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Chapter 113: The Power of Real Martial Arts

Hearing that, Emperor Jun unexpectedly burst out laughing and said, "Hahaha… Musen, you're really pretentious. You're using the Cultivation Tribulation of the Human Tribe to weaken the Sages' authority over the Human Tribe. However," Emperor Jun's expression abruptly went cold and he continued to say, "you've extremely underestimated my Demon Tribe. Do you really think I will let you Human Tribe survive?"

Emperor Jun was furious and the fury blazed in Emperor Jun's mind. He had asked to see those Sages before, yet every time he was turned down without even catching a glimpse of them. Laozi even merely assigned a Taoist child to turn him away. As they were all Sages, Emperor Jun had to bear it without complaint. Now, he was still scorned even though he had all the advantages. Furthermore, it was by someone from the Human Tribe which he had never considered important.

As the Emperor of the Demon Tribe, Emperor Jun was naturally extraordinarily arrogant. He had to curb his arrogance when he faced the Sages. But facing others, he would naturally be completely domineering. However, Musen's act seemed to be done without regards to others. He completely did not put him into consideration. How would it be possible for him not to be furious?

Musen calmly answered, "You won't, the Human Tribe has pledged. Even if the Human Tribe can't yet form any danger towards the Demon Tribe, you definitely wouldn't spare us, the Human Tribe. The Human Tribe's Martial Arts have let you sense the existence of crises. Even though you would have to offend the Sages, you would still choose to annihilate the Human Tribe."

Emperor Jun stared coldly at Musen. Musen's attitude made him angry. In Untainted Land, the strong would be revered. In front of the strong, the weak should at least be modest, like the way they were when confronting Sages. However, in Emperor Jun's eyes, Musen acted completely different. Even when speaking against Sages, he showed no fear.

"So he is the Ancestor of the Human Tribe and the founder of its Martial Arts?" thought Emperor Jun, with his fear of Martial Arts intensifying. Even if today he would not be able

to annihilate the Human Tribe, he definitely had to thoroughly destroy the Spiritual Inheritance of Martial Arts. No matter to which clan Martial Arts were to be passed on to, it might pose a huge threat in the future. That was also the case if it was to be passed on to the Demon Tribe. Martial Artists were unyielding. Could he still sit steadily in his emperor's seat if Martial Arts were to thrive among the Demon Tribe?

Seeing Emperor Jun's expression, a hint of a smile appeared on Musen's face. He said, "What? Are you afraid? That a majestic Demon Emperor can actually be afraid really surprises me. It seems your whole life achievement is just like this! Never to achieve the Origin! Hahaha!!!"

Emperor Jun became even more furious after he heard Musen's words. He said, "Afraid? I would be afraid of you? Of you, the Human Tribe? After this day, the Human Tribe will no longer exist in Untainted Land. You guys are the ones who should be afraid!" Musen had correctly guessed his mind, how could Emperor Jun not be angry?

Musen smiled and said, "Do you think today you can annihilate us, the Human Tribe? Emperor Jun, you're being too arrogant. Relying just on you, Taiyi, and hundreds of millions of Demon Tribe soldiers, you already want to annihilate the Human Tribe. Really wishful thinking! Moreover..." Musen spoke until this part. And then, although he still had a smile on his face, his whole body was completely covered with killing intent. He continued to say, "You can continue with this big talk if you can survive. Lay the formation!"

Along with Musen's shout, the entire hundreds of millions of Martial Artists of the Human Tribe started to move. The three Ancestors of the Human Tribe were also included among them. A huge formation slowly took shape. Although it was not yet complete, its momentum was already very earthshaking. It was as if Martial Arts was the only thing left in this world.

Seeing this, Emperor Jun felt extremely terrified. Although the Human Tribe's formation was not yet complete, it was already very astonishing. Even though it still could not be compared with their Demon Tribe's Cosmic Stars Formation, the distance between them was probably not too far-off. If the Human tribesmen who laid the formation were to be a bit greater in number, a bit stronger, then…

Thinking about this, Emperor Jun instantly shouted, "Taiyi, quickly stop it! We definitely can't let this formation succeed." Since this formation

formation might be comparable with the Cosmic Stars Formation, then its power absolutely could not be underestimated. At that moment, he only brought Taiyi and hundreds of millions of Demon Tribe soldiers. Because Ji Meng and Fuxi were guiding the elites of Demon Tribe soldiers in formation training, he had left the Cosmic Stars Banner in the Heavenly Court. Thus, at that moment, he completely had no way to lay the Cosmic Stars Formation out.

Taiyi naturally understood this point. He abruptly swung the Primal Bell of Chaos in his hand straight at the incomplete formation, for he had to take advantage of the incomplete formation to break it. Otherwise, once the formation was completed, they basically would have no certainty of success if they were to rely just on him, Emperor Jun as well as hundreds of millions of Demon Tribe soldiers. At that moment, he finally understood why Musen had no fear as if he had something to rely on, and why he said they should continue with the big talk if they could survive. It turned out it was because he had an odd formation in his hand.

How could Musen sit back and watch Taiyi break the formation? The Kongtong Seal appeared in his hand. With the sound of an explosion, it became huge in an instant, meeting the Primal Bell of Chaos' attack. The Kongtong Seal's level could not be compared to the Primal Bell of Chaos, but it had absorbed Musen's Way of Martial Arts as well as the Human Tribe's Luck. In addition, Musen had inserted all the useful gain from establishing the Martial Arts back then into it. Nowadays, its power had increased greatly.

"Bang…!" A loud sound resonated between the Heaven and Earth. Under the enormous impact, disasters broke out all over the world. Countless small demons from the Demon Tribe at the front line were turned into scattered dust because they could not withstand such an impact. And at that moment, the Human Tribe's formation was finally complete. The enormous impact had only caused the formation to have several slight sways.

There was a huge change in Emperor Jun's expression when he saw the formation was completed. In particular, he was even more shocked to see that Musen actually managed to block Taiyi's full-strength hit. Taiyi was already a Late Stage, there was rarely someone who could be his opponent in Untainted Land. He did not expect that he would actually meet one among the Human Tribe. Furthermore, he was only a Human tribesmen who was born several millenniums ago. How would it be possible for him not to be shocked?

From inside the Veridical Martial Origin Formation, Suiren-Shi shouted, "Fourth brother, don't tangle with them! Quickly enter the formation and control it! Today my Human Tribe is going to pay back the Blood Sea's

Blood Sea's hatred!" He spoke while controlling the formation with Youchao-Shi and Ziyi-Shi, starting the attack.

Once the Veridical Martial Origin Formation moved, the Way of Martial Arts from countless Martial Artists converged into a Current of Martial Arts which rushed straight at the Demon Tribe's side. The first one to bear the brunt would naturally be Taiyi. Witnessing this, Taiyi promptly withdrew the Primal Bell of Chaos and fled while Musen dodged and escaped into the formation.

Once Musen went into the Eye of the Formation, the entire momentum of the Veridical Martial Origin Formation suddenly soared a bit higher, operating the formation also became easier. Emperor Jun cared more about the attack before his eyes than about the change of the Veridical Martial Origin Formation. The tremendous Current of Martial Arts that came attacking straight at the Demon Tribe had really made people feel horrified.

Seeing Taiyi retreat to his side, Emperor Jun threw the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo that were in his hand to the sky. A huge formation was formed in an instant. It was the He Luo Origin Formation which was a formation Emperor Jun had obtained from comprehending the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo. The entire formation's layout was established after the mountains and rivers of ancient Untainted Land. The inside was filled with a myriad of things. If one was to say the Full Star Formation was the sun, the moon, and the stars; then the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo would be the mountain, the river, and the landscape. It was the embodiment of great rivers and creeks of the epochal Untainted Land; the sea and the sky; the birds, the beasts, and the sea creatures; the changes in the evolution of ancient Untainted World.

After the formation was complete, Emperor Jun shouted, "Quickly come into the formation! We'll resist the attack together." Seeing this, the armies of the Demon Tribe made their way one after another into the He Luo Origin Formation. The formation expanded rapidly, wrapping around the turbulence that happened under the Current of Martial Arts's impact. However, it was not destroyed. On the contrary, the Tactical Formation became more and more stable after the Demon Tribe went inside it.

Although they had managed to block the Current of Martial Arts, Emperor Jun did not feel happy in the slightest. The chill air on his face was already enough to solidify into frost. This time, those who were sent to annihilate the Human Tribe were the Demon soldiers he specifically took from among those in charge of the Cosmic Stars Formation. At first, there were only 400 million remaining, but under the Current of Martial Arts, only 100 million actually went into the He Luo Formation. In other words, a full 300 million Demon soldiers million Demon soldiers died under one hit.

Even though for the Demon Tribe this loss could not be considered very serious, the Human Tribe, in fact, had hit Emperor Jun's face. Emperor Jun had come to annihilate the Human Tribe, but now, he had already lost 300 million Demon soldiers even though the Human Tribe had not had any damage yet. It could be said that he was being extremely humiliated in front of every creature of Untainted Land.

Bai Ze beside him was also dumbfounded. He was the one in charge of this task to massacre the Human Tribe. Fortunately, Emperor Jun came personally, or else he would have probably ended up in a disaster if he was to face such an attack like the Current of Martial Arts without Emperor Jun's He Luo Formation. However, one hit had caused Bai Ze to have the intention to retreat.

He could only grit his teeth and step forward, saying, "Your Majesty, now the situation is detrimental to us. It would be better for us to first retreat to the Heavenly Court, gather the army, and then come again to annihilate the Human Tribe." Based on this situation now, they would undoubtedly lose if they were to rely on the few of them that remained and face the Human Tribe's formation. Only retreating was the best policy.

Hearing Bai Ze's words, Emperor Jun's expression became even colder. In normal times, he would definitely have been furious. But what Bai Ze said was not wrong, the situation was indeed detrimental to them. The Current of Martial Arts' range of attack was vast and its power could not be centralized, for it to break the He Luo Formation was impossible. However, they also did not have the strength to fight back. Continuing this deadlock also would not do, since it would definitely be a huge crisis if the Wu Tribe was to strike them at this moment.

However, an endless feeling of being humiliated grew in Emperor Jun's heart as he thought about retreating. As the Emperor of the Demon Tribe, he was actually being forced to retreat when he was facing the Human Tribe, which was born only several millenniums ago. How humiliating was this? Perhaps after this event, Emperor Jun would be reduced to be the laughingstock of every creature in Untainted Land. A majestic Emperor of the Demon Tribe was forced by the Human Tribe to withdraw his soldiers. This was simply an extraordinary humiliation. Even if he could annihilate the Human Tribe in the future, perhaps this matter would forever be branded on him and the Demon Tribe, eternally unerasable.

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