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Chapter 125: Minghe's Third Disciple

The Heaven and Earth Taoist said, "If you convert into pillars to support the Sky, and your veridical soul of Original Spirit reincarnates into the Human Tribe, then Minghe's Selfcentric Separation will come to accept you as his disciple and reintroduce you into the way of cultivation. What do you say?" If the Black Tortoise, who boasted a good quality, converted into four pillars to support the sky, he would obtain merit from mending the Sky, which could further improve his cultivation after his incarnation. How could Minghe hold himself from accepting such a disciple?

Upon hearing this, the Black Tortoise immediately replied, "I'm willing to follow the Ancestor's, excuse me, the teacher's instruction." The Black Tortoise was not foolish. He knew well that if it were not for Minghe, he would have been killed without even being asked for his thoughts. It was great that now he had the opportunity to incarnate and cultivate, which would help him to shed his body.

Nevertheless, incarnation and re-cultivation were not free from risk, even for the Black Tortoise who was in his late stage of Sage-to-be. Once incarnated, he could easily die during the process. Now that Minghe was willing to accept him, he was more than willing to be his disciple. Under Minghe's protection, he could at least cultivate to the same Realm as he was in now after incarnation.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist nodded, and sent a Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire to the Black Tortoise. He said, "Well, this is a gift for you being my disciple. Each of my three disciples has one. It can protect you against death through incarnation and guide my Selfcentric Separation to find you when you incarnate."

The Black Tortoise basked in joy when he saw the Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire. As a Primordial Mazinger, he was trapped in the sea without any chance of seeking Magic Weapons. Now that he was free and had suddenly gained a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, how could he remain unmoved?

Holding the Red Lotus of Fire onto himself, the Black Tortoise spoke to Heaven, "the Way of Heaven above, I am the Black Tortoise of the South Sea. I'm willing to convert my arms and legs into pillars to

support the Sky, thus saving creatures in the Untainted Land from sufferings. Heaven and the Earth shall bear witness." The Way of Heaven then responded. The Black Tortoise's human body immediately came apart. His arms and legs were converted into the four Pillars of Heaven propping up the four corners of the Untainted Land. His huge turtle shell was left abandoned, while his Original Spirit flew towards the earth of reincarnation with the Red Lotus of Fire.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist set the turtle shell onto himself and saw the Blood of Essence of the Black Tortoise left inside. He laughed. The Black Tortoise was intelligent enough to realize that, though he would incarnate into a human under Minghe's request, his Blood of Essence, which could greatly promote cultivation, could be absorbed by Minghe. As for the turtle shell, its defense strength might work suitably even without refining.

After the mending of the Sky, Heaven rained down merits. The Black Tortoise gained ten percents of merit for propping up the Sky. As long as the Untainted Land and the Pillars of Heaven remain preserved, the Black Tortoise could collect merits continuously. If the Untainted Land existed long enough, the Black Tortoise could even become a Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin just from the merits he collected.

Since the Black Tortoise had been incarnated, naturally, the Heaven and Earth Taoist would not stay. He informed Musen, his Selfcentric Separation, and sent the turtle shell to him. Then he came back to the Nether World. He was enlightening the Law of Reincarnation, which he had already made some progress on. Besides, he did not need to gain too much enlightenment, ten to twenty percents would be enough.

Once he gained the ten to twenty percents ofthe Law of Reincarnation, he would fill it into a Blood God Doppelganger and let it transform into the Six Paths of Reincarnation. Then, the World of Heaven and Earth would be further improved. So would the Divine Law of the world.

In the Holy Land of the Human Tribe, Musen received the Heaven and Earth Taoist's letter just as he had finished his cultivation. He was surprised to learn that the Untainted Land had witnessed such a major event during his Closed-Door Meditation for healing. He should

should not have set such a limit that he did not even notice anything unusual outside.

He unfolded his Spiritual Thoughts, scanning through the Coast of the East Sea, and finally felt relaxed observing that the Human Tribe had not suffered from this event. It was reasonable, given that Suiren-Shi and the others could not have informed him if the Heavenly River had drowned the Coast of the East Sea. Almost half of the Untainted Land would have been destroyed, which could not have happened under the Way of Heaven's watch.

However, Musen was impressed by the identity of Minghe's third disciple, who was almost in the same situation as Houtu. As long as the Six Paths of Reincarnation existed, Houtu would collect merits continuously. So would the Black Tortoise. So long as the Pillars of Heaven did not fall down, he would have merits fall on him every day.

Mu Sen looked at the turtle shell the Heaven and Earth Taoist had sent him. Since Minghe had requested the Black Tortoise's incarnation into the Human Tribe and had he guided the Black Tortoise, he wondered if Minghe may want him to lead the Black Tortoise to Martial Arts. With his merit after incarnation the Black Tortoise could cultivate a Golden Body of Martial Arts, same as the Three Ancestors of Human tribe. What distinguished him from the other three was that his could be strengthened with his constantly increasing merits.

The Golden Body of Martial Arts was strong in Defense Strength while weaker in attack. It required cultivation of Martial Arts to make up for it. The turtle shell and Blood of Essence left by the Black Tortoise could further his Defense Strength. Then the Human Tribe would boast another superb master.

Several years later, in an ordinary Human Tribe tribe along the Coast of the East, a child at the age of five or six was laying on a huge stone, basking in the sun lazily in a weird posture, similar to that of a tortoise. Not far away, many kids were practicing Martial Arts.

Ever since the Human Tribe's Cultivation Tribulation, many humans had begun to refocus on Martial Arts cultivation. Youngsters in tribes practiced Martial Mrts at an early age. This did no harm and could even be helpful if they

if they changed to cultivate the Way of Celestial Immortality in the future.

The child on the huge stone yawned, and curled his lip when he saw the others practicing Martial Arts. "Little boy, why don't you practice martial arts?" asked a voice beside him. Startled, the youth got up, looked around and saw a young man sitting next to him.

Hearing the question, the child asked cautiously, "Who are you? Why are you here?" He wore a so mature expression that even someone older would not have, thus there must be something special about him.

The young man grinned, "I just happened to be passing by and took a look around. Don't be nervous. Since you are the same age as them, why don't you practice Martial Arts with them?" Noticing the boy was on full alert, the young man could only laugh helplessly.

The child curled his lip and said, "They practice at such a basic level. I can master it just by watching. Besides, the coach is awful. His cultivation is even lower than mine." A proud look showed on his face, which was pretty cute.

Astonished, the young man looked at the young boy carefully. Much to his surprise, he was already a Primordial Martial Mentor. His smile grew even wider with further observation. The child asked doubtfully, "What are you laughing at? Am I wrong?"

The young man smiled and said, "Nope. Given that you boast such superb talent, are you willing to be my disciple?" Hearing that, the boy was dumbfounded for a moment. Then he asked, "Are you powerful? To be my teacher, you have to be as mighty as the Elders of the Human tribe, who are at the Heaven Clashing Level."

The young man laughed, and responded, "Certainly. Up till now, no one can match me." Hearing his words, the boy fired the question, "Who are you exactly?" If the young man had no match in the Human Tribe, wouldn't he be more powerful than the powerful than the Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe?

The young man beamed, "My name is Musen. You may have heard about this name, yes?" The young man was Mu Sen. He had found this place by using the Red Lotus of Fire. This child was the Black Tortoise who had incarnated before.

Though he was only a boy of five or six, his cultivation of Martial Arts had boosted quickly. What's more, the merits he had gained had gradually integrated into his human body. It would not take long for his body to totally transform into a Golden Body of Martial Arts and reach the Level of Heaven Clashing.

The Black Tortoise looked at Mu Sen and cried, " are the Martial Ancestor of the Human Tribe? Indeed, you look exactly like the idol." The Black Tortoise was naturally amazed, given that the Ancestor of Martial Arts had not turned up in a long time, ever since the Cultivation Tribulation of the Human Tribe. He was said to be seriously injured, thus had been in Closed-Door Meditation to heal.

Musen laughed, "So, do you want to be my disciple?" The Black Tortoise replied immediately, "Your disciple is willing." With his mature mentality, the Black Tortoise would not miss such a Fated Chance. He then performed the rite of acknowledging a teacher, three kowtows and nine prostrations, to Mu Sen.

Musen asked, "My disciple, do you have a name?" The Black Tortoise shook his head, "No, I don't have a name. My mom calls me Xiao Zaizi (Chinese for 'Little Boy')." It then came to Musen that the Human Tribe did not have family names yet. Only when the Three Royals and Five Emperors died would the Human tribe own their names.

Musenlaughed, and said, "Given that, I'll give you a name. Just now you were laying on the stone like a black tortoise, so what about calling you Black Tortoise? From today on, you are my third disciple." It was good for Black Tortoise to inherit his previous name, so that he would not feel uncomfortable when he regained his memory.

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