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Though Godness Nvywa was the first to ascend to be a Sage, her power was the worst among the others. Emperor Jun was quite clear about this fact. Besides, what she had been cultivating was the Way of Fate. It was far too weak for the real battlefield.

What worried Emperor Jun most was that Hou Tu, the sage of the Wu Tribe, would be unable to join the war as he was still trapped in the Nether World. What if Godness Nvywa was prohibited from helping? What if Ming He backed the Wu Tribe? After all, he had always been close to them. How would other sages pick their sides? Those questions worried Emperor Jun again.

Emperor Jun wore a look of concern and worry, making Ji Meng feel quite sorry. Yet he was simply stating the truth. After all, it was a life-and-death matter for the Demon Tribe and what Ji Meng chose to do was to help prevent any damages to their Tribe. To make the mistake of underestimating the power of the Wu Tribe would result in unexpected consequences or even the complete destruction of their Tribe.

The only thing Ji Meng could do was to offer his consolation. "Your Majesty, we have enough time to prepare since we're already aware of Chi You joining Ancestors of Sorcery. Without this mysterious sign, we wouldn't have found out at all. It's likely we would've been crushed unaware."

Emperor Jun was gripped by a crippling terror as he heard Ji Meng's words. He was right. Without the mysterious sign, their Tribe would be blindsided. When the Real Entity of Pangu really showed up, they would not even have the time to react to it, never mind securing a victory. Now that they knew about it, they could prepare for it.

Emperor Jun's worries worsened when he thought of the possibility of the Real Entity of Pangu emerging even stronger than before. If he could not come up with a way to deal with this, he would likely never be able to be at peace for the rest of his life. Thus he asked, "Ji Meng's right. Do any of you have any ideas to counter this issue?"

The sacred demons looked at one another, clearly not realizing that it was Ji Meng that Emperor Jun was looking at expectantly. Noticing the attention on him, Ji Meng wore an expression of helplessness for he could think of no countermeasure himself. He could only avert his eyes awkwardly.

Emperor Jun could not help feeling disappointed when he heard nothing from Ji Meng. He turned to Fuxi who was deep in thought and realized he too had no ideas to offer. In the end, there was only one last person for him to look at. It was Kunpeng, the Demon Master.

For Emperor Jun, Kunpeng was quite the troublesome person. Though he forced Kunpeng to join Heavenly Court and made him keep a sliver of his Purusa in Godness Nvywa's Demon Summoning Banner, it had resulted in Kunpeng bearing a grudge against him. Ever since he joined, Kunpeng had never advised to any of their plans nor did he ever contributed anything to Heavenly Court. He was basically putting no effort at all. Yet Emperor Jun could not do anything to him, for he was, after all, the Demon Master.

Now that none of his advisers had any solutions, Kunpeng became his last hope. Though he was not on good terms with Kunpeng, Emperor Jun still had faith in his wisdom. Otherwise, Kunpeng would not have been able to create the Demon character back then. It would not be an easy task to make him talk, but as long as there was a glimmer of hope, Emperor Jun wanted to try his luck. "Kunpeng, you appear to be calm. Did you perhaps come up with any good countermeasures?"

Deep in his meditation, Kunpeng opened his eyes. Now that Emperor Jun had asked him a question, he must give an answer. "Looks like I'll have to let you down. I have no countermeasures. I can only think deep and hard about this and hope to come up with something useful for our Tribe."

Kunpeng's placid and indifferent reply infuriated Emperor Jun, yet he managed to rein in his anger. Using Spiritual Thoughts, he spoke to Kunpeng. "Do you really not have a plan?" Emperor Jun was unsure if Kunpeng had any ideas, but even if Kunpeng did have any idea, he would likely not tell him. Even the Demon Tribe was defeated one day, Kunpeng could very well escape back to the Northern Underworld. Even if Godness Nvywa was a Sage, she would not go against the wills of the world and kill the Demon Master.

Kunpeng replied, also through Spiritual Thoughts, "I really have to disappoint you. It's not that I'm holding back, but I really don't have any plans." Though he was startled by the way Emperor Jun reached out to him, he still offered the same answer.

Emperor Jun lapsed into silence, pondering. A few seconds later, he gritted his teeth and made his decision. "Kunpeng, I know you're upset with the ways I handled things in the past, but I did that all for the sake of our Tribe. As long as you help solve this problem for us, I promise to ask Godness Nvywa to return your Original Spirit. What do you think?"

These words finally brought changes to Kunpeng's indifferent expression. The sliver of his Original Spirit summoned into the Demon Summoning Banner had always been his Achilles' heel. Now that he had an opportunity to regain it, how could he remain calm? "Deal. I do have a plan, but you must first make sure I regain my Original Spirit. That's the only way I'll feel reassured to plan my countermeasures wholeheartedly."

Emperor Jun was riled up with hatred to hear his words, but nevertheless made his promise. "I'll keep my promise, but you must first swear by yours." Their lack of trust went both ways, yet Emperor Jun was not worried Kunpeng would leave Heavenly Court after regaining his Original Spirit. After all, Kunpeng was now the Demon Master of the Demon Tribe. If he left now, his prestige in the Tribe would plummet. After all, no one in the Tribe would worship someone who abandoned them.

What worried Emperor Jun was that Kunpeng might still work perfunctorily. When that time came, he would have nothing to hold it against him. Kunpeng naturally understood what Emperor Jun meant, but he obediently made his oath to the Way of Heaven for the sake of regaining his Original Spirit.

Emperor Jun only felt reassured when Kunpeng made his oath. He instantly contacted Godness Nvywa through Spiritual Thoughts and asked her for the Original Spirit. Though she found it a strange request, she did as she was told. In no time at all, that Original Spirit transformed into a silver light that was absorbed into Kunpeng's mind.

Healing his wound in a corner, Taiyi was also full of confusion when he saw this scene. He naturally knew the light that went into Kunpeng's Sea of Consciousness was the Original Spirit that they forced him to surrender. He wondered why it was suddenly being returned to Kunpeng. Seeing as there was no response from Emperor Jun, he said nothing either. What he wanted to do was to recover from his injuries as soon as possible. If possible, he wanted to make a breakthrough. In his last fight against Musen, the outcome was a draw. How could that satisfy Taiyi?

The moment when his Original Spirit returned to him, Kunpeng felt refreshed and energized. Even his cultivation was improved. Basking in his good mood, he said, "I've just thought of an idea. Perhaps it may be of help."

Emperor Jun immediately asked, "Oh, please enlighten us with your idea." Though he was unhappy with Kunpeng, it was insignificant compared to the possibility of having a countermeasure against the Real Entity of Pangu. After they destroy the Wu Tribe, Emperor Jun would have Kunpeng in the palm of his hand, free to crush as he wished.

Kunpeng replied, "Though our Cosmic Stars Formation has room for improvement, it will always be inferior to the Real Entity of Pangu. Instead of devoting our time to improve it, why don't we come up with a way to weaken their formation? This way, we have a better chance at winning."

Emperor Jun agreed with him, but he had no idea how to weaken the power of Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. He asked further, "What's your plan to abate their power? Their formation is arranged by Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery. Unlike ours, it can't be impaired simply by killing some Wu Tribesmen."

A sinister smile emerged on Kunpeng's face. He said maliciously, "What if they don't have Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery?" Kunpeng's words immediately reminded everyone that if the current Twelve Ancestors of Society lacked yet another member, there would be no formation. That would greatly enhance the Demon Tribe's chances at winning.

Emperor Jun was still doubtful. "Your suggestion is reasonable, but it's not impossible for the Wu Tribe to replace another Ancestor as they did for Chiyou. If that happens, then this plan would be basically ineffective."

Kunpeng laughed. "Didn't you notice that the vital force bursting from Chiyou when he became an Ancestor of Sorcery was similar to Houtu's? It must be that Houtu saved some Blood of Essence during his reincarnation. That must be the key point to the process of making a person into an Ancestor of Sorcery. So if one of them died, they would never be able to create another one, let alone the lay down the formation."

Once creatures died, their Blood of Essence couldn't be preserved. Even those collected in Minghe's Blood Sea were common blood, none of them from the Wu Tribe. All the Blood of Essence that Minghe refined also used common blood as its basis. The blood of the Ancestors of Sorcery was even more extraordinary that Minghe failed to extract even a single drop out of them. If the Demon Tribe truly killed one of the twelve, it was indeed impossible for Wu Tribe to create another one without a similar Blood of Essence.

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