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Chapter 115: Post-Calamity (No.4)

In the Holy Land of the Human Tribe, everyone was watching Musen step into the palace where the Ancestors lived. They were full of adoration for him, since Musen, the Ancestor of Martial Arts, actually saved the day all by himself. Martial Arts of the Human Tribe, the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance, and the Veridical Martial Origin Formation were all made by Musen.

With Musen's figure receding into the distance, the whole Human Tribe began another great upsurge of Martial Arts. Many people who used to cultivate the Way of Celestial Immortality now took part in the cultivation of Martial Arts, and those who stuck to the Way of Celestial Immortality began to steel themselves much harder. Because they understood that the basic reason for this calamity was their weakness.

After settling down other affairs of the Human Tribe and making the plan of restoration, Suiren-Shi and two other Ancestors went back to the palace and found Musen just standing still. Suiren-Shi stepped forward with a smile on his face and said, "Brother, this time, you really made a reputation for the Human Tribe." Then he clapped Musen on the shoulder and, unexpectedly, Musen passed out.

In the Blood Sea, Minghe looked at the direction of the Coast of the East Sea and could not help but shake his head. This time, Martial Arts of the Human Tribe made its own name, especially Musen, his last strike had reached the Realm of the Origin. Now, not only other powers were frightened, but also the Sages felt a little scared.

Musen especially offended Goddess Nvywa and Laozi this time. The Sacred Lady of the Human Tribe as she was, Goddess Nvywa might not fight with Musen even if she was angry. But Laozi was a different case. They said Laozi was someone who went with the flow, but it was totally bullshit. If it was true, how could he get angry over the loss of Luck?

Fortunately, Musen always stayed in the Human Tribe, so that Laozi did not have

the chance to attack him. But if he went outside of the Human Tribe, Laozi would not hold back his desire. Even if Laozi could not kill Musen, he would seal Musen, which was a good way to defeat a Sage.

It was not what Minghe worried most about, because even if Laozi started his move, Minghe would not stand by and let his own Self-centric One be sealed. What Minghe worried most about was the injuries of Musen, despite that he showed great power and prestige this time, the price that he paid was not a small one.

Back then, the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery summoned the Real Entity of Pan Gu and bore the Boomerang of the tactical formation, which was not easy to bear. Now Musen launched the Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts by concentrating the Current of Martial Arts. Although the power of it was not as strong as one-tenth of the Real Entity of Pangu, he might be in a coma because of the serious injury caused by bearing the whole Boomerang of the tactical formation.

The good thing was that the Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts was not something ordinary, which had no less resilience than the body of Ancestors of Sorcery. Furthermore, with the Martial protected Musen's source of Martial Arts, Musen's recovery was only a matter of time, and there were possibilities for his cultivation to go further.

Compared with the pain, the gain of Musen was also remarkable. Now Goddess Nvywa and Laozi only respectively occupied 10 percent of the Human Tribe's Luck, which made Laozi lose his best advantage. Even for the coronation of the Three Royals and Five Emperors in the future, Laozi would not have any position to take charge.

As to the 30 percent of Luck returned to the Human Tribe, 10 percent of Luck went back to Musen, so he had 30 percent of the Human Tribe's Luck again. Another five percent went to Martial Artists of the Human Tribe who fought. Although it would be scratched after the division, it could help their cultivation anyway. The last 15 percent was shared among the Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe, so each of them occupied 10 percent of Luck.

Just as Minghe expected, the Veridical Martial Origin Formation actually impressed everyone in Untainted Land, even the Sages, which became one of the Four Mysterious Formations in Untainted Land together with the God-killing Sword Formation, the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, and the Cosmic Stars Formation. Especially Musen's Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts, by concentrating the Current of Martial Arts that was similar to the Real Entity of Pangu, made others awe for its power.

Although there still were Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery now, the Twelve Divine Beings was short of one Ancestor of Sorcery since Houtu was trapped in the Nether World. Without the entire Twelve Divine Beings, the Wu Tribe could not summon the Real Entity of Pangu (they did not know that the Wu Tribe was creating another Ancestor of Sorcery). Therefore, even Musen's Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts could not compare with the Real Entity of Pangu, but he posed an extraordinary threat to others.

In Mount Shouyang, Laozi seemed so gloomy, since the changes of the Veridical Martial Origin Formation were absolutely beyond his calculation. Though he did not take it as a threat, such a formation owned by the Human Tribe was just like a pain in the ass.

He used to have a plan, that after Emperor Jun had terminated Martial Arts of the Human Tribe, he would save the rest of the Human Tribe to expand his influence in the Human Tribe, which would help him occupy more Luck. But now, everything was ruined by Musen, therefore Laozi was anxious to kill Musen as soon as possible.

Compared with Laozi, other Sages were in a much better mood. But they were a bit worried about the Human Tribe. Because the power of the Wu Tribe was accumulated through more than 100,000 years, but the power increase that the Human Tribe had was just in thousands of years. No one could tell how powerful they could be if they were granted the same time that the Wu Tribe had. Besides, maybe Musen would have acquired the Fruit of Origin before that.

A Tribe, which owned one of the Four Mysterious Formations and whose powerhouse reached the Origin, was not able to be controlled by any Sage at will. On the contrary, the Human Tribe was just like the Wu and Demon Tribes, in which no Sage could interfere with their business no matter how strong they were.

In Goddess Nvywa's World, Goddess Nvywa was relieved upon seeing the end of the calamity. She was so happy for the survival of the Human Tribe, particularly when she saw the power of their formation and the Ancestor of Martial Arts. After all, there was a special bond between them.

On the other hand, she was very worried that the confrontation between the Humans and Demons would make them sworn enemies of each other, and their blood would be shed, one generation after another, like a fast knot which could not be untied, unless one of them became entirely part of history.

However, Goddess Nvywa understood it was impossible, since the Demon Tribe would not go extinct as long as she was still standing, while the relations between the Human Tribe and the Four Ancestors of Humanity was the same. Especially Musen, the Ancestor of Martial Arts, who was most likely to achieve the Fruit of Origin as Minghe had in Untainted Land. The Human Tribe would certainly survive if Musen became a Sage.

In this case, though the bloodbath between the Humans and Demons would continue, according to their speed of reproduction, neither of them would go extinct. This kind of co-existent situation was good enough for Goddess Nvywa, as both sides were her own flesh and blood that she could not leave behind.

Back in the Heavenly Court, after Emperor Jun, Taiyi, and Bai Ze were saved, regardless of his injuries, Emperor Jun gathered Fuxi, Kunpeng, and other Sacred Demons and said, "What a powerful formation the Human Tribe have! I didn't see it coming. The Spiritual Inheritance of Martial Arts was astonishing, so I want to mass more troops to sweep them away. How do you feel about it?"

Emperor Jun only mentioned the threat of the Human Tribe, but he never said a word about his failure, and others kept their acquiescent silence. As for Kunpeng, he was gloating over this failure. He never forgot what he had suffered, so he only did some casual work, even though he had a high position in the Heavenly Court and Emperor Jun treated him well.

On hearing Emperor Jun's words, Ji Meng said, "Your Majesty, I don't agree with that. The only way to eliminate the Human Tribe is the Cosmic Stars Formation, which requires a huge amount of soldiers. Let alone whether we can destroy them, if they fight back with all they have, with their formation and the Ancestor of Martial Arts, Musen's Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts, they will definitely do great damage to the Cosmic Stars Formation. In that scenario, how can we fight against the Wu Tribe even if we eliminate the Human Tribe?"

Emperor Jun calmed down a little bit after hearing that, so Ji Meng seized the opportunity and said, "Now our major threat is still the Wu Tribe, besides, the Cosmic Stars Formation needs to be improved. We have only 4,000 years before the final war. No matter how strong the Human Tribe becomes, they can't exceed us. Then they will be just a piece of cake after we eliminate the Wu Tribe."

On hearing that, Emperor Jun nodded. The Human Tribe could not stand a chance at all if the Demon Tribe sent out all they had. Additionally, even if in 4,000 years the Human Tribe were restored to their previous scale before the Great Calamity, they could not match the Demon Tribe. But what he worried about now was that the Human Tribe would help the Wu Tribe during the final war, and that was not something that he could ignore.

And Emperor Jun asked, "Everyone, what I'm concerned about is that if the Human Tribe lends a hand to the Wu Tribe in our battle with them, what should we do then? All of you have seen the power of the Human Tribe's formation, and I'm afraid it'll be big trouble." Indeed, Musen's last strike had reached the Sage level, and if the Human Tribe would sneak-attack the Demon Tribe in the final battle between the Wu and Demon Tribes, it would be almost impossible that they could survive from that converging attack.

Ji Meng smiled and answered, "Your Majesty, don't worry about that. Though we've become their sworn enemy, whether they'll help the Wu Tribe or not is still uncertain. The Human Tribe may not have a good feeling about the Wu Tribe, since they just sat by when we massacred the Human Tribe. In addition, it won't be something nice if they help the Wu Tribe win, and surely they'll not lift a finger, because the Four Ancestors of Humanity are not dumbasses at all."

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