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Chapter 119: Woes of the Demon Tribe

Musen's words cheered the three ancestors up. Besides the humans living nearby, others who were able to escape to the Coast of East Sea from the Human Tribe's Cultivation Tribulation were the ones with stronger Celestial Immortality cultivation. Previously, Musen had made use of the Cultivation Tribulation to diminish Sages' authority in the Human Tribe. So this was the best time to rearrange the Way of Celestial Immortality in Human Tribe.

Suiren-Shi got the idea and nodded in agreement. "Alright, just as you said. Leave this to us. You just set your mind at rest and recovery." Then the three of them hurried out. Obviously, they were to form an Immortals' Army in the Human Tribe.

This should be done sooner better than later. With Human Tribe's three ancestors in charge, the work of organizing Immortal's Army would be completed successfully. Musen had no need to worry, and all he needed to do was to recover from his wounds. If Minghe hadn't helped to cure most of his wounds, he could not completely be recovered in ten thousand years.

Besides, Musen used his trump card, the Veridical Martial Origin Formation by force, which caused a severe Boomerang on him. Along with serious injuries, his cultivation was declined by a small realm. Previously, he had entered the Late Stage of Fate Reading Level unexpectedly when he worked with Minghe to comprehend the Grand Array of Martial Arts. However, now he dropped back to the Secondary Stage of Fate Reading Level.

Since he had already entered this stage, to recover his previous cultivation level, all he needed was time. Of course, this was not the most important thing. By using Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts and the character Wu, Musen forcefully brought the Current of Martial Arts accumulated by Veridical Martial Origin Formation into his body, resulting in a severe impact on his Martial Arts.

There were billions of Martial Artists in the Human Tribe but they did not cultivate in the same way. So as their enlightenment in the Way of Martial Arts. Thus with billions of the Way of

Martial Arts gathering to form the Current of Martial Arts and entered Musen's body, Musen was nearly lost in the numerous Wills Of Martial Arts.

Fortunately, the 'Wu' character was able to control the Current of Martial Arts. If not, Musen's Fate Reading would have been breached, and the consequence would be much worse than severe injuries. However, it was just because of this, Musen gained a new understanding of his Martial Arts. Martial Arts was vast and profound, and when one reached the highest level, he had already returned to his original nature. The Way of Martial Arts was not fixed and rigid but able to encompass everything, like the ocean.

Chances always appeared in crisis. Musen had perceived the mystery in the Realm of Origin of Martial Arts during this battle. Though it was just a slight enlightenment, it was the most precious thing for Musen. It can be said that the door to the Realm of Origin had opened a gap for him, and this gap was extremely precious. Many Sages-to-be with strong cultivation were not able to achieve this through their lives.

In addition, Musen was getting more and more curious about the character 'Wu', also known as 'Martial', whose mystery seemed to remain unknown forever. Though Musen had reached the Realm of Origin, he was still unable to understand it totally, so it was truly extraordinary.

Now that he was unable to make any breakthrough, Musen could only give it up temporarily. When he entered the Realm of Origin, naturally he could get the mystery and secret. Now the most urgent thing for him was to recover. The final battle between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes would begin in around four thousand years. When the Cultivation Tribulation ended, it would be the best opportunity for the Human Tribe to become the governor in Untainted Land.

Musen also knew that despite the fact that Sorcerer and Demon tribes' power would be greatly impaired after the Cultivation Tribulation, it was still hard for the Human Tribe to become the ruler of Heaven and Earth. Then the situation where Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land fought against each other might appear again. To become the ruler of Heaven and Earth, it was inevitable for the Human Tribe to combat with Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land. This required the Tribe to become stronger and possessed its own troop, which demonstrated that they were powerful enough to govern

govern Untainted Land.

In contrast to the peace in the Human Tribe, the Heavenly Court became restless and unsettled. Ever since Houtu became the Sage and been trapped in the Nether World, the Demon Tribe had been inspired with enthusiasm for there were only Eleven Ancestors of Sorcery now. Thus, the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation could not be used, so the Real Entity of Pangu, who they feared most, could not be called out. While with the support of the Sage, Goddess Nvywa, and Cosmic Stars Formation, the Demon Tribe was confident that it would win the great battle between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes when the limit of ten thousand of years expired.

But it was different now. The Wu Tribe created a new Ancestor of sorcerer, who could fill the vacancy of Houtu. Thus the present situation totally changed. The memories of the horror of the Real Entity of Pangu were still fresh in the minds of the Demon Tribe. How marvelous it was that a single chop of the ax could kill millions of their soldiers. Naturally, they were frightened as such a monstrous power had the opportunity to resurface.

In the Divine Wind Palace,looking over Untainted Land through the Heaven, Emperor Jun tightly grasped the Wu-killing Sword. He had thought that he could easily defeat the Wu Tribe, but who would have thought the Wu Tribe could create another Ancestor of sorcerer, which brought the situation between the two Tribes back to a subtle balance. The thought of this immediately irritated the Emperor.

Though the Demon Tribe managed to refine the Wu-killing Sword by killing the Human Tribe, they lost billions of crack troops at cost. Moreover, Emperor Jun himself was also injured and dishonored. He planned to find the Human Tribe to repay the humiliation that he had suffered after defeating the Wu Tribe. However, just at this time, the Wu Tribe had made movements which could change the situation. As a result, Emperor Jun could not restrain his rage any longer.

There was another matter which worried Emperor Jun. For the sake of refining the Wu-killing Sword, the Demon

the Demon Tribe had wantonly slaughtered the Human Tribe, which disobeyed the harmony of heaven and caused the loss of billions of crack troops. As a result, Demon Tribe's Luck decreased a lot, which was not a trivial problem.

The birth of a new Ancestor of sorcerer had greatly boosted the morale as well as the Luck of the Wu Tribe. As the old saying goes, one side wanes, the other waxes. Now the Demon Tribe's Luck decreased while the Luck of the Wu Tribe increased. This was not a good sign. Though there were still four thousand years before the limit, it was long enough for many incidents to occur, and this was what Emperor Jun wanted to avoid.

Facing such a helpless situation, Emperor Jun could only seek help from others. "Fellow tribesmen. Recently, the Wu tribes has a new ancestor so the Twelve Divine Beings is filled. Once they set down the formation to summon the Real Entity of Pangu, what can we do to counter it?"

Bai Ze thought for a short then replied. "Your Majesty, maybe things are not as bad as we think. Though Chi You has been promoted to become an ancestor to fill Houtu's place, he may not be able to successfully replace Houtu. The formation's power will naturally be weakened. At that time, our Cosmic Stars Formation may contend with it."

Emperor Jun's eyes shone upon hearing his words. Indeed, Chiyou was just a new ancestor. He could not be compared to Houtu either in his Body or Origin. Even if they were able to set out the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, the power would be greatly weakened, and the Real Entity of Pangu would not be as strong as it originally was.

Ji Meng lost in thought hearing what Bai Ze said. Seeing Emperor Jun was obviously moved, he decided to speak out his opinion for the benefits of the Demon Tribe, though he knew what he was about to say would destroy Emperor Jun's happiness."Your Majesty, I'm afraid that it might not be that simple."

Ji Meng's words upset Emperor Jun as if he poured a he poured a bucket of ice-cold water on the Emperor's head.Bai Ze also showed a look of indignation as he just put forward his opinion, and then Ji Meng immediately disagreed with it. It made him really embarrassed.

Bai Ze hurried to voice his opinions because he was a mastermind during the Cultivation Tribulation of the Human Tribe. Although Emperor Jun was the one in charge later, the Heavenly Court suffered the loss of billions of soldiers, which decreased his fame. Thus, he was eager to offer to win his fame back. Thanks to Ji Meng, it had all backfired. How could Bai Ze not be upset?

Though Emperor Jun was slightly unhappy about it, he still asked Ji Meng for his opinion. "Ji Meng, what do you think?" Ji Meng was one of the Ten Great Demon Sages as well as the advisor in Demon Tribe. Since he had a different opinion, Emperor Jun had to listen to what he had to say. After all, it was regarding the future of the Demon Tribe, so no mistakes were allowed.

Ji Meng explained, "Your Majesty, though Chi You is newly promoted and perhaps incomparable to Houtu. But Your Majesty, please do not forget that a few thousand years ago, Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery were not as strong as the present. Maybe Chiyou was not powerful enough, but it was probable that the formation's power would be much stronger. So as the Real Entity of Pangu."

Once Ji Meng spoke his worries, the Emperor's face darkened. He forgot that during these thousand years, not only had his cultivation improved, the Wu Tribe's cultivation had improved as well. Even Chiyou's power was not weak than previous Houtu. If what Ji Meng said was true, then the Demon Tribe would face the crisis of tribe extinction.

Though the Demon Tribe's Cosmic Stars Formation was said to be on par with the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, however, in terms of a single attack, the Cosmic Stars Formation was much weaker. It only worked as a group formation and even if they wanted to gather starlight to attack, the power would still be scattered. It would not be able to withstand the attack from the Real Entity of Pangu.

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