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Chapter 117: Houtu's Concern

The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery had gathered together. As long as they paid more attention to the Wu-killing Sword and arranged the Formation to call the Real Entity of Pangu at the right time, the Demon Tribe would definitely lose this battle. What Houtu was really concerned about was that Goddess Nyuwa might get involved to save the Demon Tribe. Defending against both Goddess Nvywa and the Cosmic Stars Formation, the Real Entity of Pangu might not be able to resist until the last second. However, she couldn't lend them a hand, which made her extremely worried.

In this situation, she needed to ask Minghe for help. Houtu couldn't get out of the Nether World, so she could only look for the Taoist of Heaven and Earth, Minghe's Good Separation. The Taoist of Heaven and Earth had originally been a part of Minghe, asking him was tantamount to asking Minghe. Therefore, she set off for the City of Feng Du, where the Taoist of Heaven and Earth lived.

Nowadays, the Nether World had ghost messengers inside it. It was already different from the very beginning of its construction when it had needed Minghe's Clones of the Blood God to support everything. These ghost messengers were all carefully selected. They couldn't be those who had made big mistakes and had to have a good aptitude for cultivation. Although the Nether World could be called Minghe's territory, it couldn't always rely on him. It needed to develop by itself and cultivate its force. Then, it could become an additional powerful strength for Minghe.

Naturally, the Taoist of Heaven and Earth knew about Houtu's arrival and came to welcome her. He said, "It's an honor to have the Ancestor of Sorcery, Houtu here. Please forgive me for not greeting you sooner. This way, please." After greeting each other, the Taoist of Heaven and Earth led Houtu to his temple.

They lived next to each other, so they were familiar with each other. After entering the palace, Houtu found a seat and asked directly, "Taoist of Heaven and Earth, I'm sorry to interrupt you without permission. Actually, I need Fellow Taoist Minghe to do me a favor."

"She needs Minghe's help?" The Taoist of Heaven and Earth thought for a moment and realized what Houtu really wanted immediately. He smiled and asked, "Do

you want Minghe to help to hold back Goddess Nvywa of the Demon Tribe on the Wu Tribe's behalf during the last war between the Wu and Demon Tribes?" Aside from this issue, the Taoist of Heaven and Earth couldn't imagine what else Houtu would want to ask of Minghe.

Houtu said, "That's actually what I wanted to ask for. If Fellow Taoist Minghe could help our Wu Tribe to stop the Sage, Goddess Nvywa, we would never forget your kindness. If our Tribe comes to dominate Untainted Land, we will share a large part of it with Fellow Taoist Minghe. What do you think?"

The Taoist of Heaven and Earth shook his head with a faint smile, saying, "This Cultivation Tribulation of Untainted Land, involves the Wu and Demon Tribes. At the end of this Tribulation, what kind of ending do you think the Wu and Demon Tribes will have?"

Hearing this, Houtu's expression changed. She had only thought about the threat of Goddess Nvywa. She had forgotten that the Wu and Demon Tribes had the leading roles in this Cultivation Tribulation. As a Sage, how could she not have predicted the Wu Tribe's Luck at all?

During the Cultivation Tribulation of the Human Tribe, the Demon Tribe's Luck had decreased significantly because they had disrupted the harmony of heaven by killing too many people when refining the Wu-killing Sword. Meanwhile, the Wu Tribe's Luck seemed to become more and more influential, especially when Chiyou became the new Ancestor of Sorcery. However, as an old saying went, things would develop in the opposite direction when they reached the extreme. And Houtu also understood this principle.

Long before, the Ancestor of Sorcery Torch Dragon had spied upon the River of Time to find out the Wu Tribe's future fate. They had been shocked to see the decline of their Wu Tribe, despite being such a powerful force. They had all felt puzzled.

If the so-called crisis for the Wu Tribe were to occur, it must be because of the war with Demon Tribe. This was also the reason Houtu was trying to ask Minghe for help. But from the Taoist of Heaven and Earth's words, it appeared that he knew something. Houtu couldn't figure it out, so she asked, "What do you mean?"

The Taoist of Heaven and Earth replied, "In the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, the Three Tribes of Dragon, Phoenix, and Kylin were dominating Untainted Land, but where are they now?" The Phoenix Tribe and the Kylin Tribe had chosen to live in seclusion, while the Dragon Tribe had retreated to the Four Seas to recuperate. They had all lost the qualifications to become the leader of Untainted Land.

Hearing the Taoist of Heaven and Earth's words, Houtu's expression changed. Houtu naturally understood the implication in his words. The Three Tribes had declined because of the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, and the Wu and Demon Tribes would decline because of the oncoming Cultivation Tribulation. Houtu couldn't accept this kind of result.

Houtu tried to insist, "Taoist of Heaven and Earth, you must be exaggerating. Our Wu Tribe now has the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. The Cosmic Stars Formation of the Demon Tribe can't match it. As long as Fellow Taoist Minghe can help us to stop Goddess Nvywa, we will give him a rich reward."

The Taoist of Heaven and Earth laughed at Houtu's temptation and answered, "You don't have to do that. Even if Minghe doesn't help you, Goddess Nvywa will not be able to lend a hand to her Demon Tribe. Don't forget, there are five other Sages in Untainted Land."

Hearing this, Houtu finally relaxed a little. That was right. Houtu and Goddess Nvywa were not the only Sages in Untainted Land, and the others wouldn't just sit and watch Goddess Nvywa help the Demon Tribe. It wouldn't correspond with the Sages' interests if the Demon Tribe was to become the only master in Untainted Land.

Thinking deeper about this issue, Houtu's face turned pale. She suddenly realized that since the other Sages couldn't bear the Demon Tribe occupying the whole Untainted Land, they wouldn't bear the Wu Tribe either. It meant that what the Sages really wanted to see was the destruction of both sides.

Confused, Houtu asked, "Tao of Heaven and Earth, our Wu Tribe really can't become the master of Untainted Land?" Although she had already guessed the final result of the war between

war between the Wu and Demon Tribes, she couldn't face it. The Wu and Demon Tribes had fought each other for such a long time. What they really wanted was the status as the mightiest in the Universe of Untainted Land.

The Taoist of Heaven and Earth shook his head and said, "This is the general trend of Heaven. Even the Sages can't stop it. You need to plan ahead for this, my dear Fellow Taoist. I have to start my Closed Door Meditation, so I am sorry I can't see you off." The Taoist of Heaven and Earth's words were clear. The conversation was over.

Houtu left the City of Feng Du, feeling dazed. She was extremely tangled. She remembered that the Honorable Ancestor used to say the general trend of heaven couldn't be changed, but the minor trend could. The destruction of both the Wu and Demon Tribes was the general trend of heaven, even a Sage couldn't change it. It was not that absolute, of course. If one's power could surpass the Way of Heaven, the Way of Heaven could also do nothing to stop him, maybe he could change the general trend of heaven.

In Blood Sea, Minghe naturally knew that Houtu had visited his Good separation, but he didn't want to get involved. The ending of the Wu and Demon Tribes had been decided.At this point, no one could change the situation, at least for now. Maybe one day when Goddess Nvywa or Houtu had enough power to revive the Demon Tribe or the Wu Tribe, the Way of Heaven and Hongjun would be unable to stop them.

However, for the time being, it was impossible. Thus, the Human Tribe would become the ruler of Heaven and Earth, and Minghe would become the biggest winner in this Cultivation Tribulation. Owning 30% of the Luck of the Human Tribe, Minghe would stir the envy of every other Sage.

But first, Minghe still needed to visit the Human Tribe. First off, he needed to save Musen. Musen's injuries were worse than Minghe had expected. He could clearly feel that Musen was extremely weak. Musen might need quite a long time to heal by himself, so Minghe needed to come to help him recover more quickly.

Second, was to avoid future trouble. Musen's body was that of the Human Tribe's, he was the Selfcentric Separation of Selfcentric Separation of Minghe. Until now, no one had figured out their relationship. However, Minghe understood that no secret could be kept forever. If one day the human beings found this relationship between them, it would cause a huge separation between Musen and the Human Tribe despite all the great things he had done for them.

Therefore, Minghe chose to tell the truth to the Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe rather than wait for them to find out. In this way, Minghe could take the initiative to let them believe his sincerity. Although Minghe obtained Luck from the Human Tribe, the Human Tribe also got a lot from him. Without Musen, could the Human Tribe have become so powerful?

In the hidden room in the Human Tribe's Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance, the Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe were all watching the seriously injured, unconscious Musen worriedly. They couldn't find any methods to cure Musen's wound and could only let him slowly heal himself. But based on his recovery speed, it seemed like he wouldn't wake up for hundreds of years.

At this moment, a slit appeared in the hidden room. A silhouette walked out from within the slit. The Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe were shocked to find out who he was, and shouted, "Ancestor Minghe!" Although the three had never left the Human Tribe, they could still recognize the strongest masters in Untainted Land. The approaching figure was Minghe.

Looking at their surprised expressions, Minghe said, "You don't have to be panic. I come with no evil intention. What I really want is to cure Musen." Before coming, he had speculated about what type of reaction the three Ancestors would have. It wasn't strange. He was a total stranger to them. His sudden appearance was bound to shock them.

Suiren-Shi calmed down, and asked, "Master Minghe, you could really cure my fourth brother? I am sorry, but could you please let us know what kind of relationship you have with our brother? My master, you have never concerned yourself with worldly affairs, I can't find any reason for you to come and save him."

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