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In the Blood Sea, Minghe smiled when he noticed what had happened in Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. Finally, Zhenyuanzi had taken that step. Minghe was happy that he'd been right about him. Zhenyuanzi was not willing to remain as a carefree Immortal. He had been hanged for realizing the Origin. Whoever became a Sage-to-be was not a normal person.

There would be no leeway for Zhenyuanzi since he had started on this path. Obtaining the Merit, he had gotten the permission of the Way of Heaven to be the real Ancestor of Earthly Immortals. Compared with the Zhenyuanzi in mythology he had read, this real one was more qualified to hold the title of Ancestor of Earthly Immortals.

Minghe called for Liu Er, and said to him, "Our Fellow Taoist Zhenyuanzi has built the Earth Immortal's Residence, which is a great Merit for Untainted Land. Liu Er, go visit Wuzhuang Taoist Temple in my name. Here is the gift I have prepared. Make sure it's sent to Zhenyuanzi and remember to be polite. Understand?" With a wave of his hand, a trencher appeared in front of Liu Er.

Liu Er noticed three spheres of fruit on the trencher, causing his mouth to water immediately. They were yellow plums. Liu Er had once received one from Minghe when he was a Da Luo Golden Immortal, but now after separating his Evil Separation, he had reached the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be. Facing the yellow plums, he was still greedy.

Seeing this, Minghe tapped Liu Er's forehead heavily and said angrily, "You're such a naughty monkey. Haven't you eaten anything? You have reached the Sage-to-be, the yellow plums can't enhance your cultivation anymore. They will mostly pamper your stomach. The yellow plum tree bears only nine plums every 30 thousand years. You need to be grateful that you have already eaten one."

Liu Er giggled and put away the three yellow plums. Although Liu Er coveted these plums, he would never disobey Minghe's orders. He kowtowed to Minghe and then left Sacred Island for Wuzhuang Taoist Temple riding the cloud.

Minghe shook his head. Actually, it was not that he was unwilling to give Liu Er yellow plums, but the yellow plums were too precious. Since he had planted the yellow plum tree, it had only born once with just nine plums. It would be 10 thousand years before the tree bore again, which would be the time of Three Royals and Five Emperors.

The first nine yellow plums had been distributed. Liu Er, Kong Xuan and Minghe's mount Chixuan each got one. Another one was given to Musen. When his third disciple reached Heaven Clashing Level, Musen would give it to him. Later on, Minghe had used two of them to refine elixir. The last three would be sent to Zhenyuanzi. Therefore, it would be another 10 thousand years before he could get nine new yellow plums.

Actually, the last three yellow plums were useless to Minghe, so he was choosing to send them to Zhenyuanzi as a gift. While the Earth Immortal's Residence had just been built, Zhenyuanzi could use the three yellow plums to cultivate three cultivators to Da Luo Golden Immortal. Although one couldn't step into a higher stage before the realm of his Purusa could match with his cultivation, plenty of cultivators didn't even have a chance to reach the surname state. Therefore, it seemed that the defect of yellow plums could be ignored.

As for the two yellow plums he had used to refine elixir, Minghe was a little bit embarrassed to mention them. In order to refine his so-called Daluo Golden Elixir, he had spent plenty of precious herbs and even some Enlightenment Fruit. As he had planned before, this kind of Da Luo Golden Elixir could promote someone to be a Da Luo Golden Immortal, Realm of Enlightenment and Realm Purusa. With luck, he might directly step into the stage of Da Luo Immortal.

However, Minghe had no talent in the Way of Refining Elixir. He tried twice and then decisively gave up. Though he had refined Golden Elixirs, they had only been Taiyi Golden Elixir, and some Three Flowers Golden Elixirs. Although the number of elixirs was considerable, these were a far cry from the Da Luo Golden Elixir which he had been expecting.

Taiyi Golden Elixir could enhance one's cultivation to the stage of Taiyi Golden Immortal while Three Flowers Golden Elixir could improve one to become a Golden Immortal. Minghe named this elixir as Three Flowers Golden Elixir because when one stepped into the stage of Golden Immortal, his three Flowers of Golden Immortal would bloom. However, if one wanted to step into the stage of Da Luo Immortal, this elixir couldn't help much.

However, Taiyi Golden Elixir and Three Flowers Golden Elixir had fewer shortcomings than Da Luo Golden Elixir. According to the prediction of the Magical Tao Mirror, one would have a 50% chance of becoming a Taiyi Golden Immortal when his Original Spirit and supernatural power both stepped into Taiyi Golden Immortal. As for Taiyi Golden Elixir, it would provide a 70% chance. Compared with a less than 10% chance after consuming Da Luo Golden Elixir, it was pretty good.

The stage of Da Luo Immortal was really mysterious. In order to be a Da Luo Immortal, if one only enhanced cultivation without promoting his Purusa, his way to Tao was likely to be blocked. It was different for Taiyi Golden Immortal and Golden Immortal: Even if one's Original Spirit could not catch up with his cultivation, he could still make it up with effort.

The last time Minghe had refined elixirs, he had produced five Taiyi Golden Elixirs and 11 Three Flowers Golden Elixirs. Although these were of no use for his disciples, he could send them to his offspring. Actually, after two Cultivation Tribulations, even Cultivators at Da Luo Immortal had decreased. One at Taiyi Golden Immortal or Golden Immortal could be called a powerful Cultivator.

Even as a Sage's disciple, one would face great difficulty stepping into Golden Immortal. Compared with these Cultivators, Minghe's disciples were much better. Liu Er had just recently separated his Evil Separation. To Minghe's surprise, Liu Er's Evil Separation was the Wise Monkey. When he was separated, aside from a strong flesh body, he was just a little monkey without any cultivation, causing Minghe and Kong Xuan to laugh at him a lot.

Fortunately, Liu Er's Evil Separation had similar cultivation talent to Liu Er. With a fast cultivation speed, he was worthy to be called Wise Monkey. Compared with Liu Er, Kong Xuan's process of cultivation was much slower. After a thousand years of cultivation, he had only reached the Late Stage of Da Luo Golden Immortal. However, he was really good at the Law of Five Elements, which also troubled Liu Er a lot.

As for Black Tortoise, his cultivation had improved stably with the guidance of Musen. He had currently reached the stage of Martial Artist of the Heaven Changing (the same as Golden Immortal). Besides, with his Merit of mending the Sky in his preexistence leading out step by step, his Golden Body of Martial Arts had almost formed into a shape. When he stepped into the stage of Heaven Clashing (the same as Da Luo Golden Immortal), his Golden Body of Martial Arts must be fully successful.

In Mount Shouyang, the Three Pure Ones had been together to discuss the Way of Tao since their disciples had left for preaching. It seemed that they were back to the old days and the barriers between them suddenly disappeared. The Honoured Lord of the Origin never even mentioned Tongtian's recruiting disciples.

Zhenyuanzi had built the Earth Immortal's Residence, shocking the whole Untainted Land and interrupting the Three Pure Ones' discussion as well. Originally, Heavenly Court and the Nether World had occupied two major parts in Untainted Land, and even a Sage could do nothing to them. However, to their surprise, the erection of the Earth Immortal's Residence meant that there would be another strong force in Untainted Land.

All the Earthly Immortals gathered in the Earth Immortal's Residence to receive titles all over Untainted Land such as Gods of Mountains, Gods of Lands, and Gods of the Yellow River. Although it only occupied a part of Untainted Land, it had gathered a great deal of the Luck of Untainted Land. In fact, the Luck of Untainted Land was like a big cake. The more people there were to share this cake, the less each would get. Therefore, no one wanted to see the construction of the Earth Immortal's Residence.

Looking at Laozi standing aloof from this issue, the Honoured Lord of the Origin asked, "Big brother, do you know why Zhenyuanzi suddenly built the Earth Immortal's Residence? He's not the kind of person to do such a thing on a whim. Did the death of Hongyun irritate him so much that he changed this drastically?"

Laozi opened his eyes, and said slightly, "In Untainted Land, there are Three Books of Heaven, Earth, and Mortal. Mortal Book is the Book of Life and Death which Minghe once used to set up the Nether World. Earth Book is Zhenyuanzi's Eternal Spiritual Treasure, which is said to be formed by the caul of the earth. As for the Heaven book, it hasn't shown up in Untainted Land. Now, since Zhenyuanzi has built the Earth Immortal's Residence using his Earth Book, he has the right to enfeoff all the Gods of Mountains, Lands, and the Yellow River. What he really wants is only to gather the Luck of Earthly Immortals."

Hearing this, Tongtian was in high spirits. He asked, "Gather the Luck of Earthly Immortals? Is it possible that Zhenyuanzi has comprehended his own way of Tao, and wants to realize the Stage of Da Luo Golden Immortal with the help of Earthly Immortals' Luck?" All the Sages naturally knew the benefits of Luck. With the Luck gathered from all the Earthly Immortals, there was a large possibility that Zhenyuanzi would be able to actualize the Realm of Origin. At the peak stage of Sage-to-be, he had only one more step to go to become a Sage.

Laozi nodded, "It's possible. But even so, it will take a long time for Zhenyuanzi to actualize the Realm of Origin. Even if he does, it won't matter much." Hearing that, the Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian felt reassured. Zhenyuanzi at the Early Stage of the Origin did not pose a threat to them. Besides, nobody knew when Zhenyuanzi would actualize the Realm of Origin.

Laozi continued to say, "Zhenyuanzi was one of the participants in the Teachings in Zixiao Palace. Originally, there used to be 3,000 Cultivators, but not many of them are still here. The Earth Immortal's Residence is definitely beneficial to Untainted Land, so we should send disciples to congratulate him. Otherwise, the others will make fun of us." The Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian thought Laozi's words were reasonable, so they immediately ordered their disciples to congratulate him. The leaders were naturally the eldest disciples of their three Religions, Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, and Abundant Treasures.

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