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Chapter 114: The End of the Cultivation Tribulation (No.3)

But now they had no choice unless the army was transferred from the Heavenly Court to form the Cosmic Stars Formation in order to break the formation of the Human Tribe. But the Wu Tribe would not let that happen. After all, he broke the rule of "Heaven belongs to the Demon Tribe, Earth belongs to the Wu Tribe" set by Honourable Ancestor by sending the Demon troops into Untainted Land. Despite the reason why the Wu Tribe remained silent, once he formed the Cosmic Stars Formation in Untainted Land, the Wu Tribe would definitely react.

It was a hard choice for Emperor Jun, but when he saw millions of Demon soldiers behind him, he braced himself and said, "Retreat!" This word seemed to take all of his strength. Needless to say, that the emperor of the Demon Tribe commanded troops to retreat in front of the weak Human Tribe was a shameful act.

Looking at the slightly pale face of Emperor Jun, Taiyi felt bad. Once upon a time, the Demon Tribe was one of the rulers of the world along with the Wu Tribe, but now they had to retreat to preserve their power while confronting the Human Tribe. What a shame it was. Taiyi had never seen that look on Emperor Jun's face before, he did not know how to console him since no words could change the fact that they had failed.

After Emperor Jun gave his order, the army of the Demon Tribe, who feared Humans with Martial Arts, became excited. They were relieved that they entered the He Luo Formation one step earlier, or else they would be devoured too.

The He Luo Formation slowly retreated by the order of Emperor Jun, and others in Untainted Land went mute because it was one of those few lost battles that the Demon Tribe had. Last time they were up against the Wu Tribe, and if not for Honourable Ancestor, the Demon Tribe would not still be existing. But this time they were faced with the Human Tribe, so no matter what would happen to the Human Tribe's future, the Human Tribe made an example for others in this world.

The Demon Tribe retreated and those who fled to the Coast of the East Sea Tribe burst into tears—tears of joy and sorrow. They were shed to celebrate the end of the Great Calamity for the Human Tribe but also to grieve for those who had died. The sound of sorrow pierced Untainted Land and rendered everything in the mood of sorrow.

Even the Sages felt the same. However, there was an exception, which was Laozi in Mount Shouyang. The retreat of Emperor Jun made Laozi angrier. He wanted to eliminate the Spiritual Inheritance of Martial Arts of the Four Ancestors of Humanity by the hand of the Demon Tribe. Nevertheless, the Demon Tribe had lost and retreated.

Observing the Veridical Martial Origin Formation made by Martial Artists of the Human Tribe, Laozi pondered with glints of coldness in his eyes. According to his knowledge, it was not a perfect formation and the ones who formed it were not strong enough, otherwise, the effect would be much stronger. In fact, this could be placed on a par with the Cosmic Stars Formation. That such a formation was owned by the Human Tribe worried him.

The one whom Laozi feared was Musen, the Martial Ancestor of the Human Tribe, who created the Spiritual Inheritance of Martial Arts that equaled the Way of Celestial Immortality and invented the formation that equaled the Cosmic Stars Formation. It would be hard for a Sage to sway the Human Tribe with such a leader in charge.

Besides, Musen just had thousands of years of cultivation, now he could be on par with Taiyi who had a Primordial Supreme Treasure, the Bell of Chaos. What would happen if he had more time? Would he become a Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin like Minghe had? It would be completely insane to control the Human Tribe if there was someone in the Human Tribe who reached the Origin.

But the problem was Laozi could not lay a finger on Musen since Musen was a Martial Ancestor of the Human Tribe who had both Luck and Merit. Whoever attacked him would become the enemy of the whole Human Tribe, therefore

therefore this dilemma troubled Laozi the most. However, if he could not sort it out, it would be difficult for his preaching.

At the Coast of the East Sea, the armies of the Demon Tribe fell back one step at a time holding the He Luo Formation, while the Human Tribe celebrated. Inside the formation of the Human Tribe, Suiren-Shi was relieved on seeing the retreating soldiers of the Demon Tribe. "Phew! Finally, we made it."

Musen shook his head when he heard that, and he said, "It's not like that. Emperor Jun didn't bring all his troops, if he came with billions of soldiers adding to the Cosmic Stars Formation, today would be the end of the Human Tribe. Now they fell back, but one day, they will return."

Those words made Youchao-Shi worried. He said, "Brother, what should we do? We can't always cower here. We need to restore our power and stage a comeback." His worry was totally correct, if they just cowered in the Coast of the East Sea, there would be no future for them. But if they left the coast, there might be another attack by the Demon Tribe, and they could not afford that loss.

Musen laughed grimly and said, "Hmph! Let's teach them an unforgettable lesson, and make an example out of them. We need to tell others in Untainted Land that we are not someone they can mess with." With that being said, he released the Veridical Martial Origin Formation again.

Everyone in Untainted Land was shocked by the Human Tribe's formation. What were they doing? The Demon Tribe had retreated already, the crisis had been resolved, and they wanted to stop Emperor Jun, Taiyi, and rest of the army? It was insane!

Emperor Jun was astonished by the change of the Human Tribe's formation, therefore he immediately ordered his troops to hold the defense position. Just now, the Current of Martial Arts did not penetrate the He Luo Formation. Did they have something stronger? Emperor Jun was scared by this thought, and the thought that the Wu Tribe had something to do with it.

With the change in the Veridical Martial Origin Formation, countless rays from the Way of Martial Arts concentrated above it, just like what happened before the Current of Martial Arts. Unless those Ways of Martial Arts merged, they could not break through the defense of the He Luo Formation.

Meanwhile, Musen walked out of the formation and looked at the He Luo Formation, and yelled coldly, "Emperor Jun, you won't get away with this. I will make you pay for the blood shed by our people, you will die here today!"

Right after saying that, Musen flew to the overhead of the Veridical Martial Origin Formation, and shouted, "Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts, go!" A vast momentum came out from his body as his body was enlarged several times, but it was not over. "Current of Martial Arts, come into my body. The Martial dominates all Martial Arts. Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts, rise!"

Accompanied by Musen's shouting, the Current of Martial Arts from the Veridical Martial Origin Formation flowed into Musen's body madly, Musen took it all like a lion devouring a sheep. At the same time, his Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts rose rapidly, and his momentum became stronger.

"He!" With Musen's yell, his Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts absorbed all the Current of Martial Arts. The Veridical Martial Origin Formation vanished, while Musen became a giant. Seeing Musen's giant form, everyone in Untainted Land was reminded naturally of the Real Entity of Pangu.

At present, Musen was only half the height as the Wu Tribe's Real Entity of Pangu was back then. Even so, it stunned everyone, especially Emperor Jun. Fear crept into Emperor crept into Emperor Jun's mind when he saw the giant form of Musen. It gave him a sense that he was confronted with the Real Entity of Pangu.

Musen did not have a care what others thought because he could not hold this form for long. He held out his hands, and a huge seal came into being in no time, then he smashed it down onto the He Luo Formation. "One seal guards Heaven and Earth!" After saying that, his body shrank rapidly, and he became his ordinary size in a second, but his body was heavily wounded. Even the Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts could not take in so much Way of Martial Arts. He was lucky to be still alive.

"Boom!" The He Luo Formation collapsed in a blast. A vast mist of blood pervaded between Heaven and Earth, and only three people escaped and hit the ground. They were the only survivors from Musen's strike, which were Emperor Jun, Taiyi, and Bai Ze.

Seeing that the three had been heavily wounded, Musen's Killing Intent surged even though he was also badly wounded. Obviously, he wanted to kill them for good. The emperor of the Demon Tribe or the general trend of the universe, he just did not care anymore. All he wanted now was revenge for his people, an eye for an eye.

Suddenly, countless star lights came down from Heaven which enveloped Emperor Jun, Taiyi, and Bai Ze. Then a voice spoke, "Infinite light, orbiting stars, launch!" Then Emperor Jun and his fellows vanished into thin air. Apparently, it was the Demon Tribe in the Heavenly Court who used the Cosmic Stars Formation to rescue them.

Musen took a glance at the direction of the Heavenly Court with hatred, and went back to the Holy Land of the Human Tribe with his army. Looking at the receding figure of the Human Tribe, everyone in Untainted Land was shocked. Who would have thought that the Great Calamity of the Human Tribe ended this way? But one thing they knew was that after this battle, no one would underestimate the Human Tribe anymore.

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