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Chapter 118: The Confession to the Human Tribe

Facing the questions from the Ancestors of the Human Tribe, Minghe slowly walked toward Musen. He waved his hand and three bright rays of holy water entered into Musen's body. Musen's injury was treated with supernatural power. At first, the Ancestors of the Human Tribe wanted to stop him, but they did not do it as they were shocked by his words.

"Musen is my self-centric separation." No, it couldn't be! Musen had been one of the first humans created by Goddess Nvywa and he also had the Punisher Whip. How could he be the self-centric separation of Ancestor Minghe?

Seeing their astonished reactions, Minghe continued his words, "The day Goddess Nvywa became a Sage was also the day I separated all my obsession. After that, using the human form created by Goddess Nvywa, I created my self-centric separation, Musen. "

"What?" The three human ancestors were shocked. They had not expected that Musen had been Minghe's separation since the birth of the Human Tribe. This meant that Ancestor Minghe had been scheming against the entire Human Tribe since the beginning, didn't it? After the great calamity of the Human Tribe tribulation, the three ancestors of the Human Tribe felt antipathy toward the Sage's scheme.

Suiren-Shi said heavily, "You were indeed great in scheming. I guess that you have been scheming since the birth of our Human Tribe for their luck, right?" There was anger in his words.

Minghe laughed. "Scheming against your Human Tribe? What plan could I scheme when the Human Tribe was just born. Not to mention that the Human Tribe is only where it is now because of Musen. If he hadn't been here, I'm afraid your Human Tribe would not only have suffered heavy losses but also become a toy for the Sages. Do you really think that I've been scheming against the Human Tribe?"

After hearing Minghe's words, Suiren-Shi's face showed a hangdog expression. It was indeed true that the Human Tribe would not have progressed without Musen's plan. Otherwise how could the three ancestors of the Human Tribe have successfully made Emperor Jun retreat that day?

But Youchao-Shi replied, "You are indeed right, but your purpose was to control the entire Human Tribe, wasn't it?"Youchao-Shi could not imagine why Ancestor Minghe would help the Human Tribe. Was it only because his self-centric separation was one of the humans?

Minghe sighed and said, "It is not me that wanted to help you, but Musen. He is the most special one among the Three Separations." After saying this, Minghe showed a complex expression.

Then, he continued his words, "He doesn't inherit my original spirit or supernatural power and only maintains a special communication with me. I can't interfere with his acts, and so he only acts on his own will. And as for the Human Tribe, I'm not interested. The religion that I have established does not suit the humans, and also the AShura tribe are already enough for me to preach to."

Still, only some of these words were true. Musen was indeed the most special of his Three Separations. But it didn't mean that he couldn't control him at all, he simply didn't want to. Musen had been converted from his obsession as a human in the past. Since his birth, he had focused on making the Human Tribe stronger and more independent.

Still, Musen did not always consider Minghe. Like the time, he had offended Goddess Nvywa and Laozi. In the future, if his identity as Minghe's self-centric separation was exposed to the world, Goddess Nvywa and Laozi would probably hate Minghe. They would believe that this was Minghe's plan.

After hearing Minghe's explanation, Youchao-Shi calmed down. At first, he was afraid that the Human Tribe would be controlled by Minghe, but now he realized that the Asura Religion that Minghe had established was suitable for the AShura Tribe not for the Human Tribe, and Minghe had never interfered with the affairs of the Human Tribe. What's more, Musen's fortuitous encounters would probably come from Minghe, too.

After hearing his words, Ziyi-Shi replied, "Brothers, it is true that the fourth younger brother was the Ancestor's self-centric one, but he always planned for our Human Tribe, creating the Martial Arts, and establishing the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance. And now he's injured for the sake of the Human Tribe. If the Ancestor wanted to interfere with the Human Tribe, he wouldn't have allowed our Human Tribe to become so strong."

Ziyi-Shi's words immediately stirred Suiren-Shi and Youchao-Shi. It was true that Musen had cut the authority of Sage Goddess Nvywa and Sage Laozi and made the Human Tribe independent. And with that, the other sages, including Ancestor Minghe, would never be able to interfere with the affairs of the Human Tribe again. If Minghe had a motive using the Human Tribe, he definitely would not have let Musen do that.

Thinking of this, Suiren-Shi and Youchao-Shi became ashamed. Although Musen was Ancestor Minghe's self-centric separation, with everything that he had done for the Human Tribe, was he not suited for the title of Martial Ancestor of the Human tribe and enjoy thirty-percent of the luck of the Human Tribe?

The three Ancestors of the Human Tribe looked at each other, then bowed, "We, the three Ancestors of the Human Tribe, represent the entire Human Tribe in thanking you for your help." Although it was Musen that had done all of these for the Human Tribe, without Minghe's help, Musen would likely not have been able to make things work. This bow was necessary.

Minghe accepted their bow. He had already finished Musen's treatment. He said, "Musen's injury

"Musen's injury has now been healed, and he will regain his consciousness in a while. If you still have anything you want to discuss, you can talk to him!" Finishing his words, Minghe disappeared.

Looking at Musen lying unconscious in the bed, the three Ancestors of the Human Tribe had a sentiment in their hearts. Musen's identity as the self-centric separation of Minghe could have made everyone in Untainted land respect him, but he had abandoned it and lived as a human willingly. He'd even suffered a near-death injury for the sake of Human Tribe, proving his loyalty.

Indeed, Musen regained his consciousness soon after. Looking at the healed wounds, he asked, "Did my veneration, Ancestor Minghe come over?" It was time for him to make things clear before creating more misunderstandings.

Suiren-Shi said, "Ancestor Minghe has come over. Fourth younger brother, we were quite surprised to learn of your identity as Ancestor Minghe's self-centric separation. If he hadn't come over to treat you, how long would you have concealed this from us?"

Suiren-Shi still called him 'fourth younger brother'. Musen already understood and said, "I did not intend to conceal this, but if my identity had been exposed, the Human Tribe would have probably attracted the attention of the entire Untainted Land. Now that you know, please keep this secret for me. When our Human Tribe becomes the ruler of Heaven and Earth, there'll be no need to worry about it."

Suiren-Shi and the others understood. If his identity was exposed at this time, the Sages were likely to interfere. Then, the Human Tribe would definitely fall into a chaos. Since the Human Tribe had just suffered great calamity, they needed some time to recover. It was best for them to keep quiet for a while.

Suiren-Shi said with a smile, "Of course, no matter what, you're still the Martial Ancestor of the Human tribe and our fourth and our fourth younger brother. This will never change. We'll keep it a secret." Youchao-Shi and Ziyi-Shi also nodded as they acknowledged Musen. They didn't mind that he was Minghe's self-centric separation.

Of course, Musen understood Suiren-Shi's words. He did not say anything and just nodded his head to express his stance. Musen was Minghe in a previous life. With the human soul from the previous life and the human body of the present, he was willing to be a human for all his life.

Seeing Musen's pale face, Suiren-Shi said, "Fourth younger brother, it seems the Ancestor did not heal you completely. You'd better heal your injury quickly! We will not disturb you anymore." Finishing his words, he, Youchao-Shi and Ziyi-Shi went out so that Musen could recover.

But Musen replied, "It's okay, my veneration healed about seventy or eighty percent of my injury. I just need some time to recover. There are some affairs of the Human Tribe that I want to discuss with you. After the discussion, I'll have a Closed-door Meditation to recover, which means I'll have no time to manage the Tribe."

Hearing this, Suiren-Shi and the others stopped and said, "As for the restoration for our Tribe, we've already arranged it. You don't need to worry about it. Just focus on recovering your injury." In fact, they felt sentimental as Musen did not need to plan for the Human Tribe in such a hurry, but he still did. It showed what was important to him.

Musen said, "Just a tip, and it's not about the martial arts but the Way of Celestial Immortality. After the war with the armies of the Demon Tribe, I realized that humans who cultivate the Way of Celestial Immortality do not have any teamwork. So older brother, you can set up an Immortals' Army like the Army of Martial Arts so that they can conquest the land together with the Army of Martial Arts for our Tribe. What do you think?"

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