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Chapter 121: The Demon Tribe Begins to Act

Ancestor of sorcererEmperor Jun finally realized what happened and said, "No wonder I found Chi You's vital force so familiar. So they used Houtu's Blood of Essence to make him the new Ancestor of Sorcery. But all the twelve of them now live together in Hall of Pangu. We probably won't even have the chance to kill any of them. Besides, we're still in the 10,000 years period. If we fight with them now, we might be inflicted with Heaven Punishments."

"Wouldn't it be much easier if we make them fight among themselves?" Kunpeng laughed. Behind his smiling face was a craftiness and cunning that made others shudder. The Ten Great Demon Sages couldn't help swallowing their saliva, secretly vowing never to offend Kunpeng in the future.

Fuxi, who stood aside, was confused. "The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery are so close to one another. Even the squabbling Zhurong and Gonggong would at most quarrel over some trifles now and then. With Emperor Jiang around, they wouldn't go over the line. Not to mention, they're now assembled. We stand no chance at all."

Kunpeng replied, "I know. That's why we need to separate them. Zhurong and Gonggong are our targets. So long as we intensify their conflicts beyond reconciliation, they'd definitely go all out to fight each other. When that time comes, we may have the chance to kill one of them."

Emperor Jun immediately asked, "Kunpeng, do you have any suggestions how we can do that?" Though they now had a way to deal with the Real Entity of Pangu, all their efforts would be in vain if they failed to exacerbate the relationship between Zhurong and Gonggong to the extent that they would want each other dead.

Kunpeng looked at one of the Ten Great Demon Sages and laughed, "We'll have to rely on Demon Sage Gui Che for this." Everyone turned to Gui Che, who looked completely at loss.

Noticing their confusion, Kunpeng explained, "I heard Demon Sage Gui Che can convert and imitate another person's vital force. Our victory will lie in him. If he can slip into Zhurong and Gonggong's clans and cause misunderstandings between the clans, we'll definitely be able to lure them out of Hall of Pangu."

He paused momentarily before adding, "For this to work, we'll need Emperor Jun to personally visit Wahuang Heaven and ask for Goddess Nvywa's help. She'll need to mess up the Secrets of Heaven so one of them can be killed. As for whether Zhurong and Gonggong will fight, we'll have to count on Demon Sage Gui Che."

Gui Che burst into a goosebump-inducing, creepy laughter. Dubbed the Nine-Headed Bird, the Demon Sage had a red body in the shape of a duck with wings about three meters long. When darkness closed in and the sky darkened, he would fly into houses and suck out the aura of the dwellers inside. What Kunpeng suggested was just right up his alley. He would naturally not turn it down.

Seeing as Gui Che had no objections, Emperor Jun went to Wahuang Heaven to ask Goddess Nvywa to do them the favour. Once the Secrets of Heaven were messed up, Gui Che secretly descended down the Untainted Land and headed towards the Wu Clan. They thought they did this all covertly, yet Emperor Jun had no idea that two outsiders were keeping an eye on their every move.

Up the Holy Mountain of the West, Zhunti laughed as he watched Gui Che sneakily headed for the Wu Clan on his own. "The Demon Tribe just won't quiet down. They've just caused the Great Calamity of Human Clan and now they're planning something against the Wu Clan. I hope this doesn't turn out like the last time."

The eastward plan was never off Zhunti's mind for he wanted to rejuvenate the west. Thus he would have his Good Separation spy on the earth and report the slightest move even

even when he was in cultivation. The Three Pure Ones, Goddess Nvywa, Minghe, Houtu, and Sorcerer and Demon tribes were all under his surveillance. Though he may not always be able to watch what the individuals were doing, the actions of the two clans never escaped his eyes.

Emperor Jun had personally visited Wahuang Heaven and the Secrets of Heaven were messed up shortly after. Goddess Nvywa had evidently done something. Thus, Zhunti began spying on the Demon Tribe's every movement. As expected, he found Gui Che secretly descending to the Untainted Land and heading for the territory of their enemesis, the Wu Tribe. How could this not interest Zhunti?

But before long, he lost track of Gui Che's vital force. This only intensified his curiosity. He looked at Jieyin who was cultivating silently beside him and asked, "Brother, what do you think the Demon Tribe is trying to do by secretly sending Gui Che there? Are they trying to assassinate Ancestors of Sorcerer?" Besides this, Zhunti could not think of anything else. After all, Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery had always been the biggest threat to the Demon Tribe.

Jie Yin opened his eyes and answered, "That's impossible. Gui Che may be a Sage-to-be, but he is far beneath Ancestors of Sorcerer. Even if it's a sneak attack, he'd be hardpressed to kill any of them. Never mind the fact that the twelve of them are assembled which makes it even harder. Before he can even act, they will likely kill him first. The Demon Tribe will definitely not take this risk. They must have other intentions."

Zhunti smiled,"You're right. Why don't I give them a hand?" He stirred the Secrets of Heaven with his supernatural power, making it even more chaotic. Before this, prediction experts would still be able to find some hints even from the messed up secrets. Now that Zhunti had added to Goddess Nvywa's efforts, not even a Sage could find out anything.

Jieyin did not utter a word. Though they had yet to find their way to the east, they did not want to see the Wu Tribe stronger than the Demon Tribe. Whatever they were planning, the Demon Clan must be doing it to weaken their nemesis. And by then, it was likely that both clans would suffer

would suffer a lot from the battle, allowing them to benefit from it.

Zhunti did not remain idle after disrupting the Secret of Heaven. He spied on every move made by the Wu Tribe, wanting to find out Gui Che's intention for sneaking into the Wu Tribe's territory. Besides, he could prepare himself to secretly help Gui Che whenever there was a need.

Zhunti was naturally not the only one who noticed the actions of the Demon Tribe. The moment the Secrets of Heavens were messed up, Minghe had also sensed it. He contacted the Clones of Blood God he had placed all over the Untainted Land and questioned them for any unusual occurrences. Thus, he found out all that Gui Che had done.

Minghe planted many Clones of Blood God in every corner of the Untainted Land following the birth of the Sages so that he could be informed about everything happening there. He did not send any near those Sages for fear of discovery. But within the territory of the Wu and Demon Tribes, there was a large number of his clones. Therefore, he would soon find out about all their movements with the chaotic Secrets of Heaven.

Minghe had no interest in the Demon Tribe's schemes. Whatever they were, they could not be anything more than plotting the demise of Wu Tribe. What did this have to do with him? Though everyone in the Untainted Land seemed to think he had a fairly good relationship with the Wu Tribe, even the Wu clansmen themselves, he had no particular opinion about them. He could findno use of a clan that was destined for the ruins.

Take the time when Houtu sought Taoist of Heaven and Earth. She actually offered Minghe a portion of the Untainted Land in exchange for him aiding the Wu Tribe. Ming He could not help jeering at such words. Houtu thought of herself and her tibe too highly to make such a deal. If he wanted the land, did he need them to offer it to him? What a joke.

Minghe was currently too occupied to care about this. He devoted all his energy to healing his injured Original Spirit. He received those wounds from connecting the Original Spirit of his Three Separations to achieve Enlightenment in the Grand Array of Martial Arts. Though his Three Separations were fine, his Original Spirit was injured. His healing process earlier had been cut short as Musen was heavily injured. Now he had to ensure his full recovery to make sure his cultivation would not be hindered.

The twelve tribes of the Wu Tribe made their residences around Hall of Pangu, assuming a fan shape that expanded outward. With the passage of time, the different tribes began to mingle and live together. However, there were two particular tribes that never got along. Those two were naturally under Zhurong and Gonggong respectively. Conflicts would often erupt between them, so they usually lived quite far apart from each other.

A huge problem once again cropped up between the two tribes recently. The people of both tribes were frequently attacked, the blame pinned on the other tribe. Like pouring oil on the flames, those attacks intensified their hostility against each other. Both clans would not simply leave it at that.

One fight after another erupted between the two tribes. In the end, someone was even killed, escalating their conflict beyond control. This was really the worst case scenario. In the past, no lives were ever taken even with their many conflicts. They went eye for an eye and only ever dealt heavy injuries to one another. After all, they were all part of the Wu Clan. They knew how to restrain themselves.

With the death of one of their own, things became serious. Following the surge of casualties, the battle between the two tribes resulted in true hatred for one another. Their conflict turned into all-out civil infighting as time passed. Sensing the deteriorating situation, some Great Sorcerers went and reported the situation to Hall of Pangu at once.

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