heavenly Court could control the cosmic stars, the Power of Stars here was also more abundant. Therefore, even if a cultivator was at a lower stage, he could make progress at a fast speed with his efforts. The most important thing was that these cultivators were trained by Haotian, which meant that they all belonged to his force.

However, Haotian still thought it was not enough. Although in the name of Mighty Principles, the Heavenly Court's history was too short—even shorter than the Human Tribe's—to have the power to manage the whole Untainted Land.

Nowadays, there were several main forces in Untainted Land. The first was the Sages and their respective Religions. Haotian did not have any expectation to control this force since he knew that he had always been belittled by the seven Sages and Minghe, even if he was crowned to be the Lord of the Heavenly Court by Ancestor Hongjun.

The second was the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes, which still had a profound basis even after being internecine in the last Cultivation Tribulation. Besides, Houtu and Goddess Nyuwa respectively supported them. However, Haotian had no interest in these two Tribes, and the two Tribes would not follow his orders, either.

The third was the Human Tribe. With the increasing development of its force and the Holy Land as its strong basis, the Human Tribe had become a supertribe, which was even much more powerful than the Heavenly Court. These days, the Four Ancestors of the Human Tribe had acquiesced to the three Religions being preached to Humans, so Haotian thought he could also get involved. However, he did not know whether he would offend the Three Pure Ones if he did that, and so he did not want this to happen temporarily.

Then remaining was the Dragon Tribe in the Four Seas. Although it had gradually become weaker and weaker after the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, its long history and potential power were considerable. As for the Kylin and Phoenix Tribes, they were nowhere to be found. The Dragon Tribe's existence meant that it still had a strong force.

Although the Heavenly Court had already gained its reputation in Untainted Land, Haotian still thought that it was not enough. What he really wanted was to make the Heavenly Court the major force in the whole land. Therefore, he decided to choose the Dragon Tribe in the Four Seas as his first target.

The Dragon Tribe had been occupying the Four Seas since the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, but in fact, several kinds of forces were against each other there. Although the Dragon Tribe seemed to be the most powerful one and crowned as the master of the Scute Tribe, it could not control and order the others.

In the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, the Dragon Tribe had gained enormous Karma for the damage to Untainted Land. Zu Long's suicide and the commitment that the Dragon Tribe would stay in the Four Seas forever had offset most of the Karma, but the Dragon Tribe still needed to bear what was remaining. As time passed by, the remaining Karma had made them weaker and weaker.

Since the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, no high-level cultivators in the Dragon Tribe had been born. What was worse, some Daluo Golden Immortals in the tribe had died one by one. Some died from being possessed by the devil, some died from an accident, while some died in the battles. After thousands of years, almost all of the masters in the Dragon Tribe had died, and even few cultivators at Daluo Golden Immortality were left.

Nowadays, the Dragon Tribe had both internal turmoils and external threats. If they could not pay back all the remaining Karma in a short time, their Luck would be fully consumed and they would even lose the major position of the Four Seas. In contrast, Haotian considered this situation as an opportunity.

Since it was really essential, Haotian needed to discuss this with Yaochi. The latter one was shocked after hearing Haotian's idea, and said, "Haotian, are you crazy? You really think you can recruit the Dragon Tribe successfully? Have you ever considered how the Sages would react to this? And, you know, the Karma—if we can't handle it, do you know what will happen to our Heavenly Court? I can't agree with your idea, Haotian. Our Heavenly Court is on a good path of development, so why should we be in such a hurry?"

Haotian did not care about Yaochi's reaction and warning. He said firmly, "You are right, Yaochi. But if we don't step out, how can we really attract the creatures' attention in Untainted Land? Although we seem to be in the name of Mighty Principles, few creatures consider us as the Lord except for some individual cultivators. In this situation, who will be willing to obey our orders?"

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